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Greenlee tells Ethan that he owes Ryan and must help her find him. He tells her Ryan is a big boy. She protests that even big boys need help some times. Ryan saved his behind and he needs to return the favor. Ethan tells her he has work to do. She tells him he’s just like his father.

Zach punches Ryan in the bar. Ryan slams him into the pool table. They get into a big fight and are ready to hurt each other. Ryan pins Zach down, tells him he hired somebody to shoot him and poison Greenlee and demands to know who it is. Simone is watching, gets on her cell phone, calls Greenlee and tells her she needs to get down there. Her husband is in a fight.

Tad tells Jamie that he might need some fine-tuning in order to go to court. He informs his son that he looks like he might be stressed and not caring about his appearance. Jamie seems not to care and laughs. But Tad tells him that expression and appearance can mean a lot to a jury. At that moment, Babe appears wearing her chef’s disguise. Jamie notices her and asks her to please tell him she did not make dinner. Tad tells her she looks like she’s in trouble.

In the basement of her building, Bianca tells Miranda that it is so cool that they have a foundation in her name. As she moves toward the garage pushing her baby in the stroller, Jonathan is lurking and spying upon her.

Outside her apartment, Maggie tells Aiden he need not suspect that Jonathan will come back and stalk her. Aiden tells her he just needs to be concerned. She tells him if he won’t leave, could he do her a favor? Could he come in for a drink and explain to her why he believes she almost married a very sick man who could have ruined her life?

Jonathan is lurking outside of the office where Bianca and Miranda are. Bianca hears footsteps and asks if anybody is out there.

In the bar, Zach looks like he’s ready to choke Ryan.

Aiden tells Maggie she did nothing wrong. He tells her that Jonathan put her on a pedestal. While there may be nothing wrong with that, Jonathan knew he had her right where he wanted her. He knew how to manipulate her into feeling responsible for his problems and believing they were in love. Aiden tells her she is not the first woman Jonathan has physically and emotionally abused. And until something is done about this, she will not be the last.

While Bianca and Miranda are in the office of the building where the party will start, Brooke enters. She tells Bianca that every community needs a foundation like this. Bianca says she hopes this place and this organization can be a place to provide services for women and children. She hopes women can obtain job opportunities and raise their families. And she says something about providing services for women who are in abusive situations. Brooke reveals to Bianca that she is very worried about her son getting himself in trouble. Bianca says at least Jamie is back in Pine Valley. Brooke says she knows that her son is very hung up and ready to sacrifice his life for Babe Carey. Brooke admits that she does not believe that Babe is evil or anything. But her son has really wrapped his life up in her. She asks Bianca, remembering she used to be Babe’s best friend, if she can shed some light on Babe. Is she just misunderstood? Or is she really bad news?

At Tad’s, Krystal appears. Babe informs her mother, Tad and Jamie that she just went to Llanview and visited her son. Krystal seems happy. But Tad and Jamie are very worried about what could happen when Kevin Buchanan saw her and knowing he has her on videotape. Tad tells her Kevin can use that against her in court to prevent her from ever seeing her child again. Jamie inquires why she did not just tell him before she went out there alone. She admits that maybe she acted on impulse. But she is not worried. Her son is so adorable and wonderful. And she knows she will get to keep him.

Outside the bar, by the dumpsters, Ryan and Zach continue their fight. Greenlee and Simone try to break them up. But they don’t want to stop fighting.

Brooke tells Bianca that she really wants to know what it is about Babe that is causing her grown up, intelligent son to behave so recklessly. Bianca says she thinks she knows the answer to that. She says that Babe just has this way of making people feel comfortable around her. She is not judgmental. She comes from a place of true sincerity. So when she asked Jamie to go to Llanview and kidnap her son, he probably didn’t even blink. He probably just started up the car and did what she asked. She tells Brooke that for a woman who has told so many lies, Babe could not be more innocent. She still believes that Babe would have done anything for her except telling her the truth about Miranda. That’s why it’s so easy to fall in love with Babe and why it hurts so much to be betrayed by her.

After fighting Ryan, Zach goes back into the bar to shoot pool. He has blood on his face. Ethan is there with him.

Babe tells her mother that she needs to come up with plans to find her son and she will keep coming up with new plans until she gets caught.

