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Ryan and Greenlee ride motorcycles and wind up at a place that brings back memories. Itís her idea. He asks what is going on and whatís the significance about this place. She takes him inside and surprises him.

Maggie appears in Biancaís private jet to Paris, unexpectedly. Bianca is surprised that Maggie suddenly changed her mind and asks her if sheís really certain that she wants to go with her to Paris. Maggie says she may be confused about a lot of things. But she knows she wants to be with her best friend.

Jack and Lily return home. Lily asks her father if itís really certain that Bianca will leave and if thereís a possibility that she could change her mind. He tells his daughter that Bianca just needed a change of scenery and to be with her baby. Lily asks if that means that itís good for people to change old habits and do new things. He replies yes. She then tells her father that she would like to make a change and now wants to kiss Aiden.

Zach unexpectedly appears at Ethanís office and tells him he wants to take back Cambias. Ethan tells him he will not do that. Kendall backs him. He tells his son that he may now take his best shot at his father if he wants to fight him.

Jack asks Lily why she now wants to kiss Aiden. She replies that he is her boyfriend. Remembering Lilyís previous definition of the term boyfriend, meaning someone to interact with and be friends without touching, Jack inquires why she would now have this new interest. She tells her father that since Aiden touched her arm a while back, it felt ok and she now wants to kiss him. She tells her father that she is ready and she has been practicing. She says she thinks she has it down right. But if she does not, then Aiden will show her how to do it better.

Aiden and Anita go to see Edmund and Maria. Edmund informs them that heís been trying to contact Bobbie He tells them heís picking up where Bobbie left off. He says he believes that the shooter was hired by Slater. Maria inquires how Edmund could piece everything together with just one phone call. Edmund replies that he talked to a guy on the phone and accused him of shooting Ryan and he did not deny it. He asks Aiden if he remembers a voice which they both spoke to. Aiden confirms it. Edmund concludes that he knows that Zach is on their list of suspects. He tells Maria that the reason heís been suspicious of Zach is not because heís jealous. He tells his wife that Zach is not the person whom she believes he is. He is dangerous.

Ethan and Kendall tell Zach that they believe that he killed Ryan. He denies it. Ethan tells Zach that he will not give up the company because of fear of the Cambias curse. Kendall inquires why, if Zach really cares about Bianca and Miranda, would he steal from them? Zach informs her that it is Ethan that has taken something from Bianca. Kendall protests that she knows that Ethan adores her sister. But Zach informs them that Ethan has quit his work for the Miranda center.

Maggie tells Bianca that she is really certain she wants to go with her to Paris. She says that she suddenly realized that if and when she would say goodbye to Bianca, she would never be able to figure out what would be in store for her life. And she found out that if she let Bianca walk out of her life, it would be the biggest mistake in her life.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she wants to stay with him in this place she found so that they can be happy just like they were the night of their honeymoon. He agrees and pulls her outside the door then carries her in. He remembers that they did not have a proper honeymoon at that time and now he wants to make love to her as his wife. He tells her he wants her now and they get it on.

Ethan admits to Kendall that he has temporarily postponed working for the Miranda center and did some work on another company that generates profit. He tells Zach that he has stockholders to whom he has financial responsibility. But Zach tells Ethan that he does not have compassion for anybody or anything. Heís just greedy and in it only for himself. And he will lose Kendall and all the people in his life.

Maggie admits to Bianca that sheís very scared and will need time to understand herself again. She admits that the time she spent with Jonathan messed up enough of her life. She tells Bianca that she knows she loves her although sheís denied it before. She admits that now she no longer wants to hide her true feelings for the person she really does love. Maggie admits that she is not really certain what the nature of her feelings for Bianca really is. She cannot be certain whether itís an incredible kind of love or an incredible kind of friendship. She does not entirely know if she is gay or straight. Bianca assures her she will not put pressure on her.

Right when Ryan has had his romantic encounter with Greenlee, he remembers he must go. Heís just promised Jonathan that heíd be home soon.

Jack is a little concerned about his daughter wanting intimacy with Aiden. He tells her she does not understand how complicated it all is. She tells her father that Aiden has never talked to her the way most people do. He asks whom she means by most people. She replies she means the people who do not believe she can do anything because she has autism spectrum disorder.

