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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is at Kendall's apartment and finds Ethan, who tells Erica he wouldn't let her see Kendall even if she was there. He tells Erica to stop calling him a liar. She says she'll stop calling him a liar when he stops lying. Ethan asks her if she cares what Kendall wants. Erica questions whether Kendall really wants him. She thinks Kendall has created a romantic fantasy with Ethan. She says she'll make Kendall see what Ethan really is. Ethan insists that his father is a murderer. Erica says she understands his idea of wanting to make Zach suffer, but this is wrong. Ethan says the only person who will get hurt is Kendall because she loves him. Erica says Kendall's feelings will change when she knows that he lied. She says the real killer is still out there and Lily is vulnerable. She says if anyone else dies he'll have blood on his hands. Ethan tells her he's going to ask Kendall to marry him and would like to have her blessing. Ethan says he can give Kendall everything she wants and needs. Erica says what she needs is honesty and love and she'll never get honesty from him. Ethan says Kendall will get something from him that she'll never get from her. He says Erica loves Kendall as long as Kendall doesn't cross her. Erica insists her love for Kendall is unconditional. Ethan says when they're married Erica will cut Kendall off. Erica says that won't happen because she won't stand by and watch her daughter marry a nothing like him.

Greenlee and Kendall are bickering at Fusion. Greenlee insists that Ethan is lying while Kendall tells her she's going to end up begging her for forgiveness. Simone and Danielle walk in just in time for the fight. Greenlee and Kendall won't talk to each other, and ask Simone and Danielle to deliver their words for each other. Simone asks if their argument is about Zach Slater. Greenlee says Ethan's lie about Zach is small compared to his whopper about claiming to love Kendall. Kendall tells Greenlee to go back to the roof because she'd love to see her fly. Kendall insists her relationship with Ethan is solid, but Greenlee says again that Ethan doesn't love her. Kendall says she'll never give up on Ethan and Greenlee can't break them up. Greenlee says she doesn't have to. She says Ethan doesn't deserve her love and their relationship will crash and burn.

Tad, Aidan and Ryan are at the airport, and Ryan is trying without success to call his sister. He spots an older man, approaches him and asks if he remembers him. The man recognizes him as one of the Lavery boys. He asks how he is. Ryan tells him he's in hell thanks to him. This man was a teacher of the Lavery boys, and Ryan condemns him for not helping the family when he saw the boys come to school with bruises. The teacher says that he did report the abuse but their father threatened his family if he interfered. The teacher says he took the coward's way out. Ryan tells him he should have tried harder. The teacher says he always worried especially about Jonathan.

Lily is outside Greenlee's apartment where Jonathan supposedly is with Braden. Lily looks frightened and drops her keys. A man approaches her and she looks up with a look of fear on her face. Jonathan is shown telling Lily to go home. Jonathan goes back into the apartment and a man's voice is heard asking him if he thinks he can run out on him. Without being seen, the man who is supposedly Braden tells Jonathan that he's not finished with him. Jonathan asks Braden if Ryan is all right. Braden says he won't kill Ryan until he realizes what he's done. Braden, still unseen, says Ryan has had such a cushy life and it's not right. He deserves what's coming to him.

Jack, on the phone with Derek, tells him that he can't get Lily to look at the pictures of the Laverys. Reggie walks in and Jack tells him he needs help with Lily regarding the case against Zach Slater. Jack says all they need is a positive ID because everything they have points to Braden. Lily arrives home looking unsettled. Reggie questions Lily about the murder, but she says she's not on the case anymore. Reggie mentions one of Lily's mystery books she's reading and suggests they solve a real mystery. They can start by looking at pictures, he says. Lily looks at a photo and says the man who killed Edmund is upstairs. Jack runs out of the apartment.

Braden tells Jonathan that the newspapers say Lily Montgomery witnessed the murder. He asks who she is. Jonathan says Lily is just a little girl and is no threat to him. Jonathan says Zach is in jail and he has nothing to worry about. Braden asks where Greenlee is. Jonathan says she's somewhere where he can't get to her. Braden tells Jonathan to call Greenlee and have her come there.

Jack arrives at Greenlee's apartment and bangs on the door but by then no one is home. He goes inside and calls Greenlee at Fusion and is relieved to learn she is OK. Jack tells her that Lily found Braden at the apartment and identified Braden as the killer. The police arrive at Greenlee's apartment to investigate and check the two glasses for fingerprints. Greenlee tells Kendall that Lily saw Braden kill Edmund and that proves Ethan lied. Kendall grabs her coat and purse and walks out. Greenlee angrily snaps at Simone and Danielle for being lazy and doing poor work. Simone and Danielle angrily walk out. Jack calls Greenlee back and says fingerprints of both Jonathan and Braden were found at her apartment. He tells Greenlee to stay there as he'll come and pick her up.

Livia goes to the jail to visit Zach, who asks her to get him out of jail. He says Lily saw the murder and knows he didn't do it. Livia says the case is more complicated than him simply saying now he didn't do it. She reminds him there is a witness claiming he did kill Edmund. He says he made Ethan and he'll deal with him. Livia says she can probably get him released temporarily now that the focus has shifted to Braden Lavery. But to get him out permanently the real killer will have to be identified.

Ethan goes to his office and makes a call. He tells the person he's calling that they need talk about Erica Kane.

Kendall goes to Jack's place to talk to Lily. Kendall tells Lily that she had to have seen the wrong man kill Edmund as it had to be Zach. Lily says he wasn't the one with the shovel. Kendall continues to press Lily when Erica and Jack arrive. Kendall protests that they treat Lily like some sacred oracle. Jack pulls her into the hallway to get her away from Lily. Erica tells her she just doesn't want to admit the truth about Ethan. Kendall says she doesn't need any of them anymore and walks away.

Greenlee is alone at Fusion with her back to the door. She leaves a message for Ryan telling him she misses him. She puts on some earphones and doesn't hear when someone unseen walks in behind her.

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