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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Lily sees Aidan and Anita kissing at Aidan's home and yells "No!" She tells Anita she can't kiss her boyfriend. She has to stay away from him. Aidan tells Lily he's sorry she saw them kissing. Lily asks Anita to promise she'll never kiss her boyfriend again. Aidan says he needs to explain. Lily asks Aidan to leave with her. Aidan tells her she doesn't understand. Lily asks Aidan if he wanted Anita to kiss him. He says he kissed her too. Lily tries to run out but Aidan stops her. Anita leaves so Aidan can talk to Lily.

JR is playing with his son at Chandler mansion when Kendall walks into the room. She welcomes Adam Jr. home and tells JR that Bianca left. JR says she didn't even say goodbye. He proposes they take the Chandler jet to Paris to see her. Kendall tells him to stop flirting with her. He says he'll stop when she stops enjoying it. He asks her what she has against Paris. She says nothing and informs him she and Ethan almost went there on Valentine's Day. She asks him if he remembers Ethan, her boyfriend.

Ethan is at the door of Wildwind, where he sees Zach. Ethan accuses Zach of trying to steal Edmund's wife. Zach says his private life is his own. Ethan asks him if Maria has any idea how dangerous his love is. Zach informs Ethan that he's taking Cambias Industries away from him to save his life. Ethan asks Zach who's going to save his life. Zach suggests they forget they ran into each other. Ethan tells him maybe he was right about the Cambias curse, but this is not the place to discuss it. Zach says he needs to give something to Maria. Ethan says they can forget it, but Zach relents and agrees to go to the stables with Ethan to talk.

Inside Wildwind, Edmund tells Maria that by this time tomorrow Zach will be in a jail cell for trying to kill Ryan. Maria's memory flashes back to the kiss she and Zach shared earlier in the day. She tells him that she knows he has to do what's right. He asks her if she's on his side and she says she always is. "Then I don't have to lock you up," he tells her. The comment catches her off guard but he informs her was just joking. Maria says it's not funny because he did lock her up once. Edmund says he needs to trust that she's not going to tip off Zach. Maria says she would never do that. Edmund says Zach has to pay for what he's done. Edmund says he doesn't want this to change anything between them. Maria says she chose him and loves and trusts him. They are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Edmund tells her he can't make love to her the way he used to. She says it doesn't matter. Edmund tells her she always says the right thing. They kiss. Brooke walks in, sees them kissing and smiles.

Lily tells Aidan she wants him to kiss her. She says she's studied kissing and knows it's what boyfriends and girlfriends do. Aidan says they need to make changes in their relationship. What if he becomes more like a big brother? Lily says she already has that and asks him if he wants to kiss her. He brings up him and Anita and Lily asks if they're having sex. He says he and Anita have a sexual relationship. Lily asks if that means she's his girlfriend too, because if she is that's not right. She tells Aidan when she's around him she has these fluttery feelings. She asks if he has the same feelings when he's around her. He admits that he does not. She says her dad was right. He tells her he cares a lot for her. As she runs away Aidan touches her arm. She tells him not to touch her because he's not her boyfriend anymore.

Kendall tells JR that it kills her that Krystal is the only one being punished for keeping Miranda away from Bianca. JR says he'll get revenge on them all. Kendall says he sounds like Ethan, thinking that revenge is the only answer. She says Ethan is out for Zach's blood. JR says Zach deserves it for abandoning Ethan. Kendall says that's not all Zach's done. Now he's trying to take the Cambias fortune from Ethan. She says Ethan's personality has changed. JR says Ethan can take care of himself. Kendall says she's afraid he'll take care of Zach too. She says Ethan is warm and loving and she doesn't want him to change. JR says if Ethan does change, she can check out what he has to offer. He tells Kendall to relax but she says she can't help but be worried. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, he says he has something to help her with that. Kendall reminds him she's with Ethan. JR says he wishes he had fallen for her instead of Babe. Ethan would never have to know, he says. Kendall calls him incorrigible and refuses JR's request for a kiss.

