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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan tells Lily outside Erica's door to trust him and not tell her dad about what she saw involving Jonathan. Inside Erica's place, Kendall and Ethan are getting cozy and decide they want to get out of there.

Krystal tells Tad at his place that his kiss was great, but she asks if it was a pity kiss. Tad says he has a lot of feelings about her but pity isn't one of them. He kisses her again. She says she can't get fuzzy-headed right now. He praises her for her willingness to go to prison so that her daughter doesn't have to go. She insists it's her fault that Miranda didn't go back to her mother sooner. Tad says this could be her last night of freedom. He suggests they make it their night and go out and have fun. Krystal says she dragged him into this and he's looking at jail time too. Now he wants to put a smiley face on it? He says they have nothing to lose. Krystal tells him to forget about her and walks out. Tad follows.

Anita finds Aidan standing guard outside Maggie's apartment and she tells him he's amazing for protecting her from Jonathan this way. He wishes her happy Valentine's day and they kiss. They pull Valentine candy hearts from a bag and read each other the inscriptions. Anita's asks if "Will you be mine?" and Aidan's answers "yes."

At Erica's party, Jack tells Greenlee he doesn't want to cause trouble for her and Ryan. Greenlee is worried because Ryan's head is in a bad place after learning Chris Stamp wasn't his father. Jack says he's only concerned about protecting his family. Anyone who hurts his family will pay, he says.

At the boathouse, Bianca asks Babe why she came and saved her. Babe explains that she ran into Lily who was concerned. Babe asks why Jonathan was after her. Jonathan is lurking in the background.

Jack gives Erica a Valentine's gift. She opens it to find a box of candy, thanks him and hands it back. He pulls from the box a beautiful jeweled necklace, which thrills Erica. He also gives her back her large diamond engagement ring and tells her it's time to put it back on. She does and says she'll never take it off again.

Palmer and Opal arrive at Erica's bickering as usual. Erica asks if they can have a cease fire for one night for Bianca's surprise birthday party.

Reggie and Danielle are walking to Erica's and Reggie pretends he forgot about Valentine's Day. Danielle remarks it's just a commercialized holiday for people to make a buck anyway. He shows her a pair of tickets and says she won't be wanting these then. They kiss and she grabs the tickets. Just then Lily opens the door and sees them kissing. She looks upset and doesn't say anything. Reggie and Danielle walk in and are greeted by Erica. Lily thinks about the harsh words she heard Jonathan speak to Bianca.

Ryan arrives at the boathouse and Bianca tells him that his brother has lost it. She says he wouldn't let her and Miranda leave.

Lily tells Reggie and Danielle that she doesn't like the yelling. They ask her what she means and she says she doesn't know what to do. Ryan told her not to tell her dad but the lady in red (Babe) told her to tell her father. Reggie asks Lily to tell him the problem.

Ryan goes to the Miranda Montgomery center and finds Jonathan lying on the floor pretending that he had been knocked out. Ryan doesn't buy it and orders him to get up. He can't play him. Jonathan gets up and says he was just talking to Bianca when Babe sneaked up behind him and knocked him out. Ryan angrily confronts Jonathan for going after Bianca and her baby and terrorizing her.

Krystal arrives at a bar and orders a drink and Tad goes in afterward. He sits down with her but she tells him not to waste his time on her. She says she hurts people. He says he just wants to have fun tonight.

Bianca is at home and on the phone to her mother. She tells her that she's not feeling well and won't be coming over. Erica whispers that there is a small army there waiting for her so they can yell surprise. Bianca thanks her mother for the gesture but asks that she thank them all for her. Bianca hangs up and sees that Babe is holding Miranda. She tells Babe that she could yell at her to stay away from her baby. Babe apologizes and puts Miranda back in the playpen. Bianca comments that Miranda loves Babe. Babe tells Bianca that she is Miranda's world. Bianca says of course she is since she's her mother. Tearing up, Bianca tells Babe that she can't possibly share all those months with Miranda and not share a bond. She says she doesn't know how she feels to see Babe holding Miranda. Bianca asks Babe if she sent Jamie to talk to her and ask her to talk to the DA on her behalf. Babe says she didn't know Jamie was there and didn't send him. She says he just wants to make things better for her and baby James. She says if she could give back what she took she would, but all she can do is stop taking. She turns to leave and Bianca tells her she could go to prison.

