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By Lori
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Ryan tells Jonathan at the Valley Inn that he knows who poisoned Greenlee. He says Zach Slater did it all. Jonathan looks surprised and says the nightmare is over. They have their man. Ryan glares at Jonathan and Jonathan asks him what he's looking at. All those questions about him are gone, he says. Jonathan tells Ryan he's sorry about Edmund. Ryan says Edmund was his friend and used to be his family. He doesn't know how Edmund's family will get through this. Ryan tells Jonathan he's not sure if Zach told the truth. Ryan says everything that he sees in Zach screams to him that if Zach really committed the crimes, he wouldn't admit it. His confession was like he was taunting them.

At Fusion, Greenlee and Kendall discuss how they're going to give the truth serum to Jonathan. Kendall wonders how they can give it to him when Ryan won't take his eyes off Jonathan for two seconds. Greenlee points out that her marriage is at stake. Kendall points out that if Jonathan drinks the serum and talks up a storm, Greenlee has to break it to Ryan that his brother is a psycho dirtbag. If it doesn't work, she's still in trouble. Greenlee says if they get caught she'll deal with what happens. The key is to be honest and trustworthy. Greenlee says after this deception she'll never tell Ryan another lie. Simone walks in dressed to the hilt. She tells her co-workers that she has a date with Jonathan. Kendall and Greenlee in unison tell Simone to forget it. She tells them not to worry. Jonathan has no clue that she knows he drugged Greenlee. Kendall is surprised Simone knows their suspicions about Jonathan. Simone comments that Greenlee trusts her. Nevertheless, Greenlee tells Simone to save herself a black eye. She's not going out with Jonathan. Kendall says, "oh yes she is." Simone looks at the vial of truth serum and says they'll nail that nasty piece of flesh to the wall. Greenlee and Kendall have reservations but reluctantly agree to trust Simone to do this job.

Jonathan asks Ryan if his tie is straight. Ryan asks him where he's going. Jonathan says he's going to dinner with Simone. "Like hell," Ryan responds. Jonathan asks him what the big deal is. Ryan tells him he's not ready. Jonathan says he's just going out for conversation, dinner and a few laughs. Ryan says he can't let him do this. He has issues that take a lot of time to deal with. Jonathan tells Ryan that what's whacked is his need to watch his every move. He says he won't ditch his social life because he's over-protective. Simone calls Jonathan and asks him to pick her up at Fusion. Ryan whispers to Jonathan to cancel the date but Jonathan does not.

Ryan goes downstairs to the bar and runs into David. David tries to talk to Ryan but Ryan tells him to go away. David taunts Ryan about the woman he's cheating on Greenlee with and asks her why he would be stupid enough to cheat on her. He comments that it's obviously not Kendall because she is Greenlee's wingman on this. Ryan asks, on what? Ryan threatens him and David realizes that Ryan is not cheating on Greenlee. Ryan says he has no secrets from Greenlee. David asks Ryan who the drug is for then. Ryan asks what drug he's referring to. David says they have another sucker in mind.

Jonathan goes to Fusion to pick up Simone. In the dimly-lit office, Simone admits that she's been a little naughty. She opened an expensive bottle of wine and now she has to drink it. She asks if they can have cocktails here and gives Jonathan a glass. He sniffs it and says he's not drinking these days. Simone says she has a rule not to out-drink her date, so she'll have to pour it down the drain. Jonathan agrees that one glass won't kill him. He toasts to a beautiful date and sips the wine as Kendall and Greenlee peak from around the corner.

At Jack's place, Reggie tries to talk to Lily, who is silent after her trauma in the burning stable. Jack answers a knock at his door and sees Aidan. He goes into the hallway to talk to him so Lily won't see him. Jack tells him he doesn't want him coming anywhere near his daughter. He says Lily has taken a giant step backward because of him. How could he let Lily see him kissing Anita. Aidan says if he could he would go back and do things differently. Jack says right now Lily barely talks. Aidan asks if there's anything he can do. Jack tells him he's done enough and goes back inside. Inside, Reggie tells Jack that Lily acts like they're not even there. Reggie suggests they call Erica. If anyone can get through to Lily, Erica can, he says.

