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Zach lies on his jail cell bed and says nothing while Ethan yells at him, demands he talks. At that moment, Zach is ready to get a lethal injection while being watched by Ethan, Maria and Kendall. They are all laughing while Ethan injects Zach. But at that moment, Ethan, finds himself in the jail cell, discovering he’s injected himself and is seen from outside the jail cell by Zach, Maria and Kendall. At that moment, Zach awakens and discovers he’s had a nightmare and wakes up gasping and appearing very stressed. Kendall, who is with him, tells him everything is ok and he’s just having a bad dream.

At Jack’s, Lily reveals to Erica that she is noticing a newspaper article about Edmund Grays death. She informs Erica that she is now discovering that she got it wrong. Erica asks just what specifically Lily has gotten wrong.

Maria goes to see her son while he observes the article. He tells her he wants her to leave him alone and indicates he’s very angry with her. She tells him she does not understand. The previous night they got along so well. He walks away.

Greenlee and Ryan awaken and hear country music on their clock radio. At that moment, the DJ says that was a dedication from Ryan to Braden saying: “Call me brother.” Greenlee asks how Ryan can be so certain that he will contact Braden from the radio. Ryan says he has sent messages out to all country stations throughout the country, knowing that Braden always listens to these stations. He tells her that he is urgent to contact Braden before he kills them. He also assures her that this will soon be over and it will be just them together forever. She suddenly surprises him with a gift in a big box. He tells her she’s incredible. She tells him she’s not kidding. He tells her he loves her.

Kendall asks if Ethan’s nightmare was about his father. He asks how she’s guessed. She replies that she knows him. He tells her that no matter where Zach is, he seems to follow him everywhere and get away with everything. She assures him that Zach is in jail and soon to be locked up for the rest of his life. She, then, concludes that perhaps that very thing is what is upsetting Ethan. She asks if he is worried about his father going to prison and tells him there’s nothing wrong with him having second thoughts about that. But he distracts her by changing the subject and telling her how she is so hot and so desirable to him that she makes him forget everything.

Erica asks Lily if she knows that this man is Edmund Gray and that he died. And she asks Lily if that is what she saw wrong. At that moment, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Before Lily can say anything, Erica tells her she’d like to talk about this soon. Erica gets the door and sees Aiden. Making sure that Lily cannot see him, she asks Lily to go to her room so she can talk privately to Aiden. She informs Aiden that Lily just informed her, after seeing the picture of Edmund, that she saw it wrong. They are both puzzled as to what Lily saw. Erica apologizes to Aiden for the way she behaved toward him the last time they spoke. He tells her that’s totally ok. He knows she cares about Lily. They all do. And soon they will get all the answers they need.

Maria’s son tells her that she is behaving just like their father was never even there. She asks if he’s been talking to his sister, Maddie. He says yes, but he also knows all on his own that his mother is a liar to say she loved his father. He tells her the secret is out and she must now live with it.

Erica gets the door again and sees Greenlee. Greenlee asks if her father is there. Erica informs her that Jack is at the police station but maybe she can help Greenlee. Greenlee makes sarcastic comments to Erica about her inability to help anybody and Erica slings back at her. Greenlee then informs Erica that she is concerned about Ryan going off on his own and risking his life to find Braden. Hearing that, Erica tells Greenlee that it’s her fault to send her husband out to put himself in danger. Greenlee protests that Erica sure didn’t hesitate to let Ryan find out the devastating truth that Chris Stamp was not Ryan’s real father. But Erica tells Greenlee she did not send Ryan out to risk his life and she believes she cares more about him than Greenlee does.

Ryan goes to Jonathan’s room at the Valley Inn and gets a call from Braden. He asks his brother what is going on. Braden tells Ryan that he believes Ryan is turning into their father. Ryan tells Braden he has not abandoned him. He’s just gotten on with his life. But Braden tells Ryan again that he’s turned into their father. Ryan tells Braden that he must stop saying this. And he will not let Braden hurt his wife any more. He tells Braden he is his brother and he loves him but they must work this out alone. He arranges to meet Braden. He tells him they will make this right and finish this today. At that moment, the phone goes dead.

Erica tells Greenlee that nobody knows what this psychopath Braden could do to Ryan. At that moment, Kendall enters and asks what they are arguing about. Erica says that Greenlee is shoving Ryan out the door into Braden’s face. Kendall tells her mother she must not blame Greenlee for that. She tells Erica that Ryan is making his own decision. Erica tells her daughter that she seems to have forgotten that Greenlee stole Ryan from her. Kendall tells her mother that that is all in the past and she knows that Greenlee is a good and loving wife to Ryan. Erica tells her she does not buy that Greenlee is good or loving. Kendall tells Erica that she needs to realize that Greenlee is with Ryan and she is with Ethan. And Erica needs to know that Ethan is a good guy and if she wants somebody to vilify, why doesn’t she go to the jail and visit Zach Slater, the real villain?

