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All My Children Update Friday 2/18/05



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is on the stand during the custody hearing and testifies that JR should get his son and Babe is an unfit mother. The attorneys argue over the testimony and Babe's lawyer asks that it be stricken. Kendall persists in condemning Babe for what she did to her sister. Kendall says that she had suspicions about the baby mixup and is convinced that Babe knew about it. She says Babe is not fit to own a goldfish. Erica walks into the courtroom.

Bianca goes to Ethan's office and notices he has the trial on TV. She asks him to turn it off and he does. Ethan tells Bianca that Babe should not get away with keeping her baby from her. It's unthinkable. Bianca asks him if this is about her or about him and his father.

Babe's attorney cross-examines Kendall and gets her to admit that JR beat up Jamie in Florida. But Kendall shouts out that JR was only fighting for his child. Erica is called to the stand. She testifies that JR was as victimized by Babe as her daughter. She says what Babe did was criminal and says she tortured her daughter. She didn't think of anyone but herself. She is asked about the incident between JR and Bianca in Florida, where Bianca fell. Erica says she believes it was an accidental fall. If she thought JR had pushed Bianca there is no way she would support him in this custody case.

Bianca starts speaking French words and Ethan realizes she's talking about the board wanting one of them to go to Paris to oversee the European connection. He asks her if she's up to it. She asks why she would stay. Ethan says a lot of people need her here, especially him.

JR testifies about the letter Babe wrote him which declared his son was dead. He says he would not believe it. He admits he made some bad choices, but said he gave Babe his heart. Then he found out she slept with his stepbrother and the baby might be his. He says she swore it was her mistake and begged him to forgive her. Then he learned that she was still married to Paul Cramer and forgot to get it annulled. He says he then married her again, which was a stupid thing to do. But he had to think about his little girl. He says he filed for divorce because he couldn't take it anymore. He is asked why he should be granted custody. He says the baby is his and he wants to be the father he know he can be. He is sure the lieutenant governor is a great guy and did a great job with his son Duke. But he says he deserves the same chance that Kevin Buchanan got. JR says he never gave his son up or lied about him. His son was taken from him. He is asked if he ever tried to kill Jamie, blackmail Babe into signing over the baby they knew as Bess or tried to drug Babe. He says he never did any of that.

Tad testifies next and is asked about the DVDs which showed Babe and Jamie appear to be hiring someone to kill JR. Tad says that the DVDs no longer exist. Stuart helped him destroy them. Stuart testifies that he was trying to protect Babe so JR couldn't take her baby from him. Stuart says JR didn't fall too far from Adam's tree, but it's not too late for JR.

Babe testifies about the love she once had for JR. She says, though, that she knew only one side of JR. That is the side he showed here today, one of compassion. But she says that is just an act. She says her world collapsed when she learned what Paul Cramer did. She is asked why she didn't tell JR and Bianca the truth. She says she thought her son was dead and was so in love with JR she didn't want his world to collapse too. So she put her best friend through hell, and she'll never forgive herself for that. Babe testifies that Paul thought he was doing is sister a favor by taking her baby. But he's not Ace, she says he's her's and JR's son. She is asked if she would agree to joint custody. She says JR is a Chandler with a capital "C." He wanted Bess to himself and she knew he would do the same with their son. That is why she stole him. The judge warns Babe that her statements can be used against her in her criminal case. Babe declares there are four good things that she has done in the last year: helped Bianca deliver her baby, have her own baby, fall in love with Jamie Martin and kidnap her baby. She says she told JR their son died because that's the only way she thought her son could be raised without his lies and games. She's only sorry she got caught. Kevin's attorney rises and asks the judge to declare both natural parents unfit. That causes a stir among those in the courtroom. Babe comments to Krystal that Babe just slit her own throat.

Bianca tells Ethan that it will be easier for her and her daughter in Paris. Kendall and Erica walk in just in time to hear Bianca mention she's going to Paris. Erica asks Bianca if she wants to leave them. Ethan excuses himself. Erica says this is the last think she expected to be hit with. Kendall tells Bianca it's a brilliant idea. Bianca says she feels the need to stretch her wings. It will be her own new beginning. Erica says she hopes she has thought this through. Bianca says she has, but wants her mother's approval. Erica says she has only one request, that she be able to choose the decorator for the guest bedroom in Bianca's place since she'll be visiting once a month. Bianca is relieved and says she was worried that they would try to stop her. Erica says no one can stop a Kane woman. They hug and Bianca is teary-eyed.

Maria realizes she is locked with Zach in a room at his casino and tries to get out. She tells him that he's the one who did this. Edmund is outside the door walking and leaves to go to a place where he listens with earphones to everything being said inside the room. Maria notices a camera in the room and yells at it to get her out of here. Zach tells her the camera is not connected and no one can see or hear her but him. Maria sarcastically asks Zach if she should undress right now. Zach says he never had to take her by force. She asked him why he went to all the trouble of locking her in his room to make love to her. He tells her he didn't even know she was coming here. Maria says she won't let herself be pulled in by him. Zach says he's always told her the truth, so why would he lie to her now. He says if he's lying she doesn't have to question Edmund. But if Edmund's lying she chose the wrong man and that would sink her world. Suddenly Edmund loses sound to the room and is frustrated that he can't tell what's going on. Maria and Zach begin to kiss.

Bianca returns home and is with Miranda when she decides to turn on the television. The trial is on the air and Bianca watches as Babe testifies. Babe says JR will not be good for their little boy. She says Kevin should be granted custody because she knows Kelly will help raise him and they would be good for James. Kelly stands up and asks to speak. She says Babe can't be guilty of kidnapping because she told Babe she could take Ace.

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