Maria tries to knock on Maddie's door but Maddie won't let her in. Anita tells Maria she'll try to talk to her. Ethan comes to Wildwind to see if there's anything he can do for Maria. He tells her he knows how hard it was for her to confront Zach. He says he wishes he would have done something to prevent Edmund from confronting Zach. Maria asks him why he let this happen. Ethan says he'll never forgive himself. He should not have let Edmund go to the stables alone. He says he's sorry and prepares to leave, but Maria stops him. She tells him she's the idiot. She thought she knew Zach and believed what he said. She's thankful that Ethan came forward, otherwise Zach would get away with killing her husband. She's sorry for how Zach treated Ethan, but tells Ethan he's better off without him.

Erica comes to see Zach in his jail cell. She tells him he should have burned in that fire like the devil that he is. She asks if he killed Edmund, but he remains silent. She tells him he's just like his brother, Michael. One's a rapist and one's a murderer. She calls him pathetic and a complete failure. Zach just smiles at her and says she's as guilty as he is. Erica tells him he's out of his mind. Zach reminds her that she convinced him to stay in town. Erica tells him she'll do everything in her power to see that he's punished beyond oblivion. Zach tells her she has no idea what's headed her way. He'll make a believer out of even her, he says.

Maria is the grieving widow when Aidan comes to the door. Ethan lets him in and Aidan embraces Maria. Anita returns from talking to Maddie and tells Maria that she's scared, confused and sad. She needs her mom, despite what she says. Maria goes to talk to Maddie. Anita tells Aidan that she and Maria were planning a special anniversary celebration for Maria and Edmund. How could this have happened? Aidan says he was waiting for Zach's hit man to show up but he didn't. He wonders if the hit man exists. Anita says Edmund talked to Zach's hit man and they set up a meeting. Aidan says he checked Bobby's cell phone and could find no phone number to indicate there's a hit man. Ethan says Zach admitted he hired a hit man. He tells Aidan not to disrespect the reputation of a man who put his life on the line and lost it. Anita asks Aidan why he's asking so many questions since Zach has confessed. Aidan says there's something wrong. Anita tells him Maria has a sense of justice and peace and urges him not to take that from her.

Myrtle goes to Zach's cell and tells him that the police want her statement. She says she was with Opal at his casino when he heard him tell Edmund that he would get him before Edmund could get Zach. Zach tells Myrtle she'll have to tell the truth. Myrtle tells him she will and asks if he will do the same. Zach tells her that he killed Edmund because he wanted Maria, he shot Ryan to get the Cambias fortune and poisoned Greenlee just because he could. Myrtle says she trusts her eyes and she watched him when he held Miranda. She says he doesn't have the eyes of a man who would leave two children fatherless.

Erica arrives at Jack's and he tells her that the situation is a mess. He says Reggie thinks that she can get through to Lily. Erica tells Jack he should listen to Reggie more often. Erica asks Reggie and Jack if she can talk to Lily alone and they leave to pick up some dinner. Erica tells Lily she knows she had a real scare but she's being very brave. She says she wants to make Lily feel safe and loved because she cares about her very much. She says she would like to hug her but knows Lily doesn't like to be touched, so in her mind she says she's hugging her. She asks Lily if she understands and Lily nods her head. Erica asks her if she remembers when they first talked about Aidan and that Erica talked about having seven previous boyfriends. She says it didn't work out with any of those boyfriends and it hurt. She says it helps to talk about it. Erica asks her what happened the night of the fire. Lily starts yelling "red, red" and nervously arranges some jars on the counter. In the process she cuts her hand and panics when she sees herself bleeding. "Wet red," she says. "Make it stop."

A tearful Maria returns to her living room after talking with Maddie. She is alone and sits down and thinks back to Zach telling her he would never lie to her. Then she recalls him confessing to killing Edmund. Zach is shown alone lying on a bed in his jail cell staring toward the ceiling.

Ethan walks into his dark office, turns on the lights and sits down. He has flashbacks to Zach telling him he's not his son, to let go of Cambias before the people who want to hurt him succeed and that he's going to court to get the Cambias fortune from him.

Jack returns home and finds Erica sitting alone on his couch looking worried. Erica tells him Lily cut herself and is not all right. She says she thinks the red Lily is talking about was not fire but rather blood. She says she thinks Lily witnessed Edmund's murder.

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