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Derek takes Jonathan down to the station for questioning. Jack demands that Derek puts him in jail. But Ryan protests that this is police harassment, there are no charges they can bring against his brother, and that Jonathan, at least needs a lawyer. Jonathan seems calm, telling Ryan he needs to realize that Jack is Bianca’s uncle and has reason to be worried.

Reggie and Greenlee go to Maggie’s and a guard asks them who they are and what they want. He tells them that he cannot let anybody enter Maggie’s who could be potentially dangerous to her. Greenlee protests that she and Reggie are not dangerous. They are just friends. Maggie says it’s all right for them to enter but tells them she is busy and has nothing interesting to tell them. She’s done with Jonathan and is getting rid of all of his stuff. Reggie says a better idea would be to burn his stuff. Greenlee tells Maggie she’d like to supply the matches but before doing so, she needs to talk to her about something very important.

JR is sitting in his office alone looking at his computer holding a stuffed animal that belonged to the child he lost. Jamie enters. JR asks Jamie to get out. Jamie tells his brother he can help him get back the one thing he wants more than anything else in the world and asks JR if he’s interested.

After entering Bianca’s apartment and noticing Babe there, Erica demands to know what she is doing there. Bianca tells her mother that it’s all right. Babe is ready to go out the door. Erica tells Babe’s she’s hurt her daughter enough and why would she even think it would be ok to come over here? She tells Babe she wants her out of here and out of her daughter’s life. But Bianca urges her mother to back off since she has no clue what just happened.

JR tells Jamie there’s nothing he could offer that he would want and he needs to leave. He asks what Jamie’s offer is. Does he have a horse head under his pillow? He makes many sarcastic comments guessing what Jamie’s offer is. He tells Jamie that all he wants is his son and he knows Jamie will not help him with that. But Jamie surprises JR by informing him that that is exactly what his offer is and asks JR if he’s still ready to kick him out. JR asks what Jamie’s genius idea is. Jamie tells him that tomorrow is the custody hearing.

Erica rants to Bianca about what Babe has done to their lives. She asks if Miranda is ok and goes to see her granddaughter. She inquires if because Babe’s son might be taken from her, she might want to take Miranda? But they both assure Erica that Babe would never hurt Miranda or take her from her mommy. Bianca tells her mother she does not know what is going on and that Babe saved both her and Miranda tonight. Erica asks them what is going on.

Jonathan informs Jack and Derek that he had no intention of accosting or hurting Bianca. He just went to talk to her about his fiancée, Maggie. Jack says he knows that Jonathan was trying to entrap Bianca and her baby. He denies it. Derek inquires about how Jonathan’s conversation with Bianca about his ex-fiancé turned into a situation. Jonathan replies that he just wanted to talk about his breakup with Maggie. But Bianca got freaked out and afraid of him. He protests that he had no intention of hurting or threatening Bianca. But she flipped out and threatened him and relived the situation with Michael Cambias. Jack does not buy that for one minute. Neither does DereK. Jonathan concludes to them that he was so caught up in his own situation that he did not realize how Bianca might have felt. And when Bianca kept freaking out, he realized it was either the Michael Cambias thing or that Bianca hated him because he and Maggie were in love.

Maggie tells Greenlee and Reggie that she has washed her hands of the whole situation with Jonathan. But Greenlee tells Maggie that Jonathan is dangerous. Maggie questions why she’d be worried when there is a guard right outside the door. Greenlee tells her that Jonathan might have left behind something that would lead them to some clues about how he tried to poison her. And Reggie informs Maggie that Jonathan went after Bianca earlier that night.

Jonathan tells Jack and Derek that during his conversation with Bianca, out of nowhere her friend, Babe Chandler busts in and knocks him out. He has a great manipulation ploy in telling him that Babe misread the situation, understandably, due to the way Bianca was overreacting. He admits that he made a very bad judgment call to not realize with Bianca’s past that being left alone with a man might cause her to overreact. Jack asks him what his excuse is for poisoning Greenlee. Ryan defends his brother realizing there is no proof that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Jonathan suggests Kendall drugged her instead since she had the means, motive, opportunity and the drugs in her home. Jack and Derek are surprised that nobody told them about their suspicion of Kendall. At that moment, Derek gets a call and says nobody can leave. Jack asks to talk to Ryan privately. Jack tells Ryan he wants Jonathan locked up. He tells Ryan he likes him but the fact that Jonathan is his brother does not give him any immunity. Ryan protests that he realizes his brother has some anger issues but he is getting help. And he tells Jack he has insufficient evidence about what he’s accused Jonathan of. But Jack tells Ryan he may not know his brother as well as he thinks he does.