Ethan and Zach go to the Wildwind stables. Zach tells him that he can have a great life and he can help him if he'll let him. Zach says he's only acting in his best interests. He says it's not the money that's dangerous, it's the power. Zach says he would give up all the Cambias power just to have a simple life with the woman he loves. Ethan says if he loved Maria he would not try to destroy her marriage. Zach says Edmund is trying to destroy Maria.

Edmund tells Brooke to pull the Tempo cover story because he has a new one. It's about Zach being behind the attempt on Ryan's life. Anita walks in and asks to talk to Maria. The two women leave and Brooke tells Edmund he's full of surprises. After seeing them kiss, she hopes that he and Maria are reconciling. Edmund says they're not because Maria is playing house with Zach. Brooke asks him if he's sure and says she's sorry. He says he'll put Zach in prison and he doesn't care where his lying cheat of a wife ends up, as long as it's not here. Edmund says Maria is in for one hell of a surprise. Brooke chastises him for stringing Maria along and urges him to be honest and tell her he knows about her and Zach. Ethan says once Zach is strung up in prison he'll tell Maria about honesty. Brooke accuses him of wanting to destroy Maria. She says the Edmund she knows would not do this. What about the kids? Edmund says she lost them when she repeatedly went to Slater. He says Slater's going to jail and Maria can go to hell.

Anita tells Maria what happened with Lily and says she wishes she hadn't walked in on her and Aidan. She asks Maria if she's decided if Edmund or Zach is telling the truth. Maria says Edmund, but she wishes he was wrong. She can't imagine Edmund hiring someone to kill Ryan. But she knows the man she loves wouldn't lie about Zach. Maria says their anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks and she wants to do something special. Anita suggests time at a spa and Maria likes the idea. Aidan arrives at Wildwind to see Anita and tells her he should have been up front with Lily. Anita asks how Lily is and Aidan says she's as well as can be expected. Their conversation was one of the hardest he's had, he says.

JR and Kendall discuss Zach's efforts to get the Cambias fortune. Kendall says money and power can change a person. JR says they change for the good. Ethan has enough power now to call the White House and get through to the Oval Office. Kendall asks what if it's too much but JR says there's no such thing as too much. Kendall says she was with Ethan when Zach threatened to take the money and Ethan had no reaction. She sees rage building inside him and she fears he's going to explode. JR says revenge can be satisfying. Kendall says revenge can take over a person's life. She wants to save Ethan from that.

Ethan and Zach argue over the Cambias fortune so fiercely that once Zach turns his back, Ethan grabs a shovel and knocks him out. He checks Zach and sees he'll be OK. He searches Zach's pockets and finds the disc he was going to show Maria.

Ethan arrives at Wildwind and interrupts Edmund's conversation with Zach. Edmund asks Brooke to check the story he wrote in the next room. She says she's not happy about any of this. Edmund tells her to accept it. Brooke leaves and Edmund tells Ethan he was late. Is he backing out? Ethan says he ran into Zach outside. Edmund asks where Zach is. Ethan says he's taken care of. Ethan hands over the disc he found with Zach. Edmund asks what is on the disc. Ethan says he doesn't know but Zach claims it was something that would turn Maria against Edmund. Ethan hands over a pile of cash to Edmund and Edmund says he'll take care of Zach.

Lily goes into the stable and sees Zach unconscious on the floor.

Maria finds Brooke at Wildwind but Edmund is not there. Maria tells Brooke she admires her and appreciates her friendship with Edmund. She's grateful to Brooke for her second chance with Edmund. She says she will make Edmund happier than he's ever been and they will have their happy ending. Brooke tells Maria Edmund's a complicated guy and keeps things inside. Maria asks her what she's saying.

In the stable, an unidentified gloved hand is shown putting a space heater down on some hay. Edmund rolls into the stable in his wheel chair, sees the heater and goes to lift it off the hay. Edmund is hit from behind with a shovel and falls unconscious to the floor. The heater sets the hay on fire.

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