Erica tells the party guests that Bianca has a cold and won't be there. Palmer and Opal leave, followed by Ethan and Kendall. Reggie tells Jack that something is wrong with Lily. Jack goes to talk to his daughter.

Ryan asks Jonathan why he had to talk to Bianca. Jonathan says Bianca made his fiancee leave him. Ryan reminds Jonathan that he hit Maggie and now terrorized Bianca. What's wrong with him and who is he? Jonathan tells Ryan he's just like him. He knows that Ryan is full of Patrick Lavery's blood too. Bianca told him the news. He asks Ryan when he was going to tell him. Ryan says he's been busy doing damage control. Jonathan tells him he's just as twisted as him and Braden. Ryan tells Jonathan he can't turn this around and make it about him. He grabs Jonathan's coat by the shoulders and tells him he makes him sick. Jonathan taunts him to belt him one. Ryan lets go and tells him he needs help. Jonathan insists he doesn't need help. Ryan says if he continues like this he will. Does he want to go to jail? Just then Jack walks in with Reggie, Greenlee and Derek. Jack tells Jonathan he has crossed the line. Derek suggests Jonathan come to the station and explain why he shouldn't be locked up. Jonathan glares at Greenlee and says he'd love the opportunity to explain. This has been blown out of proportion, he says. All but Ryan and Greenlee leave, and Greenlee suggests they go to the station. Ryan ignores Greenlee's suggestion and she hugs him. He doesn't hug back.

At Erica's, Lily asks Danielle about her kiss with Reggie and wants to know what it's like to kiss. Danielle describes how nice kissing is and Lily replies that she knows she kissed Reggie because he is her boyfriend. She says she'd like to kiss Aidan. Danielle reminds Lily that she and Aidan agreed there would be no kissing and she can't change the rules without talking to Aidan. Lily says she has changed. Aidan touched her and it didn't hurt. She says when she's around him she tingles. She wants to kiss him. That's normal, isn't it? Danielle acknowledges that it is normal and that Lily needs to talk to her dad.

Anita pulls another candy heart from the bag and it has Aidan's name on it. He pulls one and it says love. Anita realizes he had the candy made for her.

Ethan is covering Kendall's eyes and he brings her aboard a private jet. He uncovers them and she sees roses, champagne and candlelight. He suggests a trip to Paris. They fall onto the couch in the plane and kiss and snuggle.

Opal finds Tad with Krystal at the bar and is not happy. She confronts Tad about his choice of company, then goes to the microphone as karaoke night begins. Opal announces that this is a special dedication for the little lady sitting over there, pointing to Krystal. She sings a rendition of "Bad Girls."

Bianca tells Babe that if she went to the DA it could help her. Babe says she would do anything to be with her son except ask Bianca to go to the DA. Bianca tells Babe she doesn't know how to feel about her. Babe says she doesn't either. She's done a lot of stupid things, including just sneaking into the Buchanan home to see her son. Bianca says she can't forget those nights when she didn't have her baby to hold. Babe tells her she has that now, and no one should mess that up, especially her. Babe goes to walk out and runs into Erica at the door.

Opal finishes her song and walks over to Krystal, telling her to let her know if she needs an encore. Krystal tells Tad that someone has to stamp out that negative vibe and it might as well be her. She goes to the microphone and sings "My Funny Valentine." As Tad watches, tears well in his eyes. Scenes of others are shown as Krystal sings in the background. Ryan walks away from Greenlee. Ethan and Kendall cuddle on the plane. Lily looks excited in anticipation of kissing Aidan. Aidan and Anita kiss.

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