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Ryan is on the spot to pull Jonathan off Kendall after he reaches for her following her confrontation. Ryan tells Jonathan that he can't take his issues out on women. Jonathan tells Ryan that Kendall attacked him. Ryan says Kendall had the right. Kendall plans to call the police but Greenlee arrives just in time to pull the phone from Kendall's hand. She says it's her turn to lay down the law. Greenlee says she doesn't like what she sees. As his loving wife she can't let her husband make a suicide run. She urges Ryan to call the police instead of trying to get Braden on his own. Ryan says he's the best person to bring Braden in. Braden has dodged the police for five years and he's the only person who can make him mad enough to show his face. Jonathan says this is his fault and suggests he be the one to flush Braden out but Ryan balks at that idea.

At the jail, Zach asks his lawyer when he can get out of here. Erica arrives just in time to say never. She says confessed killers don't get a pass. The attorney shows Erica the newspaper. Erica looks at it and says this is unforgivable. Zach says Jack's daughter could be in danger. Erica asks if he's threatening Lily. Zach asks if the paper got it right. If so she and Jack have to make sure Lily is safe. Erica tells him Ethan's eye witness account will put him away for life.

Jack answers his door and finds Aidan, who is asking about Lily. Jack still doesn't want Aidan around Lily but Aidan says she's in danger. He shows him the newspaper, which has a large front-page photo of Lily with a headline screaming that this autistic teen witnessed Edmund's murder. Aidan says Edmund's killer won't like what he sees. Derek comes to the door and says he wants to question Lily. Jack tells Derek that since Zach confessed, Edmund's murder is not a mystery so there should be no reason to talk to Lily. Derek tells Jack he'll take his word for it and leaves. Erica next arrives and tells Jack that Zach wants Lily protected too. Aidan suggests that he shadow Lily. Jack is concerned because Lily is so perceptive, but is convinced that it's the best thing to do. He tells Aidan that if Lily sees she's under surveillance he has to stop.

Ethan is at Wildwind with Maria and wants to show her the disc that shows Edmund walking. He says this disc will show her the man she loved was a liar. Maria says she doesn't want to see it, thinking it just contains more of Zach's lies. She asks what's on it. Ethan tells her it shows Edmund in his wheel chair at the casino with Zach. He tells her it's something Zach created to come between her and Edmund. He says they are all Zach's victims. Ethan says Edmund was a man of honor who was fighting to save his family. Maria says the man she loved in the desert would not kill her husband. She takes Ethan's disc and appears to think about playing it, but gives it back to Ethan and tells him to destroy it.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants their life back so she has to trust him to know what he's doing. Greenlee says he's setting himself up as bait. Ryan says the cops will be there to arrest Braden once he draws him out. He says Braden is out there because of him. After Kendall and Greenlee leave, Jonathan tells Ryan he should rethink calling the cops and they should handle it on their own. Ryan says the days of protecting the Laverys are over. They can't excuse their family sins because they're Laverys. Jonathan says Braden and the two of them are all they've her had. Ryan says Braden came close to killing his wife and they can't let him get away with attempted murder because of their childhood. Ryan says the Laverys have had an illness that has passed from generation to generation. Braden uses bullets while Jonathan uses his fists. He says it wasn't like what their father said. They didn't have it coming. He tells Jonathan he has to decide which Lavery he wants to run with, him or Braden.

Kendall and Greenlee are at the Valley Inn having a martini. Kendall says Ryan will do whatever he wants and there's no stopping him. Greenlee wonders what she's supposed to do while Ryan does what he has to do. Kendall turns the subject to Ethan and tells Greenlee that he professed his love to her. She says that Ethan is completely and totally honest with her and shares all his secrets. Greenlee calls Ethan a sneaky snake of a Cambias and asks Kendall to tell her she didn't tell Ethan she loves him. Kendall says she did. She says Ethan is under stress because he's going to testify that he saw Zach kill Edmund.

Ethan is alone, puts the disc into a laptop computer and watches the scene of Edmund walking. He has a flashback to the day Edmund died. He remembers walking into the stable and seeing Edmund collapsed on the floor. He looks at the next room and sees Zach unconscious.

Zach tells his lawyer to make sure no one touches Lily. If she's hurt, the culprit better have a hiding place, he says.

A teenage Sam arrives home at Wildwind. He's silent as Maria tries to comfort him and welcome him home. As he walks upstairs, he calls out for his mother and they embrace. Tears stream down Maria's face.

The episode ends with a musical montage of scenes. Zach sits alone in his jail cell. Maria and Sam are eating ice cream while Maddie comes downstairs and sees them. Unseen, she turns back with an angry look on her face and goes back upstairs. Ethan is alone in thought and looks at a photo of Kendall and Bianca. Kendall and Greenlee both reach for the check at the Valley Inn. While doing so, their hands touch and they look at each other. Ryan holds his hand out to Jonathan, who reaches for it. They shake hands then embrace.

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