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Kendall enters the office to notice flowers. Assuming she is alone with Ethan, she turns around and is disappointed to notice that Zach is there.

Adam tells his son he’s a little surprised and not really approving of his interest in Kendall. He tells JR that Kendall comes with a lot of baggage and it’s clear to see that Kendall and Ethan are practically inseparable. At that moment, Adam gets a call on his cell phone. It’s David. He asks if Adam can talk. Adam says no, knowing JR cannot know about their conversation. David says in that case, Adam may just listen because he has definitive information of where Adam’s daughter is. Adam says that is excellent and that he’d like to close the deal right now.

Jack and Erica discover that Greenlee is not at her home or office. And Jack is certain that Braden has found her.

Ryan, Aiden and Tad are looking for leads and looking for Braden.

Jack gets off the phone and asks his contact to let him know if they hear anything. Erica suggests that Greenlee could have gone to New York on business without telling anybody. The sales of the new fragrance are booming. But she realizes that it would be odd for her to take off without telling anyone. At that moment, Lily enters and informs them that she knows where Greenlee went. She ran away. She did not want to go with her to her new school. And she tells Jack and Erica that she doesn’t want to go either.

Ryan, Aiden and Tad go to an abandoned building searching for Braden and believing they hear him. But instead they see Greenlee.

Kendall tells Zach that the cops are going to nail him for escaping from jail. But he sounds calm and uncaring. He tells her that she must know that he was able to make bail. But she tells him he’s lying about his innocence.

In her jail cell, Krystal’s cellmates show her the article of Zach Slater being freed from murder charges. The woman who is nicer than the others to Krystal tells her she has no ulterior motive for her generosity. But Krystal tells her she must want something since that is the way things work around here. The woman admits that there is something Krystal could help her with. She tells Krystal that since she’s been here, there are hunks on parade. First JR, then Tad. Krystal asks the woman if she does not have her own studs. The woman asks what men like Chandler and Martin are all about. Krystal tells her that they are not at all like the way you hear they are.

David asks Adam to come to his office. Adam agrees. But at that moment, Jamie enters David’s home and takes the phone out of his hand. JR enters and asks his father about his phone call, assuming it was some sort of business deal. Wanting and needing to change the subject, Adam tells his son that he has reconsidered his disapproval of his interest in Kendall and believes it’s ok.

David tells Jamie that he must get out of his home. But Jamie informs David that Babe ran into him and Adam at SOS and knew that he was going to help Adam find Liza and Colby. Jamie asks David what types of favors Adam will offer him if he finds them. He asks if Adam can help him reinstate his medical license and asks if David would sell out his own daughter to be a cardiologist. David tells Jamie no way would he sacrifice his daughter’s interests for anything. Jamie tells David that there’s no way that Adam Chandler will help him with anything. David tells Jamie that everything he is doing is for Babe and nobody is going to stop him from going through with his plans. At that moment, Babe enters and tells her father that she can.

Greenlee asks the three men what they are up to. They don’t tell her what she wants to know. But Ryan goes outside with his wife. She asks if he is mad at her. He admits that he is because Braden wants to kill her. She informs him that Braden is with Jonathan and Jonathan told her that the only way to catch Braden is to make him think Jonathan’s on his side. Ryan tells her he’s worried that that could put Jonathan in danger.

Kendall tells Zach that she believes that he’s played Erica and played Lily into believing that he is innocent. He tells her that Braden Lavery is guilty, not himself. But she reminds him that he is a coward to weasel out of the murder charge now. He’s already confessed. He asks her who is really bluffing her; himself or Ethan? She tells him Ethan would never lie to her. He tells her that he can see that she is really afraid to see the truth.

David tells Babe that if Adam is willing to help them, then it is worth a shot. All he needs to do is tell Adam where Liza and Colby are and Babe can get much more visitation with her son. Jamie tells David that Adam will not come through on his end of the bargain. But David tells him that if Adam fails to come through, he can tell JR all about how Adam has betrayed him by going behind his back to get the DNA test and take Miranda away from him. Babe tells her father that as much as she wants more time with her son, she does not want to betray Liza or Colby. She says she has been motivated to turn over a new leaf, stop scheming and do the right thing; she was motivated by a conversation with Stuart. At that moment, Adam enters and tells them that Stuart does not live in the real world and one thing David must agree with and understand is that “nice” doesn’t fly.

