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After Edmund’s hospital machine indicates that he is dead, Maria refuses to give up and instructs the medical team to help revive him. Anita, David Hayward and Dr. Joe Martin all assist her but know that it’s futile. From outside, Brooke watches and asks God not to let Edmund die.

Zach tells Ethan that he is very surprised that he did not let his father die. From outside, Kendall overhears their conversation. Ethan tells his father that it’s really no big deal that he saved his life and that probably nobody will celebrate his survival. But Zach is amazed that his son pulled him out of a burning building. Ethan tells his father that maybe he saved his life so he can watch him live and suffer.

In Krystal’s jail cell, her guard informs her that she has a visitor. It’s her brother. She is a little baffled. When he enters, she notices that it’s Tad faking a southern accent.

Jamie tells Babe that they have no choice but to accept the rules of visitation where she can only see her child for 3 hours a week. He tells her that JR is just waiting for her to make a mistake so he can prevent her from having any more rights to see her child. He tells her that he realizes he cannot marry her right now, since her divorce is not final. But if it was, he says he would marry her right this second. She surprises him by showing him the signed and sealed divorce papers that JR gave her. And she announces that she is single and available again. He tells her not for long and they kiss.

Krystal tells Tad she is amazed that he’d sneak in to see her and pass himself off as her brother. She asks how her daughter, his son and her grandchild are. He tells her they are good except for the fact that they are upset over the fact that JR won the custody battle. He also tells her that he may be crazy to care about her and would have to be off his meds.

David tells Maria that they have done everything they can to revive Edmund. She tells him that they must make a miracle happen. But Dr. Joe tells her that she must give up because Edmund is gone. Maria still cannot accept the fact that Edmund is dead. She finally gives up and asks David to call the time of death as 9:33 am. She breaks down crying and goes outside the door. Right outside, Zach, Ethan and Kendall view her. Knowing that Zach’s altercation with Edmund caused his death, Maria demands to know what Zach did to her husband. Anita urges Maria not to talk to Zach. Ethan tells her she cannot believe a word Zach says. Maria goes off privately with Zach. Kendall asks Dr. Joe if Edmund is really dead. He replies yes. Noticing that Brooke is devastated, Dr. Joe asks her to come to his office. She says she is ok but goes into Edmunds’ room.

When Lily is in a hospital room after the fire. Aiden apologizes to her for hurting her feelings and not being able to give her a ride home. Jack tells Aiden that maybe he should leave. Reggie thanks Aiden for rescuing Lily from the fire. But Jack tells them that she should not have been there to begin with. Aiden goes outside and notices Anita is crying. She informs him that Edmund has died.

Krystal tells Tad that she does not want a pity party or for anyone to cry for what has happened to her. She tells him that she signed up for this and she will have to deal with it and so will he. He indicates that he still has feelings for her. She reminds him that it would be easier if he was just a no good jerk whom she did not care for because she could get over not being able to be with him again. Through the bars, he kisses her. Derek enters and informs them that there are “laws” that prohibit brothers and sisters from doing that sort of things. He views Tad and asks if he thinks he’s fooled anybody. He tells Derek at least he got in. Derek tells him that Martins are not above the law and both he and Ms. Carey need to know that. Tad tells Derek that he wants to help him bring Krystal to justice by making her know what she’s going to be missing. He kisses her again. She expresses that she wants him. He tells her if she “keeps this up”, she will be the sorriest woman on the planet. Derek tells them that’s enough. But Tad tells Derek that he owes it to the community to make Krystal suffer with wanting him.

Jamie tells Babe that they need to get married right away. There’s no better way to celebrate getting rid of JR. Babe tells Jamie that she is very concerned about her mother making herself a scapegoat and taking the rap for what happened. But he reminds her that it was Krystal’s choice to offer herself to serve a prison sentence in order to help Babe and to help baby James. She says there must be a way to bust her mother out of prison. He suggests that maybe if they get married, Krystal can attend their wedding. Babe reminds him that if that happened, she’d be divorced and remarried in the same day. But he reminds her that he is really committed to be in this for the long haul. And he asks her again if she will marry him.

