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At the station, Derek tells Zach that he better start talking or he will be giving up the high rolling casino life for a life in prison. From outside the window, Ethan is watching. Zach says nothing except that Derek may call a witness; his son. Derek invites Ethan into the room. Ethan enters and smirks. Zach tells his son that this must be even better for him than watching his father burn in the fire.

While Edmund is being wheeled out of the hospital, Maria demands to find out whether or not her husband was able to walk.

David enters his home and notices Tad in his home packing a suitcase for him. He demands that Tad knocks it off. Tad tells him he wants him out of Pine Valley for good. David asks Tad if he’s angry because Krystal is doing time. He tells Tad that he can take his tantrum elsewhere and he can blame himself, because he is the moron who helped her get that ridiculous plea bargain. Tad replies that there would not be a plea bargain, if David had done the right thing months ago. But he tells David that this is not about Krystal or Babe or either of his sons. It’s about Zach Slater. David says he has nothing to do with Zach Slater. Tad tells David if it were not for him, Maria would never have met Zach and Edmund would still be alive.

Kendall goes into the Fusion office and tries to talk to Greenlee. Greenlee is lost in thought and not talking. Kendall tells her that it is tragic that Edmund died. But if Maria is right, then Zach is the one who poisoned her and Jonathan is in the clear. So she can get back to her lovely marriage. Greenlee says what if Maria is wrong?

Ryan goes to the station and asks Zach if he killed Edmund. Noticing Ethan is there, he questions whether Ethan might just want to frame his father. Ethan informs Ryan that he saw Zach murder Edmund himself at the horse stable. He says that Zach cracked Edmund on the back of the head with a shovel. And he confirms to Ryan that he will swear to that on the Cambias fortune. Ryan tells him that’s a hell of a risk. He tells Ryan it is not. Ryan asks what happened. Ethan tells Ryan he should ask Zach about that, but he notices Zach is a little quiet at the moment. Ryan asks if he can talk to Zach and Derek alone. Ethan steps out. Ryan tells Zach that two children lost their father and their mother is now a widow and he’s sitting there just like he got a parking ticket. He tells Zach that Edmund had friends who loved him, but he says he realizes Zach would never know what love means. Ryan tells Zach he wants to know the truth. What was going on with him? Why did he go to Wildwind?

Maria informs Brooke that she heard that Edmund was really able to walk and lied about his paralysis. But Brooke tells her that it doesn’t matter now that Edmund is dead. And why should she believe anything Zach told her? She also tells Maria that she needs to take time for her children because they need her. Maria seems really confused and really torn between whether to believe that Edmund was truthful to her and it was Zach who lied, or if it was the other way around. At that moment, Edmund’s physical therapist appears. Maria asks him if Edmund was ready to be able to walk. The physical therapist tells her no way. He tells her that Edmund worked very hard but never succeeded in getting the use of his legs back. When he leaves, Brooke tells Maria that she just got the answer she wanted and now it’s time to go and get some rest and take a break for a while.

Tad asks David how many innocent lives he’s destroyed. How many marriages has he wrecked? He goes on about David’s history with so many people. He concludes that now Krystal is going to the state pen and her daughter has lost her child to JR. And Edmund will never get back the years that David stole from him. And he says now we have Zach Slater to thank David for. And he suggests that now that David no longer has his license to practice medicine, why doesn’t he just try his hand at death and destruction and go overseas and disappear? David tells Tad that he knows Tad wishes he could save the world, but he has never managed to be a benefit to anybody. He’s not even the “king” he believes he is of that freak show he calls a family.

Kendall tells Greenlee that since Maria has busted Zach, Greenlee can now believe that Zach poisoned her and she can get back to her happy marriage with Ryan without suspecting his brother. But Greenlee tells Kendall that she does not believe that it was Zach who poisoned her. It was Jonathan. Kendall tells Greenlee that Maria does not lie. And she inquires why Greenlee would want to have to suspect Jonathan and jeopardize her marriage? But Greenlee tells Kendall that she knows that Jonathan hates her and is a sicko and she cannot hide the truth.

Meanwhile, Simone is at the bar “working” on Jonathan.

David demands that Tad gets out of his house. Tad tells David he needs to realize that nobody wants him here. David tells Tad that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has a daughter who loves him and needs him and he’s not going anywhere just because Tad doesn’t like him. He also tells Tad that he needs to get back to his own life. Doesn’t Tad have an ex-wife who lost a man whom she almost kind of considered marrying? Wouldn’t she need a hankie and a shoulder right now? Tad leaves but some day the earth will swallow David whole. David tells Tad the world is not like a fairy tale. Guys like Edmund die. But guys like himself, they multiply like bunnies. And he asks Tad to not let the door hit him on the way out.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to talk to her and tell her what is going on. Greenlee tells Kendall that she is worried about Ryan. And even if Maria wants to wipe Jonathan off the “psycho list”, she knows that Ryan is having suspicions about his brother. Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to see that Ryan wants nothing more than to believe in Jonathan. But Greenlee says that it’s very complicated in that she knows that Ryan wants a normal sane little brother. But she knows that Ryan is deep down really afraid that his brother is nuts. That’s why he moved into the Valley Inn with him. That’s why he goes to therapy with him. And that’s why he calls him every ten minutes whenever he is away from him. She says that Ryan may not admit to it, but he is terrified that Jonathan is going to be buckled down to a straight jacket. Kendall says that what they need to do now, is go and nail Jonathan right at his own game.

