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Tad enters the empty courtroom before the trial. He goes outside and meets Livia who is has agreed to represent Babe and Krystal since he and Jamie have asked her. She indicates that she is very uncomfortable helping them, since Jackson Montgomery is a good friend of hers. She tells them that an “easy sentence” for Babe and for David would be community service and probation. And that’s the best they can expect.

Ryan invites the shrink to talk to him and Jonathan in their room at the Valley Inn. The shrink asks why Ryan called him to meet them there. Ryan informs him he’d like to discuss his wife Greenlee and how his brother feels about her.

After hearing Ethan inform her that Zach murdered Edmund, Maria freaks. She cries and demands that Zach tells her it is not true. But Zach, Ethan and Kendall stand there silently. Derek appears. Ethan informs him that he needs to report the murder of Edmund Gray. Derek informs them that he did not know that Edmund died in the fire and appears very upset. Ethan informs Maria that he ran into Zach at Wildwood. He says he found out that Zach was there to confront Edmund and destroy his marriage. He admits that he hit Zach with a shovel in order to give himself some time so he could possibly warn Edmund. He says that Edmund insisted on confronting Zach on his own and neither expected him to go there. He says he hid and watched what happened and noticed Zach cracking Edmund on the back of the head with the same shovel Ethan used on him. He noticed Zach checking for a pulse, perhaps to find out of he’d “succeeded” in doing the job. Ethan then noticed that Zach “conveniently” put an electric heater over a bail of hey in order to start a fire. He tells Zach the reason why he rescued him from the fire was because as much as he wanted to see him burn, it would be too easy and let him off the hook and not let him pay for what he done. Maria tells Derek she believes that Zach killed her husband. And that is not the only thing he is guilty of.

Greenlee is on the roof of the Fusion office. Simone catches her and asks her what she’s doing. Greenlee informs Simone that she is “reliving” what happened so that she can find out more clues. She wants to know if she is just being paranoid or if she really is onto something. Simone expresses to Greenlee that Greenlee is behaving as though she does not trust her, Greenlee and Kendall are having secrets, which they do not tell her, and she wishes Greenlee would open up and see her as a friend who wants to help her. Greenlee informs Simone that she believes that Jonathan poisoned her. And she says now he’s poisoning Ryan.

Jonathan tells the shrink that he and Ryan were talking about their father’s midnight rages. Ryan tells Jonathan that his main concern, right now, is in regard to Greenlee. Jonathan tells his brother that he can clearly see that Greenlee does not like him. But Ryan tells him that it goes both ways. He can clearly tell that Jonathan doesn’t like Greenlee. And he urges his brother not to make him choose between his brother and his wife.

Jamie confronts JR for his intention to hurt Babe. JR says he will not let her get away with what she did. Noticing Erica has voluntarily entered the courtroom, Tad asks her why she is there. Why does she want so much to hurt Krystal and Babe? Erica replies that she is there to see justice served. She goes and sits with JR and Adam. The judge reads the charges to Krystal, Babe and David. He asks all three of them if they are aware that by accepting the guilty verdict, they will have a felony criminal record. They agree that they are aware and accept what will happen. Erica stands up and wants to talk. The judge tells her she is not a lawyer or a witness and was not asked to be there. She says she is the mother of the victim, Bianca Montgomery. JR also stands up and says that he is another victim. And Erica urges the judge to listen to what she and JR have to say and then decide.

In the hospital, Dr. Joe Martin tries to console Brooke after Edmund’s death. When she is alone, Brooke has a flashback that Edmund confided in her that he was ready to get rid of Maria without telling her, exact revenge upon Zach as well as upon Maria..

Maria concludes to Zach that he shot Ryan. She believes he probably also drugged Greenlee and framed Kendall for it. And she knows he wanted everyone to believe that he did it to protect his son. But she realizes now he did not care about his son, or anybody except himself. And she admits that she covered for him and trusted him. And now her husband is dead. He’s murdered the love of her life.

After hearing Erica’s and JR’s request to speak out against Babe and her parents, Livia approaches the bench and informs the judge that a bargain has already been made and agreed to by both parties. But the judge says he will “weigh in” Ms. Kane’s and Mr. Chandler’s arguments. Erica says she realizes that everybody makes some sort of bargain in their lives in business or in their personal life, or whatever. But this is a bargain that serves nobody except the selfish, the wicked and the guilty. She says she will not let the people who hurt her daughter get away with their crime. Livia argues that Ms. Kane’s daughter signed off on the agreement to let Babe and David get a lighter sentence. Erica says she realizes that but, regardless, when she was there to notice her daughter believing her baby was gone, and how not only Krystal, but also Babe and David, let her believe that, what they did cannot go unpunished. JR speaks up and admits that he has not suffered the way Bianca has, but the very same parties lied to him and made him believe that his baby died. Erica tells the judge that neither Bianca nor JR were offered any plea bargains. They were forced to believe that their children were taken from them and to live with this indescribable loss. And she believes that any “deals” offered to these criminals is a slap in the face to her daughter and to JR. She urges the judge to let Babe and David go to prison with Krystal Adam stands up and tells the judge he has the power to make it happen and must reject the plea bargain and prosecute Ms. Carey and Dr. Hayward to the furthest extent of the law.

Greenlee and Simone relive first meeting Jonathan, the experience they remember about what happened to Greenlee when she was drugged and what they remember about Jonathan’s involvement in those experiences. Simone, right then, says she remembers something significant.

