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Greenlee and Jack confront Ethan and Kendall. Greenlee tells Ethan that when he falsely accused Zach of murder, the real killer went free and he may have cost her Ryan his life.

Ryan goes to find an abandoned house and goes inside. He discovers another note from Braden. Braden writes: “as it was from the beginning”. Ryan tells Braden he’s home and waits for him to show himself.

Hearing Erica revealing that Edmund could walk, Maria tells her she is sick and asks how Jackson can fail to see how twisted she is. Erica asks Maria what the problem is in not wanting to realize that she’s been betrayed by her husband. Maria tells Erica she’d like to smack that smug look off her face. Erica tells Maria she’d like to see her try.

Sam Gray goes to Zach’s jail cell. Zach asks him what he wants. Sam replies that he wanted to see the man who murdered his father. Zach tells Sam he does not belong here. Sam tells him that he, on the other hand, does. Zach tells Sam he must go home. Sam tells Zach that he has never seen a killer close up. Sam tells Zach that Zach must remember his mother as Maureen. But he must also now know that he can never have his mother again.

Maria asks Erica if Jack knows something. Erica asks if she means if he knows about Edmund being able to walk. Maria says no. She means does Jack know that Erica was messing around with Zach in Vegas and getting drunk and getting put in the emergency room. Maria tells Erica that she knows Erica has had so many husbands and failed marriages that she needs to attempt to ruin Maria’s marriage. She tells Erica she is pathetic. Erica tells Maria that it is she who is pathetic. Why can’t she realize that Zach did not murder Edmund and that Ethan has falsely accused his father of that? She inquires if Maria might have a “thing” for Ethan in believing his false accusations of his father.

Greenlee tells Ethan that he is very sick and spiteful to his father to want him falsely accused of murder. Kendall tells Greenlee’s she’s got the “psycho babble” down real well, knowing her own sick relationship with her mother. Jack tries to calm them all down and tells Greenlee that Ethan must have seen Zach murder Edmund. She says that she believes that Ethan is lying. But Jack protests that Ethan is ready to tell the police the truth. He confirms with Ethan that he saw Zach beat Edmund over the head with a shovel. Ethan confirms what he saw but suggests he might be a bit uncertain of his story.

Simone goes to find Jonathan in the hospital. She asks him what he plans to do. He tells her he wants to go looking for Braden and won’t be afraid to hurt him. She asks if he would do that if he found Braden. Or would he, instead tell Braden where their other brother is?

While Ryan sits alone in the abandoned house, he has a flashback of his mother telling him and Jonathan as children that she will go out and Braden is in charge. He remembers seeing her with a bottle of booze and both young boys knowing their mother was drunk.

Simone asks Jonathan how he could do it. How could he put Ryan’s life in danger and not protect him from that whack job, Braden? Jonathan tells her that she does not understand but throughout his childhood the three of them protected each other and it’s been the tradition that Braden gets the same protection that he and Ryan get.

In the house, Ryan has a flashback of himself and Jonathan getting verbally abused by their father for leaving a mess, their promising to do good, and their father getting out the belt. Ryan sees himself as a child. And he tells his young self, not to open his eyes and it looks as though young Ryan is listening to adult Ryan.

Ethan inquires if Jack also believes that he is lying, as Greenlee does. Jack admits that he does believe that.

Zach tells Sam that he’s heard enough and must now leave it alone. But Sam tells him that he murdered his father and hated him so much that he could not let his mother live. Zach admits that that is what he did. And that she dumped him for Edmund. He tells Sam that his mother loves him and his sister and their dad. Sam tells Zach that his father could have taken him down. He took down the mob, he took down drug dealers and he could have taken down Zach while he was in the wheelchair. And Zach is a coward.

While Erica and Maria are arguing, Brooke enters to confront Erica. Erica says she’s had enough of Edmund’s widows for one day. Brooke tells Erica that it’s amazing that she likes to hear the sound of her own voice so much, yet doesn’t hear a word she is saying. Maria informs Brooke that Erica has just informed her that Zach did not murder Edmund, that Edmund lied about his paralysis, wheeled himself all around in a wheelchair, went through ramps unnecessarily and lied to his family and friends about being paralyzed. Erica confirms that Maria has gotten the story correct. Brooke tells Erica that Edmund would not lie about walking. Erica asks Maria how she can hate her but is so nice to a woman who lied to her husband about her being alive and almost took him from her. She tells them both that they need to realize that Ethan has lied and falsely accused his father of killing Edmund. He is a Cambias. They are all sick. They lie and they falsely accuse people of murder in order to get whatever they want.

Kendall asks Greenlee why she would believe what Lily said she recalled while traumatized, over Ethan’s word.

