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The judge in the custody hearing asks Kevin if he's sure he wants to drop his petition for custody. Kevin is handed a piece of paper and looks at it, then tells the judge he is even more sure now. He informs the courtroom that the kidnapping charges against Tad, Jamie and Babe have been dropped. JR's face falls.

A trapped Maria and Zach kiss while Edmund is listening in a nearby van. He rips the headphones from his ears in disgust and to himself dares Maria to try lying her way out of this. Edmund gets out of the van, lifts the wheel chair from the vehicle and gets in it. He is then approached by Ethan, who says he's just the man he's looking for.

At Fusion, Simone and Danielle greet Kendall and ask her how the custody case is proceeding. Kendall says Babe will get just what she deserves.

Kevin tells the judge he recommends full custody of the child be given to Babe. Adam cries out that this is a mockery and JR declares that he can't do this. Kevin says he and his ex-wife want the best for the boy and today that means giving him back. He should be returned to his birth mother, he says. He says Babe's love for her son is unimpeachable. Bianca, at home with Miranda, is watching this unfold on television.

The judge orders a recess and Babe whispers a "thank you" to Kevin. JR and Adam confront Kevin, and Adam asks if Babe offered him her "between the sheets bargaining chip." Kevin tells them that when you put Babe and the baby together, the picture is complete. JR says even with the kidnapping charges dropped, Babe still faces charges for keeping Miranda from Bianca. Kevin says he will testify for Babe if necessary.

Babe approaches Kelly and is thankful that she got to Kevin. Kelly says she can't take credit for it. She says she just wants to do what it takes for their boy. Kelly tells Babe she's in the fight of her life with the Chandlers and just wants her to win. Babe approaches Kevin, thanks him from the bottom of her heart and hugs him. He tells her she doesn't have to thank him. JR approaches and tells Babe there's not a chance in hell she'll get custody of their son. Babe says the decision is up to the judge. JR says there is no magic wand she can wave to make the existing case against her go away. Bianca walks in with Miranda.

Kendall and Greenlee are talking at Fusion and Kendall says that Bianca is leaving. Greenlee asks if it's because of what happened on her birthday. Kendall asks her what happened. Greenlee gets nervous and covers, saying she knows Bianca bailed on her party. She walks away from Kendall.

Maria tells Zach to stop with the kissing and buttons her shirt. Zach asks her if she's going back to him. How long will she keep this up? Maria says she's been trying to stay away from him but obviously can't. Zach says they always end up in the same place and this has to stop. Maria says it will end right now.

Back at court, Krystal approaches Bianca and says if she changes her mind the judge will take the plea bargain. That will give Babe a chance at a life with her son. Babe approaches and tells her mother to leave Bianca alone. David wants to talk to Bianca but Babe won't let him. JR approaches Bianca, prompting her to comment that this room is way too small. She asks him what he wants. He asks if she hasn't had enough of all of them. Bianca says she knows he's worried that she'll let Babe off the hook. JR asks if she would feel better if he lost custody. If she sides with Babe that is what will happen. Bianca says it would be poetic justice for her to be the one who decides who gets the baby. JR says Babe is using the boy go get off the hook and to get her to drop the charges. This is about her hate for him. He asks if she's honestly considering forgiving Babe. Bianca says her coming here was a mistake. She walks out. Jamie tries to stop her but she keeps walking.

Reggie approaches Jamie and says he heard the charges were dropped. He tells Jamie he's going to walk away like nothing happened. He could have given Bianca her baby back but he lied. He hopes it was worth it. Jamie says he loves Babe. He's sorry how things happened but it had to be done. Reggie says after what Babe did to Bianca she deserves to lose her child and more.

Tad finds Bianca at the park and tells her he's concerned about her. Bianca asks if he understands that she can't let it go. She says JR was right, she does want revenge. She wants Babe to suffer and wonder if there is a God, just like she did. She doesn't think she'll ever get over it. Tad says no one said she has to. Bianca admits what she herself did – not telling JR his son was alive – was unforgivable. Tad acknowledges that there are no easy fixes. Looking at Miranda, he says the only happy ending is staring them in the face. Bianca wonders if she would be vindictive if she let JR get the baby and send Babe to prison. She says another part of her wants Babe to have her son. Tad tells her to make the best choice for herself. The people who love her will be rock solid behind her. As Tad prepares to leave she tells him she's moving to Paris. He says he knows because word travels fast. He says she deserves a happily ever after. She's a rare person and he's going to miss her.

Zach tries to open the door but cannot. Maria realizes that he did not make this happen. She tells him she deserves this. She came here because she wanted to be with him. She asks him if he just couldn't leave so she couldn't find him. Zach says he tried to leave a couple times but could not. Maria asks if it's because of Ethan. He says yes, and he doesn't know what to do. The only option he has scares the hell out of him. He says he's going to stake a claim to the Cambias empire by challenging his father's will. He says he'll do whatever it takes to keep Ethan from becoming a true Cambias.

Ethan tells Edmund that he wants to destroy Zach. With the right incentives, someone can be found to take Zach down, and he has about a billion incentives. Zach is a stain on all of us, Ethan says, and he wants him gone.

Simone and Danielle ask Kendall all about her Valentine's Day with Ethan, particularly how he wanted to fly to Paris. Greenlee snaps at them and tells them to get to work. Kendall approaches Greenlee and says she's sitting on something. She wants to know what it is. Greenlee admits that Ryan moved out to take care of his brother. Kendall hugs her, which appears to surprise Greenlee.

Court is back in session and JR's lawyer recalls Tad to the stand. She questions him about his relationship with JR and Jamie and he says he considers both of them his sons. Under her questioning, however, she gets him to acknowledge that he didn't tell JR that Babe slept with Jamie her first night in town and was still married to Paul Cramer when she married JR. He also says he didn't tell JR or Bianca when he learned Bess was really Miranda. He acknowledges that he one time had an intimate relationship with Babe's mother. The lawyer questions him about his objectivity in the case and suggests he is prejudiced against JR.

Bianca recalls past conversations she has had with Jamie, Myrtle, Tad, Kendall, Krystal and JR. She has a flashback to Babe telling her about Miranda.

Bianca storms into court and announces she has a statement to make. She gets on the stand and admits that Krystal attempted to arrange a plea bargain to take all the blame in the kidnapping case, but she has to approve it. She says she wasn't going to, but has changed her mind. She wants to approve the plea bargain. Now Babe will be able to raise her son if the judge gives him to her. She acknowledges that would make her very angry because after all Babe's done she doesn't deserve a happy ending. Bianca says she got her happy ending, but lost a lot to get it. She may never forgive the people who kept her child from her for months. But she remembers two young women who were both pregnant at the same time. She says Babe didn't lie because she hated her. She lied because she loved JR so much. Everything she does starts from her heart. Bianca says Babe risked losing her son to tell her the truth about Miranda. She stresses that she doesn't forgive Babe, but believes she's the best parent to raise her child. She urges the judge to give full custody to Babe.

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