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Babe and Jamie are planning for their wedding and for her son’s first birthday party. David comes and gives them a gift for his grandson. At that moment, a man comes to the door and gives Babe a court-ordered summons. She reads and frantically says they cannot do this to her.

JR tells his father that he has just gotten the best birthday present he could possibly get for his son. He got an order for Babe to not be able to attend their son’s birthday party. “Surprisingly”, Adam tells his son he cannot do that and instead he must call Babe and let her attend the party.

Erica joins the funeral procession for Edmund. She urges Ethan to admit that he knows that his father did not kill Edmund and he must admit to the truth.

Ryan comes to see Jonathan in his hospital room. Unaware of what is going on, Jonathan panics thinking Ryan is Braden. Ryan tells him it’s all right. But Jonathan tells his brother that Braden was just there. Hearing that, Ryan goes out into the hallway in search of Braden.

Babe reads to her fiancé and her father that her visitation will be postponed until further notice. David assures his daughter that he will get a lawyer for her. Jamie tells them both they cannot get upset and give JR the satisfaction or any more opportunity to hurt them. David goes off and Babe tells Jamie that she would like to murder JR in a very inhumane way. Jamie tells her he’d like to see that but it would prevent her from enjoying her son’s first birthday party.

Adam tells his son that although he supports his need to put Babe in her place, he would rather not pay all the legal fees. JR tells his father that any amount of money is worth it in order to keep that tramp away from his child. Adam tells his son it will only make Babe, JR, David and people who care about them angrier and more determined to make his life unhappy. At that moment, David calls and demands to know why Adam’s son wants to prevent his daughter from going to her son’s birthday party. Adam tells David that he will make sure that everything is ok. David tells him that if he prevents Babe from going to her son’s birthday party, he will make sure that Adam will never find Liza and Colby again and he will tell JR that Adam helped Erica get the DNA test to take Miranda away from him. When Adam gets off the phone, JR asks his father what that call was about and what kinds of secrets his father is keeping from him.

Ryan informs Jonathan that he could not find Braden but he was able to get everybody out of the funeral parlor before the bomb went off. Ryan asks his brother what happened when he saw Braden at the Valley Inn before he got stabbed. Jonathan informs Ryan that Braden told him he would kill Greenlee and cause many other people to be blown to bits. He admits that he did not notice that Braden had a knife. He apologizes to Ryan for failing to stop Braden. But Ryan assures his brother that it’s ok. He at least prevented the bomb from going off, which saved many lives.

Ethan tells everybody that he did, in fact, see Zach Slater pick up a shovel and hit Edmund over the head with it. But Erica does not buy it. Maria inquires what kind of craziness Erica is up to. Erica asks Maria why she is not happy to discover that her lover is not guilty of murder and need not stay in prison. That way, she gets to have him. Maria is very upset and tells Erica that she believes that Zach asked her to come down there today and mess with Maria’s head. She asks Erica how stupid she is. Erica replies she is not as stupid as Maria is. She tells Maria that Zach is not using her and she did not play into his hands. Jack takes Erica outside and demands to have a word with her privately. He asks her what she’s trying to do in there. She tells him she is telling people the truth about what happened to Edmund. She also tells Jack that Lily confirmed to her that Zach did not kill Edmund. She urges her fiancé to believe her that Zach did not kill Edmund. Ethan is lying only to stick it to his father. He will break Kendall’s heart when she finds out that he’s betrayed her. And Lily is in great danger. And Jack must realize that.

Myrtle goes to visit Zach in jail. He asks why she is not at Edmund’s funeral. She tells him she’d rather talk about where he should be and that she does not believe that he killed Edmund. He asks if Erica told her that. Myrtle informs him that Erica “crashed” Edmund’s funeral and gave everybody the word that Zach is innocent of the murder charge he is now in jail for.

Tad asks Maria if she is ok. She tells him that her son publicly vilified her at his father’s funeral. Her daughter will not speak to her. And now Erica Kane has barged into her husband’s funeral and caused a big public seen.

Ryan tells Jonathan he must get some rest and he will take care of Braden so that Jonathan does not have to. Right outside, Greenlee is standing by the door witnessing their conversation.

Tad and Aiden talk about what it means to hear Erica’s announcement that Zach did not kill Edmund. Tad shows Aiden the computer where he knows Adam and JR are probably trying to hack in order to find Liza and Colby and the message that Adam is wasting his time.

Adam tells his son that he wants to nail Babe and her family and friends as much as he can but JR’s plan might backfire and only end up hurting his son. JR tells his father that he can handle his plan and multi-task by doing many things.

David notices the little red wagon Babe and Jamie got for Little Adam. Babe recalls a similar red wagon that she saw that Colby had when she and Jamie and the baby were staying with Liza, when she let them hide from JR. Hearing that, David seems to be rethinking his plan to help Adam go after Liza and Colby.