Jamie asks his father what he should do with a woman who gets involved in the types of schemes that Babe does. Tad replies that one thing he could do is marry her.

Maggie asks Aiden why Jonathan would choose her. He replies because she’s a good person, intelligent and sexy. She admits she does not feel that way. He tells her she has not lost it. But she must realize that Jonathan selects women who are available and alone and doubting themselves. That’s what he did with his previous girlfriend. She tells him that she realizes she has been awful to Bianca when Bianca was trying to help her.

When Ryan gets home, Greenlee bandages his hand. He informs her that he and Jonathan share a lot more now. He is a 100% Lavery and has everything that goes with it.

When Bianca is alone, Jonathan enters. She asks why he is there. He replies he’s there to see her. She tells him she does not have time to talk to him and she and Miranda need to go somewhere. He asks her how she could do it? She asks what he’s talking about. He replies that she broke up him and Maggie. He asks why she could not just leave them alone. She tells him this is not the time to talk about this. She asks to not have this conversation in front of Miranda. She tells him if he does not get out, she will call security. He tells her there are no phones and nobody will hear her no matter how loud she screams.

Tad admits to Jamie that he realizes he is no role model for anybody about marriage. He tells him that Dixie and Brooke where the closest he’s come to finding the right person. Jamie admits that he is worried about Babe’s habit of scheming. Hearing his father sounding like he is justifying Babe’s behaviors as well as Jamie’s excuses for her, he tells Tad that he sounds like he is talking about exhibit C. Tad asks his son what he is talking about in regard to exhibit C. Jamie replies that he can tell that Tad is indirectly talking about his attachment to Krystal Carey.

Babe talks to her mother and Kelly Buchanan.

In the bar, Zach and Ethan compete in pool. Zach notices his son making a good shot. Ethan informs him that his “father” taught him that. It looks like Ethan has won the pool game and Zach is down and out, both about losing in pool, and about what is going on now in his life.

Jamie tells Tad that he is not so unlike Krystal. He kept JR from Adam. He also was right with Krystal in keeping JR’s child from him.

Krystal tells Babe she is so proud of the fact that she will not let anybody stand in the way of getting her baby back. Kelly observes them, happily, and tells them she wishes she could take what they have and bottle it. Kelly says that maybe all this positive energy could help put Babe’s son back in her arms. Jamie enters and tells them not to worry. He will make certain that that is exactly where he ends up. Babe rushes up and kisses Jamie.

Ryan is still convinced that Jonathan could not have tried to poison Greenlee. He tells her that it must have been Zach. She tells him he needs to deal with the shock he’s just had about finding out that he’s a Lavery. But it makes no difference who his biological father is. He tells her that he will find out who drugged her and his brother will help him in finding that out.

Jonathan tells Bianca that he knows she’s had it in for him ever since he burned her shirt. She tells him she does not have time to discuss it. He tells her that he’s not the terrible person she thinks he is. And she just cannot accept him for who he is. She tells him that maybe they should call Ryan and get him down here. Maybe he can help them resolve this.

Jamie departs telling Babe that he has a plan of his own. She says she trusts him and kisses him goodbye. She informs Kelly that Jamie’s plans are not as crazy as hers’. Kelly reflects to Babe that she can tell that Babe found the right man. And she tells Babe that maybe she can come up with a plan to help her have her son back.

Krystal tells Tad she is very grateful to him for giving their kids a place to stay. She tells him she thinks she has a way out of this mess. And she tells him he will have to help her.

Greenlee asks Ryan if he is still up to going to Bianca’s. He tells her his bandaged hand won’t stop him. But she tells him she knows there is more to what is going on with him than that. He tells her he is fine. He will go and shower and get ready.

When Aiden goes out Maggie’s door, she gives him a hug and expresses her gratitude for his help.

Jonathan tells Bianca that he could overhear her conversation with Brooke English. She must think she is so much better than he is. He tells her that he burned her shirt in order to help his brother. He loves his brother and would do anything for him. He tells her that her sister, Kendall and friends falsely accused him of doing things he has not done. She got in the way of his relationship with Maggie. He’s tired of having her and her stupid friends meddling in his life. He gets angry and throws a chair.

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