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JR goes to confront David Hayward while he is doing community service. David tells JR he needs to leave him alone and mind his own business. But JR taunts David about how he’s traded in his medical license for surgical scrubs and his new profession is scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets.

Krystal asks her new cellmates to enlighten her about why they so want to pick on her more than anybody else. She asks if it’s her southern accent. Do they think she is so different than them? Didn’t they all get in trouble and break the law just like she did to get put in there in the first place?

Babe returns to Jamie after visiting her mother. She tells Jamie that she is afraid that Krystal is in trouble. Hearing that, Tad says he needs to go and help Krystal.

Greenlee goes to her old apartment and is ready to protect herself from an intruder. But she is surprised to notice her mother. Mary tells her daughter that she is there to help her. Greenlee tells her mother that she only believes she wants her daughter to support her. Mary doesn’t seem to have a clue what is on Greenlee’s mind and Greenlee is not about to tell her. Right away, Mary assumes that Greenlee is having marital problems and ready to leave her husband because Ryan is cheating on her. Greenlee tells her that is not the case. Mary asks, why, then she is not living in the same place as her husband. Greenlee blurts out that she is afraid that Ryan’s brother Jonathan is trying to poison her.

Ryan and Jonathan discover a letter on the floor. Ryan demands to know what is going on. Jonathan tells him that somebody has betrayed him. It’s from Braden. Jonathan promises Ryan he will make this right, get to Braden and right the wrong. But Ryan is skeptical.

Babe tells Jamie and Tad that she knows when her mother is in trouble. She knows the look and the words Krystal uses when something has happened. She tells them that she knows the guards are trying to prevent Krystal from having the same rights as the other inmates. Hearing that, Tad goes to try to help Krystal. But Babe is still worried about her mother. Jamie assures her that his father will get to the bottom of this and do something. But Babe knows that will not be enough. And she tells him she needs to help her mother even if it means putting herself in prison.

The woman who is about to explain to Krystal the reason they all dislike her, informs Krystal that all the inmates have families. She tells Krystal that all these women put their kids first and don’t get in trouble for their own selfish reasons as she does. Krystal protests that they do not know her. And she, right away, seems to know that they are all being bribed by JR Chandler in order to make her life miserable, in exchange for something. She asks what JR has offered them.

Adam and Palmer go to taunt David with JR. But Dr. Joe Martin takes them aside and talks hospital administrative business. Adam and Palmer remind David that he falsely lead people to believe that two different children died. JR says that should generate a lot of publicity for the hospital and the other town. David tells JR that he’s forgetting something. JR needs to realize that David saved lives. JR inquires to David whom he believes will save him now.

Hearing Greenlee’s revelation about Jonathan, Mary makes light of the situation and implies that it’s typical for a family with Ryan’s blue-collar background to do things like that. She tells her daughter that she needs to find another husband with more money who does not have crazy family members. Greenlee tells her mother she does not want another husband and does not blame Ryan for the behaviors of his two brothers.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he needs to leave again and needs Jonathan to stay there and not go anywhere or do anything until he gets back. Jonathan tells him that’s crazy. Ryan needs to tell him what he’s going to do, he says. Ryan tells Jonathan he’s going to take care of what needs to be taken care of and instructs Jonathan to lock the door behind him when he leaves.

Adam talks to Palmer, while David scrubs the floor and hears, about how David’s new replacement will bring integrity and honor to the hospital board. They also talk about how the Carey women will no longer be in their lives. They talk about all the power and authority Adam Chandler III will have because of them. David asks them if they think they can cram their oversized egos into his grandson and exploit him. He tells them he will not let them do that. He reminds them that they must know that he knows how to save lives and that he also knows how to end them.

The inmate who is about to enlighten Krystal tells her that the others will not forget that she lied about Bianca’s baby dying. And that the Miranda Center keeps people like them out of places like this. She tells Krystal that Bianca Montgomery is their hero and Krystal is a piece of trash to them who needs to be reminded of what she did. Krystal inquires why, then, don’t they realize that she voluntarily pled guilty. The woman replies that Krystal will have a long 10 years. At that moment, the guard announces that Krystal has a guest. It’s Tad. Krystal greets him, tries to look happy and thanks him for all he’s done for her daughter. But he tells her he knows she is in trouble and asks her what is going on.

Jamie tries to prevent Babe from leaving to help her mother. He tells her if she jumps bail she will go to prison and JR will have all the means to prevent her from ever seeing her child again. And he reminds her that Krystal put herself in prison in order for her daughter to not have to be incarcerated and so that Babe can have the opportunity to have her son with her. Hearing that, Babe realizes that she needs to use better judgment knowing that her mother has given her a break. At that moment, they are surprised by a visit from JR and the baby.

