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Ryan tells Greenlee he must leave their home and be with his brother. She believes that he is leaving her because he has a problem with her accusing his brother of drugging her. He protests that he is not walking out of their marriage. He is just moving out of there in order to be with his brother. He knows she does not want to live in the same place as Jonathan. He tells his wife that Jonathan is on the edge and in a very dark place and needs help. And he believes he can help his brother. Greenlee tells her husband that Jonathan is not the only one who needs help and who’s lost it. She tells him he is losing it and she is concerned about him.

When Jonathan returns to his room at the Valley Inn, Jack is in his room. He asks Jack what he wants. Jack replies that he knows that Jonathan has gotten to know Greenlee, Bianca, Lily, Kendall, all the women who are very important in Jack’s life.

Zach has a private flashback where Maria was crazy about him.

Edmund returns from his physical therapy session and tells Maria that there have been no changes. She tries to offer hope. But he tells his wife that he’s gotten so many medical opinions that he just doesn’t want to hear any more about it. She tells him she does not want to be his doctor. He tells her he doesn’t want to keep her from her rounds and will leave. But she asks her husband if he paid off Bobbie Warner.

Before the trial of Babe, Krystal and David for taking Miranda from Bianca, Babe hears Tad asking Bianca to testify in Babe’s behalf. She urges him to not put Bianca through this. But Krystal assures her daughter that the man knows what he’s doing. David agrees that Tad needs to stay out of it. Tad privately tells Bianca that it is a clean deal. Krystal will plead guilty to everything, and go to prison. She asks what will happen to Babe. He says she will plead guilty but to a lesser charge. She might get probation or community service. And at least she will be able to fight for custody of her little boy. He urges Bianca to see that Miranda is back with her, safe and sound, and he just wants the same opportunity for Babe. He tells her that if she goes along with Krystal’s offer to take the fall for her daughter, then so will the DA and Bianca will be helping Babe get a shot at having her son back. At that point, Kendall appears. She tells her sister she must not go through with it. Instead she should send them all to hell where they belong. Tad asks Kendall to hear what is on the table before assuming to know what happened. But Kendall says she already knows what is going on. They took Bianca’s baby and took her whole family for fools. And they will pay and nobody is going to help them. But David and Krystal protest that Kendall should at least think about the baby boy. She tells Tad that Babe’s “sentence” if Bianca helps her will not be enough. It will never make up for the months her sister went through without Miranda. She inquires why kind of a break that worthless little tramp, Babe deserves. And she urges her sister not to do it. Never. Bianca says no deal and goes off with Maggie who is there for moral support for her. Tad and Krystal watch not knowing what to do. David puts his arms around his daughter.

Zach looks at a piece of jewelry that he remembers giving to Maria. In the place where he is, a man enters and tells him he cannot get rid of Bobbie’s things, which are in storage. Zach says he wishes he could.

Maria tells Edmund that although she may not believe that Bobbie would want Edmund to pay him to leave town, he might want him to cover for him and help him falsely accuse Zach of assault and attempted murder. Edmund tells his wife that he believes what Bobbie told him and he tells her he never paid Bobbie off one thin dime. She tells her husband that it is only him that she loves. He goes away and tells her he will get all the physical therapy he needs because he is determined to walk.

Jonathan tells Jack that he said all he needs to say at the police station. Jack tells him that perhaps he came down a little too hard upon him. He admits to Jonathan that Bianca admitted that he did not hurt or directly threaten her. He is just very protective of his niece. Hearing that, Jonathan drops his guard and says he is very protective of Ryan ever since he was shot and is worried about who tried to kill him. Jack reminds Jonathan that he accused Kendall, Bianca’s sister of shooting Ryan. And he tells Jonathan he is similarly worried about Greenlee being drugged.

Ryan urges Greenlee to see that he needs to be there to help his brother. She inquires how she will get along without him when she needs him at night. He tells his wife she is strong. But he believes that his brother needs help and support, that Jonathan feels terrible for what he did to Maggie and he really wants to change. But she protests to him that knowing what he did to Maggie and what he did to Lorraine, how could he believe in his brother or assume he is not dangerous or capable of some pretty horrendous things?