Outside, Jack tells Ethan that both of those two young women inside are like his daughters. He is just as protective of Kendall as if she was his own. And he says if Ethan does anything to hurt anybody he cares about, he will make certain Ethan never comes near his family.

In the abandoned house, Ryan hears somebody, pulls the gun assuming Braden is coming after him, but discovers Aiden and Tad. He asks them why they are still getting involved in this and not letting him handle it himself. Aiden informs Ryan that he believes that possibly Bobbie killed Edmund under the instruction of Braden. Tad tells Ryan he cannot go after Braden all by himself. Ryan tells him his family is his problem. But Tad tells him for that very reason, this whole situation is too personal for him. First Edmund is dead. Next it might be him.

Simone asks Jonathan if he did, in fact, slip Greenlee those wacky pills. He tells her that Braden did. She tells him that it sucks when he lies and tries to cover and the sad thing is that it is all he ever tried to do. She tells him she knows he hates Greenlee. He says she is his brother’s wife. She says she knows that for that very reason, he was jealous of Greenlee taking Ryan from her. So he tried to kill her. But Jonathan tells her that it was Braden who asked him to do that. But Simone presses him again to admit that he hates Greenlee and wants her out of Ryan’s life.

Erica tells Maria that she believes that as soon as Maria wakes up and sees the reality, the easier and sooner there will be peace for her. Brooke tells Erica that she doesn’t believe a word she says. Erica inquires why Brooke wants and needs to coddle Maria.

Jack tells Ethan that he’s been a lawyer for many years and knows a lie when he hears one. Ethan indirectly implies that Jack and Erica must stay out of his way and not mess with a Cambias. Jack asks if that was a threat. Ethan admits that he could take Kendall away from them.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to realize that Ethan did not lie about his father committing murder.

While Tad and Aiden are with Ryan in the abandoned house, Ryan tells them that this is Braden’s call so he is there.

Simone asks Jonathan just where Braden is now. He says probably trying to find Ryan. He admits to her that he is insanely jealous of Greenlee. And he admits that when he gets out of the hospital and finds Ryan, he is his brother second, Greenlee’s husband first. She tells him he is one big baby. He tells her it was not so easy to choose between his two brothers. She tells him it’s pretty easy to choose the one who is not a psychopath. But he tells her that while they were children, Braden took all the beatings for both of them. And Ryan took the rap for Braden when he got charged with rape. And he is just following in the tradition. He admits to her that he’s gotten therapy to find out about his jealous, insecure and angry nature, why he needs to control women and all the rage he lives with. He admits to her that he realizes that he needs to protect society from Braden. But she concludes that he really needs some serious professional help.

Kendall admits to Greenlee that the two of them suck as friends but are really great as enemies. So she asks Greenlee to get out of her house and out of her life. Greenlee comes out of the house and leaves with her father and says he may forget it because Ethan is definitely a Cambias.

Zach tells Sam that he knows he will never forget him. Sam admits that he will never forget Zach. But his mother will. He can count on that. Sam gets up to leave. But Zach tells him he wishes none of this had happened.

Brooke and Maria are by the boathouse. Brooke tells Maria she wishes she could have stapled Erica’s mouth shut. Maria admits that it didn’t just start with Erica. She says she knows that Edmund had a problem with her involvement with Zach and pulled a lot of stunts behind her back. But she realizes that in the final analysis, her husband died because of her. Brooke has a flashback of Edmund telling her he was about to dump Maria and deceive her even though he knew she did not sleep with Zach and he had no justifiable cause to distrust her.

Jack returns to Erica, asks her to give him a kiss on the cheek, ask him how it went and close her ears, because she does not want to hear what happened. She asks if Ethan stuck to his story. He confirms not only that, but Kendall believed everything he said. She says she had quite a day also. Maria came by. Jack asks Erica to please tell him she did not reveal to Maria that Edmund could really walk. Erica says nothing, admitting she cannot tell him that she did not.

Maria tells Brooke that she made a choice to be with Edmund for the rest of her life. Hearing that, Brooke indirectly reveals to Maria that maybe Zach was not solely out to hurt people and/or end her marriage. Maybe he wanted to tell her the truth about some things.

Sam leaves Zach’s cell and tells him he wants him put to death.

Ethan concludes to Kendall that both Jack and Greenlee believe he is a fraud. She reminds him that he’s been falsely accused before. But she believes him and loves him. And nobody will change her mind. Not her mother, or Jack or Greenlee. He protests that she loves her family. But she tells him she loves him and believes in them together and nothing will ever change that.

While at that house, Ryan opens a box to notice a toy monkey that was Braden’s that they used to use to provoke their old man. He tells Tad and Aiden that he remembers Braden giving it to him as a gift. He remembers the toy monkey spitting and activates it again. But at that moment, he spits into Ryan’s eyes and hurts him and Ryan falls to the floor.

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