Ryan goes to find Greenlee. Mary confronts him for letting his brother poison her daughter. She accuses Ryan and his family of trying to kill Greenlee in order to take her trust fund.. Greenlee physically pushes her mother out the door and apologizes to her husband for Mary’s behavior. Ryan informs Greenlee that he has not yet been able to locate Braden She.admits that she knows how dangerous and deviant Braden is. He shows her the letter Braden wrote to Jonathan telling Jonathan he’s betrayed him. Ryan assumes that his wife must be very angry with him and encourages her to let it out. But she surprises him by telling him that she realizes he has to do what he has to do. He asks who she is and what she did to his wife. She tells him she does not want to be her mother. She does not want to be selfish and greedy. She tells Ryan she realizes that he needs to do whatever is necessary in order to find and stop his brother and she loves him for his courage.

After Adam and Palmer taunt David, Dr. Joe encourages David to ignore them and not get upset. At that moment, a woman finds David and asks him to help somebody who is dying. Dr. Joe informs her that Dr. Hayward is no longer on staff. The woman asks why. She doesn’t understand. Dr. Hayward is right there, she says. Adam gleefully informs her that now David only cleans toilets and doesn’t have the authority to treat a gerbil. David assures her that although he cannot help her, he will make certain that somebody offers her the best care she can have.

Tad asks Krystal what her fellow inmates are doing to her. She tries to make light of the fact that they all know she is a baby knapper and that she can hardly dispute that because she pled guilty to that. He tells her he must help her. But she tells him that there’s nothing he can do. She appreciates his concern but she will have to grin and bear it. And if he interferes, he might make things worse. He tells her he admits that he cannot change the entire correctional system but he wants to at least give it a shot. She tells him she has to stay here. It’s reality. It’s her life. She has to make it through each day. And having him coming there and feeling sorry for her will only make things worse. She tells him she appreciates his concern but she asks him not to come and see her again. The woman who wants to tell Krystal the story about the others is overhearing their conversation.

Noticing Babe’s and Jamie’s new “modest” home, JR gloats. Babe asks to hold her son. But he tells her they cannot violate court orders since this is not her official visitation time. He makes it clear he just wants to torture her by bringing the baby there. But Jamie tells him he must let Babe hold her son. JR informs Jamie that he knows he wants to help Babe take his son from him. Jamie tells JR that he is in their home and he cannot get them in trouble for holding their child when he doesn’t live there and was not invited. Babe warns JR that he’d better not pull any tricks or games. She can go to a judge just like he can. Babe goes to find her son’s favorite treat. Jamie reminds JR of the treats that Dixie used to feed them. And he reminds him that Dixie’s son grew up to be a despicable human being and inquires just what JR believes Dixie is thinking and feeling from what she knows he is doing, as she looks down upon him from heaven.

Krystal tells Tad that she has one job and one job only; to get through each day she spends in this cell in one piece. And he has one job; to take care of their kids. He inquires if she is really pushing him away. She admits to all the good times they’ve had together. But she realizes it is all in the past. She says she will never forget him or what he’s meant to her. But it’s all over and they both need to move on. She also reflects that she knows Tad will never forget Dixie and that Dixie is worth not moving on for. But she tells Tad that she is different.

Greenlee tells Ryan, in a light-hearted way, that she will make him repay her for the sacrifice she’s making for her. She tells him he must do what he needs to do and then come back to her. She asks him if he knows how mad she will be if he gets himself killed. He promises her he will always come back to her.

Tad tells Krystal that this is about the two of them. It’s not about Dixie. He tells her she will not shut him out and he must make his own decisions. She tells him she would not trade what they had for the world. So he can walk away without feeling guilty or like he owes her anything. She also tells him that life has one rule; one forever love per person, if you are lucky. She knows that he had Dixie and she thanks Dixie for making Tad the man he is. And she goes away and says good-bye to Tad. At that point, the woman who has talked to Krystal about the “policy” calls out to Tad.

JR answers Jamie’s question by telling him that it’s a pretty good bet that his mother would be proud of him with what he has now accomplished. And he asks them not to forget to invite him to their “housewarming”. When he takes the baby down the stairs he tells him that he knows that Dixie would be proud of his daddy. He sings: “you are my sunshine” just as he remembers Dixie singing it to him.

From the jail cell, the mysterious woman sings the rest of the song.

Jonathan reads Braden’s threats to kill Ryan and that Jonathan may kiss Ryan good-bye. Jonathan looks worried.

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