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Greenlee expresses to Kendall that Ryan is not giving up on his quest to take care of and save his younger brother. Hearing that, Kendall concludes that by doing that, Ryan is just as screwed up as Jonathan. Greenlee says she does not believe he’s even close. He just wants to save his little brother

In his room at the Valley Inn, Jonathan talks to his brother about their joint therapy session. Noticing Ryan is silent and not looking happy, Jonathan asks his brother if he is ok. Ryan tells Jonathan that from what just happened in his therapy session, he does not believe that it will ever be ok.

Erica and Jack are busy planning Bianca’s going away party. Erica notices that her dress might not be suitable for being around Lily, as it is “off red”. But he assures her that her dress is burgundy color and Lily will be ok. Lily enters and reports the numerical statistics of all the guests and plates with a .2 at the end of her count. Jack realizes she must be assessing the needs of Miranda to add the .2. She admits that Miranda will need baby food to meet her nutritional needs. Erica tells Lily she really appreciates her help and asks if she can go and get them some candles. When Erica is alone with Jack, she looks at the picture of her daughter and admits that she does not know how she can say goodbye to Bianca.

Ethan is leaving Bianca’s home with suitcases and notices Zach entering. Noticing his father, he tells him he is leaving and doesn’t care if he gets in trouble for jumping bail. He admits he’s only kidding. And Bianca informs Zach that she’s the one who’s going. She’s moving to Paris. Zach doesn’t seem happy to hear that and asks to talk to Bianca in private. Ethan takes her bags down to the car so she can talk to Zach. He asks what it will take to make her stay. She inquires why she should stay. He replies because he needs her.

Erica says she will miss not only Bianca, but also her beautiful baby and admits she did not even get a chance to spoil Miranda. She tells him that first it’s baby steps, and then you hold their hand and let go when they start school. Then they grow up and become independent. Jack encourages Erica to take heart knowing that Bianca will be happy in Paris with her baby and she must not feel alone. Erica admits she does not feel alone, knowing she still has him and Kendall and Reggie and Lily. He adds all of the friends outside of the family that she has also.

Zach tells Bianca that hearing Krystal and Hayward are off the hook makes him as furious as she is but it doesn’t means she has to run away. She tells him she is not running away. She is moving on. She tells him that it is he who ran away from his own father, staged his death and hid from his own son. He tells her that that is the reason why he needs her help with Ethan. He remarks that he knows Ethan attempted to help JR Chandler in the custody. She explains that Ethan did so because he believes that all children have the right to know their father. He inquires if she is moving to Paris for business reasons. She admits that business is only a small part of it. She says she just wants to be with her daughter and be anonymous. She admits to him that a part of her wishes her daughter never had to know anything about the Cambias legacy and wishes Miranda had a different father. He admits that so does he. She takes her infant daughter out of her playpen so that Zach may hold her. Zach takes Miranda in his arms.

Ryan admits to Jonathan that the stuff his brother unpacked at the shrink’s office is going to be hard for him to shake off. Seeing his brother’s grim expression, Jonathan appears to make light of what he remembers happening to him when he was 5 years old. He tells his brother he remembers their father telling him he was taking him their to get their mother a birthday present. He remembers hating the place because it was too big too crowded and too noisy. Ryan admits that their father should have held his hand. Jonathan admits his father took his hand and took him to a mirror and asked him what he saw and told him he sees a crybaby. Jonathan remembers closing his eyes and when he opened them his father was gone and he was all-alone in the big shopping mall as a little child.

Meanwhile, Greenlee tells Kendall that she observes Ryan refusing to see that Jonathan is responsible for his own behaviors. And he looks at Jonathan’s dark-side by taking Jonathan’s beatings for him. Kendall tells her that sounds really whacked. Greenlee responds to that by telling Kendall she’s a fine one to judge another person for taking care of their sibling, remembering that Kendall was ready to take the rap and go to prison for murder, in order to protect her sister. Kendall protests that Bianca is worth it, whereas Jonathan is not. And she tells Greenlee that if she wants to have a baby with Ryan, that is her business but she must not take out her frustration toward her psycho brother in-law upon her. And she appears to shut down on Greenlee telling her that she is not such a great friend to her. Hearing that, Greenlee concludes that Kendall must still be very threatened by the thought of Greenlee having a baby with Ryan. She then apologizes to Kendall for throwing her baby-making plans in her face. At first, Kendall says she has no problem with the thought of Greenlee having a baby with Ryan. But she then admits that she still remembers her and Ryan and what they could have had together. But she realizes that she and Ryan were not meant for each other. She is now happily with Ethan and knows that Ethan accepts her for who she is and she can be herself around him. At that moment, Simone enters and informs them that she must attend Bianca’s party without a date. Kendall admits to her that Ethan will not be available to go with her, so she and Simone can go together.

