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Myrtle and Opal discuss how they will miss Edmund while at Maria’s. Maria and Anita sit and mourn the loss of Edmund. Brooke enters and informs them that arrangements have been made to take them to the airport. The doorbell rings. Erica is at the door.

At Ethan’s trial, he gets acquitted, with Zach’s confession that he, instead shot Ryan and murdered Edmund. When Ethan is alone with Kendall, he tells her he wants to go out and celebrate Zach Slater getting nailed for murder.

Before Zach’s trial, Aiden goes to visit Zach in his jail cell. He tells him that he is there for a reason. He says he wouldn’t put it past him to shoot Ryan or kill Edmund. But he does not believe that he would poison Greenlee. He asks Zach if he’s right about that.

In David’s home, he says he will not let JR get away with his attempt to destroy his home and buy him out. But Greenlee enters and tells David she’d like to help JR in his efforts because it’s David’s fault that she’s lost her opportunity to make her marriage right with her husband. She tells David that he spilled the beans to Ryan that she got a potion for Jonathan and he could not keep her secret for her.

At the Valley Inn, Jonathan wakes up hung over and not remembering what happened the night before. Ryan stands by him and reminds him that the previous night he admitted to drugging Greenlee.

Greenlee tells David that she asked him many times to mind his own business and stay out of her marriage with Ryan. But he tells her that he was worried about her and wasn’t going to sit by and let Ryan hurt her. She tells him that she asked for his help a while back but he was too concerned about that skanky, baby-kidnapping daughter of his. She informs him for the first time, that she almost killed herself and almost wound up in a psyche ward because Ryan’s brother drugged her. Hearing that, David is shocked and inquires if Ryan would not even consider that his brother did that or ask him about it. She replies no. And she tells David now because of his big mouth, she will never get the truth out of Jonathan.

Ryan reminds Jonathan of the previous night when he told him some of the sick and abusive things their father did to him. Ryan says he knows what was done to his brother was sick. But it does not give Jonathan any excuse for what he did to Greenlee. Jonathan tells his brother that he has no clue what he’s talking about. What he remembers is having a date with Simone and having a little wine. But Ryan informs his brother that he unknowingly took a “truth drug” administered by David Hayward. Jonathan inquires why David Hayward would drug him. Ryan informs Jonathan that Greenlee was very afraid of the thought that her brother-in-law would drug her and that she could not even trust her own husband to protect her or find out the truth. So she found herself with no choice except to ask David to give her a potion to get the truth out of Jonathan. He tells Jonathan that he’s already admitted to drugging Greenlee. And he demands to know why his brother would do something like that to his wife.

Ethan tells Kendall that Zach has already admitted to shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee as well as murdering Edmund and he’s content with that. But she tells him that it’s not as easy as he wants it to be to dismiss one’s own parents. She tells him how finding out who her real father was almost destroyed her. He tells her that he’s accepted whom Zach is and has made peace with him. But she tells him she does not buy that.

Aiden tells Zach that he has questions about what really happened when Edmund was killed. He realizes the only witness was Zach’s son whom everybody knows hates his father. He reminds Zach that in the past he’s denied charges of shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee. But now, all of a sudden, he’s voluntarily “admitting” that he’s done all that he’s been accused of. And Aiden tells Zach that he needs his help. At that moment, Zach’s lawyer enters and says he needs to talk to him alone. Zach refuses to talk to him. But the lawyer advises him it would not be in his best interest to refuse to confide in his legal counsel.

Maria and Anita ask Erica why she is there. She tells them that she is there to offer her condolences and mourns Edmund’s passing. Maria says she does not buy that. She tells Erica she only wants to rub Maria’s nose in her loss and gloat over the fact that Maria is grieving. And she demands that Erica just comes out and admits that she is there to do that. Maria tells Erica that she remembers their meeting in the cemetery and Erica’s meddling in her business and threatening to tell Edmund that she was seeing Zach. Erica ran to Edmund and told him that his wife betrayed him and slept with another man. Erica calmly reminds Maria that she did betray Edmund. Maria tells Erica she knows nothing about what happened. But Erica does remind Maria that she lead another man on. She slept with Zach and motivated him to murder Edmund so that she could carry on with Zach.

Jonathan urges Ryan to believe that he did not try to kill or hurt Greenlee. He tells his brother he must believe him. Ryan reminds Jonathan that he did believe him. He believed him over his own wife. He defended him to everybody and refused to see the evidence that he did it. He tells Jonathan that he was so happy to be reunited with him. He was willing and able to help him and accept his problems. But he cannot believe that his own brother would betray him in this manner.

Brooke tells Erica that she was way out of line to come to Maria’s home and have to remind her of something she’s done wrong after her husband died. Erica tells Brooke that she is there to offer he condolences and she admits, also that she is tired of everybody believing that Maria could do no wrong. It is a fact that Maria cheated on her husband with Zach Slater. And her husband paid with his life. And she says that after all the things Zach has done, he should pay with his life.

