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At the hospital, Ryan is trying to get Jonathan to tell him where Braden placed the bomb. Jonathan, who is going in and out of consciousness, can only say the name Greenlee. The bomb is shown to be under Edmund's casket at the funeral. Ryan tells Jonathan he needs him to help stop Braden. Aidan comes into the room. Hospital workers try to take Jonathan in for surgery but Ryan tells them to wait, explaining the situation about the bomb.

Tad has some kind words to say about Edmund at his funeral, calling him a class act. Joe, who is among the mourners, quietly sneaks out after being paged.

Erica tells Zach at his jail cell that she knows he didn't kill Edmund. She says she once confessed to murder to protect Kendall and she won't let his confession destroy Kendall. Zach says she lost him. Erica explains that it's obvious Ethan is lying about witnessing Zach commit murder. And since Kendall is involved with Ethan, when she learns he is lying her trust in him will be pulled out from under her. Erica tells Zach that Lily stared at his picture in the newspaper and said he didn't do it. She tells him it would be good for everyone if he told the truth. Zach asks what kind of man would confess to murder. Erica says he would for his son. Erica says Ethan wants revenge and that's why he's telling everyone Zach witnessed the murder. She says Zach is keeping the Cambias curse alive. The father is destroying the son and the son is destroying the father. Erica urges him to tell the truth or else he and Ethan will both lose. Zach tells her that he told Maria he didn't do it. Then Ethan told her he saw him do it and his word didn't mean anything. Maria and Ethan need him to be guilty, so he can't deny that. Erica says he needs to tell them he didn't kill Edmund. Zach says he doesn't intend to say anything. Erica says then she will. She says he's playing a sick, dangerous game and she won't let Kendall get caught in the middle. Zach tells her she can't save a child that doesn't want to be saved.

Brooke goes forward to speak at the funeral. She says this is the second funeral she's attended for Edmund, but this time he won't walk through the door and share a laugh with them. She says Edmund has saved her many times and no one could have been a better friend than him.

JR goes into the hallway of the chapel to take a call on his cell phone. It's a woman telling him that Krystal Carey needs to see him at the prison. It's an emergency. JR demands to know what this is about and who's calling, but the caller hangs up. She is the dark-haired mystery woman at the prison.

The minister proceeds with the funeral until he is interrupted by Sam, who says he wants to speak. Maria smiles as Sam goes forward and talks about what a good dad he had. Her smile turns to a frown when Sam announces that his mother wrote his dad off and found another guy. He says his father is dead because of her. Anita goes forward and tells Sam to be quiet and escorts him out. Maddie gets up, looks at the casket, glares at Maria and walks out. Maria walks forward and apologizes to the mourners for her son. She turns to the coffin and breaks down.

Joe arrives at the hospital and goes into Jonathan's room. Ryan tells Joe what Jonathan said about the bomb. Jonathan is unconscious, but Joe gives him some smelling salts and Jonathan wakes up. Ryan questions him again and Jonathan says the names Greenlee, Kendall and Maria – they're all there. Ryan realizes he's talking about the funeral.

Krystal encounters the other prisoners in the jail but tries to avoid him. They approach her and hassle her but she tells them to get lost. Unbeknownst to Krystal, one of them slips something in her back pocket. JR arrives and tells Krystal that one of her friends called him. He asks what's going on. Krystal tells him he got punked because she doesn't want to see him. JR tells her to take her best shot because nothing compares to the smack-downs he's hitting Babe with. He lists everything he's done to Babe, Jamie and David and declares that he has the world in his hands. He says he has plans to get a magician for Little Adam's birthday. That angers Krystal, who says Babe plans to be with him on his birthday. JR says he won't allow such a thing and is talking to his lawyers about getting Babe away from his son altogether. Krystal pounces on him and hits him, causing the knife to fall out of her pocket. JR asks if she brought him here to kill him.

A mystery man wearing black gloves discreetly enters Aidan's office and home. The man sits at the computer and types in the name Liza Colby. A large window pops on the screen saying "You're wasting your time, Adam." The mystery man is shown to be Adam, who's frustrated that his attempt to get information about his daughter didn't work. David suddenly walks in and tells Adam he's so predictable. Adam wants to know why David is there. David says he's there about his daughter. He says JR needs to be stopped and he's going to help him do it. Adam is hesitant to go along with David's game, but David taunts him by saying that it must be hard to watch JR with his son when Adam's own young daughter is far away in a place unknown. David says he knows how to find Liza and Colby.

The funeral service is ending but Ryan barges in and interrupts the singing. He tells everyone to get out of there now. Greenlee approaches him and asks him what's going on. Opal comments that this is the strangest funeral she's ever been to. Aidan tells Tad and Derek that there is a bomb planted somewhere. Ryan tells Maria about the bomb. Jack pulls Greenlee out and the bomb squad arrives. Ryan asks Ethan for help in moving the casket. They first decide to look under it and find the bomb.

Maria and some of the mourners go back to the house and Greenlee tells Jack that she wants to be with Ryan. While they all wonder what's going on, Maria tells them that it's a bomb. Ethan arrives and tells them that the bomb has been diffused. Kendall asks him who could have done this and Ethan says Maria knows. It was Zach Slater. He says Zach is never going to let Edmund rest in peace. Maria says after what Zach told her, she believes he's capable of anything. Ryan comes into the house and Greenlee rushes to embrace him. He tells everyone that this is due to his brother Braden. Jonathan told him before being rushed into surgery. Greenlee is shocked to hear about Jonathan and doubly worried when she sees he's wearing his bullet proof vest. Jack angrily tells Ryan that his brother stabbed Jonathan and shot him. He should leave his daughter alone until he gets a net over his psycho brother.

David plays pinball and pool at Aidan's place while waiting for Adam to agree to his plan. David says he has sources that will give him the information he needs. Jamie and Babe were with Liza in New Orleans and would be aware of where she relocated. Babe would be willing to spill the information if it gets JR off her back, he says. He tells Adam that his private investigators aren't getting anywhere, so he's his best option. Adam tells him he doesn't trust him. David says he doesn't trust Adam either, so they're on the same page. Adam asks what he proposes. David tells him if he gets JR to back down, he'll find out where Colby is. Adam says it's a deal.

The warden tells Krystal that she will be sent to solitary for having the knife. JR tells her he hopes she learned her lesson. After JR leaves, the dark-haired mystery woman, called Di by the warden, tells the warden that the knife was planted on Krystal and Krystal didn't do anything wrong. Krystal thanks Di, who tells her to keep an eye on her pockets.

Greenlee doesn't want Ryan to leave but he insists, saying he has to stop Braden. Jack and Kendall tell Greenlee to let Ryan go. Erica arrives and tells Jack that Zach didn't kill Edmund.

At the hospital, Joe tells Jonathan that he's going to be fine. After Joe walks out of the room, Jonathan slowly opens his eyes and says "sorry, Ryan." A man's voice is heard, saying it's not Ryan, it's Braden.

Aidan tells Ryan that Braden's prints have been found all over. A police officer hands an envelope to Ryan. Ryan opens it and reads a letter from Braden. The letter says this started with a murder game. "Let's play again. This time I'll win."

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