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By Lori
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Edmund is at the Wildwind stable, having been knocked out when hit with a shovel while trying to put out a fire. Ethan walks in and sees Zach kneeling over Edmund. Zach asks Ethan for help and they carry him outside. Zach tells Ethan to call 911 while he goes back into the stable to try to put out the fire.

At the house, Maria tells Brooke she doesn't have to worry about her and Edmund. Brooke recalls Edmund's words about Maria being a liar and a cheat. Maria looks at Brooke and asks her what's wrong. Brooke says their marriage is between the two of them and no one should be in the middle. Like Zach, Maria acknowledges. She tells Brooke that Zach is not an issue and she and Edmund are going to make it. Brooke says she just wants Edmund to be happy again. They hear sirens and run outside.

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at the Valley Inn. Ryan is worried that he hasn't been able to reach Jonathan. They go into Jonathan's room and he's not there. Ryan says he should have listened to his instincts. Greenlee realizes he means he's saying he should not have listened to her. He says he's just trying to save his brother. She says she's trying to save their marriage. Ryan says their marriage is fine.

Jonathan goes to the home he once shared with Maggie and finds Reggie and Danielle and a bunch of boxes. He demands to know where Maggie is then it hits him that Maggie must have left with Bianca. It makes sense, he comments, since Paris is for lovers. Danielle threatens to call her father and Jonathan calls her feisty with a pretty face. He suggests she dump Reggie, calling him still in puberty, for him. An angry Reggie lashes out at Jonathan.

JR is at home with his baby, holding his hands as he walks him around the room. Babe walks in and JR tells her to get lost. Babe is bringing a box of things for the baby she still calls James. JR calls for the nanny, who comes and takes the baby out of the room. Babe calls him James but JR corrects her, saying his name is Adam Chandler III. Babe asks if they can try to get along for their son's sake. JR balks at the idea of being friends, but Babe says they could at least be polite. JR says he never wants to see her again. She says her son loves her and needs her. JR says he got over Kelly and he'll get over her. He hands her an envelope containing their divorce papers. Babe asks him if he ever loved her or did he just use her to stick it to his father.

At the hospital, Adam and Palmer are gleeful about their latest venture – getting David Hayward kicked out of the medical profession. They are talking to Joe when David approaches. Palmer tells him to enjoy his last night as a doctor. Adam and Palmer leave and Joe tells David they are petitioning the AMA to revoke his medical license. David says their victory dance will be cut short when he resigns.

Aidan is talking to Anita at Wildwind and feels guilty over his treatment of Lily. He says he shouldn't have led on someone with autism spectrum disorder. Anita says it was her idea for him to tell Lily he's her boyfriend. She says he's been nothing but good to Lily. Jack calls Aidan to say that Lily is missing. Aidan tells Jack that Lily found out that he's not really her boyfriend after seeing him and Anita kissing. He says he'll find Lily.

Aidan and Anita run onto the grounds and find Ethan kneeling over an unconscious Edmund. Anita tends to Edmund. Brooke and Maria are next on the scene. Maria is immediately concerned about her husband and bends down to assist him. She puts her hand behind his head and finds blood. She tries to wake him up and Anita arrives with her medical bag. Maria desperately cries out asking someone to tell her what happened to her husband. A scream is heard and Aidan runs into the stable to look for Lily. Lily is shown in the burning stable rocking back and forth and counting.

Babe reads through the divorce papers and asks JR why he bothered to marry her. JR only offers his condolences to Jamie and says she's all his now. Babe asks that Jamie be allowed to see the baby but JR refuses and says he wouldn't even allow him in the same room with Adam III. JR tells Babe to crank another one out for Jamie. Babe says Jamie is his brother, but JR says Jamie is nothing to him. Adam and Palmer enter the room and Adam asks what "this" is doing in his house. The three men continue to mock and condemn Babe, with Adam telling her she won't be able to get a job or a line of credit. Palmer tells her she'll pay forever for what she's done. JR tells her that her life officially sucks. "Bring it on, boys," she says as she walks out. "Oh, we will," JR replies.

Ryan looks around the Valley Inn room but finds no sign of Jonathan. Greenlee tells him that if he has to bird dog Jonathan every second he shouldn't be on the loose. Ryan asks her if she's suggesting he should be in jail. He says he walked away from Jonathan once and won't do it again. He asks if she's afraid he went after Maggie. Jonathan, who has just entered the room, says he would need a passport since Maggie made her get-away. Ryan tells Jonathan he was supposed to stay away from Maggie so why did he go looking for her. Jonathan says he just wanted to say he's sorry. He realizes he didn't love her the way she deserved. He tells Ryan and Greenlee that he doesn't want them to put their lives on hold for him. He should just leave. Ryan tells him that Greenlee understands he won't go anywhere until they work this out. Ryan goes to change his clothes, leaving Jonathan and Greenlee alone. Greenlee calls him slick and says he doesn't fool her for a second. Jonathan tells Greenlee that he's getting help. Greenlee tells him Ryan will see him for the manipulative freak that he is. Ryan overhears Jonathan reply to Greenlee that he understands why someone would try to make her go away. She's lucky the person who poisoned her did it wrong, otherwise it would be bye bye Greenlee. Ryan walks back into the room and Greenlee leaves. Ryan tells Jonathan he heard what he said. Jonathan says Greenlee treats him like a woman-beating thug and gets to him. Ryan tells him he hates Greenlee. Jonathan tells him he is wrong and changes the subject to food.

Reggie comments to Danielle about losing old friends. She says she's here to stay. Reggie gets a call from Jack, who tells him that Lily didn't come home. They leave to help look for Lily.

Lily continues rocking and repeating the word "red." Aidan, Ethan and Zach enter the burning stable and Aidan finds Lily. As he tries to reach her, he sees the floor is ready to crumble. He inches closer to Lily and begs her to reach out for his hand. After some coaxing, she takes his hand. A beam falls onto Zach and Ethan is right there. Zach tells Ethan to go ahead and walk away, but Ethan lifts the beam. Lily, meanwhile, falls through the weakened floor but Aidan is able to pull her up and help her out. The paramedics arrive and remove Edmund from the scene and assist a frantic Lily. Maria glares at Zach as she leaves with her husband.

Edmund and Lily arrive at the hospital on gurneys. Lily screams as medical personnel tend to her. David examines Edmund while Jack arrives to comfort Lily. Joe tells Jack that they need to sedate Lily before she hurts herself. Later, Jack, Aidan, Reggie and Danielle go into Lily's hospital room. Lily keeps repeating the number 126. Then she says 1,022. Jack asks her what the numbers mean. Aidan says he thinks she's referring to 126 ceiling tiles and 1,022 checks on Jack's shirt.

Zach asks Ethan why he didn't walk away, but Ethan doesn't reply.

Brooke watches David, Joe and Maria work on Edmund in a hospital room. "Not like this, Edmund," she says to herself. David says Edmund is crashing and they shock him. He flatlines. Maria says they're not giving up and gives him chest compressions.

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