Hearing that their father abandoned 5-year-old Jonathan, Ryan is shocked and asks his brother what else he knows about that event. Jonathon confides in his brother how he waited for daddy to come back and was very scared. He remembers finding a place to hide. Then it got very quiet and a big bell sounded. Then the lights went out. Then he realized the store was closing and daddy would not come back. He felt scared, abandoned and hungry and he cried himself to sleep. He then turns to the mirror and looks at his reflection and keeps saying he does not want to be scared or sick or hide or lie anymore. He says he will work his butt off to be the man he wants to be, meaning to be Ryan.

While Zach holds Miranda, he talks to her and tells her he realizes that she will not remember him but he knows she will become a beautiful woman and he realizes that a daughter needs her mother more than anything else. Hearing that, Bianca tells him that a son needs his father. And she tells Zach he must realize that if he really cares about Ethan he will take care of him himself instead of asking someone else to. From outside the door, Ethan is watching and overhearing. He admits she is right. And he tells Miranda that whether he mommy likes it or not, he will make certain that they are both ok.

Greenlee goes to the Valley Inn to take Ryan to Bianca’s party. She greets her brother-in-law in a cordial manner. He encourages her to come in and tells her it means so much to have Ryan there with him to help him through the rough spots and apologizes to her for taking Ryan away from her. She tells him that she is willing to give up the time with her husband if it will enable him to get the help he needs. She admits to Ryan, however, that she wishes he would accompany her to Bianca’s party. Ryan admits that he’s completely forgotten about it. He sounds like his mind is somewhere else. But she tells him that his “practically little sister” is going away to Paris. Hearing that, Jonathan encourages his brother to go, assuring them he will be ok. He leaves them alone to talk. Greenlee tells her husband that he is once again feeling guilty for leaving Jonathan. He tells her that he had a very intense day in therapy with his brother. But she tells him he’s earned a night off. But he tells his wife that it’s not as simple as that. She tells him that he cannot spend every moment of his life taking care of his brother. Jonathan is a big boy. She says that’s fine. She will go alone. But Jonathan comes out and urges Ryan to go to the party. He says he will be fine and insists that Ryan goes and has fun with his wife and friends. Ryan reluctantly goes with Greenlee. He apologizes to her. She assures him it’s ok.

Before the party starts, Bianca notices Maggie and asks her if she has considered going with her to Paris. Maggie tells Bianca that it means so much that Bianca asked her. She says she’s been thinking about this so many times but realizes she really needs to stay there. She assures Bianca that she wants to visit and keep in touch and will miss her terribly. Bianca tells Maggie that she totally understands and confirms that they are still best friends. They enter the party together. All Bianca’s friends and family are there. Erica runs up and hugs her daughter and cannot hide the tears. Lily announces that it is now time for Bianca to open her presents. Simone is first to give Bianca a special Enchantment fragrance. Anita gives her some champagne glasses. Lily gives her a tiny life jacket and explains that it’s small enough to carry around with her and she can put her keys on it and it will prevent her keys from sinking if she drops them in water or if Miranda does. Opal gives Bianca and Miranda some French berets. Palmer puts on a puppet show for Miranda. Maggie gives her a corsage remembering their prom night together. Reggie tells Bianca that he sees her real loyalty to her family. And he promises her and Miranda that whenever they need him, he will be there. He gives her a book of CDs that he burned of her favorite songs. He tells her he loves her. Ryan and Greenlee give her a faith hope and charity pin and tell her she needs to go to Leo’s favorite café and know he is looking out for her. Myrtle gives her a photo album with all of her memories.

When Ryan and Greenlee are going out the door, he tells his wife he appreciates her understanding his need to get back to his brother. But at that moment, Simone enters and tells them she is now riding a motorcycle and would like them to join her.

Erica, Jack, Kendall, Bianca and Miranda enter the Cambias corporate jet. Kendall holds her infant niece and asks her sister how you say: “I love you with all my heart” in French. Bianca recites the words in French. Kendall cries and admits that she does not know how she can be without her sister. Bianca tells her sister that they can email and run up outrageous phone bills whenever they want and Kendall can hop on a plane any time to see her. Erica then holds her granddaughter and tells her she knows of all the fun she will have in Paris. And she tells her that she will love Paris, it’s a right of passage for a Kane woman, Miranda is so lucky to be a Kane woman and to be exposed to all this culture at such a young age. She tells Miranda of all the words that will come in handy when she goes to Paris. Bianca approaches Jack and tells him he must attend all the board meetings and take care of her mother. Jack cries and Erica promises Bianca that she will always take care of Uncle Jack. She tells them she will call, she will email, and she will upload pictures of Miranda. She will come back for their wedding and they will see each other more than they do now. The five of them get into a group hug.

After Bianca and Miranda are off on their jet to Paris, Kendall accompanies Ethan to his office and admits to him that it would have been too painful for her to watch the flight take off.

While waiting for the flight to move, Bianca gets on the phone and discovers the flight is delayed. She sits alone and relives her memories with her family and all her friends. Right when she’s lost in thought, Maggie enters and surprises her. She asks Bianca if there is room on this flight for one more.

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