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In the restaurant, after Ethan has told Kendall he loves her, she asks him what he just said. He tells her again that he does love her and asks if she wants him to say it louder. She tells him that she hears so many voices in her head about that. She admits to him that she does not know how to react to that. They leave and go off together.

When Babe is alone in the restaurant, Stuart enters and meets her at her table. She is happy to see him but admits that there are problems in that she misses her little boy. She tells him she was hoping that maybe he could convince JR to give her more visitation. Stuart admits he cannot. Babe tells him that JR might listen to him. But Stuart admits that he’s not certain he wants to help her.

Jamie is typing a paper in the student library. JR comes up and remarks that this is a paper, which Jamie is an entire semester late with. He gloats that he has “higher” socio economic status. He’s a big corporate hot shot and Jamie is just a lowly student. Jamie tells JR that he knows JR is insanely jealous of the fact that he is with Babe.

After confirming Braden’s fingerprints on the album Ryan and Greenlee got from Jonathan, Derek informs Zach that they think the charges against him for shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee are now false. Maria is also there and questions Zach on whether he killed Edmund. He doesn’t answer. Derek asks why Zach would confess to crimes for which he is not guilty. Ryan says perhaps he just wants to jerk them around. And he tells Zach there must be no more games and it’s time to tell the truth about what he knows.

Simone goes to talk to Jonathan at his room in the Valley Inn. Before knocking on the door, she tells herself she cannot have any more excuses. This is her mission and it is not impossible. She knocks and calls to Jonathan. At first she hears nothing. But then hears a conversation where Jonathan is telling somebody he did not kill somebody. He then answers the door and is surprised to see her. She asks what is going on in there. He seems guarded and tells her he’s all-alone and wants her to go away. He shuts the door on her.

Greenlee tells Zach that they need to know the truth. If he is guilty, they can stop looking. But if he is not, then she and Ryan are still targets. He tells her he is the one and only suspects and asks where the danger is. When he hears silence, he concludes that he is not the only suspect. Maria replies that Ryan’s brother is another one. Hearing that, Zach asks which one. The one who slapped Maggie around or the one who raped Jackson Montgomery’s sister? They don’t answer. Maria tells him that Ryan and Greenlee need to know if they are still in danger and she is still grieving her husband. He tells her as far as Edmund is concerned, she has an eye witness; Ethan. So he asks her what her problem is.

Ethan carries Kendall to her bed. She asks him again if he really told her he loves her. He replies yes. She asks him to pinch her in order for her to know if it’s a dream. She tells him that it’s good that they have a lot in common, like their family background. He tells her their differences are far more compelling. She tells him he did not have to tell her he loves her in order to get her into bed. He says he knows he did not but it might “enhance” the lovemaking.

JR shows Jamie a certificate he has for MBA and tells Jamie that all the time and effort he’s made in school is making him less than JR, regardless of the fact that JR dropped out of school. They then both reminisce about their competitiveness throughout the history of their lives.

Babe tells Stuart she does not understand why he would not help her get her baby back. She reminds him that he helped Liza and Colby get away from Adam. But he tells her that Liza did not lie to Adam and have him think that Colby was dead. She says she understands that he is JR’s uncle and may have certain loyalties toward him. He tells her that Marion has been asking him for a long time why he’s been lost in thought and will not come to bed so many night. He tells her the reason he’s been out of focus was that he’s been wondering how she could have done what she did. He asked why she had to keep Miranda from Bianca and then when she found her son, she had to let JR believe he was dead. She tells him that she felt she had to protect her son from JR. But he tells her that she failed to do that and now JR is even angrier and has more to use against her. She tells him she wishes she could go back to the day of the crash site, and prevented Paul Kramer from taking away her little boy and then keeping Miranda away from Bianca. But he tells her that regardless of that, she could have prevented much grief for many people if she’d just told the truth.

Stuart admits to Babe that he does like her and admits he misses her and remembers how much fun she was. He tells her he really appreciated the way she knew how to razz Adam. And he tells her he was hoping that a girl with her spirit would have the courage to tell the truth. She tells him she did at first when she mistakenly believed that JR loved her. He tells her that he sincerely believes that JR loved her when they first met and that JR has had trust issues throughout his life from being bounced around to different homes as a child and being betrayed by his father. She says she was so afraid to tell JR about Jamie. But he reminds her that he found out anyway. And he asks if maybe she had something to do with causing JR to turn on her.

Jamie tells JR that he cannot “bribe” his way through life the way JR can because he has a family to consider. JR inquires if Jamie is referring to him and Babe and if she is pregnant again. He says he’s wondering that because Jamie cannot be throwing JR’s son into his pathetic fantasy. Jamie tells him it’s not a fantasy. At that moment, a snotty, condescending dean interrupts them. He says that Jamie left the university indefinitely without warning or explanation. What he did brought PVU negative publicity to say the least. And while Jamie was away, he violated the honor code, which he signed when he started attending school by committing a felony. Jamie protests that the charges against him were dropped. The dean announces that because of Jamie’s behavior, they have no intention of reinstating Jamie into school now or ever. Hearing that, JR gloats again.

Zach explains to Ryan that he did not try to spring his brother out of jail like Ryan did with his brother. But he admits that he defended Michael after the fact. And he knows Ryan wants him to be guilty so he will not have to implicate his brother. Ryan demands to know whether or not Zach shot him and drugged Greenlee. But Zach does not answer that. He just keeps telling Ryan how he has no substance of character and speaks in riddles about how Ryan has a sick family also and a brother who wants him dead. After Zach has been talking in “codes” to Ryan, Greenlee and Maria, yet revealing nothing about whether he is guilty, Derek is ready to take him back to his cell. But Maria says he must wait and Zach must tell her the truth about whether he killed Edmund. Zach asks Derek if he may talk to Mrs. Edmund Gray alone. Derek agrees to give them some privacy.

