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Chandler Mansion:

J.R. sits watching tapes of when he and Jaime were young. He quickly turns it off when Jamie enters the room. Jamie asks if he is editing his next blackmail tape. J.R. surprises Jaime by showing him the tape. They watch it together and reminisce about the days when they were close. Jaime tells J.R. that he is there to try to talk J.R. into joining forces with him and Babe to get baby ĎJamesí back. The two go back and forth for awhile. At times, it looks as if J.R. will agree to work with them, and then it turns around again and the two argue. J.R. has a hard time hearing the baby called ĎJamesí. He insists his sonís name is Adam Chandler III. Jaime reminds him that if they donít work together, the babyís name will remain ĎAce Buchanan. J.R. thinks that because he is the biological father, the courts will give the baby back to him. Jaime reminds him that Babe carries the same DNA as the baby also. That gives her just as much claim to the baby as it does J.R. Again, J.R. starts to soften and think about working with his half-brother. When he learns that Jaime plans on marrying Babe, he turns again. Thinking that Jaime really doesnít care what happens to the baby, he just wants what is J.R.ís. Jaime gets angry and accuses J.R. of using the video to make him think that J.R. was going along with them so he could kick him in the face again. J.R. tells him that he was watching the video because he misses his brother. He guesses those days are over and demands that Jaime leave his home.

Tadís place:

Babe answers the door as David rushes in looking for Krystal. He is fuming that Tad has talked Krystal into doing something stupid. Krystal and Tad come in after having spent a wonderful night together. Babe is very happy to see her mother so happy. Krystal tells them that she had a wonderful night the night before and it is all because of Tad. David can hardly keep his mouth shut and wants Krystal to go back to the cabin with him. Krystal tells them that Tad took her out for her last night of freedom. Babe is confused, as the trial date isnít even set yet. Krystal explains that she has made a decision. She is going to go to the D.A. and ask them to make a deal with her. She wants to offer to plead guilty and go to prison if they will let Babe and David off with probation or community service or something. David and Babe both think that is a crazy idea. Krystalís mind is made up though. When Tad backs Krystalís idea, he and David begin to argue. As they go at it, Krystal grabs Babe and ushers her outside so that she can talk to her in private. David and Tad continue to argue, not noticing at first that the women are gone. They hurl insults and threats back and forth for a bit. David finally realizes that the women are gone and starts to go after them. Tad stops him and tells him that Krystal needs this time alone with her daughter. Outside, Krystal does her best to convince a crying Babe that her idea is the only one that makes sense. She wants Babe free to know her child and raise him. Babe doesnít like the idea at all, but she knows her momma well enough to know that her mind is made up.

Biancaís place:

Maggie plays with Miranda on the couch as Bianca happily watches the two of them. She tells Maggie that she is happy to see that Miranda has been able to make her smile. Maggie agrees that smiling isnít something she has done a lot of lately. Anita arrives to play nanny to Miranda. Bianca takes off with Miranda to get her dressed for the day. Maggie attempts to apologize to Anita for the way she treated her when she was with Jonathan. Anita tells her that she did nothing wrong, and as long as Maggie keeps apologizing for what was Jonathanís fault, she is still giving Jonathan the power and control. Bianca returns dressed and ready to head to the police station to give her statement. Maggie wants to go with her, but Bianca thinks that Maggie shouldnít be around Jonathan. Maggie tells her that they will protect each other from him. Bianca likes the sound of that, it sounds like old times. She finally relents and the two of them take off for the station.

Ryan & Greenleeís place:

Ryan comes home to find that Greenlee has slept on the couch. He blows out the candles and gently kisses her on the cheek to wake her. Greenlee wishes him a belated Happy Valentines day. She asks him if their relationship is still okay. Ryan doesnít answer her. He is obviously very stressed out and worried about his brother. She asks him if Jonathan has been arrested. Ryan asks if that would make her happy. Greenlee tells him that she would be happy if this whole mess would just go away. Ryan tells her that no charges have been brought against him yet, but Bianca gives her statement today. He goes to change so that he can take Jonathan back to the station. Greenlee tells him that she wants to go with him. Ryan wonders if that means that she no longer believes that Jonathan is the one that poisoned her. She tells him that she just wants to be there with him, and shows him the little black book she found in Jonathanís stuff. Ryan is upset that she went through Jonathanís stuff. Greenlee tries to explain that she needs answers and tries to ask him if he knows who ĎBí is. Ryan doesnít want to talk about it and heads upstairs again to change. He informs her that Jonathan is waiting in the car for him. Greenlee reminds him that no matter what, she is his wife. She tells him that she will follow them to the station in her car, but she is going no matter what.

