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Kendall is playing with Miranda at Bianca’s, showing her niece how to build a big company with building blocks. Kendall notices that something is going on with Bianca that she is not revealing. At that moment, Anita enters and asks Bianca to go with her to Maggie’s. She informs Bianca that they have discovered some evidence about Jonathan that might affect Maggie. Bianca tells Anita that she just cannot any longer get involved in Maggie’s and Jonathan’s relationship.

Maggie hears a knock on her door. It’s Aiden. She tells him if he’s there to find out if Jonathan beat her up the previous night, it did not happen and he needs to leave her alone. Aiden tells Maggie that he is not there to judge or make her uncomfortable. He’s her friend and he doesn’t want to abandon her. That’s what he does for his friends.

Ryan and Jonathan are at a restaurant. Ryan tells his brother he has no intention of abandoning his wife.

Edmund enters Erica’s home. He tells her there are things he needs to clear up. She tells him that since she’s starting a new business called New Beginnings, she is doing a little spring-cleaning. She asks why he is there. He reminds her that they once had a conversation about resolving their differences and doing some mutual back scratching. She tells him she is listening and asks what he has in mind.

Zach goes to find Livia but the secretary tells him she is tied up in court. He runs into Maria who tells him that she is withdrawing her divorce petition. She inquires what that news would mean to him. He tells her that if she is happy, he is happy for her. But he informs her that her husband is harassing a PI at the casino and he’d like to ask a favor of her to ask Edmund to back off. She reminds him that Edmund is merely concerned about Bobbie. He informs her that Bobbie has been fired. She expresses that she and Edmund are concerned that he had Bobbie beaten up and might intend to have him killed. He informs her that Bobbie falsely accused him of having Ryan Lavery shot.

Edmund informs Erica that he believes that Zach had Ryan shot and when Bobbie Warner found out about it, Zach got Bobbie beaten up. She inquires if Edmund believes that Ethan has been falsely accused with the shooting. He tells her that he believes Zach, alone is responsible for just about everything that has happened in this town for a long time. She inquires how he can be sure.

Aiden tells Maggie that she has committed to a relationship with a guy she hasn’t known for very long, without knowing much about him nor having higher standards. He gives her an analogy about how people do not commit to buying cars without knowing if they are dependable and worth the investment. She tells him that he cannot compare her boyfriend to a car. He tells her that normal people might get angry and pound on the walls. But Jonathan’s behavior is not normal and she cannot minimize how serious his problems are.

Kendall asks Bianca why she will not go and help Anita to intervene in Maggie’s situation. Bianca tells her sister that she has gotten herself too involved in Maggie’s problems with Jonathan and does not believe she can help Maggie. Kendall inquires why she would think that. Bianca reveals to her sister that she does not want to be, or appear to be the “reason” for why Maggie would break up with Jonathan. Kendall inquires why anyone would think that Maggie’s reason to break up with Jonathan would have anything to do with Bianca. Bianca reveals that it might be due to the fact that she recently kissed Maggie and told her she was in love with her.

Jonathan admits to Ryan that he does not care for Greenlee. He believes that she is trying to create a wedge in his relationship with his brother. But he inquires how anybody would remotely consider that he would do anything as malicious as drugging her.

Hearing about Bianca’s revelation to Maggie, Kendall assumes that Maggie did not take it well. Bianca reveals to her sister that Maggie thought that Bianca thought she would be Maggie’s “consolation prize” from breaking up with Jonathan. Kendall admits that maybe Bianca should not get involved in Maggie’s situation. But she says she has faith in Aiden for getting to the bottom of Jonathan’s problems and helping Maggie. Kendall gets up to leave, informing her sister she has many things to do.

Jonathan reminds Ryan about how their father would use them as convenient scapegoats whenever he discovered a mess in the kitchen or anything else he did not like. And the minute he so much as suspected them, he’d take the belt off. And he asks Ryan if he is not taking the belt off by suspecting him of drugging Greenlee. Jonathan later stops himself and apologizes and simply inquires to his brother why Greenlee suspects him.

Maggie tells Aiden that she is so sick of everybody ragging on Jonathan. He is her future husband. And it looks like they will need to get a whole new group of friends. She demands that Aiden gets out of her home. But right at that moment, Anita enters with Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend, Lorraine. Lorraine introduces herself to Maggie and tells her that she too had difficulty getting away from Jonathan. But she was very lucky to finally be able to do so before he killed her.

Zach tells Maria that she must not trust nor believe Bobbie Warner. He also informs her that if he’d wanted Lavery dead, he’d already be dead. Zach also reminds her that Bobbie’s main goal is money and asks her how much money Edmund might have given Bobbie in order to put the finger on him.

Erica tells Edmund that as far as his plan to go after Zach, more power to him. If he believes Zach is the culprit, he must do what he needs to do. But she was hoping she could work with Zach and get him to help her. But she tells Edmund if he really believes that Zach got Ryan shot, then that cannot be overlooked. She admits however that she is not certain how she can help him or fully support his cause. He tells her they will be in touch. She gets the door and he leaves.

