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JR is holding his son. The nanny comes in as he’s asked her and asks if he need her for anything. He tells her not any more. He tells her how she’d feel about two weeks pay with no notice. She protests and pleads that she gets along great with Little Adam. But he tells her that her singing sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. He tells her if she leaves right away, he will give her a good reference. He sounds completely insensitive to everything except his child. He holds his son and says he need not worry. He promises Little Adam that they will find a better nanny. He plays a music box and tells him this is the only music they want to hear.

At Tad’s, Babe is on the phone trying to figure out how she can get more hours to spend with her son. Brooke enters and asks if Babe has found Jamie. Brooke reveals that she is concerned about her son. She tells Babe it’s nothing personal except that she believes that they are both too young for marriage. At that moment, a guy disguised in a motorcycle helmet enters and carries Babe away. Brooke demands that he puts her down. But Tad opens the door for them to leave together and doesn’t seem to worry.

At Jack’s, Reggie tells Lily that he’s glad that she plan on going back to school and getting her life back on track. At that moment, Aiden enters. Reggie knows nothing about Jack’s deal with Aiden. Jack informs Reggie that Aiden has informed him that somebody other than Zach killed Edmund and that same person might want to hurt Lily for being a witness to Edmund’s murder.

Greenlee is sleeping and tossing and turning. She has a dream that she gets up and calls to Ryan. She tells him she cannot move. But his back is turned to her. She calls out to him informing him that Braden is there. But he says and does nothing. At that moment, somebody enters and walks toward sleeping Greenlee. It’s Ryan. He touches her hair. She awakens startled. But noticing it’s her husband and that she is only having a nightmare, she’s ok. He asks her why she is not staying at Jack’s in order to be safe. She tells him that their mutual home is her home. He tells her that he will catch Braden. She tells him he should let the cops handle this. But he keeps telling her that he let Braden get away with what he did 5 years ago and believes it is his responsibility to intervene now.

Lily enters to see her father, Reggie and Aiden. Reggie tells her it’s time to leave for school. She goes with him. When Jack is alone, he notices the picture of Greenlee and decides to go out the door to find his daughter.

Adam tells JR that he’s noticed that he’s fired many nannies in the last week. But JR tells his father that he is very particular about whom he selects to take care of his soon. He needs to find somebody who can carry a tune. Adam tells his son that he cannot keep firing all of these women just because they are not his mother.

It turns out the disguised guy on the motorcycle is Jamie. He takes Babe to the new place where he plans on living with her. He tells her he got a job working for a motorcycle mechanic. She asks if he is still mad at her for turning down his marriage proposal. He tells her he realizes that maybe he acted too soon. He tells her that when he proposed, he had no future to offer her. But now he has a job and a fresh start and it’s just the two of them. They kiss. She tells him this is awesome but she still doesn’t think she’s ready to get married. He tells her there is no justice of the peace here now. Not yet. He realizes he first needs to have a plan. Then they will get married.

In prison, Krystal is scrubbing the floor. A cellmate seems to be intentionally spilling food on the floor. The woman tells her it’s an accident. Krystal tells her that she and her pals will not make her crack. Krystal tells her she must pick on somebody her own size like a cockroach. The woman tells Krystal she ain’t seen nothing yet and has something real “special” coming her way.

Brooke asks Tad since when has her son become Darth Vader. He tells her that sometimes it’s necessary to take drastic measures. But she asks him to tell her that their son is not eloping because he already has his share of problems. Tad tells her that if Dixie were still around, JR would not be able to hurt Jamie or do anything of the things he’s been doing. But he admits, also, if Dixie were still alive, he too would be a better man.

JR tells his father that he remembers so vividly, his mother’s beautiful singing voice. Adam admits to his son that Dixie was a wonderful mother. She was obstinate and bull-headed. But nobody loved JR the way she did. JR tells Adam he doesn’t know what he’d have done without her, remembering what a cold-hearted snake his father was. Adam admits to his son he wasn’t the greatest father. But he knows that nobody could take Dixie’s place.

Jamie empties the money out of his pocket. Babe tells him she already has everything she needs. But he tells her that he needs to give her her freedom. Hearing that she wants to commit to him, he tells her that he will give them 6 months to find out of they both still want to be together.

Ryan tells Greenlee that she must stay at Jack’s in order to be safe. She inquires if he is going to make himself “bait” for Braden while she’s gone. He assures her he will be ok and that it’s the only way to flesh Braden out. She inquires if he’s contacted his sister, Erin. Ryan admits he has not. Greenlee inquires if Braden would go after her as well. Jack enters. Greenlee tells her father that he will not make her live in his home. Jack tells her that is not his immediate concern. He wants to talk to her and to Ryan about Braden. But it looks like Ryan is leaving again. Jack asks what is going on. Greenlee informs her father that Ryan is about to “finish” it right now.

Adam tells his son that money buys many things but it will never take the place of a mother’s love. And he suggests that JR takes the baby to the park and possibly meet new people. JR tells his father he has “work” to do. Adam tells his son that he realizes revenge is a fulltime job and JR has certainly thrown himself into it. Getting Jamie expelled from school, he knows, was JR’s doing. And he asks his son if he might still have feelings for Babe.