Kendall asks Erica what her problem is to be doing what she is doing. Erica tells her daughter that she loves her and wants to protect her from Ethan’s lie to incriminate his father and is worried about what it could do to Kendall

At the hospital, Greenlee asks Ryan how Jonathan is. He tells her he’s fine and he needs her to keep herself safe and stay away from Braden and he will handle everything himself. She tells her husband she is not a child who needs to spend every second in daddy’s care. He shows her a letter written to him by Braden where he says it all started with the murder game, but this time he will win and Ryan will die.

Kendall tells her mother that she asked Ethan if he was out for revenge and he told her no. She tells Erica that Ethan swore on his love for her that he was not lying. But Erica urges her daughter to wake up and see Ethan for the dishonorable person he is and stop seeing only what she wants to see. But Kendall tells her mother that she has no reason to distrust Ethan. It’s Zach who cannot do his own dirty work while in jail so he asks Erica to do it for him. Erica tells her daughter she believes that she wants to love and trust Ethan and see what she wants to see because of her desperate need to be loved.

Zach asks Myrtle if she wants to know the reason why he did not speak up that he did not kill Edmund. She says she does not care. What he did was wrong regardless of the reason and the person who really did kill Edmund is still out there endangering society. She tells Zach he could do something about it because he was there and saw it, but he’s refusing. He tells her he did not see who killed Edmund because he was unconscious.

Tad tells Aiden that he does not believe that Zach did anything he’s accused of. But Aiden inquires why Zach would plead guilty of drugging Greenlee, shooting Ryan or murdering Edmund. Aiden tells Tad that his theory is that Bobbie Warner covered for the shooter in exchange for money. And the person arranges with Bobbie to implicate Zach for the murder of Edmund. And he believes that this other shooter had motive to kill Edmund because Edmund might have information about who really shot Ryan. Tad asks Aiden if he has any idea whom their mystery man is. Aiden says he believes it’s Braden Lavery.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she really has nothing to say about his decision to go after Braden and risk his life doing so. She says she is very upset but realizes that she cannot stop him from doing what he plans to do. She tells him she is very worried about being a widow again and if that happens she will hate Ryan.

David assures Babe that she will be able to give her son the red wagon and be with him on his birthday. She says she only wishes he and Jamie could see him with her. David tells Babe that Adam is suffering his own hell by having no clue where his daughter is and he inquires, indirectly if she might now where Tad let Liza and Colby stay so they can hide from Adam.

At the Chandler house, JR holds his son and tells him and his father that if a Chandler is not thinking about revenge, there must be something else on their mind. Adam tell his son that getting himself worried about trash like Babe and Jamie Martin is not worth it. He also, again, urges JR to let Babe have just a few hours with the baby on his birthday. Then she can leave and they can all have a real party. He tells his son that he’s not asking him to surrender, only to choose his battles. And he must realize that this is not worth it.

Aiden reminds Tad that he did discover Braden’s fingerprints all over the bomb and it would make sense that Braden would have been at Wildwood.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she’s already had one husband taken from her and doesn’t want it to happen again. He promises her he will survive. But she reminds him that this is not just some random hunting trip. He is going after somebody who wants him dead. He assures her that it will not change them and he holds her and kisses her.

Erica urges Kendall to see that Ethan is falsely accusing his father of murder and lying to her about it. She tells Kendall that she does not care about Zach or about Ethan. She just wants to make certain that they do not hurt her daughter.

JR gets on the phone and informs his “contact” that Babe may get her three hours tomorrow, at their son’s birthday party. He tells his infant son that they will have a fun party the next day and it will be fit for a king, or a Chandler heir, which is the “same difference”. When JR leaves and Adam is alone, he gets on the phone to David and informs him that it’s all set for Babe to attend her son’s birthday party. David announces to his daughter that JR will no longer prevent her from seeing her son. Babe admits to Jamie that she does not much like having to call their child Adam instead of James. Jamie tells her they can always call him Adam Martin and all that really matters is that their son can call her momma.

Zach asks Myrtle if she has heard from Bianca. Myrtle replies yes. Miranda will be celebrating her birthday and although Bianca was devastated by Edmund’s death, she knows Bianca will be very relieved to know that Zach, her daughter’s uncle, did not kill him after all.

Jack goes to find Greenlee at the hospital and urges his daughter to come home with him. She agrees and kisses Ryan goodbye and goes off with her father. Ryan goes into Jonathan’s hospital room and promises his brother that he won’t let anything happen either to him or to Braden. At that moment, a deliveryman comes and brings something to Ryan and admits that he’s never made a delivery to a hospital before. Ryan takes the delivery, which looks like a black jacket and reads a note from Braden about the first clue and a death threat.

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