While Simone waits outside Jonathan’s door after he’s shut her out, he comes outside again and demands to know what she wants. She says she wishes he’d trust her and overlook the fact that their “date” did not work out. She tells him she had no involvement with Kendall and Greenlee scheme to set him up by spiking his wine. He tells her he does not trust her and believes she is there for the sole purpose of finding out if he poisoned Greenlee. He tells her that because of her and her friends setting him up, his life is in the toilet and they are done with this discussion. He shuts the door and goes back in. She says to herself that there is no way they are done. He is a sicko psycho and he will not get away with trying to kill her friend.

Right when Kendall and Ethan are enjoying their romantic encounter, Ryan and Greenlee barge into their room. Ryan tries to physically pull Ethan out of the bed and demand answers from him. Kendall demands to know what Ryan thinks he’s doing.

Maria tells Zach she is waiting for the truth. He tells her that what they had in the desert was the truth. He talks again, in riddles, implying that Edmund lied about his paralysis. But she says she trusts Edmund, not him. She loves her husband and always will. And she needs to know the truth from Zach.

At Kendall’s, Ryan asks Ethan if it is really true that he saw Zach murder Edmund. Ethan tells him he’s already told him that Zach is guilty. Kendall asks Ryan and Greenlee why they are questioning this is the first place. She tells them they are not going anywhere until they spill their obvious “new discovery”.

Simone enters Jonathan’s room and tells him she is not afraid of him. She tells him she wants to know what is going on with him. He attempts to tell her that she can think of the worst thing that could ever happen to her and multiply it by 100. He implies to her that there is somebody else in his room. She demands to know what is going on. Is there somebody else there or is he just a nutcase?

Jamie tells JR that he knows that he and Babe are controlling JR’s life and asks JR whom he paid off to get a fake MBA. Jamie tells JR he will not intimidate him. And before he gets up to leave, he thanks JR for the divorce because it will now enable him to marry Babe. JR suggests that Jamie gets out while he can before Babe ruins his life. Jamie says the only thing he’s going to do with Babe is marry her.

Babe tells Stuart that she is to blame for a lot but that she believed she had a good husband who loved her. She tells him that she now knows the only reason JR married her in the first place was to get back at his father. Stuart urges her not to believe that and that JR really did love her. She tells him even if that is true, for some reason that all changed when JR decided to play follow the leader with daddy. He tells her that that didn’t just come out of nowhere. She tells Stuart that JR did terrible things to keep Miranda from her. She knew he’d do the same thing with her son. She could see JR turning into Adam. Stuart reminds her that their son is now called Little Adam. He also tells her that she would have had a much better outcome if she’d just told the truth and done the right thing. He tells her that he believes that that is what courage is. She admits that all of her right reasons did not make what she did right. She thanks Stuart for loving her enough to tell her what she needed to hear. He surprises her with a little book he made up of pictures of her son. He tells her they try to spend as much time as they can with Little Adam. But he realizes they are not his mom. She admits that she really messed up her life. He tells her that she made some mistakes but she can overcome that.

Kendall asks Greenlee how it could be true that Braden would have just come out of nowhere and try to kill both of them. Ethan tells her that he knows for a fact that Zach killed Edmund Gray and it would only make sense that he tried to kill Ryan and Greenlee as well. Greenlee goes off, realizing neither Kendall nor Ethan buy a word they are saying about Braden. Kendall tells Ethan that this is too weird that Braden is doing these things and Jonathan is covering for him. He concludes that the Lavery boys are pretty messed up.

Jonathan tells Simone that she needs to leave. She says she will not until she knows that Ryan and Greenlee will be ok. She tells him she used to be in journalism. She knows when there is truth and when there are cover-ups. He lashes out at her and yells at her to shut her mouth. But she holds up the spray can and scares him and he instantly behaves like a scared child pleading that she leaves him alone because he’s never done anything to her. He then begs her to leave. She tells him she will go now. But she will come back armed and dangerous if he does anything.

Ryan goes out looking for Braden. He calls out to him and tells him he must “bring it on”.

Zach tells Maria that the day of Edmund’s murder he went to Wild wind to see her and he ran into Ethan. They talked until Ethan knocked him out with a shovel. Then, when he came to, Edmund arrived. He says that Edmund told him he could not wait for him to be convicted and smiled and gloated in his wheelchair as though it was his throne. But what really got to him was that Edmund kept telling him he was protecting Maria from him and that Maria chose Edmund over him. Edmund kept taunting him over and over again until he hit Edmund on the back of the head with a shovel. Then there was silence. Hearing that, Maria cries. Zach then tells her that the electric heater fell on the hayloft and the horse stable caught on fire. He knew Edmund would not make it because he was covered in blood.

Jamie tells Babe he has a surprise for her. He asks her to close her eyes and takes her outside. She opens her eyes to a floral arrangement. He tells her: “Welcome to our wedding.”

Kendall asks Ethan if he was lying about witnessing Zach killing Edmund.

Maria tells Zach that she kept coming back to him over and over again in the past. And she asks if she drove him to do what he did. And did she, in a sense, kill Edmund too? He tells her she got what she wants so she may now bury her husband. He tells her they are finished.

Greenlee goes to find Ryan while he's looking for Braden. She puts her arms around him. He asks her to go away and stay away.

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