Babe tells Jamie that their new place is so much better than all the motels they stayed at while on the run. It’s their home and nobody can take it from them. He shows her the keys and tells her they can move in today. She seems to be happy and makes plans to get their new place all set up. But right at that moment, she remembers she has visiting hours. She goes out the door to see her son.

Krystal tells the prison guard that she realizes she is the “new kid on the block”. But she tells her that these ladies have gone too far. The guard tells her that this is not a sorority. And she tells Krystal that what is happening to her is not uncommon and worse has happened and she does not care. She tells Krystal that she must now clean the floor and spills coffee. Krystal wipes it up.

Ryan meets Jonathan and asks if he’s ready to do what they need to do. Jonathan assures his brother he is ready to hold Braden down. He also tells Ryan that he realizes he’s made many mistakes in the past and he is ready to make it up to Ryan. At that moment, they hear somebody coming and hide.

Jack tells Greenlee that he’s afraid that Ryan will let Braden go again. But Greenlee assures her father that Ryan will come through on what he’s promised. Jack reminds his daughter that he still has his suspicions about Braden and about Ryan’s previous history of covering for his brother. But Greenlee reminds her father that Ryan promised to get Erica back from Vegas. He came through with that. He promised to make sure Jonathan got some help. He made good on that. Jack reminds his daughter that Ryan did not exactly make good on protecting her. But she tells him that it is not Ryan’s fault that she got drugged and she agreed to their plan for him to stay at the Valley Inn with Jonathan.

Lily, Reggie and Aiden go to the boat house and run into Jonathan and Ryan. Seeing Jonathan, Lily freaks and screams. Jonathan tells her she must not be afraid of him. Aiden tells Jonathan he better not mess with Lily. Ryan assures them all that they need not be suspicious of Jonathan.

JR admits to his father that he will not allow Babe or Jamie to have one nanosecond of happiness or peace.

Tad goes to see Jamie. They tell chicken jokes to make light of their situation. But Jamie blurts out to his father that he got expelled form school. He is now stuck at a low-paying dead-end job and he is committed to living with the “town outcast”.

At the boathouse, Aiden seems to know what is up with Ryan and Jonathan and demands to know how Ryan could let Braden get away with his crimes yet again.

Babe goes to see her mother in prison. Krystal sounds happy for her daughter. Babe tells her mother she hates seeing her in there. But Krystal says enough about her and asks about their “little peanut”. Babe admits that she does everything she can to make the best of her 3 hour a week visits with her son and JR is trying to take that away from her. Krystal asks about Babe and Jamie. And right when it looks like they are having a happy conversation, the guard tells Krystal that it’s time to scrub the floor again. Krystal protests that she has not even gotten her 20 minutes with her daughter and they haven’t seen each other since she’s been in there. But the guard tells her she better do as she is told or she will never have any visitation or phone privileges again.

Aiden confronts Jonathan about doing nothing when Braden tried to kill people. Ryan asks Aiden to back off and informs him that the last thing his brother needs is a lecture. Jonathan knows that he did wrong, he says. He assures Aiden that both of his brothers are his blood and also his problem. But Aiden is not confident of Ryan’s sincerity in making sure that more crimes are not committed by Braden or Jonathan.

Jack tells Greenlee that sometimes he believes that she made a big mistake to marry Ryan and it’s the whole reason why she is in danger in the first place. But she tells her father that in time she and Ryan will have the perfect marriage and he need not worry.

In Krystal’s cellblock, Babe gives her mother a stuffed pillow that she remembers that she got as a child when Krystal almost threw her arm out with darts at a county fair. She tells her mother she wants her to sleep with it. But the guard tells Krystal that visiting hours are over and the stuffed pillow must be screened. She cuts it open and tears out stuffing inside of it. The memento from Babe is destroyed. The guard throw it on the floor and instructs Krystal to clean it up and get back to her cell. At that moment, Krystal admits that she’s losing her patience and her temper.

Tad admits to Jamie that some of the world’s greatest romances were started by some of the world’s biggest mistakes. He tells Jamie that all he needs is to take it slow with Babe and believe that it’s possible for it to all work out.

JR tells Little Adam a story about the nursery rhymes his mother told him when he was a child.

Krystal demands that her cellmates tell her what’s up. She tells them that she minds her business, obeys the rules and does her work. And all she gets is spit upon. She demands to know what is going on. A woman enters and informs Krystal that she will tell her.

When Lily and Reggie return home, she tells him that she is very uncomfortable about reporters following her around. She also affirms to him that she did not see anybody hit the man in the wheelchair. He tells her he believes her and now they need to eat and no worry about it. But right there, she reveals that Edmund was not in a wheelchair.

Ryan, Jonathan and Aiden conclude that it’s unlikely that Braden is there or that they will catch him at the boathouse.

Right at that moment, Greenlee enters Jack’s apartment and screams.

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