At the restaurant, Simone pretends to have a romantic encounter with Jonathan. He buys her a drink. But he “surprises” her by ordering a soda instead of alcohol. He talks to her about the Red Socks and the Yankees.

Zach tells Ryan that he sees Ryan as a mystery. He asks Ryan why he is not out celebrating instead of harassing him. Ryan tells him after his friend has been murdered, he is not about to be celebrating anything. Zach inquires why Ryan would not be happy that the man who shot at him, drugged his wife and murdered his friend is going up the river. Ryan inquires why Zach would take a shovel and attack a man in a wheelchair. But Zach tells Ryan that he knows that Ryan is afraid of his worst suspicion that keeps him up at night. While they talk, Derek hears their conversation. Zach tells Ryan that he is the maniac who did all those things. And wouldn’t Ryan rejoice in seeing him gone? He knows that Ryan is not happy because he is holding “face cards” and they are all faces Ryan knows. He tells Ryan that when he was shot, everybody assumed that he was the target. But if he wasn’t, then maybe it was just a mistake. But Ryan reminds Zach that he knows that his wife was poisoned and that was real. He tells Zach that he needs a resolution. Zach says he knows that Ryan Lavery wants to be the hero who saves everybody and everything.

While Jonathan is “wining and dining” Simone, he tells her that he finally feels like a “real person”. She assures him that he is a real person and that she does not listen, nor should he, to Kendall and Greenlee and their gossip and attitudes. He seems to warm up to her.

Kendall and Greenlee go to “visit” David. He doesn’t want to talk to them. But they demands he lets them in. Kendall says they will not leave until he helps them. He tells Kendall she is beyond help. She tells him all they need is one of his “designer drugs”. He laughs and asks what they are up to. Hearing about their “scheme” he asks why they want some kind of a “truth serum”. Kendall indicates that they need him to manufacture something that will force the truth out of somebody like a scared child in the principal’s office. He suggests that maybe they should just try to “communicate” with the person whom they are concerned about. Kendall makes “sniping” remarks about how he’s ruined Krystal’s life. He tells her that she ruined his daughter’s life by smearing her in court. Greenlee tells David she will never forgive him for what he did to her cousin and Kendall’s sister. David admits that he deeply regrets the pain he caused Bianca. Kendall says in that case, he can help them by showing his expertise as the master of all drinks. She says either he does that or they will start experimenting on their own.

Brooke goes to her office and looks on the computer. Tad goes and visits her. She asks how someone can repair all the damages that have just happened. She informs Tad that Edmund informed her that he had secret intent to punish Maria and he made sure that Maria never had a clue.

Maria tells Derek that she is determined to get revenge upon Zach. Ethan goes outside with them. Ryan privately tells Zach that he knows Zach really hurts the ones he loves. Not only Ethan but also Maria. He says he remembers Maria being Zach’s number one defender, the only person in town who trusted him. And he asks Zach why he would drug Greenlee? What did she ever do to hurt him? And why would he frame Kendall? What could he possible get out of doing that? Zach asks Ryan if he can hear himself right now. He tells Ryan how desperate he sounds. Ryan admits he is desperate; desperate for an answer. Zach tells Ryan that he can see that Ryan is desperate for security. He tells Ryan that he looks forward to the day when the truth hits Zach over the head. Ryan says he doesn’t want to hear a lecture from the guy who poisoned his own son against him. Zach tells Ryan that Ethan is the way he is because of him, not because of his father. And he tells Ryan that he is onto him.

David explains to Kendall and Greenlee that drugging somebody is not as simple as looks. They laugh, knowing that that has never stopped him before. He tells them that it can be dangerous and they should be aware of the consequences. Greenlee tells him this is important. They have done everything necessary to confront this person. They have hired investigators. Hearing that, David inquires if it is Ryan, because if he hurt Greenlee, David will make him pay. Kendall says it doesn’t matter who it is. They just want David’s help. He says he will help them under one condition.

Tad tells Brooke that since he’s gotten his own head kicked in by messing up his own life, maybe she should seek advice elsewhere. She tells him she is choosing him. He tells her that some secrets should go to the grave. But Brooke expresses that she is really concerned about Maria blaming herself for the failure of her marriage to Edmund and what Edmund confided to her. Tad tells her the only one to blame for their marital problems was David Hayward. But Brooke says that the Edmund she knew recently was not the kind and loving person whom Maria married and whom they knew. He behaved like a stranger. He was a hateful, cold and nasty person who wanted to hurt his wife and lie. Tad says that with what Edmund went through with paralysis and with Zach Slater, he will not judge Edmund. He tells her that as much as he’d like to help her he cannot. He tells her whatever she decides; he will always be with her; every step of the way. She cries in his arms.

Ethan, Maria and Ryan stand by Zach, waiting for Derek to hear him confess, read him his rights and nail him. Zach admits that he is guilty of killing Edmund Gray. He is guilty of everything.

David tells Kendall and Greenlee that he has a condition for “concocting” the drug for their “subject”. He says if “he” has any adverse reactions or has to have his stomach pumped, that they will let David know immediately. Greenlee inquires how they know that their subject is a he. David says he knows that women only get baffled by a man’s ability or willingness to know the truth.

Derek takes Zach to the station. But it still seems as though Zach has some trick up his sleeve and knows something that nobody else knows.

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