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Ethan is at the office. Zach enters. Ethan asks his unwelcome father if he’s gotten his Valentines card from the gaming commission. Zach tells his son that he looks comfortable where he is. Ethan admits that it feels good to be a Cambias. Zach informs him that he wants to help him in his trial for the shooting of Ryan Lavery. He knows he didn’t do it and wants to testify in his behalf. Ethan replies that he does not believe Zach. Right at that moment, JR Chandler enters and tells Ethan that he’s ready to cover his backside, revealing that he and Ethan have some sort of secret going on.

Babe goes to the Buchanan’s home, intent to see her son, while dressed like a chef. The maid gets the door and Babe plays her role as a caterer who must get in and serve deserts for the family without her co-workers. She distracts the maid and rushes inside and happily greets her son. She holds him and tells him she knows he will never forget her and he must know that she is his mommy.

Greenlee goes to visit Bianca and Miranda. They discuss their mutual concern about Jonathan. And Greenlee reveals that she is worried about Ryan as well.

At Erica’s, Ryan is startled and dismayed to discover, from reading Chris Stamp’s diary, that Chris was not his real father after all. The thought that he is Patrick Lavery’s biological son horrifies him.

At Maggie and Jonathan’s apartment, he tells her, in front of Aiden and Anita that he wants to work everything out with Maggie and get married. But she firmly tells him that she is breaking their engagement. She tells him they cannot be with each other any more. As soon as he hears that he is ready to physically attack Aiden and tells him it’s all his fault that Maggie’s turned against him.

Ryan inquires to Erica why Chris would lie to him and have him believing that they were father and son, knowing they were not. She admits she has no clue and nobody will ever be able to find out why Chris did that, now that he is gone. But she encourages him to believe that regardless of biology, he and Chris were father and son in spirit and in heart. But he tells her that it was all a lie. She tells him that she knew that Chris loved him so much and wanted to be the father that Ryan could be proud of.

Greenlee informs Bianca of the dilemma she has in whether to believe Ryan that she need not be suspicious of his brother. Bianca concludes that it looks as though Ryan is in denial about Jonathan very similarly to the way Maggie is. Greenlee realizes she has no proof that Jonathan drugged her and that Ryan doesn’t want to believe it, but she feels it in her bones..

Aiden informs Jonathan, right in front of Maggie, that his ex-fiance, Lorraine was just there and told them everything about their abusive relationship. Jonathan asks Maggie if they can discuss this without an audience. He promises her he will not hurt her. She, then, asks Aiden and Anita if they can give her and Jonathan a minute alone. They agree to leave but stay outside the door. Jonathan asks Maggie why Aiden would make up a story about a girl whom Jonathan hardly remembers in order to turn Maggie against him. She tells him he cannot blame Aiden. Lorraine was right there and told her everything. He asks if she believed Lorraine. Maggie replies yes, she does. Outside the door, Aiden and Anita inquire whether Maggie will have the willpower to stand up to Jonathan. But they both conclude that it might be easier for Maggie to forgive Jonathan than to admit that she fell for total slime.

Ethan informs Zach that he does not need his help. He just talked to JR Chandler and found out that you do not need a law degree in order to win in the American justice system. And he says he knows he will be acquitted. Zach inquires if Ethan plans to bribe his way through the court. Ethan says there’s no way he could be as slimy and dishonest as Zach has already been in the casino. Zach leaves and JR informs Ethan that he’s gotten the results of the paternity test back. And he says that now he has grounds to win his custody battle. He tells Ethan that he owes him a debt of gratitude. He says because of Ethan he will be able to get his son back.

Right when Babe has gotten into the Buchanan house to see her son, Kevin enters and tells her he was “waiting” for the next time she’d attempt to see the baby and take him.

Bianca tells Greenlee she believes Jonathan did try to poison her. And although she too admits she has no real theory or proof that he did it, she can see by the cold, creepy look in his eyes, that he is not only a woman beater, he might very well want to eliminate anybody who poses a threat to him or gets in his way. Bianca tells Greenlee of the sick connection Jonathan has to Maggie and her observation of the manipulative dependence he has upon her. She knows he’s very possessive of Maggie and wants her to have nothing in her life besides him Hearing that, Greenlee is able to identify a very similar connection Jonathan has to Ryan. She tells Bianca that she’s observed that when Jonathan is with Ryan, he behaves as though he and his brother are kids swinging in a tree, hiding from their father. And he sees her as some girl with cooties who will take his brother from him.