In the courthouse, David encourages Babe not to lose hope because it’s not over yet and they can still win. But Tad and Krystal are concerned. They go off and David is ready to follow them. Babe asks her father to just stay with her. He suggests they go down and get a latte together. Kendall enters and asks to talk to Babe. David tells her it will not happen. But Babe tells her father that it is ok and he may go and get their lattes while she talks to Kendall. Kendall informs Babe that she plans to testify in JR’s behalf. Babe tells Kendall she has every right to hate her after what she’s done to Bianca. Kendall informs Babe that she is not that unselfish. She admits that she hates what Babe did to her sister but Babe does not know how far her poison spread and she bets Babe has no idea what she did to Kendall herself. She tells Babe that when she and her family thought they’d lost Miranda, all she wanted to do was destroy everybody and everything in her life. She admits that during that time she would inflict pain upon anybody and everybody that got in her way so it would mean less pain for her. But now she admits that she was wrong to do that. So she will now take it out on the one person who truly deserves it. And that is her.

Ryan explains to Greenlee that Jonathan lost control with Maggie and with his ex girlfriend and that is why he became violent. And he got out of control with Bianca. He just got lost in the moment. She tells him that his brother is mentally ill, needs professional help and Ryan must not believe he is Jonathan’s shrink. He tells his wife that if only he’d been there for Jonathan when Maggie dumped him, when Bianca was in that place with him, and in so many other situations, he could have helped him. She seems to know the pattern that is going on for Ryan, because of the guilt he feels to have abandoned Jonathan in their childhood. He tells her that is true and she needs to have compassion and realize what he needs to do and she should understand that in regard to her own childhood. She inquires if he is implying that she is all messed up. He tells her he knows that she has trust issues from being abandoned by Mary and Roger Smythe. And he tells her that Jonathan is a victim of his childhood in a much more intense way than she is. He also tells her that he has the same scars as Jonathan. They both barely survived Patrick Lavery. And he concludes that he is not just doing this for Jonathan. He needs Jonathan as much as Jonathan needs him. He has his own scars to deal with and he needs to work on his issues together with his brother.

Jonathan asks Jack why he would accuse him of drugging Greenlee. He tells Jack he loves Ryan and knows Ryan loves Greenlee. So why would he drug Ryan’s wife? Jack suggests that perhaps Jonathan is jealous of Ryan’s attachment to Greenlee. He protests that he loves Ryan and would do anything for him. But Jack suggests that Jonathan might be somewhat more like Braden than like Ryan. Hearing that, Jonathan becomes very defensive and protests that Jack must not see him as anything like Braden.

Maria finds Zach and tells him she no longer cares for him nor trusts him.

Kendall tells Babe that in the hearing she will tear Babe apart and that is a promise. Babe tells her that this hearing is not about her. It’s about her baby. Kendall reminds Babe that at least she knows her baby is alive, which is more than Bianca knew for the first 9 months of Miranda’s life. Babe says she knows that Kendall is friends with JR but she must realize that he is dangerous and almost killed Jamie. Kendall says Babe used to be really convincing when she used to be able to get Bianca to help her get custody of the baby whom everybody knew as Bess, when all the while Babe knew that she was Bianca’s Miranda. Kendall tells her that people see her as evil. But seeing what Babe did to Bianca just now, with her usual BS number with her momma really tops that. Babe says she never wanted to involve Bianca in this case. Kendall says in that case she must completely leave Bianca alone or else she will personally come after Babe and she will wish she were in prison.

Maggie and Bianca return to Maggie’s apartment. Remembering living there with Jonathan, Maggie tells Bianca she does not want to be there any more, with all the memories of having Jonathan there. She says she just wants to pick up all her stuff and get out of here and out of town. Bianca suggests that Maggie leaves with her.

Babe tells Kendall that she will not bother Bianca but she will fight for her baby no matter how many threats Kendall makes. Kendall tells her it’s a fight she will never win. Babe tells Kendall that everything she does, she does for her child. Kendall tells Babe that if she cares about her child, she should be an example for him by taking responsibility for her actions. She should give up the fight and go straight to prison.