Bianca leans over Miranda’a crib and asks her infant daughter if she has any ideas or suggestions for what she should do now. Myrtle suddenly stops by and Bianca tells her that maybe she can help her figure things out.

Lorraine tells everybody that she took classes with Jonathan and got to know him while in school. And as soon as they started seeing each other, Jonathan became possessive and jealous of everybody and everything in her life. He had a real problem with previous boyfriends of hers’ And once he hit her believing she might still be interested in another guy. Maggie interjects that maybe because Jonathan dumped her, she now wants “pay back” and is smearing his character. Aiden asks Maggie to let the woman finish. She tells them that once when Jonathan confronted her about her ex-boyfriend, he punched her, kicked her, put her in the hospital. She attempted to press charges but he intimidated her by stalking her and threatening her. Aiden asks her to tell everybody why she came to Pine Valley. She replies that she wants to prevent Jonathan from doing to another girl what he did to her. Maggie tells her it’s entirely possible that Bianca put her up to telling this “story”, and possibly paid her. She tells Lorraine that she does not believe that about her Jonathan. She knows him. He is sweet and kind and incapable of doing what Lorraine alleges he’s done. But Lorraine tells Maggie she has x-rays and medical evidence of Jonathan’s abuse to her. She also tells Maggie that Jonathan told her she was the love of his life whom meant more to him than any other woman he’s ever been with or could ever be with. Maggie hears that, knowing that Jonathan has told her the very same thing. Lorraine tells Maggie that she believed, very similar, to the way Maggie is now believing, that Jonathan loved her and would never intend to hurt her because of that.

Kendall goes to the restaurant and runs into Ryan while he’s with Jonathan. Ryan tells her that he would like to offer her an apology for the last time they spoke, and that he was out of line and may have said some things he should not have said. She sounds surprised, and noticing his brother, comments that “tempers” must run in the family. She approaches the two brothers and says hi to Jonathan.

Lorraine tells Maggie that Jonathan characterized to her about how being in love felt like butterflies in one’s stomach. Maggie remembers hearing him say the same thing to her. Lorraine says she realizes that his clever manipulation could really draw one in. She also remembers Jonathan once asking her to push him off the bridge, telling her he’d rather die than live without her. She says she now realizes that she fell for his manipulation and his pity trips and can now see right through what he was trying to do. She goes out the door with Aiden and Anita and tells Maggie that if she chooses to end it with Jonathan, she might want to be very careful and go somewhere safe where he cannot find her because it could get very ugly.

Zach tells Maria that he still loves her. And he will never forget those nights in the desert where all that mattered was the two of them in love.

Myrtle tells Bianca that she could tell her she must follow her heart. But she also knows that Bianca is a Kane. That will always be in her DNA. All Kanes have the right survival instincts. She tells Bianca that she must focus first and foremost on her happiness. Because she does not know if a girl who deserves happiness more than Bianca does.

Kendall sits down to talk to Jonathan. He asks her to go away. But she tells him it’s entirely possible that they have one thing in common. Maybe they both act before they think. She reminds him of how they met and what happened as a result of that. She tells him that maybe what they should do is stop their conflict. And maybe they can find out who really drugged Greenlee. He tells her nice try but he does not trust her. And he asks her to get out of his face.

Ryan goes to see Erica. She informs him that she came across a box of things that belonged to Chris and admits she hasn’t looked much at it since he died. And she tells Ryan he might like to have some of his father’s things. Ryan notices that his father wanted to take him to a baseball game. He reflected that every kid’s dream was to have daddy take him to a baseball game. But he was a grown man at the time. She tells him that she knows that Ryan’s father loved him so much. She pulls out Chris’s journal, remembering that he always pretended that it was just a date book. She tells Ryan she knew it was more. She remembers Chris was a great writer and wrote very much about Ryan. She surprises him by an entry where Chris talked about fixing a motorcycle with Ryan. He goes on to say that he wanted to give his son all the memories that he missed out on as a child. Erica goes to put the journal away, revealing to Ryan that there are other things in the journal that she does not want him to see.

Zach tells Maria that because Edmund is afraid of losing her to him, he asked Bobbie to vilify him. She does not listen to Zach and simply tells him that she is withdrawing her divorce papers because she knows she and Edmund want and need to be together. He tells her that he will always have feelings for her. She tells him that she knows he is attempting to manipulate her into breaking down in tears and playing into his scheme. But it won’t work. And she goes out the door.

Jonathan enters Maggie’s home after Lorraine his left. Aiden and Anita are still there. He tells them that he and Maggie have big plans for the day and if they don’t mind. They tell him they do mind. And Maggie surprises Jonathan by telling him it’s over. She can never see him again. Never.

Ryan tells Erica he really needs to see the journal that his father wrote. She pulls it out of the box again, revealing that there might be something startling for him. He looks at it and appears very surprised by something.

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