Police Station:

Ryan, Greenlee and Jonathan arrive at the station. Jonathan comments that it feels like they never left. Greenlee offers to get them both some coffee but neither of them want any. Greenlee takes off to get herself some coffee. Jonathan wants to find Derek and explain what happened, he is sure he can make them understand that this was all a big misunderstanding. Ryan tells him that he will handle everything, Jonathan is to keep his mouth shut. Maggie and Bianca enter and both look warily at Jonathan and Ryan. Derek and Jack approach and ask Bianca if she is ready to do this. After Greenlee assures Bianca that Maggie will be okay with her, Bianca heads into the interrogation room with Jack and Derek. Ryan asks if he can sit in and listen to Biancaís statement. Jack and Derek both object but Bianca thinks Ryan should hear what his brother did.

Maggie goes to get a cup of coffee and Jonathan approaches her. Greenlee watches on with interest as Jonathan comments that Maggie and Bianca got close again awfully quickly. Maggie tells him that he is a pig. He reminds her that she almost married her. She tells him that makes her stupid, but he is still a pig. She warns him that if he goes after Bianca he will be a dead pig.

Greenlee finds Jonathan sitting by himself and talks to him. She tells him how she felt when she was being poisoned. She was terrified. She knows that Jonathan is terrified too. She wants to help him. She totally understands how he feels and she wants to help him. All he has to do is to tell Ryan the truth about everything he has done, including drugging her. Jonathan looks as if he might be listening to her.

Inside the interrogation room, they finally start the recorder and Bianca tells her story. She tells them all that happened at the Miranda Center when Jonathan found her there alone with Miranda. She tells them that Jonathan never touched her, but he did touch Miranda. He also never really threatened her. His meaning was clear though and she was terrified. Derek asks if she could have just over-reacted because of her past with Michael Cambias. Bianca assures them that isnít the case, Jonathan was trying to terrify her, and it worked. Jack and Derek thank her for her statement and she joins Maggie outside the room. Ryan asks if he can take his brother home now since Biancaís statement pretty much matched what Jonathan said. Derek and Jack look at Maggie and Bianca talking and tell Ryan they have one more chance to put his brother behind bars. Jack and Derek approach Maggie and Bianca. They apologize, but say that they canít arrest Jonathan with what Bianca has given them. Bianca is disappointed by she understands. Jack wants to talk with Maggie so Bianca takes off for a bit and tells Maggie that she will wait for her. Jack and Derek tell Maggie that they could arrest Jonathan if she would press charges against him for the abuse. Maggie isnít sure so they give her a few minutes to think about it. Ryan pleads with Maggie not to press charges. He tells her that he can help his brother. Maggie wants to protect Bianca and herself, but she listens to Ryan. Ryan promises that he will not let Jonathan hurt anyone again. Maggie relents and tells a disappointed Jack that she will not be pressing charges. Jack confronts Ryan and demands to know what he said to Maggie. Ryan tells Jack the same thing that he promised Maggie. He will not let Jonathan hurt anyone else. Jack reminds him that he made the same promise about his other brother and couldnít keep the promise. He prays that Ryan can this time. Ryan tells Greenlee and Jonathan that they are all going home. Jonathan tells Ryan that he wants to tell him something first, giving Greenlee hope that she got through to him. All Jonathan says though, is thank you for getting him off. The three of them leave the station together.

Outside the D.A.ís office, Babe and David wait impatiently for Krystal and Tad to talk to the D.A. Babe enjoys listening to David ramble on and on about how much he hates Tad and he wants Krystal away from him. When David sees her smiling, he asks what is so funny. Babe figures out that David has fallen for Krystal. David denies it and remembers how uncomplicated his life was before her and her mother came into it. The two talk about how different things have been for all of them since they found out that he is her father.

In the D.A.ís office, Krystal and Tad pitch their idea to the D.A. He doesnít fall for it though and tells them that he will not let Babe walk away free. Tad and Krystal both keep trying to talk him into it as he ushers them out of his office. When he sees Bianca passing by, he tells them that if Bianca will agree to it, he will too. They all go back into the office as the D.A. explains the situation to Bianca. Bianca is outraged at the mere thought of Babe getting off with just a slap on the wrist. Tad and Krystal plead with her to let Babe know her son. Bianca isnít happy that this decision is left up to her. Tad continues to try to make Bianca see that this is the right thing to do. Babe will still go on trial for kidnapping her baby. He asks her one more time to accept the deal. Babe and David start to enter the room as Bianca tries to think about what is best for the baby.

Back at Ryan and Greenleeís place:

Greenlee has beat Ryan home and has set up a tray of fruit and champagne for them. When Ryan enters, she realizes that he isnít in the mood for something to eat. Ryan stuns her by telling her that he is leaving her.

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