Jonathan tells Maggie that he feels like he’s been tried and convicted and she won’t even hear his side of the story. He tells her that Lorraine always overreacted about things. But she says she knows that there are hospital records to prove that he beat Lorraine and almost killed her. She also asks Jonathan if he brought Lorraine flowers in the hospital and promised never to hit her again and that he loved her? He says he never remembered telling Lorraine that he loved her. She finds it very coincidental that Lorraine reported he did so many of the same things with her that he did with Maggie. She also informs him that Lorraine reported that he once asked her to push him off a bridge and kill him because he said he’d rather die than be alive without her. Isn’t it amazing that he did the same thing with Maggie, asking her also to kill him? He tells her that he was messed up by what his father did, hit Lorraine once, and made a mistake by getting mixed up with her. But he wants to get help and get beyond that. He just wishes she’d give him a chance. He tells Maggie he knows she love shim. But she tell shim that she is now discovering that she does not believe that what she feels for him is love.

JR tells Ethan about how he and his father are ready to do battle with the Buchanan’s for custody of his son. He admits that it might not be easy for them since many judges are in the Buchanan’s pockets. Ethan informs JR that his own trial is coming up shortly and he wonders if the judge at his trial also has a thing for “deep pockets”

Kevin tells Babe that she entered his home using a false name and under false pretenses. He asks her what she thinks a judge will do with that. He tells her he could get her charged with kidnapping. But she tells him he must take her for being very stupid if he thinks she would kidnap her child. She is merely there to see him, and hopefully she will get through to Kevin that the baby is hers’ and he belongs with her. He tells her that she is on surveillance camera and he could still charge her with attempted kidnapping. He tells her she has just blown her chances for ever getting to see her baby grow up.

Erica encourages Ryan to see that he will always be very special in her life and she will never feel any differently about him regardless of his father. She’ll never forget all he’s done for her. He has been like a brother to Bianca. He’s the same man whom Kendall once fell in love with. He’s the man whom Greenlee has promised her life to. And he should not lose heart. Although he tells her that he has just discovered that he is the person whom he’d thought he’d left behind long ago, she keeps telling him that he is the same Ryan and nothing changes that. She invites him to stay. But he tells her he’s all right and heads for the door. She reminds him, before he’s ready to leave, that he and Greenlee better not forget about the surprise party she’s having for Bianca tonight. He tells her he will not miss it and goes out the door.

Greenlee tells Bianca that she does not get Maggie and would never forgive a man who slapped her around. Bianca says it will be hard for Maggie to admit that she was wrong about somebody she was ready to give her life to. Hearing that, Greenlee begins to conclude that it might be even harder for Jonathan if they break up. And she believes that if Jonathan loses Maggie, he will look to Ryan to fill the empty void in his life, latch onto his brother to comfort his broken heart. And he will want an even bigger part of Ryan’s life.

Jonathan tells Maggie that he knows she loves him. But she says no. He tells her yes she does. She says she does not think she ever loved him. He reminds her that she said she did. But she realizes that she was merely caught up in the romance and attraction and maybe she was in love with the idea of being in love. Maybe at first there was potential before she saw how he hurt her and made her feel really bad. She admits it was like being on a roller coaster, not knowing from one minute to the next what was coming. And she does not believe that that is what love is. He tells her that she never said that before Bianca and Aiden and the rest of the “rescue squad” got involved in their lives. She tells him that she realizes she never really knew him. She was lonely and empty and needed him to fill an empty void in her life. And that’s all it was. He concludes that she chose Bianca over him. But she tells him that has nothing to do with Bianca. It’s all about her and nothing and nobody else.

While holding her son, Babe tells Kevin Buchanan that the baby needs her and she is his mother. Kevin says the baby loves him too and he loves him and they were perfectly happy until she ripped him away form his life. She apologizes for hurting him. He tells her that she did more than hurt him. He was scared to death with no ransom note and no way of knowing if he was alive or dead. She says she’s missed him too. He says at least she knows he’s alive. He did not. She informs him that for a long time he thought he was dead also. He tells her that she must realize he can be a better father to him than JR Chandler. She admits that he probably would be a better father than JR. But she is his mother. And she asks Kevin what his mother was like and what his life would have been like if he’d grown up prevented from having her in his life.

JR tells Ethan that he might have a difficult case, but there are ways of persuading a judge in his favor. Ethan tells JR he’s glad that they had this chat. JR says he will be in touch and leaves. .Zach goes to see Ethan and tells him that JR Chandler is trash. Ethan inquires how he can judge another man who merely wants to claim his right to his son. Zach tells Ethan that JR did a terrible thing to attempt to keep Miranda from Bianca. He asks Ethan why that did not bother him.