Hearing that Jonathan went after Bianca earlier, for the first time Maggie sounds concerned and asks if Jonathan hurt her. Reggie says she is not hurt but very scared and that they need her help in finding out secrets about Jonathan. She tells them she’d like to help but realizes she did not know Jonathan any better than they do. She was fooled and misled about him. So if they need clues about Jonathan, she is not the person to help them. She leaves to find Bianca. Greenlee searches for evidence about Jonathan. Reggie tells her he’d rather just beat Jonathan to a pulp instead of going through his stinky clothing. She finds an address book.

Jamie tells JR that, realizing he and Babe are both suing Kevin Buchanan for custody, he wants them to drop their individual suits and sue for joint custody. He reminds JR that he kept Miranda, knowing she was not his child. He drugged Babe and lied about many things, which would not make him daddy material. JR tells Jamie that Babe would not be a very credible witness. Jamie reminds him it was not just Babe. JR almost killed Jamie in Florida and there’s suspicion that he might have tried to kill Bianca. He also reminds JR that if he and Babe rip each other apart on the witness stand, they will both look like unfit parents and Kevin will win. He reminds his brother that they are all family. He and JR and Babe are all part of his son’s life. Maybe they should stop treating their child like a trophy. And maybe JR needs to decide whether it’s more important to go after Babe or to get his son back. He tells JR they all need to work together and if he’s in, they have to move fast. He leaves.

Erica tells Bianca she must get a restraining order against Babe. But Bianca protests that that is not necessary. Babe tells them that maybe she should get going so that Bianca can tell Erica what she needs to tell her. Erica encourages her to go. Babe leaves. Erica privately tells her daughter that she knows she has a “soft spot for strays”. Bianca protests to her mother that she has not forgiven Babe. Not even close. She also informs her that she has refused to help Babe get her son. Erica says Babe has terrible gall to even ask her. But Bianca informs her mother that Babe has not asked for her help nor used her for anything. She informs her that Jamie asked her to help Babe without Babe’s knowing and Babe apologized when she found out. Babe has left Bianca alone and admitted to her wrong doing without asking for forgiveness or any help with anything. She also informs her mother that tonight Babe did something very unselfish for her. Erica asks her daughter what in the world happened tonight. At that moment, they are saved from discussing that when Maggie enters.

Reggie tells Greenlee that they are wasting their time to be searching Jonathan’s belongings. But she tells her brother that they are not going anywhere until they find something. She looks through Jonathan’s list of phone numbers and finds it odd that all the numbers appear disconnected. He tells her that maybe it’s because Jonathan got the drugs from a dealer instead of a doctor.

Ryan protests to Jack that he loves and cares for Greenlee more than anything and if he thought his brother would hurt her, he would never let him near her. Jack asks him what he’d do if he had proof that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Ryan replies if that happened, he’d turn the key on Jonathan’s jail cell himself. Right at that moment, Derek enters and hands them a folder. He informs Ryan that he may not know this but his brother has a police record. Ryan looks at it and is shocked. He then goes into the interrogation and confronts his brother.

Reggie discovers a card with some strange French name on it. Greenlee asks if he remembers the exact date when Jonathan came into town.

Erica leaves Bianca and Maggie alone but tells her daughter she still needs to know what happened with Babe. Maggie informs Bianca that Greenlee and Reggie informed her that Jonathan came after her so she had to come over and make sure Bianca is ok. Bianca assures Maggie that she is ok, only scared, and that Babe saved the day. Maggie assures Bianca that she is done with Jonathan and she has Aiden and the guard looking out for her. She apologizes to Bianca for the way she has treated her and for refusing to listen to her. And she knows Jonathan went after Bianca because of her and it’s all her fault. Bianca tells Maggie she does not owe her an apology and should not have kissed her. Maggie inquires, then if it was all a lie. Did she just do that solely for the purpose of keeping her away from Jonathan? Bianca assures Maggie that it was real.

