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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe sees the flowers and candles decorating Tad's patio and asks what's going on. Tad arrives and asks Jamie what he did to the patio. Brooke and David arrive and ask what the big emergency is. Jamie tells them all they are here to witness a wedding. David and Brooke say in unison "I don't think so." Brooke tells Jamie he's not ready to get married. David asks what the rush is. Jamie tells Babe that he knows she wanted to wait, but everything is ready to go. Brooke says the ink is barely dry on Babe's divorce papers. If they get married now, they're asking for trouble. Jamie says he made a mistake in asking them to come over. Maybe they should leave. Babe says she wants to hear what they have to say.

Brooke tells Jamie that he's too young and still in school. Jamie informs his mother that he just got kicked out of school thanks to JR. He says that they love each other and he's ready. Brooke suggests that maybe they have gotten swept up in the romance after everything they've been through. Brooke asks Babe how many times she's been married. Three? And how old is she? The justice of the peace arrives and Jamie opens the door. David promptly walks to the door and shuts the door in his face. Jamie opens the door to let the justice of the peace in. David tells Jamie to call this off. He can't support Babe, David says. He has no job and he's not even a student. The justice of the peace says perhaps they should reschedule this. Jamie says no while Brooke and David say yes. Brooke tells Jamie she won't allow this. Jamie reminds her that he's an adult. Brooke and David yell at Tad for being silent in this situation. While everyone is yelling, Babe shouts at them to be quiet. She says she needs to talk to Jamie.

Now alone, Jamie tells Babe that no one will stop them. They're getting married tonight. Babe says no they're not. She can't marry him. Jamie says he knows this isn't the most ideal wedding location, but he can't wait. Babe tells him this setting is beautiful and she wants to marry him, but not right now. She tells him about her visit with Stuart and says Stuart made her see new things about herself. She says she knows there was no excuse for what she did. She has damaged lives and needs to make sure that doesn't happen again. She says she is not good enough now to marry him. Jamie says he won't let her push him away. Babe tells Jamie he's the love of her life and she wants to be with him forever. But she wants to be good enough. Jamie tells her that JR got to her and she's letting him win. Babe asks him why he's so eager. Is he trying to stick it to JR? She tells Jamie that JR got to him. Jamie tells her she's letting what Stuart and his mother said get to her. He asks Babe if she loves him and she tells him she does. He asks her to trust him and marry him tonight, but she refuses. Jamie walks out. Babe goes into the house and tells the group that the wedding is off. Brooke breathes a sigh of relief.

Inside the house, Brooke asks Tad why he's being so indifferent to this situation. Tad says he won't interfere. David says he won't sit here and let his daughter's life be ruined the way Dixie's life was. Tad tells David if he mentions Dixie again he will throw him out.

Kendall asks Ethan if he lied about seeing Zach kill Edmund. She tells him he can lie to everyone else but he must be completely honest with her. Kendall tells Ethan how she hated her mother and wanted to seek revenge on her. She knows how revenge feels and can understand why Ethan wants that. She tells him if he's lying she won't hold it against him. Ethan tells her he has lied to her. He says he lied to her when he said everything was fine. He says he's been shutting her out. He feels responsible for what happened to Edmund. If he had gone to the stables with him he would be alive. Now he hates his father even more and he is afraid he's being pulled into a dark pit. But Ethan says he swears on his love for her that he saw Zach kill Edmund. He tells Kendall she has to believe him. Kendall says she believes him. She tells Ethan she loves him and they embrace. Ethan tells Kendall about that night at Wildwind. Zach claimed to have some proof about Edmund. Ethan remembers giving a disc to Edmund and seeing Edmund put it in a small box in his living room. Ethan tells Kendall he has someplace to go.

Maria is at the chapel where Edmund's casket has been taken. She lights a candle and lays her head on the casket, tears flowing. She talks to Edmund, noting that today is their anniversary. She says they have had some amazing times together. She has flashbacks of happy times with Edmund, including their wedding. Her memories are interrupted by Maddie, who bursts into the chapel and orders her mother to leave. "You killed daddy," she exclaims. Maria asks Maddie where this is coming from Maddie says she saw on the news that Zach Slater was arrested for killing her father. Maddie accuses Zach of being Maria's lover. Maria says he's not her lover. Maddie says she always heard her and her dad fighting about it. Maria explains Zach is an old friend and Edmund didn't like him. Maddie says she knows she and Zach were having sex when everyone thought she was dead. Maddie says Zach Slater should be dead and so should Maria. She runs out.

Now alone in the chapel, Maria tells Edmund there's a million things she wants to say to him but now won't have the chance. She says she has to believe he can hear her. She says she let Zach fill her with doubt about him, telling her that he could walk and he took her back out of spite, not love. She says Zach and Maddie accused her of murder today and she thinks they're right. He's here because of her. She sobs and begs Edmund to forgive her. Myrtle enters the chapel and tells Maria she heard what she said. Myrtle admits that if she was several decades younger she would go for Zach and can't believe she misjudged him so. Maria tells Myrtle that she kept secrets from Edmund and lied to him. She keeps seeing Zach going after Edmund while he was helpless in his chair.

Ethan goes to Wildwind and Maddie opens the door. He introduces himself but Maddie is not interested and walks upstairs, leaving the door open. Ethan goes inside and retrieves the disc from the box. He plays it on the TV and sees Edmund walking. "You son of a bitch," he says. Maria walks into the house and finds Ethan. She asks him what he's watching.

At the boathouse, Greenlee tells Ryan he can't ask her to leave. Ryan says he's a Lavery and the family is psycho and she shouldn't be around. He says his family almost killed her and he'll never forgive himself. Greenlee tells him he's right. She should run away right now. When he doesn't respond, she says this is the part he's supposed to beg her not to leave. Ryan tells her he wants her to be safe. Greenlee says she's gotten through everything thanks to him. Ryan beats up on himself, saying he trusted Jonathan over his own wife. He says he believed that she was safe and didn't want to face the possibility that Jonathan was drugging her. He tells her she was so right to be suspicious. He says Jonathan let Braden poison her. If he hadn't had protected Jonathan he would have found out what he was hiding. Greenlee says it means a lot to hear him say this, but she's still furious at him.

Jonathan is at the Valley Inn looking at a picture of him and his brothers as children. Jack knocks at the door and demands to know where Braden is. Jack says Derek told him that Braden is in Pine Valley. Jonathan says he's doing everything he can to stop Braden. Jack says he'll tell Jonathan what he's going to do next. He's going to tell him where Braden is. Jonathan says he doesn't know where he is. He says if he knew he would take Jack to him. Jack says he will get his law license back and he planned to never do prosecution again, but this is making him rethink that. He says he wants to go after Jonathan for aiding and abetting.

Ryan tells Greenlee she has a right to be angry. One brother tried to kill him and another one covered it up. Greenlee asks Ryan to tell her that they're going to be all right. He hugs her and says he won't let this tear them apart. He says he needs Greenlee to forgive him. She says she can do that, but she can't forgive his brothers. Ryan says he will find Braden and keep her safe. Greenlee asks what about Jonathan. He put Braden before Ryan. Ryan says he can understand why he did that. He tells Greenlee that Jonathan told him about their father's death threats. Ryan says their father continually taunted Jonathan about Ryan leaving. Greenlee says that's horrible and thinks that Jonathan might hate Ryan because of it. She asks what if Jonathan is still protecting Braden. Ryan tells her she has to stay with Jack while he gives Braden a chance to finish the job.

Kendall goes to Jonathan's room and says she knows all about Braden. She tells him he is sick and twisted. Jonathan turns on her and tells her to shut the hell up.

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