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By Lori
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At Jack's apartment, Jack asks Erica what she said to Maria. Erica admits that she told Maria that Edmund could walk. She says Maria deserved to know that she wasn't the only one leading a double life. Jack is angry that Erica said this to Maria and says she should mind her own business.

Brooke tells Maria at the boathouse that she and Edmund had a shocking talk about Maria and Zach before Edmund died. Brooke says Edmund had a dark side. The last few months he wasn't the man she loved. She says the night of the fire, Edmund was raging and plotting to ruin Zach and divorce Maria. Brooke says she stumbled upon this information accidentally. He told her he was not going to withdraw his divorce petition. She says Edmund thought Maria was cheating on him and wanted her to pay. He also says that was only part of the story. She says she thinks Zach may have been right and maybe Edmund could walk.

Kendall tells Ethan that she won't let Erica and Greenlee get to her. She says they're trying to make her give up on him and think he's a liar, but she believes him. Ethan says there is one thing he hasn't told her. Kendall says whatever it is, they can work it out. Ethan says that since the charges against him for shooting Ryan have been dropped, they need to follow through on their plan to travel to the four corners of the world. He suggests they go to Paris, and Kendall loves the idea.

Greenlee has just walked into her old apartment and found Jonathan. She asks him why he's there. Why did the hospital spring him? Jonathan says he fired his guard and walked out. He needs to find Ryan. Greenlee says Ryan's looking for Braden. Jonathan says he has to stop Braden. If Braden can stab him, there's no telling what he could do to Ryan. Greenlee asks him why Ryan has to carry the load of the Lavery brothers by himself. Jonathan says he could not stop Braden on his own. Greenlee says he could have called the police or told Ryan Braden was trying to kill him. She tells him that Braden has started another murder game. The first clue is "as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." Jonathan says Ryan can't go back there. He's in the one place Braden can get to him. Greenlee urges Jonathan to tell her where Ryan is.

Ryan, who has been knocked out at the abandoned house and is seen waking up with a man in black gloves over him. The man says "wake up Ryan. Long time brother." Ryan says Braden's name but that he can't see his face. Ryan reaches out for Braden's hand but Braden sticks the end of a gun in his hand. When Ryan stands up, it is Tad and Aidan with him. Ryan, coughing because of the gas sprayed at him, says Braden is trying to send him a message and he has to find out what it is. Ryan says they have to beat Braden at his own game. He sees a broken lamp and tells Tad and Aidan not to move.

Erica expresses concern to Jack about Ethan and his control over her daughters. Jack says he's watching Ethan. Lily bursts in scared and says "he's trying to get me."

Ethan and Kendall drink champagne. Ethan tells her she's worried she's going to continue thinking about Erica and Greenlee while they're in Paris. Kendall says she doesn't care what they think and wishes they would trust her judgment. She tells Ethan he's the best thing that's happened to her. Ethan says he thinks Erica and Greenlee need her to be wrong about him.

Ryan realizes the lamp has been short-circuited and hits it with something to disconnect it. Ryan says he and Braden used to dream up ways to kill their father and death by short circuit was his idea. He says Braden wants him to die by the same torture he planned for their dad. Tad asks why Braden would want to go after him. Ryan says he doesn't know, but maybe it's because he wants to see him as damaged and messed up as he is. Ryan says he needs to bring Braden down and make sure Jonathan gets the help he needs.

Jonathan tells Greenlee he can't tell her where Ryan is because Ryan would not forgive him for putting her in danger. Greenlee asks why he doesn't like her. He says he first saw her as selfish, mean and demanding and she reminded him of his mother.

A man walks into Jack's apartment after Lily and Jack tells her that he hired him to help them. Lily says she saw him following her and when she ran to get get away, he ran toward her faster. The man, Steve, leaves and Jack takes Lily into the next room to play chess. Erica calls Kendall and tells her they need to meet at a neutral place to talk about Ethan and Zach. Kendall says she's already heard her trash Ethan so what's the point. Ethan grabs the phone and hangs it up. Erica leaves to go to Kendall's place. Kendall asks Ethan why her mother can't leave them alone. Ethan says she doesn't see Kendall the same way he sees her. He sees her the way she is and Erica sees her past. He tells her she gave him a chance and stood by him.

Maria tells Brooke that Edmund loved her. She accuses Brooke of hating her because Edmund chose her intead. Now Brooke wants to turn her against Edmund. Brooke tells Maria she's not lying. Edmund told her he was done with her. Brooke tells her she is right about one thing. She did love him and hates Maria for what she did to him. She says Edmund changed because of her. He was full of rage. He wanted to be the only man she loved, but she had to bring Zach Slater into their lives. She may not have slept with him but she wanted to and Edmund knew that. Brooke tells Maria she betrayed Edmund and her marriage and he died because of her. She tells Maria she didn't love him and she doesn't have the guts to admit it.

Aidan asks Ryan if he and Braden had special hiding places. Ryan mentions the book "Huckelberry Finn" and says they carved an opening in the book. They look through a box of books and find it. Inside the opening is a note, the second clue. It says "Walk the boards. Eat your fill. See the illusion. Gamble it all. There's no more escape." Ryan says he knows their next stop.

Jack tells Lily that when Steve comes back he'll tell him to keep some distance. They are ready to leave but Derek calls Jack and he needs to take the call. Lily says she needs to go do her homework or she'll be off schedule. Jack gives her the keys to Greenlee's apartment and tells her to get what she needs there and come back.

Jonathan is preparing to leave Greenlee's apartment but when he opens the door he is confronted by an unseen man who grabs him by the throat. Jonathan identifies the man as Braden.

Maria is now alone at the boathouse. She thinks about what Erica, Zach and Brooke said about Edmund. She starts to cry and tells herself that Edmund loved her.

Erica goes to Kendall's apartment and finds Ethan alone. Ethan tells her that she has tried his patience for the last time and this has to stop.

At Fusion, Greenlee apologizes to Kendall for her comments about Ethan. Kendall doesn't accept the apology and tells her their friendship is over.

Braden tells Jonathan that they'll have to take this inside. They go into the apartment and Lily approaches. She sees the door open and a look of fear crosses her face.

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