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Adam goes to see Brooke at Tempo. He offers his sympathy, saying he knows how much Edmund meant to her. She says Edmund meant a great deal to her but Adam means nothing. She tells him to keep his phony sympathy. She asks his real motive for being there. What does he have planned for her son?

Tad is at home thinking about Edmund, looking at a riding hat Edmund once gave him. Jamie approaches, then Babe, who asks Jamie if he told his father their good news. Jamie says he hasn't told them yet. He informs Tad that since Maggie has left town, her apartment is the perfect place for him and Babe. JR knocks at the door.

Ryan peppers David with questions about the drug he gave to Greenlee and Kendall. David taunts Ryan, saying the victim will never know what hit him. David says he was doing Greenlee a favor by giving her the drug. Ryan asks if it's dangerous and how long the effects last, but David doesn't give him definitive answers. David says Greenlee was desperate to know the truth. He asks Ryan why he doesn't want to know the truth.

Jonathan and Simone are drinking wine at Fusion while Greenlee and Kendall are eavesdropping around the corner. Jonathan tells Simone that they have the office to themselves so they can do anything they want. Simone suggests they start by toasting to a wonderful friendship. Jonathan says she can toast to friendship but he'll toast to her. He tells her that her eyes are gorgeous. He could look into her eyes all night. She thanks him for her flattery and notes that it's common to go overboard when you're still hurting from a breakup. She says she's had her heart broken too many times and she has sworn off rebound romances. She says she wants to meet someone and fall in love, commenting that it's difficult to work around Kendall and Greenlee while they are in happy relationships. Jonathan, who is starting to feel the effects of the truth serum, says Ethan and Kendall deserve each other. Kendall was good in bed but beyond that she's worthless, he says. Simone suggests that Greenlee and Ryan have true love and are the ideal couple. Jonathan blurts out that Ryan got stuck with a snob. He says he can't stand Greenlee and wants her gone.

Erica tells Jack that if Lily did see Edmund get killed, it's a burden that no child should bear alone. Lily comes out from her room but doesn't say a word. She sits at the coffee table and plays with some bandages in a container. Erica and Jack decide to try to talk to Lily, but get no response.

Adam asks Brooke how she could be so harsh to him after what they have been to each other. Brooke laughs and says that's the only thing that could make her laugh on a day like today. She accuses him of destroying her son with one hand and offering her a hanky with the other. Adam insists that he is more against Babe than he is against Jamie. He tells her she should get her son away from that tramp.

Babe asks JR why he isn't home with their son. A cocky JR says Adam III is home with his new mother figure, his nanny. JR tells Tad that he's looking for a private investigator to do some work, but it can't be him because he doesn't want someone unlicenced. Tad asks JR if he had his license pulled. JR says it just took two phone calls. He says there's a whole lot of punishment to go around and Babe and Jamie's will be less subtle and will begin right now.

Simone asks Jonathan why he won't give Greenlee a chance. Jonathan says Greenlee hates him and is jealous of him. Ryan was good with Jillian and should never have lost her, Jonathan says. Just then Ryan calls Greenlee's cell phone and Simone and Jonathan hear it ringing. Simone pretends that it's her phone and she looks around the room for it. As she moves closer to Greenlee and Kendall Jonathan follows her and spots the two women hiding around the corner. "Hey, we got spies," he says.

Adam asks Brooke how she can ignore what Babe is doing to Jamie. Brooke acknowledges that if she were to choose a woman for her son it would not be Babe. But she tells Adam that it's him and JR who threw Babe into Jamie's arms. She says JR made Babe's life miserable and her kind-hearted son stepped in to save her. She tells Adam to call off JR and urges Adam to bond with his grandson. Looking at a magazine cover with Edmund's picture, she says our time is limited and no one knows when it's over. Adam says Babe and Jamie stole his son's child and he'll never forgive them. He says Jamie will pay. Brooke angrily says that if he harms her son she'll go after him in ways he never expected. She says she's lost too many people she loves. She opens her office door and tells him to get the hell out.

