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Tad is getting very frustrated on the phone trying to get information about Braden Lavery.

Erica tells Jack and Greenlee that she believes that Ethan is a malicious person to lie and falsely accuse his own father of murder when he knows it did not happen. And she’s very concerned that her daughter, Kendall has fallen in love with this dishonorable man.

Kendall and Ethan are on the Internet talking to Bianca and Miranda wishing Miranda a happy first birthday. They actually get to see them on video. They seem very happy together. He’s gotten her the opportunity to do the video chat with her sister and niece. She’s very grateful. And he tells her he wants the best for her. She tells him he’s thoughtful, romantic and caring and she does not understand how or why her mother would suspect him. He tells her that Zach has “duped” Erica into believing that he did not kill Edmund. Kendall says she does not believe that that is the case anymore.

Another baby is celebrating his birthday. Babe comes to bring her son his red wagon. She appears outside the Chandler house before her son’s birthday party. But right when she knocks on the door, she is haunted by a flashback of the night when she gave birth where Paul Cramer told her that her baby boy died in the crash and drowned in the river.. Right at that moment, the nanny comes out and informs Babe that the baby has been taken to the hospital. She rushes off to find him

Knowing that babe is probably following him, JR rushes the baby to the hospital and tells the staff that it’s an emergency. Palmer and Adam are with him.

Ethan tells Kendall that he knows his father is very convincing. She must remember that he had half the town believing he was not Zach’s son. So it would not be very hard for him to pull the wool over Erica’s eyes. Kendall tells him she can list many of her mother’s faults but stupidity is not one of them. She tells him if Erica would believe Zach’s lie, it would only mean that she really dislikes Ethan. She tells him that both his father and her mother are to blame for making him look bad. She mentions that she’s glad that they have that “issue” in common because that way they need not explain themselves to each other. At that moment, they get into their attachment to each other. He tells her that nobody will keep them apart.

Maria finds out that both of her teenage children want to run away. She asks how they think they are going to get a passport to flee the country. Maddie tells her mother she knows she didn’t have much trouble splitting town to get it on with her boyfriend and have everybody believe she was dead. Maria tells her daughter she must not speak to her like that. She tells them both she is their mother and they do not have the right to go away whenever they feel like it. Sam tells her they might be inclined to listen to her if they respected her. But she tells them there is no way they can get on a plane with no money. And secondly she can prevent them by calling the airport. Maddie tells them that somebody would have to take pity on them and protect them from her. At that moment, Myrtle enters with Anita and demands that the two of them stop yelling at their mother. She demands that they go into the living room and sit.

When Tad is in the middle of trying to find Braden, Simone enters. She reveals that she is still interested in him. He has the mistaken idea that she wants to sleep with him. But she clarifies to him that she is not there to get into his pants but to get into his brain. She tells him he’s a master detective and she needs his PI skills. He informs her she’s out of luck with that since JR got his license pulled. But she tells him regardless, she needs to investigate and catch Jonathan Lavery for drugging Greenlee. But he informs her that Jonathan is no longer the prime suspect. Ryan’s other brother, Braden, is most like the culprit

Hearing Erica’s concerns about Ethan ruining Kendall’s life and what a no good person he is, Greenlee asks her why she cannot just let Kendall be happy. Erica protests to Greenlee that she wants her daughter to be happy and in order for that to happen, she needs Ethan out of her life. She asks Jack and Greenlee if they really believe that she is gullible to believe that Zach is innocent. Greenlee replies that if Zach is not the culprit, then it means that the real killer is still out there and Ryan is in danger. Jack tells her that both of his daughters are in danger; Lily for witnessing the murder and Greenlee for marrying Ryan. Realizing that Edmund is dead and not knowing who killed him they are worried and wonder what they can do. Reggie comes out and tells them their answer is Lily.