Lily tells Jack and Erica that her “calculations” are wrong. They ask what is going on. She obsesses in mathematical theories. Jack tells her that she has not failed anything, assuming she believes that that is the reason he wants to send her back to her old school. Erica tells Jack that they might have to tell Lily the truth that she is being watched. Jack tells Erica that will scare his daughter to death. But she tells him that is the only way. Erica approaches Lily and asks her to listen very carefully. She tells her she has something very scary to tell her.

Greenlee tells her husband that she really tried to be a good little girl. She sat and waited for him to do what he has to do and get back to her. But she informs him that Jonathan visited her and gave her some information about Braden. He tells her that he cannot let her go out on her own and make herself a target for Braden. She informs him that Jack wanted her to go with Lily to Lily’s old school. Ryan tells her that would be a good place for her where she is out of reach from Braden. At that moment, they turn on the light and notice something startling. Somebody has written Sins Of the Father on the concrete wall and has posted tons of pictures and newspapers articles about Ryan. Greenlee tells Ryan that she is not going to stay behind, waiting at home for him while he puts himself in danger. But he tells her she needs to stay home where she is safe. Tad goes outside with Greenlee and Aiden and Ryan try to figure out how they can find and catch Braden. Noticing what he’s posted on the wall, they observe that he is a total whack-job and dangerous.

David tells Adam that his daughter must be given more time to spend with her son. Not just hours. Days. Adam tells him that’s agreed. But Babe and Jamie tell them both that they don’t like the terms of the agreement. She tells her father that all he has now are a bunch of test tubes and he needs to know that all he has left are the people that love him, like her. Adam tells her the “caring” of family is highly overrated. She tells Adam that if he does anything to hurt Liza or Colby, she will never forgive him. And the same goes for her father. Liza helped her and Jamie and saved their lives. She tells her father that she does not see this as a way to help her by asking her to hurt Liza and Colby. David walks out the door, very frustrated.

Erica asks Lily what she thinks the right thing would be for her and Jack to do if there was a bad man out there looking for her. Hearing that, Lily is happy. But they don’t understand why.

Zach tells Kendall that he remembers her being obsessed over Ryan Lavery not long ago. She tells him that she got over that and her mother and sister and friends offered her support and helped her. He asks why, in that case, she does not trust those very same people to look out for her interests in regard to Ethan. She tells him they don’t know what they are talking about if they say she cannot trust Ethan.

Greenlee tells Tad that she will not let Ryan go alone to confront Braden. Tad tells her that if she wants to help her husband, she needs to wrap herself in cotton and let him do what he needs to do. And he tells her that Ryan is the only person who can catch Braden.

Lily explains to Jack and Erica that now she has found out that the reason they are sending her away is not because she is bad; it’s because of Ryan’s brother. And she tells them she is ok with the arrangement. Jack assures her that he wants her to come back as soon as possible. She asks if she can get a dog. He says sure. At that moment, Aiden calls Jack and informs him that there is new evidence against Braden and he’s even discovered the same pills that were given to Greenlee at the place where Braden lead them to.

After talking to Tad, Greenlee is more encouraged that her husband will be ok and he will return to her.

Hearing what Krystal told her about Adam, her friend in the jail cell tells her he sounds like a real piece of work. Krystal tells her that JR is a chip off the old block. They can buy their way through anything and control and ruin anybody’s life. Krystal asks the woman if she has any crazy in-laws or if she is one of the lucky ones. The woman declines to answer but tells her she may enjoy her paper. At that moment, David comes to visit Krystal and informs her that their daughter and her foolish fiancé are giving him problems.

Alone in David’s home, Babe and Jamie have their romantic encounter. She tells him that although she’s disappointed in her father, he is the only daddy she has. Jamie leaves to go to work. She is happy. But at that moment, Adam appears outside the window.

Jack and Erica are now happy and planning their wedding, knowing that Lily is ok with their arrangement and can be safe. Erica shows Lily the gown she’s picked out for her to be a bride’s maid. Lily appears very happy.

Zack goes to find Maria.

Kendall goes to see JR. She says nothing but reveals she is very upset about something. He tells her it must be Ethan. He must have lied to her. And he puts his arms around her.

Adam walks into David’s and talks to Babe. She asks what he wants. He tells her that she must not understand the full ramifications of what he is doing. She tells him she knows the difference between right and wrong. He asks her what she’s going to do when her son asks her why she never spent any time with him. Is she going to tell him that she didn’t think spending as much time with him as she could with him was as important as “doing the right thing”? He tells her that he will let her have her son if she helps him find his daughter. It’s her choice. She is very upset to know that those are her only choices.

Krystal tells David that he is very foolish to think he can trust Adam.

Tad and Ryan notice another room where Braden’s kept tons of stuff. Ryan then gets a call from Braden.

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