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When Jonathan and Ryan hear somebody outside the door, Jonathan tells his brother it must be Braden. Ryan does not know what to do or what to believe. He opens the door and sees Greenlee. She reveals that she is there to do what she needs to do to work out their marriage, admits she’s angry at him but that she is willing to resolve their differences. He puts his arms around her.

At the restaurant, JR, Kendall and Ethan are at one table talking business. But just then, they notice at another table, not far away, Babe, Jamie and Tad are together laughing and talking happily.

Maria goes to talk to Zach at his jail cell. She tells him she wants to know why he did what he did or if he did it at all. She cries and urges him to talk. He says nothing.

Aiden goes to Jack’s to talk to Lily. Erica says she is very concerned about her fiancé’s daughter and that maybe Aiden’s behavior and misleading Lily to believe that he was her boyfriend caused her to have a break down. He tells her that she is responsible for some wrongdoings. She asks what he alleges she is doing wrong. She tells him she is just trying to protect a young girl.

When Greenlee enters Ryan’s and Jonathan’s room, Jonathan informs her that he believes that Braden has drugged her and is threatening to kill Ryan, and Braden may very well be right outside the door. Greenlee tells them she does not buy that. She tells her husband he must not either. Jonathan tells his sister in law that he realizes it sounds crazy but it’s true and he wishes they would both believe him. They both ask Jonathan to tell them the “truth” as he knows it about Braden. He starts his explanation by telling them that hate makes people do some crazy things.

Noticing his ex-wife with Jamie and Tad, JR is totally distracted from his meeting with Kendall and Ethan. Kendall tells him he needs to focus on their meeting. But Ethan tells her that he really understands how JR feels about seeing them so close by; right in front of his face and that it’s an insult. JR gets up from his seat and goes over to talk to the three of them. Jamie tells him to get lost. Tad tells JR he will not ruin their dinner. JR walks away.

Zach finally talks to Maria. He tells her that he knows that if she believes he killed her husband because he dislikes him, she will hate him less. But if she believes he killed Edmund because he wants to make love to her every day and every night, he knows she will hate him much more.

Aiden tells Erica that he believes that she did something to put Lily in danger. She says that’s absurd. Lily snuck off and accidentally witnessed Edmund’s murder. And she tells him that Zach is put away in prison for that. And she tells Aiden that what put Lily in that state of mind in the first place was his bad judgment. He urges that she lets him talk to Lily. But she tells him she doesn’t want to see him do any more damage to her. Just then, Lily comes out of her room and goes to the kitchen and pours some water in the sink. Erica urges Aiden to leave Lily alone. He asks if he can get her to spare some time. She tells him he’s off the case. Noticing this is the first time that Lily has spoken, Erica notices that this is a good sign. Aiden gets on his cell phone. Noticing that, Erica tells him this is not his personal office. In the same room, Lily’s cell phone rings and she answers it.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he needs to get this straight. If he understands correctly, Jonathan is telling him that Braden resents him and wants him dead and contacted Jonathan in order to plot a plan to kill him. Hearing that, Ryan asks Jonathan if it ever occurred to him to forewarn him about Braden sooner. Jonathan admits that he “guesses” it would have. Greenlee protests why Jonathan did not make better efforts to help the brother whom he supposedly loves. Jonathan protests that he made efforts. Ryan reminds Jonathan that his “efforts” did not prevent him from getting a bullet in the gut. Ryan asks Jonathan why, when he knew that Braden not only tried to kill Ryan, but also drugged Greenlee, framed Kendall and put an assault rifle in Ethan’s locker, why did he do nothing?

JR follows Babe into the lady’s room at the restaurant. She asks him why he’s desperate enough to follow her in there. She tells him he does not intimidate her anymore. He’s already hurt her where it hurts the most. He took her child. And everything else is like swatting at flies. He tells her that he will cut a deal with her. She can have her baby if she ends her relationship with Jamie.

While Jamie and Tad are alone at the table, Tad tells his son that he’d like to pay for some “freedom on rye”. He tells Jamie that if he goes off on JR and threatens him every time he makes him angry, then he will be playing right into JR’s hands. JR would like nothing more than to establish that his child’s mother’s boyfriend is dangerous, unstable and unfit to care for a child. He also tells Jamie that the best way he can stick it to JR is to appear happy all the time whenever JR sees him with his ex-wife. And that is the best way to give that guy what he deserves.