Erica goes to find Greenlee and tells her what just happened for Ryan. She expresses to Greenlee that she can see that Ryan was devastated to find out that he was not really Chris’ son. Greenlee reveals that she knows all too well, from what she’s just discussed with Bianca, in regard to Ryan’s “attachment” to his brother and what their father did to him, that this new shock might be too much for him to take and goes out the door in search of her husband.

After experiencing the shock, Ryan goes to a bar, silently shooting pool, lost in thought remembering what it’s meant to believe and have others believe he was Chris’ son. He remembers Jonathan telling him how he believes Ryan is not a Lavery and therefore “unsoiled” by the poisonous, filthy psychotic Lavery DNA that makes him and their other brother just like the man who raised and abused him. He remembers Jonathan telling him that they are only half brothers, Ryan is the good half and he is the bad half, just like their sick father and brother. Ryan is not one of the worthless Laverys who abuse children, beat women and rape. He’s incapable of that because he is not a Lavery.

Jonathan tells Maggie that he is making efforts to get help and work on their relationship. And one kiss from Bianca and she is ready to dump him. She protests that this is very hard for her also. But she wants him out of her home and out of her life. He keeps telling her that in time, she will realize that she loves him. But she tells him she wants him to leave for good. Aiden and Anita come in from out in the hallway and ask if they are done. Jonathan tells Maggie he loves her and that is real but if she wants him to stay away, he will stay away.

Babe tells Kevin that she could still remember all the great experiences she had as a child with her momma, knowing she would always have her there to help her feel safe. She asks him who the first person was whom he wanted to show his finger painting to as a child. Who did he run to when he scraped his knee? Was it not his momma? She tells him that her momma was always there to take care of her. She believes his momma was probably always there to take care of him. And she will always be there for her son. And he cannot tell her that her son is better off in this rich fancy house. He tells her he is sorry but she has to leave. He leads her out the door. And who is standing outside the door but JR.?

While shooting pool, Ryan remembers Patrick Lavery telling him that he will never succeed in pool, even after he becomes a grown man. Young Ryan said, “watch me”, but he failed to get the ball in the hole, from listening to his father telling him what a worthless loser he was. He then told his father he will get away from him, never have to see his face nor smell is disgusting drunken breath again. But his father told him he will never get away and threatened him. Ryan succeeds to get the pool ball in the hole this time.

Zach tells Ethan congratulation for just achieving the unholy alliance and tells him it must be easier now for him to just turn a blind eye. Ethan tells him he wants to end the conversation. But Zach protests to his son that he has been where he is. And he urges him to just give up and let it be before the Cambias curse chews him up and spits him out. But Ethan says he is proud to be a Cambias and knows his grandfather would be proud of him. He says Zach was the coward who ran away from his father. And he admits that he is glad Ryan Lavery had the courage to do the right thing and give them what is rightfully there’s.

Zach has a flashback of his father telling him he needs to be motivated to be an heir since he is the firstborn. Zach tells Alexander Cambias Sr. that he wants no part in the corruption and greed. Alexander Sr. tells him what he wants is irrelevant. Zach tells his father that maybe Michael, instead, should inherit Cambias international. But his father tells Zach that his brother is too weak and emotionally messed up to handle it. Zach keeps telling his father that he runs over people like they do not matter. Michael does that too. And he will not let his father run over him. But his father keeps telling him that he must follow his birthright or he will be nothing.

JR presents Kevin Buchanan the results of the paternity and gloats to Kevin that he will win the custody battle, and tells him, observing Babe dressed like a chef, that he won’t miss out on anything from denying her from seeing the baby and the closest she gets to gourmet is nachos. She tells JR to shut up. And Kevin orders them both out of his house. She tells JR that at least she got to spend some time with her baby, which is more than he will get to do.

Greenlee finds Ethan and tells him he must help her husband. He asks her why he would do that. She replies because Ryan saved him. Were it not for Ryan, he would not have Cambias Industries. And it was Ryan who prevented Ethan from blowing his father’s head off with a gun.

While Ryan is shooting pool in the bar, Zach enters and tells Ryan he destroyed his son. Zach punches him. Ryan fights back and slams Zach into the pool table.

After Jonathan leaves, Anita and Aiden offer to stay with Maggie. But she tells them that she is ok and she is very worried for Jonathan. They agree to leave but tell her she may contact them whenever she wants. Alone, Maggie cries.

Bianca is ready to get Miranda ready for Erica’s party. She heads out with Miranda in her stroller, suspecting nothing. But as soon as she gets into the elevator, Jonathan is lurking out in the hallway.

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