Ryan demands to know why Jonathan never told him about Lorraine’s assault charges against him. He asks how many chances Jonathan’s had to come clean and how many times he’s covered for him and defended him. Why did Jonathan lie to him? He tells Jonathan that he believed him when he said the only violence problem he’s had was with Maggie. He says he defended him to Greenlee, Jack, Bianca. And Jonathan just played him like he played everybody else.

Jack tells Derek that with the assault charges Lorraine brought against Jonathan, there should be enough evidence to convict him. Derek says there is still insufficient evidence because that case happened long ago. He has no proof that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. He will get a statement from Bianca the following morning. But there’s nothing he can do tonight. Jack tells Derek that he must find a way to get this guy locked up.

Erica goes to see JR. He shows her a picture of his son. She remarks that he has JR’s chin and is adorable. She informs him that she wants to help him get his son back.

Alone, Babe sits on the bed looking at the many pictures she has of her son and cries. Jamie enters. They look at the pictures together and hold each other.

Jonathan asks Ryan if he hates him. Ryan says no. Jonathan is his brother and he will never cut him out of his life. Derek enters and tells Jonathan he’s free to go but needs to come back the following day after he takes Bianca’s statement. But Jack tells Ryan he must not let Jonathan into his home or anywhere near Greenlee. Ryan assures Jack that Jonathan will stay at the Valley Inn.

Bianca tells Maggie that she forgives her for her attitude and unwillingness to listen to the reality about Jonathon. Bianca says she realizes that nobody wants to hear negative realities about anybody they love. Maggie says she shut out the truth that was all around her and she was an idiot to love and trust him. Bianca tells her she is loving and kind hearted and not the only person who’s been sucked in by Jonathan. Maggie admits that Jonathan always appeared so sweet and loving and thoughtful and like he could read her mind. She says he was the only person who remembered the anniversary of Frankie’s death. Bianca reveals to her that that it not true. She sent Maggie a card. Maggie admitted she never got it. Bianca remembers giving it to Jonathan to give to her. Hearing that, Maggie knows how sick the whole relationship was. She was brainwashed and ready to change everything for him. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Bianca tells her she’s free now and that she will figure it out and everything will work out in time.

Ryan goes with Jonathan to his room at the Valley Inn. Jonathan thanks his brother for his help. Ryan tells Jonathan he wants to know something. He reflects upon hearing Jonathan justifying himself about Bianca’s problem of being scared of men and his “innocent” misunderstanding and failure to realize he scared her. He says it sounds just like déjà vu in remembering how they both coped with their father’s abuse. Jonathan sounds to not want to talk about that. But Ryan tells his brother that he knows he intended to scare Bianca.

While at Maggie’s with Reggie, Greenlee wonders why she has not heard form Ryan. He asks her how she is getting along with her husband, in view of the fact that she suspects his brother is trying to kill her. She tells him she knows her marriage will work. She tells him now she’s going to raid Jonathan’s medicine cabinet and asks him to join her.

Jonathan admits to Ryan that he knew he was scaring Bianca. He explains that she has been trying to break up him and Maggie for so long. Just a few days ago, Maggie was in love with him and ready to marry him. Now she’s decided he’s scum. Bianca gets her way once again. She is the hero who can do no wrong. He wonders why everybody in this town vilifies him, judges him and cannot mind their own business. Why can’t they just leave him alone? Ryan looks at his brother like he does not know what to say.

Bianca and Maggie enjoy some ice cream together and reestablish their friendship.

Alone in bed, Babe and Jamie talk about their options with having baby James and what it would mean if they go to prison.

JR tells Erica that he’s amazed at all the people who have offered to help him today. But he does not believe she can help him. She inquires if he has ever seen her on a witness stand. He tells her that he believes she probably can really pack a punch. She tells him she is loaded this time and will testify about what Babe has put him through. And she will tell them what an excellent father he is and that his baby belongs with him. And she knows that Kendall will speak on his behalf. But he reminds her that Bianca is not a great fan of his right now. She tells him she will handle Bianca. But right now, the main thing they need to do is get Babe out of their lives.

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