Babe goes to the hospital, demanding to know what has happened to her son. David happens to be right there mopping the floor and demands to know what happened to his grandson. They go together to find a doctor and ask about the little boy who’d have to have been identified as Adam Chandler III. The doctor admits that he is not in a position to discuss the condition of any of his patients.. Babe protests that she is his mother and this is his first birthday. David tells the doctor that he’s saved his backside and he has the right to know if his grandson is ok. At that moment, a security guard tells them they need to calm down or get escorted out. David protests that he works there. The security guard tells him to find somewhere else to mop. Babe tells them if anything happens to her son, they will be sorry. They refuse to help Babe and David. He tells his daughter that she needs to go home and he promises to think of something. But she tells her father she refuses to go anywhere until she knows that her son is ok.

Greenlee tells Jack and Erica that she needs to find out what Lily really saw but they all admit they haven’t a clue as to how to go about that. Reggie encourages them to realize that Lily is more likely to tell her family than anyone else and they need to talk to her. At that moment, Lily comes out of her room. She notices Greenlee there and wonders why she is at Jack’s instead of with Ryan. Erica explains to Lily that Ryan has gone away. Lily asks if he’s gone away like Edmund Gray has gone away.

Simone tells Tad that it really astounds her that Greenlee lost the love of her life. And then she found a second love of her life, and again, she is worried that Greenlee will lose Ryan also. She tells Tad that they must do everything they can in order to protect Ryan. Tad asks Simone why she is so worried about Greenlee. Simone reveals to him that Greenlee is her best friend. But Tad wants again to know why she is pushing so hard.

At the hospital, David and Babe disguise themselves as doctors, with their hair and faces concealed so that they can find out what is going on with Little Adam without being seen. They carry a biohazard box on a cart through the hallway. She tells him she smells a rat. He tells her it’s more than a rat. It’s a blood sucking tick on a rat. They go and follow their lead and are able to find out what JR is up to. They follow JR into a room, unseen and discover the baby is not sick after all. They are having a surprise birthday party for him and lying to Babe and David in order to prevent them from seeing him. JR is there with Adam, Palmer Cortlandt, Kendall and Ethan. Babe opens the door to the room and tells them the only thing preventing her from kicking the living crud out of every one of them is her baby.

Myrtle instructs Maria’s kids to sit and listen. But before she talks to them, she asks Maria if she is putting her nose where it does not belong. Maria replies no. She admits she was getting nowhere trying to talk to them and is glad Myrtle is there. Myrtle admits to Maria that this is not the reason she came. There is something else very important which she needs to talk about. Maria tells her she needs for that to wait and wants to finish up with the kids first. Maria tells the kids that she realizes they are angry at her and admits to them that she made a mistake with her involvement with Zach Slater. She tells them that she was not thinking straight and made a bad judgment call. But what she did was not a capitol crime. Sam tells her it was to their father.

Hearing that Ryan is gone, Lily asks Jack and Erica if Ryan is “gone” like Edmund Gray is. Erica explains to Lily that it’s not like that. Ryan has gone away in order to find some things out. Reggie asks Lily if she saw the man in the wheelchair get killed. Lily admits she did not. She also reveals to all of them that she saw the man in the wheelchair get up and walk. It shocks them all to hear that. Erica shows Lily the newspaper article with Edmund’s and Zach’s pictures and asks her if she saw Zach murder Edmund. Lily replies she did not. Sensing tension and remembering that the last person who interrogated her about the guy in the wheelchair was Aiden, she tells them she is off the case. She tells them that she is not going to help Aiden and asks why they are asking her all these questions since Aiden does not like her as a girlfriend. Greenlee suggests that Lily just tells them and she need not worry about Aiden. But Lily reveals she is very upset and goes to get her books and get ready for school. Reggie goes with her Noticing how upset Lily is, Erica tells the others that she is so sorry and did not mean to upset her. But Jack assures her that Aiden’s men are there to protect Lily and Reggie is with her. But Erica reveals to Jack that if Lily is reporting true information then either Edmund experienced a miracle before he was killed, or else he was lying to all of them.