Jonathan tells the shrink and Ryan that he may have behaved like a child when he first came into town; dependent upon Ryan to be his hero, and he may have had an immature attitude when he was afraid that Ryan might abandon him or have other things in his life. The shrink asks him, specifically about his feelings toward his sister in law, Greenlee. While Jonathan tries to “rationalize” his thoughts and feelings about meeting Greenlee, then knowing she got sick and hospitalized and they found out she’d been poisoned, and he tries to convince them both that he wanted to be supportive to Greenlee, he mistakenly calls her Gail. Ryan stops him and notes how odd it is that Jonathan called Greenlee by their mother’s name. The shrink asks them both how they felt about their mother. Ryan admits he loved her during the “blue sky days” but hated her for not protecting him and Jonathan from their father. She just drink and sit idly by while their father abused them. Jonathan remembers the same thing and remarks that she took the “poison” until it killed her.

Maria tells Zach that he worked really hard to make everybody believe that her husband was the evil one. But she knows that was totally false. So does Ethan. So does Kendall. And she will never forgive Zach. Right before Derek is ready to book Zach for the murder of Edmund. Maria demands that Zach says something to her. He says nothing and goes out the door with Derek while she goes with them. Privately, Kendall tells Ethan that it’s very odd that this is the first she’s heard that Zach wanted to kill Edmund. She also has no clue that Ethan and Edmund “joined forces”. He doesn’t have much to tell her except that he is not lying. He knew what he saw. Maria tells Derek she wants that SOB to burn in hell for what he did.

Simone brainstorms with Greenlee that it’s very coincidental that she just happened to notice that throughout the time Jonathan has worked in the office with them, he’s made many efforts to get “drinks” of many kinds for Greenlee. She remembers many times when he offered to get Greenlee some lemonade or coffee or whatever. But Simone remembers Jonathan never made any effort to get her anything to drink.

At the same time, in therapy, Jonathan recalls having this “need” to take care of mommy by getting her alcohol for her, even though he knew it was poison for her. The reason was that his mother would praise him for it and tell him nobody mixes a drink like him. At that time, Ryan has a flashback of Jonathan very “courteously” getting Greenlee some coffee, and being witnessed but never suspected by Ryan or by Simone. Ryan excuses himself but does not tell his brother where he is going. Alone, Jonathan raises a drink and says: “here’s to you, mother.”

In the courtroom, the judge leaves and lets the people talk privately. Krystal asks Erica if it is not enough that she’s offered her own blood. Erica tells Krytal she is not bleeding, but she will go to prison. And so will her daughter and her daughter’s father. Tad tells Erica that she must realize that this is not what Bianca would want. Erica says she does not know that but she knows that this is what she wants. Erica tells Tad she does not wish to be at odds with him. She loves him and realizes had it not been for him, Bianca would have never gotten Miranda back. But she tells him he’s just as blind to these Carey women as his son is. Jamie tries to convince JR to let up. But JR says they all belong in prison. Adam tells his son he’s very proud of him and hopes justice will prevail.

The judge returns and makes a ruling. He says that knowing how Babe’s, David’s and Krystal’s actions have hurt not only many adults but innocent children as well, he expresses that the DA’s plea bargain makes him want to throw up. But since it has been so directed, he will not contest it. He does, however, instruct Babe and David to stand up. He tells them that the DA offered them both a “sweetheart” of a deal. And he is about to make it much less sweet. They will now be ordered to spend three days a week reporting to a probation officer and their “community service” will be at the bottom of the totem pole. He tells them they will be picking up trash and working in sewage systems and other undesirable working conditions. He tells Dr. Hayward that he must give up his license to practice medicine. Either that or David goes to prison. It’s his choice. David agrees to the sentence. He tells Krystal that her sentence stands. Ten years in the women’s prison.

Maria cries about the loss of Edmund. But Brooke tells Maria she must realize that she loved Edmund and he loved her.

Derek questions Ethan about the coincidence in time of Zach allegedly shooting Ryan right at that time Ethan went to prison for it. But Ethan reminds Derek that he heard Maria. Right when Edmund was on to Zach for the shooting, Edmund suddenly gets murdered by Zach. Derek tells him once his statement is typed up he can sign it. He asks Ethan if he is really ready to swear in court that his father murdered Edmund Gray. Ethan says he will swear to that in court.

After Greenlee and Simone have made their revelations about Jonathan, Ryan appears and informs his wife that he and Jonathan and the shrink had an emergency session where they talked about her and their mom. She questions the relevancy between her and their mom. He does not tell her but takes her in his arms.

At the end of the hearing, Babe, David and Krystal all tear up and promise to be there for each other. Tad tells Krystal that he will stand by her and visit her whenever they allow it. But as they walk out of the courtroom, Erica tells them that she is happy to see there is not a “dry eye” in the courtroom. JR tells Babe and David that he’s very disappointed that they will not go to prison with “mommy”. Adam tells them that when he, his son, and Erica are done with them, they will wish they were in prison.

Kendall rushes into the Fusion office and informs Ryan and Greenlee that Edmund has been murdered. She informs Ryan that Zach killed Edmund and also implicated himself for shooting Ryan and drugging Greenlee. They stand up and are shocked.

In the interrogation room, Zach hears Derek asking him how and why he struck Edmund, if he intended to kill him, and what else he has done. He has nothing to say.

Maria goes into her deceased husband's room, leans over him and cries.

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