JR tells Jamie and Babe good luck finding an apartment because they're not getting Maggie's. He says he bought the building and he doesn't rent to trash, so they won't be living there. Babe tells him he still can't take away what matters – the three hours a week with her son. JR says he'll take care of that in time. Tad suggests Jamie and Babe can live in his house, which causes JR to accuse Tad of trashing Dixie's memory by letting this piece of trash live here. Tad says there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think of JR's mother. Tad says Dixie would love Babe. The only desecration to Dixie is JR, Tad says. She would have been ashamed of him. David knocks on the door and JR tells him he's saving him a trip. David says he's lost his hospital privileges and his medical license. What more can JR do to him? JR tells him that the property his cabin sits on has been declared a nature preserve and his cabin will have to be torn down. JR tells Tad he should call his friends at WRCW because this screwed-up group would make a great reality show. JR leaves and David tells Babe to forget about him. He asks how she's doing. She tells him she's fine but he needs to work on saving his home. David leaves and Tad suggests he could chain himself to his cabin as the bulldozers arrive.

Jack and Erica surmise that since Lily came into the living room and is not hiding in her own room, she must want them to talk to her. They approach her and sit near her. Erica tells her that when she was her age something terrible happened to her. She kept it inside but it kept feeling worse. She realized it was less scary when she talked about it. She asks Lily what frightened her. Erica asks if the red she saw in the stable was blood. She asks if a man in a wheelchair was there. Lily's vision goes fuzzy as she stares at Erica's red lipstick and her dad's lips. In her mind she sees a blood stain in the hay. She stands up and runs into her room without saying a word.

Simone immediately accuses Kendall and Greenlee of eavesdropping and says she thought they were friends. Jonathan asks them what's the point of them listening. He tells Simone they should go, but Kendall and Greenlee block the entrance. Greenlee asks him if he hates her enough to poison her. Just then Ryan walks in and tells Greenlee he knows what she has done. He pulls Jonathan aside, picks up a glass of wine and asks him if he drank it. Jonathan admits he did and apologizes. Ryan asks him how he feels and Jonathan says he feels fine. Ryan tells his brother that Greenlee and Kendall drugged him. Jonathan, who's rather loopy by now, calmly asks Simone if she knew about this. Ryan asks Greenlee how could she do this. Greenlee says he needs to see who his brother is. Kendall tells Ryan to suck it up and listen to the truth. He will tell them anything they want to know now. Greenlee says they need to get it some answers. She did this for them. Ryan tells them they used an untested drug and risked his brother's life. Greenlee asks Ryan to ask Jonathan if he drugged her, but he does not. She tells him he's afraid that she's right and if she is, where does he go from here? Ryan tells them not to mess with his brother again. He takes Jonathan and leaves. An upset Kendall says they were so close. Greenlee comments that it's all over.

Ryan takes Jonathan back to the Valley Inn and suggests he take a hot shower. He asks him if he wants a sandwich. Jonathan is freaked out. He accuses Ryan of wanting to get rid of him like dad did. He asks him not to make him eat a sandwich. Ryan tries to calm Jonathan, saying he wouldn't do anything to hurt him. He says he hates to ask, but what did dad do to him?

Kendall asks Greenlee why she didn't turn off her cell phone. Simone comments that it was a stupid thing to do and starts spouting off with some weird comments that surprise Greenlee and Kendall. They realize that she is drinking Jonathan's spiked wine and now herself has taken some truth serum. Greenlee tells them they all have to stay away from Ryan and his brother, especially her. Simone reminds her that she's married to Ryan. "We'll see," Greenlee says.

Jonathan tells Ryan their dad made him eat a bologna sandwich then halfway through it took the other half away. When Jonathan asked his father why he took the rest of the sandwich away, he said he was waiting to see if he would die and told him he poisoned it. Jonathan says he reached for the phone but dad would take it away. Jonathan says he cried so hard that he threw up, then he figured that the poison was out of him. But their father kept making him sandwiches and he kept throwing up. When Ryan asks Jonathan about the shower, Jonathan says their father would hold his head under the shower until he started choking on the water. Then he once pressed a pillow into his face and called him lazy. He says one day he passed out and woke up to see his father standing over him. His father pledged that one day he would take him out.

Jamie and Babe go outside, where Jamie tells her that there's no way JR's going to win. Inside, Tad's doorbell rings. He answers the door and it is Simone, who is high on truth serum and spouting off whatever truth she can. She tells Tad that he was the most incredible lover she's ever had and he knows where to find her. She says this truth stuff is fun, kisses him and walks out.

Kendall tells Greenlee she wants to go find Jonathan and listen to what he has to say, but Greenlee stops her. Kendall says if Jonathan tells Ryan the truth, their relationship will be dead. Greenlee responds that her marriage could be what's dead.

Jonathan tells Ryan he's tired and wants to go to sleep. Ryan says he has one more question for him. Did his own brother poison Greenlee? Jonathan says without hesitation, "yes."

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