Ethan goes to see Zach and tells his father that he knows Zach has this idea that his son is so predictable and believes he knows Ethan’s every move. He tells Zach he’s come because he wants some answers. Zach tells Ethan that he does not believe he cares about anything. Ethan informs Zach that he went to Wildwind and discovered a DVD of Edmund walking. He knows that Zach saw it also and asks him how he felt when he saw that Edmund lied about his paralysis. Did he think he was a real hero to console Maria and dry the tears from her eyes when they were having the problems they had? Would he not relish being able to reveal to her that Edmund lied to everybody? He informs Zach that today Maria will bury her husband believing he was a hero and the man she will love and cherish for the rest of her life. And he asks Zach what he has now. Only his own word over that of a dead man

Maria and Anita’s mother comes to reveal that she, too, will never forgive Maria. Anita protests to her mother that Maria needs all of her family’s support and tries to console her sister. Maria says she’s really done a stupid thing, she lead Zach on and caused her children to distrust her and believe she cheated on their father and caused him to be killed. Anita protests that Maria never slept with Zach and has nothing to feel guilty about. But Maria still feels terrible.

Jonathan urges Ryan not to go alone to meet Braden. He insists he goes with him because Braden might kill him. He tells his brother he never wanted him to get hurt. He only wanted to protect both of his brothers the way they have both protected him. He urges his Ryan to be careful. Ryan assures him he will. It will all be over today with Braden, he says, and he can resume his relationship with Jonathan. He goes out the door.

Greenlee tells Erica she does not want to continue this conversation and asks her to tell Jack she came by. Erica agrees to do so and shows Greenlee to the door. But Kendall urges Greenlee not to leave in the stressed state she is in. Erica tells them that while they engage in their conversation, she will go and check on Lily. She then discovers that Lily is gone.

Lily is alone, outside, reliving what she witnessed of Edmund walking into the stables and getting knocked out. She goes by the stables and runs into Maria and Edmund’s son. He asks if she is there for the funeral and introduces himself to her, informing her that he is the son of the deceased man. Lily says nothing. Sam informs her that the cops will not let them enter Wildwind because it’s a crime seen. She has a flashback again and tells him she thought she saw it right. He asks what she is talking about and what she saw.

Erica talks to Jack on the phone to inform him that Lily has gone off and she’s very worried, while Kendall and Greenlee listen. She tells Greenlee it’s all her fault, coming over there with all her demands and excuses. Greenlee says she did not cause Lily to bolt. Erica tells Greenlee that she’s very worried about Lily being out with Greenlee’s dangerous brother-in-law Braden on the loose and she inquires how many more people in Jack’s family Braden plans to hurt. Kendall tells her mother again, that she cannot blame Greenlee. Greenlee tells Erica that all she is concerned about is making sure her husband is all right.

Ryan meets Aiden at the meeting place. Aiden reveals that he has a gun and although he’d prefer to not have to use, having it as last resort and available if it’s not needed is better than needing it and not having it.

Zach tells Ethan that he knows he will testify that he saw his father murder Edmund. He tells Ethan that he’s a fast learner, having known he’s a Cambias for only a short time. Ethan tells his father he will pay for what he did. Zach inquires if he means what he’s done to Edmund or what he’s done to him?

Maria tells Anita that everybody in the family vilifies her. Anita encourages her sister to believe that the kids will blame her because they are hurting. But that will pass. And she will be there to let them know that she loves them and they will come to know the truth and no longer blame her. She tells her that the kids will have to know that she did not kill Edmund. Zach did. And she cannot keep torturing herself fearing the worst.

Sam asks Lily to just tell him what she saw. She says “he” wasn’t in the wheelchair and stood on his feet. Sam asks whom she is talking about. She replies the man that died. Sam tells her that his father is dead and gone and she cannot say things like that about him. He demands to know who she is. He reaches toward her. She screams that he does not touch her. She freaks and talks back from 100. He asks her what is going on. Maria comes out and tells Lily everything is ok. She informs Lily that this is her son Sam and he will not hurt her. She takes her son aside and tells him that this is Lily Montgomery, Jack’s autistic daughter. She informs Sam that Lily was traumatized because she was trapped in the fire the night Edmund was killed and she must call Jack and tell him where his daughter is. Sam protests to his mother that Lily said some terrible things about his father, like that he could walk. Paying no attention to that, Maria asks her son to be calm or else he can call Jack himself.

Aiden tells Ryan that he needs to be very careful because it’s entirely possible that both of his brothers want him dead. Ryan tells Aiden that he is not worried, does not need Aiden’s help and he will deal with it his way.

Erica gets a call from Sam, informs Kendall and Greenlee that he told her he found Lily and she goes to get her. When Kendall and Greenlee are alone, Kendall asks Greenlee what they should do in order to make Greenlee discuss what’s going on with her.

Ethan tells Zach that whatever he thinks he’s accomplished, he can always know that the woman whom he believes he’s “done this for” will always hate him, just like his son does.

Maria asks Lily if she’d like to come inside her house while she waits for her dad. Lily says nothing except that she did not see it wrong.

Kendall tells Greenlee that they need not worry. The outcome will be simple; she will stomp on Jonathan’s head. Greenlee will subdue Braden. But she tells Greenlee that she will never wear an orange jumpsuit again. She will use good judgment this time and not get into any legal trouble.

Ryan goes looking for his brother, fails to find him, and concludes that Braden has disappointed him again. Then, suddenly, a shot is fired at Ryan.

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