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After hearing Bianca’s testimony where she recommends that Babe get full custody of her child, the judge says that she will now make a decision. She admits that she has heard from three separate parties and announces that today the child will go home and most of the people in the courtroom will go home unhappy.

Bianca returns to her apartment and hears her mother telling her she is very surprised, and not very happy that she suddenly decided to go to bat for Babe Chandler in court. Erica asks her daughter why she would do such a thing.

Maria and Zach are in the locked room together. She tells him that she will leave town or do whatever she needs to do. She tells him that she got herself into a big mess with what just happened with them. She tells him she’d like to help him with Ethan, but realizes she cannot. But she tells him also that she cannot keep meeting him this way. And he needs to let her go.

The judge summarizes all of the wrong doings on the parts of Paul and Kelly Kramer, also Babe and her family, and also JR and his family. She announces that her decision is to keep the child away from all three petitioners and place him in foster care for the time being.

Maria tells Zach that she and Edmund finally learned how to be together and this unintended problem occurred. She admits that she could not stay away from him and wanted him. She says if she has no emotional willpower when it comes to him, she realizes that is her fault. He agrees that whenever she is with him, she fights. He tells her that her sin involved in all of this is her loyalty to a man who is unworthy of her. That means Edmund.

Alone in his house, Edmund walks over and sits in his wheelchair. He has a flashback of Maria protesting to him to work on their marriage and for him to forgive her for messing around with Zach. But in this “vision” he has, he gets up out of his wheelchair and reveals to his wife that he’s been lying to her about his paralysis, just like she’s been lying to him. In his vision, she still pleads with him to give her another chance. He asks her what kind of a wife does that to a husband she loves. And he tells her she needs to get out. He informs her he’s told the kids all about their situation. They are old enough to know the truth.

Erica asks Bianca how she could even consider helping the woman who took her baby and kept her for months. She tells her daughter that if she does not want to help JR and prefers to wash her hands to the whole thing, that is one thing. But how could she defend Babe? Bianca says that she is mainly considering an innocent baby boy. She cares about the well being of this baby who did nothing wrong and should not be punished for the mistakes of adults. And she tells her mother that she knows what the Chandlers do to their children. JR is living proof of what she is talking about. And she needs to save the baby from that.

The judge tells the court that she realizes that nobody petitioning for custody would physically hurt or neglect the child. But the behaviors and lies and deceptions cannot go unnoticed or overlooked. So she concludes that she will award full custody of the child to Adam Chandler Jr. Hearing that, JR and his father are overwhelmed with happiness. After the startling verdict, David Hayward stands up and demands to know how this would happen. How could the judge give a child to a man who tried to kill his daughter? The judge instructs everybody to stop talking and any more outbursts will land somebody in jail. She tells Babe that possibly, in the future, if she exercises better impulse control and refrains from kidnapping babies and running off and covering for false DNA tests, she might consider offering Babe joint custody. After court is adjourned, Jamie tells JR that he can gloat now, but it won’t last forever. JR reminds him and Babe that he could do the same thing to them that they did to him by telling them that their baby is dead. Babe tells him to shut up. But he reminds them that they have done much worse things to hurt people than he has done. Jackson appears and tells David that he is supposed to save lives. But he is unethical and corrupt and total trash. David asks Jack what he’s done that is so great. All he does is hold hands of people and say what sounds good and puff out his righteousness. Jack hauls off and punches David.

Hearing that Maria wants out of the room, Zach concludes to her that he will get her out. He picks up a steal pipe and busts the concrete, telling her that he wants her to get back to her husband and all that she cannot leave behind in Pine Valley. He busts a hole in the wall which enables her to get out of the building they are in.

While Edmund is at home, a woman enters and gives him something to give to Bobbie Warner.

After Jack punches David, Krystal helps David to his feet. Jack tells them that that is for Bianca and his family for all that they have done to hurt the people he loves.

Adam tells Brooke that she should not be angry with him. He reminds her son along with Babe took his grandson from him and caused his family enough injustice. But she tells him that his “victory” will not bring Colby one bit closer to him.

Tad tells JR that he knows JR won this time. But if he thinks that the baby is going to make everything all right, he’s sadly mistaken. He will reap the consequences of his actions.

