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In his office, Ethan is making a business deal with somebody, telling them he has a proposition to run by them that could make them both a lot of money. He arranges to meet Arthur for dinner the following Tuesday. At that moment, JR enters and tells him he should have an assistant in his office in order to keep nosey people like himself from eavesdropping upon his conversation. He tells Ethan that he knows he’s plotting a plan to have a confrontation with Erica Kane. And he tells Ethan that if he did not know better, he’d mistake him for a Chandler.

Adam enters a lowly bar. He meets David and tells him that of all the places to meet, this dump is not a desirable place. David tells him it’s a good place where they would not be seen together. David tells Adam that he will not help him find Colby until Adam reels in that worthless little weasel he calls a son. Adam tells David that he is in no position to make threats or demands. But David tells him he is. He tells Adam that since he kept Babe from her son on his first birthday when he promised he would not do that, he’s not about to negotiate. Adam tells David that he supposes David calls kidnapping morally correct, tells him his daughter deserves the worst and he’d better find Colby.

Reggie and Lily are inside Jack’s apartment hearing Erica and Jack confronting Kendall for her interrogating Lily. Lily tells Reggie that Kendall sounds very angry. Reggie tells her that many words can be used to describe Kendall. She tells him she was right. She knows the man who hit Edmund with the shovel and killed him was not the one that went to jail for it. Reggie tells her that’s good. That way, Braden will not get away with his crimes. She inquires who Braden is. He tells her Braden Lavery is Ryan’s brother. He’s gotten away with many crimes but will not for long.

While Greenlee is in the Fusion office, Jonathan sneaks up on her and startles her. She angrily tells him he has no business doing that. She informs him that Jack has been in touch with her and she asks him where Ryan is. He informs her he’s probably in Des Moines, where they grew up. He tells her that he’s playing Braden’s game by acting like he’s helping him. Greenlee tells Jonathan they must call the cops and let them in on this. But he tells her the only way to catch Braden at his own game is if he can get Braden to believe that he is on his side. But Greenlee does not seem to believe in Jonathan’s plan.

Inside Jack’s house, Reggie assures Lily that they will catch the bad guy and she will be safe. She tells him she can always get a dog. Erica tells Kendall that she is blinded by her need for love and fails to see what Ethan is all about. Jack tells Kendall she cannot turn her back on this family. Kendall reminds him he is not a member of this family to begin with, he cannot spank her or send her to her room so he needs to mind his own damn business. Hearing that, Erica tells Kendall she must never speak to Jack in this manner. Jack tells her that when she disregards the danger that has already happened, she makes it his business. And she can tell her all mighty Ethan that if he messes with anybody in the family or anybody who will be a family member, he is ready for war with Ethan.

Ethan tells JR that he knows he has some type of story or trick off his sleeve. He asks JR if he plans to blackmail him, possibly let Erica know what he’s up to, maybe so he can get Chandler Enterprises back. JR tells Ethan that he is very quick but it’s not as simple as that and he does want to see the “master” at work and has no intention to scheme. Ethan tells JR his nose is changing color and he knows JR is lying. JR tells Ethan that he knows Ethan and Kendall are having a real problem with Erica insisting that Slater is innocent. He inquires why Erica is so concerned about that in the first place. Is it because it’s true?

While Erica and Jack are talking to Kendall, Lieutenant Perry enters and tells them he needs to talk to Lily about what she saw and what might have really happened the night Edmund was murdered. Kendall tells him that it’s very simple. Zach Slater killed Edmund Gray. That’s what Lily saw and that’s what happened. Before he goes in, Erica notices that he is wearing a red tie, tells him he needs to take it off before he sees Lily. And she informs him that before he talks to Lily, there are some things he needs to understand about her.

Alone in her office, Brooke is lost in thought and upset looking at pictures of Edmund. Jamie enters. He asks her how she’s been doing and tells her she should go home. She tells him they have an issue to get out. He observes the pictures of Edmund. She tells him she has so much she wants to say and every time she tries to write, the words don’t come out. He tells her he remembers feeling similar when Dixie died. And he remembers her telling him that nothing will ever take the pain away but some things can ease it; somebody loving you unconditionally, holding you as tight as they can, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice crime. He pulls out a carton of ice cream. She puts her arms around her son.

David is drinking and telling Adam that he will help find Colby only after he calls off JR. He tells her Babe is his only source for finding out where Liza and Colby are and he will not ask her when she is watching her back about JR. Adam asks how David would assume that Babe could help him find Colby. David tells him she can. At that moment, Babe enters and inquires why the two of them are together especially in a place like this.

Brooke tells Jamie that she is upset and preoccupied by the conversation she just had with Maria. She also tells him she talked to his Aunt Phoebe and she is so frail. But she was very receptive to reliving Edmund’s memories. She remembers Edmund masquerading as Aunt Phoebe’s gigolo, Eduardo, and how he really pulled off something important for them and was so funny. He tells her he will go and visit Aunt Phoebe the next day. At that point, she tells her son enough of this “being depressed” and asks him if he has any “new bombs” he wants to drop on his mother. He tells her she must mean: “is he still planning on marrying Babe?” She asks what their wedding plans are. Jamie tells his mother she does not give Babe much credit. She’s smarter than his mother realizes.

