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At the Miranda Montgomery center, a threatening Jonathan tells Bianca that he and Maggie were doing fine until she got in their business. He kicks a garbage can. Lily is outside the door and is startled by the Jonathan's yelling and the noise he is making. Jonathan tells Bianca that he would still be with Maggie if she butted out. Bianca tells him she won't let him blame her for his doing. Jonathan tosses a chair and Bianca bends down to Miranda to comfort her. She tells Miranda that they didn't mean to scare her and they're going home now. Jonathan apologizes and picks up a small stuffed toy to hand to Miranda. Bianca stops him from getting near Miranda. Jonathan tells her that Miranda can drift off to sleep while he finishes with her. He promises he'll be very quiet and gets in her face.

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at Erica's place for Bianca's surprise party. Erica asks how Ryan is doing and Greenlee snaps that he's close to miserable thanks to her. Erica notices his facial scrapes and asks what happened. He mentions that he got into a fight with a Cambias. Kendall and Ethan arrive and Erica tells Ethan that he is not welcome here and is to get out. She says she won't let him ruin Bianca's party and tells Kendall that Ethan and Ryan had a terrible fight. Ryan informs Erica that she has the wrong Cambias. Erica tells Ethan that his father is an animal. Kendall says Bianca would want Ethan at her party. Erica comments that she wants Kendall there so she invites Ethan in.

Jamie knocks on Maggie's door. She is sitting alone, sullen, and drags herself to the door. She sees him and angrily says she's not in the mood for anyone. Jamie asks why Aidan is downstairs standing guard and tells her to cut the love sucks anthem. He asks again: Why the guard dog? She retorts, referencing Babe. "Speaking of dogs, where's your's?" He doesn't understand her bitterness and says they used to be friends. She says that's before he ran off with Babe. She rails on him about how Babe kept Miranda from Bianca. He thinks there is more to her anger and asks her what happened. She replies "Jonathan Lavery."

Tad asks Krystal what she has in mind to protect Babe. Krystal says she will hand over her life to spare Babe. Krystal says she's the one who tampered with the DNA results and leaned on Babe to keep it secret. She owes it to Babe and her grandson to take the fall by pleading guilty. She asks Tad if he'll help her. They go onto the patio. Tad tells her this is serious. Krystal says she doesn't care as long as Babe gets a break. She tells Tad she wants to plead guilty tomorrow and asks him what she should say. She doesn't want to give the DA any doubt. Tat tells her to say she wants to save everyone time and money by pleading guilty. David walks in and tells her she's not pleading guilty to anything. He asks Tad what's wrong with him. Krystal says it wasn't Tad; she decided to cut a deal to protect Babe. She says she'll tell them that she blackmailed David so he can get off. David says there's no way he'll let her or Babe plead guilty to anything. He'll find another way. He won't let them go to prison. Krystal says nothing short of knocking her out is going to stop her. Krystal and Tad walk back into the house and lock David out on the patio. Tad tells her he doesn't want her to go to prison.

Later, Krystal notices David has stopped knocking on the door and figures he has left. She asks Tad about his comment about not wanting her to go to jail. Tad says he held what she did against her but he did the same thing to JR. Krystal says she got the kids in jail and nothing will change it. She gets up and Tad grabs her and kisses her passionately.

Babe is at the boathouse wishing upon a star. Lily runs into the scene speechless and in a panic.

Jonathan tells Bianca that she's such a good mother. If he had had a good mother he'd be different today. Instead his mother spent most of his childhood drunk on vodka. Bianca tells her she's sorry and tries to sympathize with him. Jonathan laments that he's doomed to repeat the life of his father. Bianca says that won't happen. Look at Ryan, he turned out fine. Jonathan says Ryan didn't have the same father as he did. Bianca says that's not true. She figures Ryan will tell him soon enough so she tells him. Ryan has just learned that Chris Stamp was not his real father. She tells Jonathan he and Ryan share 100 percent of the same blood. Jonathan says Ryan is no better than he is. Bianca replies that Ryan's a wonderful guy, no matter who his parents are. She urges Jonathan to let Ryan help him.

Kendall asks Ethan why Ryan and Zach would be fighting. He says he doesn't know, but he wishes he would have gotten in a few slugs himself.

Erica tells Greenlee that she hopes they can put aside their animosity. Greenlee says after what she did to Ryan she doesn't see how. He didn't need to know that Chris wasn't his father and that knowledge is killing him, she says. Erica says she's sorry, but it's good to know the truth. Greenlee says that it's strange that she's talking about the truth, after all she kept Jack from knowing that he is her father real father. Just then Jack arrives for the party. Erica asks him where Lily is. He tells her not to worry about Lily telling Bianca about the party. Now that she's decided to become a private investigator she keeps things confidential, he says.