Maria tells her kids that Edmund was a hero. He proved, before he died that he was the strongest man she’s ever known. Maddie asks what exactly their father did. Maria replies that he forgave her. She tells them that they just learned something; their mom makes mistakes. She tells them that she does not expect them to forgive her right away but it’s very important that they realize that they are a family, in order to get through this. Sam inquires to Maria how does she know their dad would not want them to get as far away from there as possible. She replies that he would not want that. She tells them she is still their mom and their guardian. They live under her roof and must live by her rules. And they must realize that they are a family and need to be together. When they go away and agree to unpack their suitcases and do as Maria says, Anita tells Maria that she handled that so well. Myrtle agrees. But Maria tells them she has an important appointment to go over Edmund’s will and asks if they can stay there with the kids. They agree to do so.

Simone asks Tad how he is certain that this Braden guy was the one who drugged Greenlee, shot Ryan and murdered Edmund. He tells her that for a long time, Jonathan was the number one suspect but there is now good evidence against Braden. She tells him that she has a reputation in this town of being a bubblehead and nobody has said a word to her about it. But he must realize that she is not stupid, she says. She tells him that her so-called friends do not confide in her about the truth. And she tells him that she knows she can squeeze the truth out of Jonathan. He tells her she must not. Jonathan is not Braden but he is still bad news. He suggests to her that it’s possible that her friends do not tell her everything in order to protect her. He tells her that his own decision not to share everything with her is because he does not want to put her in danger. He gets a call and goes off.

Babe and David tell JR that they will report them for falsifying a medical emergency. Kendall reminds them that they kept her niece from her sister. Ethan joins in that they are not lying. So does Palmer. JR tells Babe that he knows what she is going through. He knows what it’s like to not know where he son is or what is happening to him. That’s exactly how he felt when she and that loser brother of his took his child and had him believe that he was died. He tells Babe that he has already been generous enough to give her as much time with the baby as he has. He tells her that no matter what she says or does, she and her worthless janitor father better get out of the room and away from him and his child and friends and family or he will have them arrested. Babe tells JR he is a no good piece of trash. Ethan tells her she must watch her language. There is a baby there. But right when the entire party is ready to humiliate Babe and David, Dr. Joe Martin tells them that he will not have anybody in his hospital doing this type of behavior. Ethan asks Dr. Martin just where he was when the DNA test for his cousin Miranda was falsified and Bianca believed her child died. Kendall asks just why Dr. Joe is so concerned about people like Babe and David Hayward. He announces to them all that they better let Babe have the court ordered legal right to her time with her child or he will report them to family court.

Erica is on the phone talking to Bianca and Miranda. When she gets off the phone, she informs Jack and Greenlee that the reason why Bianca’s line was busy when she previously called was because she was on a video call with Kendall and Ethan. She admits that she is very worried about all the schemes Ethan is playing. Greenlee agrees that she does not care for Ethan and is worried about Kendall shacking up with the world’s biggest liar. Erica concludes that Ethan is not only Kendall’s lover, but also Bianca’s and Miranda’s business partner. Greenlee says certainly Ethan would not hurt Bianca or Miranda. Jack says no because they will not let him but admits that he has another concern. He wonders if it is true that Edmund was able to walk. Greenlee inquires if he would believe Lily over Ethan. Jack decides, at that point, to go with his daughter to talk to Kendall and Ethan.

David and Babe visit with Little Adam, as Dr. Joe has directed. Adam remembers he must “act nice” in order to get the favor from David. So he asks JR if he could have some trust for Babe and her father. David takes Adam outside and tells him that after this little stunt he’s pulled, their “deal” is off. Adam swears to David that he had nothing to do with this plan. It was completely JR’s and Palmer’s idea. But David tells him that he has a lot to worry about after JR finds out what he’s about to tell him.

Erica gets the door and sees Maria. Maria informs Erica she came there to talk to Jack about going over Edmund’s Will. Erica tells Maria that Jack had to go off. She also tells Maria that she knows why she was so hostile. She reveals to Maria that she knows that Edmund could walk and it must have devastated Maria to know that her husband lied about that.

Jack and Greenlee go to have a word with Ethan. He is with Kendall and asks if there is a problem. Greenlee says yes there is, she calls him an S.O.B. and punches him in the gut.

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