Bianca informs Maggie that she plans to go to Paris. It’s either herself or Ethan and she realizes Ethan could get in trouble for jumping bail. She tells Maggie that now that she knows Maggie is safe, she knows she can get out of town. She just needs to breath and be with her daughter. She’s been considering going to Europe since she got pregnant. Maggie asks her why she would consider taking her there. Bianca says Maggie could just accompany her. They don’t have to live there. They can have their own places to live. Maggie could go to school there. She can visit her and Miranda and they can all learn French together.

Jonathan tells Jack that he hates what Braden did. Jack says that Braden raped his sister, and when he knew of another Lavery hurting women, it all came back to him. He informs Jonathan that Bianca is not fragile or weak and does not scare easily. So he believes she must have had something to be afraid of. Jonathan promises Jack he will stay as far away from Bianca as possible. Jack tells him that’s good. And he also needs to stay away from Greenlee and Kendall as well. Jack leaves. And Jonathan looks at himself in the mirror saying to himself again and again that he is not Braden.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her so much but he needs to fight his inner demons from his childhood. She asks about their previous plans of making a baby. He tells her that if her family were in trouble, he’d give her all the time she needs. So he is asking her to give him this time. She asks if she has a choice.

Noticing Zach’s face from the fight he had with Ryan, Maria asks him about it. He doesn’t tell her how it happened. She tells him that she asked Edmund if he paid off Bobbie. He swore he did not. But he should have seen the look on Edmund’s face when she asked him about it. She says she hurt her husband and once again she allowed herself to be used by Zach. He says he did not ask her to lie to Edmund for him. She tells him he is a liar. Not herself. Not Edmund. He tells her then why doesn’t she go home to her honest husband and leave him alone? She tells him she is not done with him. He tells her he is done with her. He tells her that Edmund is playing her and that Bobbie cannot be trusted. But he knows she does not believe that. So she may go back to her husband. But before she’s gone, he gives her a word of advice. Edmund had better leave him alone or it will not be pretty.

Jack goes to visit Ryan and Greenlee and informs them that he talked to Jonathan. Ryan says in that case, he can now leave Jonathan alone. Jack tells Ryan he’s been a lawyer for a good many years and knows when somebody is lying. And he could see it all over Jonathan. Ryan protests that Jonathan must have felt cornered when Jack made his uninvited visit. Jack says he knows that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Ryan gets up to leave, as he’d told Greenlee and kisses her goodbye. Jack asks where Ryan is going. Greenlee asks her father to leave it alone. She informs him that Ryan is going to be with his brother. But Jack says he does not trust that and he does not trust Ryan if he believes or wants to help Jonathan.

Tad and Krystal talk about Babe’s fate. She tells him that she’s seen many old movies and watched many heroes but always thought that guys like that did not exist in real life. That was until she met him.

Kendall tells Babe she must call her lawyer and give up the fight. She hands Babe her cell phone. But at that moment, David enters and tells Kendall that his daughter will not plead guilty so Kendall must let it go. Babe says she needs to fight for her son. David tells Kendall that Babe is taking responsibility for herself and for her child. She does not want to play out the situation that Kendall had with Erica. Babe does not want her child to be neurotic, the way Kendall is. Kendall walks away.

Maggie tells Bianca that her invitation to go to Paris is the sweetest thing she could ever do. But she’s not certain that she can go. She has school and her whole life here. Bianca agrees to Maggie’s wishes. And she tells Maggie she needs not make any decisions right now. She’s just glad that they can always be friends.

Jack tells Greenlee that she must listen to him. He does not trust Jonathan and believes he will come after her if she’s alone in this house. Greenlee tells her father that Ryan will be with Jonathan and watch over him like a hawk and he will protect her like he always does.

In Jonathan’s room, he has a bottle of booze in his bed, which he hides as soon as he hears his brother entering. Ryan informs Jonathan that he is going to be with him. But as soon as he attempts to hug Jonathan, he can instantly smell the alcohol. He tells Jonathan that he cannot do that. He cannot follow in their father’s footsteps and lose control. Jonathan agrees and hands over the bottle of booze to his brother.

Zach implies to Maria that he would not hesitate to threaten a man in a wheelchair. He tells her he believes that Edmund “uses” that wheelchair. She tells him she feels such contempt for him. She goes out the door but it won’t open or unlock. Outside, Edmund seems to be walking.

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