Kendall tells Ethan that she knows he would never let his own father die, regardless of circumstances. But he admits that he kind of regrets saving Zach’s life. She tells him that maybe they should let this go. But he tells her that he cannot believe Zach’s telling him he wants to save him. He says that Zach, himself, is a worse curse for him than whatever he says he wants to save his son from. He questions what kind of a world we live in when a good man like Edmund Gray dies and Zach gets to live? He reveals to her that he did purposely hit Edmund over the head with a shovel and when she asks what really happened in the stables, he replies; not enough.

Zach tells Maria that when he entered the horse stable, he noticed Edmund lying on the ground and he picked up a shovel. She says she finds that hard to believe. She says she believes that the guy who shot Ryan must have called and warned Zach that Edmund was onto him. And so he had to “silence” Edmund. She tells him she can finally see what he really is. He’s a liar and a coward to go after a man in a wheelchair. But knowing differently about Edmund, he reveals to her that he knows that Edmund can walk. He says he’s sorry but Edmund lied to her. He tells her Edmund entered the horse stable on his feet. She hysterically tells him that Edmund did not lie and how could he say something like that about her husband when he is dead? She breaks down crying and he holds her.

Ethan tells Kendall that it won’t be so easy now to bring Zach to justice. And he is very frustrated knowing that he and Edmund were so close to nailing Zach. She inquires if he really knows that it was Zach who shot Ryan. He tells her yes and now that Edmund is dead, there is no longer a witness about what Zach has done. He says that Zach knows that Edmund’s death also kills any evidence against him and leads to the hired hitman. And that’s why Zach is making nice to the grieving widow instead of running for his life. He goes on about how his father will pay for witnessing and harassing him and believing that he can save him. He expresses that he regrets not just letting Zach die. She tells him that maybe he needs to not get so worked up about this. She suggests going for a walk and getting some fresh air.

Viewing Lily in her hospital room, silent and motionless, Reggie asks Jack how long he thinks she will be like this. Jack says it might be for a long time. They reflect on how she suffered some real traumatizing events, what with being “dumped” by Aiden, then stuck in the burning stable, then witnessing Zach and Edmund and Ethan trying to kill each other and seeing red. Reggie tries to encourage Lily to come back and join them. Danielle tells Lily she has to help her with her math homework. When they leave Lily alone in the room, she just says “red, red, red”. She reveals she is having a flashback.

Maria tells Zach she does not understand how he can accuse Edmund of lying about his paralysis. But he tells her its true. He has proof that Edmund really could walk. She asks where the proof is. He admits that he no longer has it.

Brooke sits with Edmund and asks him what happened.

David is ready to leave. Dr. Joe wants to talk to him. But he tells him he’s had his share of “fun” today. And now he has to go to court to fight some more adversity. And he tells Joe that before they talk, he wants him to know that if there is a medical board that wants to suspend him or smear his character or tell him what a terrible person he is yet again, they may go ahead and do it. He no longer cares. Dr. Joe tells David that he would be remiss if he did not tell David what a mess he made of his life, as a doctor and as a human being.

Babe tells Jamie that she wants their wedding to be the most special and beautiful day in their lives. And she realizes that she wants to wait. He tells her that he knows her too well. He knows when she’s playing him. And he asks her what she’s afraid of.

Jack sits with Lily in her hospital room. She is rocking back and forth and silent. He tells her it’s almost spring break. There will be lots of fun activities for her to look forward to. He tells her that what he wants to do right now is put his arms around her and hold her tight and let her know that everything will be ok. He tells her that he wishes she’d let him be there for her and help her with what is going on for her. But he tells her that he will not push her. He will wait until she is ready.

Dr. Joe asks David when he first learned what happened after playing God. David says he’d rather not hear any more lectures. He says he did what he did to protect his daughter and his grandson and he does not need the approval of this hospital or anybody. But Dr. Joe tells David that he needs to be accountable for his actions.

Jamie tells babe that he is very much like his father, stubborn to the core. She tells him that’s what she loves about him. So he concludes that they got to go down to the courthouse and see if they can free Krystal.

When Tad is visiting Krystal in her jail cell, she reveals that she is still in love with him and so it’s too painful for them to be together. She tells him maybe he needs to go. But at that moment, a guard comes and tells her it’s time to “pay the piper”.

In the hospital, everybody mourns Edmund’s death. Anita cries on Aiden’s shoulder. Brooke sits alone looking distraught. Maria is devastated.

Zach tells Maria that she must believe him. He had nothing to do with Edmund’s death. But Ethan enters and informs Maria that he was there and saw Zach kill her husband.

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