Maria tells Aiden and Anita that itís entirely possible that Bobbieís lying with his accusations of Zach and Bobbie might be trying to frame someone. Edmund tells her he knows what heís doing and what is really happening. She suggests that maybe they just call Derek and let the police handle it. She leaves. And when Aiden is alone with Edmund he asks him why he lied to his wife and did not reveal that he paid off this person to admit to being a hit man.

Ethan tells Zach that he does not buy for a minute that he cares about him or anything. And he will not let him take his company. Zach tells his son that his lawyers will be in touch. He leaves. Kendall inquires what has happened with Ethanís decision to put the Miranda center on hold and if Ethan might have already lost his soul. He protests to her that Zach is insane and she must realize that not a word that comes out of that manís mouth is true. But she protests that Zach was not lying that Ethan quit the Miranda center. But he assures her that it is only temporarily and he will never abandon her sister or her niece. He keeps trying to convince her that Zach will stop at nothing to make her distrust him. She tells Ethan she does not want to believe that she has any reason to distrust him. He tells her in that case, he must believe in him. She demands that he gets back on the phone and tells the crew that they must resume their work on the Miranda center and not put it off another day. But he protests to her that it will only be a few weeks and begs her to understand what he needs to do.

Bianca admits to Maggie that they have both been through a lot this year. And it will take them both some time to get their balance back. But she says she knows of nobody better to do that with than her best friend. And nowhere better to go than the most beautiful city in the world with all the culture and art and scenery. And she informs Maggie that if sheís really going to Paris she needs to go and get a passport. Maggie surprises her by revealing that she already got one a while ago, planning for this day. They conclude that they are going to Paris together.

Jack tells Lily that he believes in her and has faith that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She says she believes that she can have a real relationship with Aiden. He tells her that Aiden verbally agreed to be her boyfriend only as not to hurt her feelings. He tells her he knows that Aiden likes her. And he knows that in time boys will be interested in her. But they will have to be her own age. He leaves and Lily relives her initial proposal to Aiden to be her boyfriend and his agreeing to be. She goes out the door.

When Ryan is getting up and ready to leave to take care of his brother, Greenlee tells him he must be with her for this night. But he tells her he cannot. She tells him that this must be what she gets for being independent and making him think she does not need him. But she tells him now that she does need him. He tells her she needs her to get dressed and leave with him. She says she will not go just because he said so. She plans to stay there with or without him. He tells her when sheís ready he wants her to call a cab. She gets back into the bed and turns away from him. He goes out the door. She looks very upset and disappointed.

Maria expresses to Anita that sheís worried about this potentially dangerous person whom Edmund will go and meet with Aiden. Anita tells her sister that part of her marriage commitment is to trust her husband. But Maria reveals that she believes what Zach told her in that he swore that he had nothing to do with the shooting. Anita inquires if that means that she distrusts her own husband. Maria reveals to her sister that she let Zach kiss her but she stopped. Anita encourages her sister to realize that she stopped because she knows that she must commit to Edmund.

Edmund tells Aiden that he will go and meet the shooter by himself. But Aiden insists on going with him. Aiden leaves and Edmund gets on his cell phone. He calls Ethan and puts plans into motion to work together to bring down Ethanís father, Zach. He arranges for Ethan to bring a lot of money.

An informant goes to Zachís office and brings him something of interest that was dropped when he was trapped in the place with Maria. Itís a recorded DVD. Zach puts it in the DVD player and notices that Edmund has been taped without his knowing and is really able to walk. He watches and says he is so surprised that Edmund would do something like that.

Ryan surprises Greenlee by returning to her.

Ethan tells Kendall that he needs her to understand that he needs to fight this man. She tells him that she needs to know what his priorities are really about her. He tells her that once heís done with his dealings with Zach and finds out who shot Ryan, he will take her wherever she wants to go and be with her. He tells her he just wants her to be happy and happy with him. He gets up to leave.

Anita tells Aiden that she is really concerned about Mariaís marriage with Edmund being on shaky grounds and this big complication with Zach Slater. He assures her that he will keep his eyes open and find out what is really going on. He kisses her. And at that moment, Lily enters and witnesses them.

Edmund returns to Maria and tells her that although he knows this must be hard for her to believe, she needs to realize that Zach Slater ordered the hit on Ryan Lavery. And she needs to face up to it.

After discovering proof that Edmund really can walk, Zach is ready to take action.

Maggie holds Miranda and brushes up on her French. At that moment, the pilot announces to them that if they will buckle up and secure Miranda, they are cleared for take-off. As the jet moves, Bianca looks out the window and says good-bye to Pine Valley.

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