Kendall tells Ethan that she really understands what JR is dealing with. But she believes that Ethan’s hate toward his father is poison. He tells her that this is coming from a lady who’s spent much of her life trying to put a noose around her mother’s throat. Kendall admits that for that very reason, she knows how destructive his feelings toward his father are.sssssssssss

Maria tells Zach that she believed him and that is why her husband is dead. But he tells her no. She never believed him. She only believed Edmund.

Aiden calls Lily on the cell phone and tells her he needs to ask her some questions about a mystery.

Jonathan reveals to Greenlee that he was going to meet Braden at the place she remembered noticing on a matchbook in his apartment. Realizing his brother and sister-in-law do not buy his story about Braden, he tells them that he realizes he handled it all wrong. He tells Ryan he hates that he got hurt. But he also tells his brother that this is what the Lavery boys do. Just like Ryan’s efforts to take care of him during their childhood and now. And he admits that he attempted to do that for Braden. Greenlee asks Jonathan how Braden was able to get close enough to poison her. He replies that he invited him to the Fusion office and to Ryan’s and Greenlee’s home when he was staying with them. He admits that he wanted to trust Braden, believe that he’d reformed himself and was not like their father. Greenlee tells Jonathan that the only proof they have is his word and the note Braden supposedly wrote. Jonathan tells them he also has this. He gives them a big album. Ryan looks through it and admits he is shocked. They notice many newspaper clippings about Ryan’s inheriting Cambias International and marrying Greenlee. Jonathan explains that Braden put it all together and asked for his help. Ryan admits to his brother that it looks like Braden’s handwriting. But he needs to be sure. He leaves Jonathan alone in the room and instructs him not to go anywhere or do anything until he comes back.

Maria tells Zach that everything they had in the dessert must have been a lie. Did he really love her? Or did he just want to “beat” Edmund by taking his wife? It was like “winners take all”. But when he lost, he shot Ryan, drugged Greenlee and framed Kendall and Ethan. Hearing that, he admits that he is a coward.

Aiden tells Lily that he realizes that she felt bad when she saw him with Anita. She informs him they broke up and are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend. He says he knows but would like to still be friends. She asks if that is his question. He admits that the question he wants to ask her is about the guy in the wheelchair. He asks her if she saw who murdered Edmund. She admits that she did.

Ryan and Greenlee go to the station and show Derek the photo album. Ryan asks Derek if he can run it for Braden’s prints. Derek sounds surprised and inquires why anybody would implicate Braden when he’s been nowhere to be found for such a long time. Greenlee admits that she sees the possibility that Braden drugged her and asked Jonathan to help him. Derek agrees to examine the fingerprints in the photo album.

JR agrees to “join forces” with Ethan. But he tells him there is one stipulation. If Ethan messes with Kendall, JR will take her from him.

Tad tells Jamie and Babe that time can do many different things. It can be either on your side or work against you. Jamie asks his father how he can make the universe cut him a break. Tad answers that he just needs to be patient.

Lily admits to Aiden that she was in the horse stable and saw the hay lofts. He asks her what she saw happen to the man in the wheelchair. He asks if she saw anybody hit the man in the wheelchair. She replies no. She is certain. She hangs up and walks away. Erica admits to Aiden that she is so impressed that he knew how to get Lily to talk on the phone and that he might know her better than anybody else does. She says she is so relieved to know that Lily did not see Edmund get murdered and she believes that it was much less detrimental that the cause of Lily’s trauma was simply unrequited love. When Aiden leaves, Lily asks Erica if she wants to eat with her.

Ethan assures Kendall that he is not out to destroy Zach. Zach did that to himself by murdering Edmund Gray. She says she realizes but also senses that he is relishing getting revenge upon his father. He tells her that he wants to inform her about everything he is doing and have her be his conscience. He admits that the only people whose opinions matter to him are hers’ and her sister’s. He tells her that he wants to have a long future with her because he loves her.

At the station, Derek brings Zach out of his cell to talk to Ryan and Greenlee. Zach asks what this is about. Ryan asks Zach why he confessed to shooting him and drugging Greenlee when he did not do it.

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