Lily is in a tizzy over seeing Babe in her red coat. She covers her eyes and keeps repeating "red, red" until Babe takes off her coat and hides it. Lily wants sunglasses to protect her eyes but rejects Babe's efforts to hand them to her. Babe puts the sunglasses on the ground and Lily picks them up. Babe tells her she doesn't want to hurt her. Lily starts counting and slowly calms down. She says she's working on a mystery that needs to be solved, but it's confidential. Babe asks her what frightened her before. Lily says there was noise and yelling and the suspect was getting angry and kicking things. Babe asks who she's talking about, but Lily says the name is confidential. He's the man who hurts women. She says she was outside when they were getting made. Babe asks who he was with and Lily tells her he was with Bianca.

Bianca tells Jonathan that they should go see Ryan. She asks him to open the door so they can go see him together. She starts to leave but he jumps in front of her and tells her she doesn't get to walk away from this.

Kendall asks Erica shy she's so concerned about Ryan. Erica tells her about Chris's journal and how Ryan knows that Chris wasn't his real father. Kendall says Ryan must be dying. He hated Patrick Lavery. Erica says Ryan will be fine. He has Greenlee. Kendall says she can't be expected to comfort Ryan. She has Ethan now and she plans to stay with him. Erica tells her that's a terrifying thought. Erica tells her someday she'll see the truth about Ethan and she'll help her get rid of him.

Ethan tells Ryan that if he works with him they can accomplish more. Ryan says he's done with everything Cambias. He hands over the gold watch Alexander Cambias left him before he died. Ethan asks Ryan what Alex was like. Ryan says Alex had two sons who hated him. He says the father-son bond is over-rated and Ethan should get out while he can.

Kendall tells Greenlee she knows about Chris Stamp's diary. Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan doesn't need her rubbing salt into his wounds. She orders her to drop the subject. Kendall changes the subject to Jonathan and says she talked to him but didn't get anywhere. They need to come up with another way to prove that he poisoned her. Jack, who is nearby, asks if Jonathan poisoned Greenlee. Ryan hears this and gets upset. He says Jonathan has no reason to hurt Greenlee. Ethan declares that it wasn't Jonathan that did it but was his pathetic excuse for a father. Bickering ensues and Jack yells "enough." He asks why no one mentioned to him that Jonathan was suspected. Ryan tells Greenlee to let this go and walks out. Greenlee gives Kendall a dirty look and tells her she shot of her big fat mouth. Erica tells Greenlee she's sick of her blaming Kendall for everything.

Jamie asks Maggie to talk to Bianca to help Babe. She may lose her son. Maggie continues condemning Babe for keeping Miranda from Bianca and Jamie defends Babe. He says she thought JR was the love of her life and that's why she kept the truth from Bianca. He asks Maggie if she's ever misjudged anyone. She admits that she has made mistakes. Jamie urges her to help Babe so she doesn't lose her son. Maggie says if Babe was on fire she would sing campfire songs. She watched her best friend suffer and now he's asking her to help Babe? She would rather die.

Bianca tells Jonathan to get his hands off her daughter. Lily and Babe arrive at the center and are outside the door. Bianca says she has learned to defend herself and won't let him hurt her or her little girl. Jonathan asks if she's going to kill him like she did Michael Cambias. He asks her if she's packing heat. Bianca says she'll hurt him if she has to. Jonathan taunts her, telling her she'll need a weapon. He picks up a hammer and tells her to take it and take a whack. Show him what she did to her rapist. Babe opens the door and barges in, rolling a crate containing empty paint cans in front of her. She tells Bianca to leave and Bianca runs out with Miranda. Babe charges at Jonathan with the cart and knocks him down. Boxes fall on his head and she runs out with Miranda's stroller.

Kendall asks Ethan how long can Ryan kid himself into thinking Jonathan is innocent. Ethan says he'll prove Zach is guilty. Kendall tells him to look past Zach and this revenge thing. Jack says if Jonathan is responsible he'll have to answer to the law or to him.

Outside of Erica's door, Greenlee tells Ryan that Jack overheard Kendall talking about Jonathan. She would never tell Jack about this. Ryan says he wants to be alone. He tells Greenlee to go back inside and give Bianca his love. She says she hates it when they're not on the same page. She goes inside. A frantic Lily approaches Ryan and says she's looking for her dad. She mentions mean yelling. He asks by who and she tells him his brother. Ryan asks why his brother is yelling. Lily says he's making scary noises like crashes. He's with Bianca and her baby. Ryan asks where and she tells him they're at the Miranda center. Ryan leaves.

Bianca is at the boathouse, shaken and teary-eyed. She is closely holding Miranda. Babe arrives and asks her if she's OK. Bianca says she's still shaking. Babe grabs her coat and puts it around Bianca's shoulders and tells her she's safe. Babe holds her then Bianca backs away and thanks her. Babe says she doesn't have to thank her for anything. Babe says she needs to go home but Bianca asks her to wait a little bit. In the background, Jonathan nears the boathouse carrying a hammer.

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