Kendall tells Ethan that he cannot hide and shut out the pain, which she knows he’s living with. She urges him to let her help him. He tells her he’s not hiding anything. But she reminds him that he saw his own father kill a man with his own eyes. And no matter what he says, he cannot be ok with that. Right at that moment, they witness the police putting Zach in handcuffs and take him away. Maria enters.

Greenlee informs David for the first time that Jonathan beat Maggie. David is shocked and wonders why Maggie never told him anything about that. Greenlee tells him what goes around comes around. Perhaps his cousin was not real comfortable confiding in him after he helped keep Bianca’s baby from her. David concludes to Greenlee that he will make certain that Jonathan Lavery never hurts her or Maggie or Bianca ever again.

Ryan corners Jonathan and physically pushes him against the wall, demanding the truth about whether he poisoned Greenlee. Jonathan replies that it is true that “his brother” poisoned Greenlee. But it was not himself. It was Braden.

At David’s, he finds a needle and implicates to Greenlee that he wants to kill Jonathan. But she demands that he gives her the needle because he will get in trouble for murdering her brother in law. He tells her he has nothing to lose now that he’s lost his medical license. She tells him that after what he’s done to Bianca and her family, in order to protect his daughter, she will not forgive him. She tells him she regrets coming to him for the “truth drug” and now realizes she should never have trusted David. He tells her he wants to help. But she tells him she does not need his help with Jonathan or anything else. She wants him out of her life. She goes out the door.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he does not buy for one moment that Braden is anywhere near by. Braden hasn’t been around for many years and he knows if he so much as showed up in Pine Valley, there’d be a lynch mob ready to run him out of town. But Jonathan urges his brother to believe what he has to say and to hear him out. Jonathan tells Ryan that once when he was sleeping, Braden snuck into his apartment and was obviously drinking. He says Braden informed him that he’d been hospitalized and put on an anti-psychotic drug. Braden escaped from the psyche ward and was very unstable and the very same anti-psychotic they gave Braden was the one found in Greenlee’s system. Ryan asks Jonathan to tell him more. Jonathan tells him that Braden informed him that he found out that Ryan inherited Cambias Industries, Braden did not believe that Ryan deserved it and was ready to take Ryan out. And it was then that Jonathan came to Pine Valley. He wanted to save Ryan from their other brother. Ryan tells Jonathan that even if he buys the story about Braden, what motive would Braden have to poison Greenlee. Jonathan replies that he can explain that and shows Ryan a letter.

Brooke demands that Erica gets out of Maria’s home. But Erica tells Brooke that she realizes that Brooke has many problems in her life, in regard to her son conspiring to kidnap a baby. Brooke tells Erica that she knows that Erica has been in cahoots with JR and Adam in order to hurt her son, and Brooke warns Erica that if she does not back off, soon they will be attending Erica’s memorial service. But Erica tells Brooke that she knows how Brooke is hiding her emotional pain and she needs someone to help her. Brooke still does not trust Erica.

In court, Zach tells the judge to lock him up and throw away the key. Erica tells Brooke, Maria and Anita that she will not take their insults when she’s just come by to offer her condolences for her dear friend Edmund. Anita tells Erica that all she’s come by to do is insult Brooke and insult her sister. But Erica informs Anita for the first time that her hands are not entirely clean either. Erica informs Anita that because of her boyfriend’s negligence to Lily, Lily ran off and witnessed Edmund getting killed. And Lily is traumatized and refusing to talk to Erica or to Jack. Hearing that, Anita is shocked and asks if there is anything she can do. Erica says there’s nothing anybody can do. It’s her fault that Lily is suffering right now.

At Maria’s, after discovering her sister has left to go to Zach’s trial, Anita is ready to leave. She calls Aiden over and informs him that she’s just found out that Lily saw Zach murder Edmund.

Jonathan tells Ryan that although Zach has confessed to shooting Ryan, drugging Greenlee and murdering Edmund, he knows that Zach did not do it. Ryan tells him he’s crazy to assume he’d know that. But Jonathan tells his brother that he saw their other brother shoot Ryan at the casino. He also shows Ryan the letter Braden gave him.

David calls Ryan and leaves a message that he just got the “low down” from Greenlee about Ryan’s brother. And if Ryan does not do something to take that scumbag down, he will do it himself. At that moment, David notices a “hired man” coming to put a for sale sign on his door. David tells him he better go away and leave him alone.

Erica has a flashback of her conversation with Lily where Lily was hysterical and she tried unsuccessfully to calm her down. And she remembers Lily saying, “wet red” which could indicate to Lily’s seeing Edmund’s blood. At that moment, Aiden enters. Erica tells Aiden that if his “girlfriend” sent him over there to “make amends” to Lily, she can save it. But Aiden says he must come in to talk to Lily about the murder of Edmund.

Zach’s lawyer talks to him through his jail cell and warns him that if he behaves as he just did at his trial, he will be in big trouble. Zach tells the lawyer he will do as he damn well wants and the lawyer better leave him alone. Maria comes by to talk to Zach indicating that she believes he is confessing to crimes he did not commit.

Jonathan shows Ryan the letter that Braden supposedly gave him. He reads that Jonathan had better not stop him or Ryan is going to die. At that moment, there is a knock on the door. Jonathan urges his brother not to get it. It could be Braden.

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