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Ryan is shot at and falls back into a small building where he was planning to meet Braden. Aidan, who is hiding in the rafters, quickly attends to Ryan. Ryan opens his eyes but is grimacing in pain. Ryan starts to get up and pulls a bullet out of a bullet-proof vest he is wearing. Aidan suggests that Jonathan may be in this with Braden.

Kendall and Greenlee are at Jack's place and Greenlee can't help but worry about Ryan. She says she should have kept him from going after Braden. Greenlee notes that Maria is saying goodbye today to Edmund and she hopes she doesn't end up doing the same. Greenlee admits that she still has visions of Ryan dying and her losing another husband. Kendall tells her that God's given her enough pain in this lifetime, but Greenlee says pain keeps coming. She asks Kendall if she would have stopped Ryan from meeting Braden. Kendall reluctantly admits that yes, she would have stopped him. But that would show her to just be a control freak who didn't trust him. She says Ryan stays true to himself and Greenlee honors that. That's why she's the woman he loves.

Brooke and Tad arrive at the chapel for Edmund's funeral. Brooke says she has no idea what to say. Tad asks her if she's still trying to decide whether to reveal Edmund's plan to destroy Maria. Ethan walks into the chapel and approaches Edmund's coffin. He tells Edmund to rest easy. He's destroyed the disc so Zach will never have his wife.

Anita goes to Zach's jail cell and tells him she hates him for killing Maria. She hands Zach Edmund's newspaper obituary and asks him to read the part about him being survived by his wife, son and daughter. Just surviving, nothing more, Anita says about the family. She accuses him of stealing the kids' father. Sam and Maddie are broken because of him. But why should he care about two kids that he doesn't know when he didn't care about hurting his own son? If he had gotten involved with Maria her kids would be part of his life too. She asks if that means anything to him. Zach says they have Maria. Anita tells him that Maddie called her mom a killer. He should know what it's like to have his own child turn on him, she says. Does he wish that on anyone? She tells him that he claimed to love Maria yet he took her life.

Outside the burned stable, Maria asks Lily about her comment that "he didn't do it." She points to Edmund's picture in the newspaper and asks if she saw him get killed. Lily indicates she did. Pointing to Zach's picture, Maria asks her next if she saw this man kill him. Lily doesn't answer and then Erica arrives and angrily tells Maria to leave Lily alone. "You have your own children to traumatize," Erica tells her. Erica steps between Maria and Lily and asks her how she could bring Lily back to this place. Lily tells Erica it was her idea to come here. Erica accuses Maria of cheating on her husband and choking on her own guilt. Jack and Lily arrive and Jack suggests to Lily they get out of here. Jack gives his sympathy to Maria. After Jack and Reggie leave with Lily, Maria tells Erica that Lily came here because she is troubled by the newspaper article saying Lily witnessed the murder. Erica tells her the article is not true and that Lily told her and Aidan that she didn't see the murder. Maria tells Erica to leave and Erica tells Maria to have a lovely funeral. Opal arrives and gives Maria her sympathy and Maria leaves. Erica tells Opal that if harm comes to Lily it's on her head.

JR arrives at the chapel and approaches Ethan. He tells Ethan that he envies the fact he was given the chance to hand feed Slater to the cops. Revenge doesn't get any sweeter, JR says. Ethan says that given the circumstances, he doesn't feel like dancing in the streets. JR says he can't be sorry that he busted Slater. Ethan says there's no reason for him to be sorry, although Kendall thinks he's taking his revenge too seriously. JR tells Ethan to ride it high as long as he can. JR says if he had an extra corpse he would tag Tad as the killer and send him away for life for lying to him about his son. Since they're in a chapel, Ethan suggests JR turn the other cheek. JR says he prefers an eye for an eye. He'll do things his way and to hell with everyone else.

Maria finds her kids and urges them not to miss their father's funeral. When Maria talks directly to Maddie, Maddie turns and replies to Sam so as to avoid talking to her mother. Maria tells Maddie to stop walking away from her because it doesn't solve anything. Maddie says it works for her and walks away. Maria tells Sam that she loved his father. He can keep hating her but she'll wait him out. She says she wants him to tell her how he's feeling. "No you don't, trust me," he replies.

At the chapel, Brooke tells Tad that the last time she was here she married Edmund knowing his wife was alive. She's decided that she won't tell Maria about Edmund's plan to set her up.

Inside Wildwind, Lily tells Jack and Reggie that she wasn't lost. Reggie tells her she has to stick to her schedule so they know where she is.

Erica tells Opal that it was her motor mouth that alerted the newspaper to the story about Lily. Opal says she was just giving a client a manicure and didn't know she was a reporter. Erica says Lily is in danger. Opal says she's not, since Ethan saw it too and Zach is in jail for killing Edmund. Erica tells Opal to not mess with her family ever again.

Ryan and Aidan go back to the Valley Inn to look for Jonathan. They don't see him at first, then see him lying on the floor near the bed with a bloody knife nearby. Jonathan tells Ryan that Braden said he was coming after him. Ryan tells him he'll be fine. Aidan picks up the knife and puts it in a plastic bag.

At Wildwind, Jack and Reggie give Sam their sympathies and Sam apologizes to Jack for his treatment of Lily. Jack suggests he apologize to Lily, not him. Lily walks into the room and Sam apologizes for being rude. Lily tells him it's OK as it's hard to be polite when he's worried about other things.

Tad finds Maria at Wildwind and tries to comfort her. He tells her she'll never lose what she had with Edmund. Maria says she feels like it's fading already. Tad tells her to keep it alive. She's going to need those memories because there will be tough stuff ahead. He tells her to let her friends in because they love her and if she can call him whenever things get bad.

Jonathan is brought into the hospital as an emergency patient. Ryan tells Aidan he could have died today. Aidan tells him that makes two of them. Aidan goes to give the knife to Derek while Ryan calls Greenlee. He doesn't tell her about Jonathan, but says he is calling to say he's fine and he loves her. He says he won't make the funeral but give Maria his best. Greenlee tells Kendall that nothing bad is coming tonight, at least not yet. The two women embrace.

Reggie, Lily and Erica arrive back at Jack's house and Erica asks Reggie for a moment alone with Lily. Lily promises Erica she won't break the rules again. Erica asks her about the newspaper article and whether she understood it. Lily says she did. Erica asks her if she saw this man die, pointing to Edmund. Lily nods. Erica tells her she's doing great, then points to Zach's picture and asks her if she saw him commit murder. Lily doesn't immediately answer.

The funeral is about to start and friends file in. Greenlee and Kendall arrive and Kendall takes a seat next to Ethan. They're followed by Joe, Derek, Danielle, Jack, Anita and Maria's mother Isabella, who gives Maria a cold hug. Sam and Maddie arrive at the chapel land Maria tells them she's glad they changed their minds and decided to come. Sam says he'd like to speak during the service. They go sit down and the service starts with Livia singing "Peace in the Valley." Tad gets up to speak and calls Edmund a brilliant man who always had the perfect anecdote for the occasion. He says his family and friends have lost someone great.

Zach looks at the article about Edmund in his cell. Erica arrives and calls him a damn liar who didn't kill Edmund.

Ryan goes into Jonathan's hospital room. Jonathan is weak but conscious. Ryan thanks Jonathan for saving him. All Jonathan says is "bomb." A bomb is shown in an unknown location ticking down time.

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