Erica interacts with Miranda and agrees with her daughter that she is such an incredible baby. And she also tells Bianca that she doesn’t know what she did to deserve such a wonderful daughter as her. Bianca asks her mother if she is saying that to talk her out of going to Paris. Miranda looks at them and smiles. Erica tells Bianca she is loyal, strong and infinitely honest. Bianca laughingly tells her mother that she is human. Erica tells Bianca she knows she is human and has feelings like anybody else. But the difference is that she put them aside and put that little boy first, the way Erica admits she might not be able to do. And she tells her daughter that she wants to throw her a very intimate and very special going away party. At first, Bianca tells her mother that she doesn’t want to see all those sad faces and go through all those goodbyes. But she agrees to do it. And she tells her mother that it’s just Paris and it’s not forever. At that moment, there is another knock on the door. Bianca answers it and is very surprised to see Babe Chandler. Babe tells Bianca that she had many voices in her head screaming at her not to come. But she did not listen. Bianca tells her that today was intense but they don’t need to do that. Babe tells Bianca two minutes is all it will take. She thanks Bianca for going there and doing what she did in court, in front of all those people. Bianca affirms to Babe again that she did not do it for her. She did it for her son. She tells Bianca that she is the classiest person she knows. And it has nothing to do with wealth or fancy clothes or knowing which fork to use. It’s because she is kind and honest and good. She also tells Bianca that many people spoke on her behalf. But nobody besides her momma was as brave as Bianca. Having no clue what the outcome actually was, where JR won, Bianca responds by reminding Babe that she won, she got her wish and may now be happy to have her son and forget the past. But Babe informs Bianca that she did not win. JR got full custody.

Hearing Tad’s lecture about what he’s turned into, JR concludes to him that he must just be completely unlovable. Tad asks JR to go back in time and remember the time when it was just him and Tad and Jamie and his mother and no negativity in his life and give that to his son. JR tells Tad he could certainly do that. But he inquires to Tad if he should also lie to his son, tell him his child is dead and do to his son what was done to him in all of this?

Hearing that JR got custody of his child, Bianca is shocked. Hearing that Babe will only get three hours a week with her son, Bianca admits how unfair that is to Babe. Babe notices that Bianca must be going on a trip. Bianca informs Babe that she is moving to Paris. Babe cries and tells Bianca that she knows Bianca can make a beautiful life for her family. She looks back at Miranda who smiles at her. She then gives Bianca a picture of the two of them. She cries and goes out the door. While observing the picture, Bianca also cries.

Erica tells Jack that she cannot believe that David and Babe will not go down for taking a baby. Having only Krystal in prison is not good enough. She says not only should they all get charged with kidnapping, they should get charged with attempted murder. She notices Jack’s hand got injured and tells her fiancé that she feels like busting a wall herself. He informs her that he took it out on David Hayward. Hearing that, she tells him she finds him very sexy to know he popped David and she passionately kisses him.

In the courtroom, while everybody is still there, recovering from the shock, armed officers come and escort Krystal to jail, informing her that her bail has been revoked. Tad and David both watch, not looking happy for what has happened to Krystal. But Opal observes and asks what took them so long.

When Maria returns to Edmund, he is still in his wheelchair, still not revealing to her that he can walk. But he tells her he went to physical therapy. When she leaves, he gets on the phone and makes a private call.

Zach stares outside through the big hole he just smashed through the concrete.

Edmund calls somebody, tells them he will pick up where Bobbie Warner left off, that he knows they shot Ryan Lavery and they will pay.

While Krystal is put in handcuffs and taken away, there is a video camera. A guard asks her if she wants to change her mind about the deal she made to save her daughter from prison. She says no and they take her away. Adam watches and smiles.

Bianca sings French nursery rhymes to Miranda. But she then gets distracted looking at the picture of herself a Babe.

Babe goes back to the cabin where she and Bianca gave birth together. She relives delivering Miranda. And then she recalls Paul Kramer telling her that her baby went down in the crash. She cries and falls on the floor, reliving once again what it’s like to have her baby taken from her. Jamie finds her and picks her up off the floor.

JR goes to Kevin Buchanan’s home and informs Kevin that he is there to take his son.

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