Babe sits down with her father and asks what is going on. Adam leaves. David tells his daughter that Adam followed him there in order to gloat and pump up his ego. She says let Adam gloat. And she tells David that the reason she is there is because she is starting a waitress position. He drops the bombshell upon her that she needs to find Liza and Colby.

Lily gets on her laptop and looks at dogs with Reggie. At that moment, Erica enters with Lieutenant Perry and introduces him to Lily and Reggie. She tells Lily that the Lieutenant is a nice man who wants to help their family. And she asks Lily if she could talk about who she really saw hit the man in the wheelchair. But Lily ignores that issue and asks the Lieutenant if he has a dog and what kind of dog he would recommend for a girl with autism spectrum disorder.

When Jonathan is confronting Greenlee at the Fusion office, she makes him angry by telling him he is just as sick as Braden. He tells her she must never say that to him. At that moment, Jack enters and orders Jonathan to leave his daughter alone.

David attempts to “work” on his daughter, urging her to see that Adam and JR are full of tricks and spiteful intent. He tells her he’s concerned about Liza and Colby and asks her if she has any way of getting in touch with them in order to give them a heads-up. She replies that she could.

The Lieutenant tells Erica that regardless of what Lily says, the court would not believe her word over Ethan Lavery’s. But he assures her that Ethan has enough dirt on his record and might get put away soon. He also assures her that Jonathan and Braden Lavery are very close to getting arrested. But he asks her if it’s possible that Lily is lying. Erica tells him that Lily is not capable of lying.

JR tells Ethan that it’s no secret that he hates his father. But he asks him if he hates him enough to watch him fry. Ethan replies he hates Zach enough to do whatever it takes. Kendall enters and asks him to describe: “whatever it takes”.

Jack and Greenlee return home. Lieutenant Perry leaves and tells them he will keep them posted. Now that everybody is there, Jack calls a family meeting. First he tells Lily that he needs to ask her to do something that she may not like but which is necessary. He tells her she needs to leave here and go back to her old school.

After Kendall enters to see JR and Ethan having their discussion, JR asks them about this problem they have with Erica being so certain that Ethan falsely accused Slater of murder. Kendall tells him that her mother is obsessed in trying to convince her that she is sleeping with Satan. JR asks them why there is a problem and how that would affect their sex life. Kendall tells him that her mother has her strong opinions about many things but she will not ruin her relationship with Ethan.

Jamie tells his mother that she can “chill”. He wants to walk down the aisle with Babe. But he knows that right now is not the right time. And he tells her that she must give Babe some credit in realizing that she knew it was not the right time before he did. He also tells her that Babe is the right one for him. He is certain of that.

Babe confides in David that she did not even tell Jamie this, but Colby called her a few days ago. And she told Colby that it might be too dangerous to be calling. David tells his daughter that that is exactly what he is “worried” about. JR and Adam can easily find them. And he asks if she has kept their number. Babe tells her father yes, she has it. He is very happy to hear that. At that moment, Babe gets on her cell phone and calls Liza. She informs her that Colby recently called her and is concerned about what Adam could do. She sounds very friendly to Liza, remembering all she’s done for her and Jamie and asks her to give her “little angel” a squeeze for her. When she hangs up, David asks what she said. Babe tells her father that Liza is staying on guard and making sure Colby does not make any calls Adam could trace. And right when Babe goes off to talk to the bar owner to get a job, she leaves the phone number on the table. And when David is alone, he copies it.

JR tells Kendall that he seriously hopes she is not listening to a word her crazy family is telling her. She assures him she is not and that Ethan is her only family. He sounds “sensitive” to Kendall, asking her to promise if she needs anything that she will let him know. She promises she will, tells him what a great friend he is and she hugs him. Hearing that, Ethan shakes JR’s hand and regards him in a friendly manner. When they are alone, Ethan tells Kendall that she needs to trust him. She tells him she does.

Hearing Jack asking Lily to leave and go back to her old school, Reggie protests that he cannot do that. Jack says it will only be for a few weeks. She says she cannot go. She does not want to. Greenlee asks her father why. He says there’s no way Braden or anybody will be able to find Lily at her old school. And Erica assures Lily it will only be for a few weeks. Greenlee encourages Lily not to be discouraged, to realize she will soon be back with her father and to not believe it will be so bad. Hearing that, Jack tells Greenlee he is glad to hear her say that because she is going with Lily. She asks if he is serious about her going to “school” with Lily. Jack tells Greenlee that he needs to keep both his daughters safe from that mad man. There is a guest suite where Greenlee can stay, he tells her. Lily goes off to her room upset and telling him she cannot go. Greenlee tells him she is really not going for that idea. Hearing that, Erica tells him she wishes it would be as easy as giving the two of them a “time out”.

After David has gotten the number for Adam, Babe returns to her father and happily tells him that she got the job.

Ethan is ready to have wild sex with Kendall in his office. She tells him they have to go home. He tells her he promises he will make her forget all about what’s on her mind. And when he is done, he will make her forget it all over again. They go at it.

JR goes to find his father and tells him about an “incredible” woman. It’s Kendall Hart. She’s smart, sexy and amazing. He also tells Adam that Ethan is manipulating Kendall into believing that Zach killed Edmund when he did not. Kendall has abandoned her family And when she wakes up and realizes what Ethan is pulling with her, their relationship will be ruined. And he says, at that point, Kendall will be his.

While at this time, Kendall and Ethan are going at it in the executive office.

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