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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe and Jamie go to the medical facility where baby James' DNA test is taking place. JR walks in and comments that the process has started for him to take his baby home. Kevin enters with the baby and Babe greets him and seems pleased that he recognizes her as his momma. Kevin asks that the baby be tested first. Babe smiles as she tells Jamie that her son totally recognized her. JR tells her that when she's making license plates he'll be with his real daddy. Kevin says he'll fight for custody no matter what happens. He's his father until the day he dies. JR tells him there is no blood between them, but Kevin says blood doesn't matter as he has taken care of Ace and loved him. Once the baby's DNA is taken, JR goes into be tested. Babe tells Jamie there is nothing she can do to help James. Jamie says there may be something he can do. He leaves. Kevin asks Babe if she wants to hold the baby and she says of course she does. She hugs and kisses her son and Kevin says that he takes to her. Babe says of course he does. He grew inside her for nine months. He needs her. Kevin says they need to try again to reach an agreement. He says if she doesn't fight him he won't fight her. He says Ace should have his mother in his life and he'll see to that as long as she sees him as his father. Kevin says he'll help get her acquitted and if she's not, he'll try to get her a lenient sentence. He'll bring Ace to see her and make sure they have contact. Babe asks if this means he'd still have custody and he says he won't compromise on that. JR comes out and it's Babe's turn to be tested. When she returns, Kevin tells her to think about his offer. Babe says a father does what is best. For him it's all about winning and for JR it's all about owning. Babe says the only one she wants her son to view as her father is Jamie Martin. Kevin says she's a fool if she thinks she and Jamie will ride into the sunset with his son. Babe says she'll take him and the Chandlers on.

Kendall tells Ethan that Zach is just leaving her home. She says he's out of his mind if he thinks he'll side with him over Ethan. Ethan tells Zach he has an early Father's Day present for him. Ethan says someone told the state gaming commission that he's operating his casino under a false name. He says he wants to make him proud. Ethan's phone rings and he walks away. Zach tells Kendall the Cambias name works fast. Kendall says after all that he put Ethan through what does he expect? Zach tells Kendall she should tell Ethan to give it all up – the name, the power and the money – before it's too late. Zach leaves, and Kendall turns her attention to Ethan on the phone. She hears him telling someone to put up or get out because their job is on the line. After hanging up, he tells Kendall he just made a killing. Kendall doesn't seem happy to see this side of Ethan and comments that he's really into this. Ethan says Slater's house of cards is coming down and it will be long and painfully slow. He'll experience public humiliation and he and Kendall will have a ringside seat. Kendall says he sounds like she used to. She was so obsessed with getting back at Erica, but she changed. Ethan says this change is for the good. He's in control. Kendall says she hopes some of his old self is still there. He tells her she's the best part of him. He wants to give her everything. They kiss, although she appears to be worried. The doorbell rings and Ethan says he is bringing her a surprise. First she needs to change.

Zach is at his casino and is reading a document about his license being under review. He looks at a monitor and sees Edmund at the bar. He wonders what Edmund is up to. At the bar, Edmund throws down a couple hundred dollar bills on the table and tells the waiter he's looking for some information about his boss. The waiter says he's not interested, and continues to refuse when Edmund doubles the offer. Myrtle and Opal enter and greet Edmund. Myrtle says they're there to help Opal, who is worried about Tad and Jamie's legal troubles, get her mind on something else. They invite him to play blackjack with them but Edmund says he has to work on a story. Myrtle and Opal walk out. Zach, who is listening, approaches Edmund and asks if he can help with the story. Edmund says he doesn't need help. Zach says this is about payback. Myrtle and Opal re-enter just as Zach warns Edmund that he'll get to him before Edmund can get to him.

Anita is with Aidan at a fancy restaurant. He tells her to stay clear of Zach Slater, but Anita says she's not afraid of him. The waiter brings some champagne, but Aidan says he didn't order it. Maggie enters the scene and says she ordered it. It's to recognize that she and Jonathan are still together, despite their efforts. Aidan says he thought Jonathan moved out. Maggie says he did, but it won't be for long. Anita says she's glad Jonathan's getting help and Maggie snaps that he doesn't need help. Maggie says Jonathan didn't mean to hit her. Anita says she's glad she at least admits it. Maggie says it was a one-time thing. Aidan tells her it was not. He has hit another woman before.

Bianca arrives home and is shocked to see Jonathan holding Miranda. Lily, who is disguised as a workman, has traced Jonathan to Bianca's place and is outside the door. Jonathan tells Bianca he was just ready to tell Miranda a story. Bianca asks that he give her Miranda but he ignores her request. She orders him to give her Miranda now. He finally gives Miranda to Bianca and Marian arrives. Bianca tells Marian to take Miranda to her Uncle Jack's and please don't leave her. They walk out and Jonathan says that's his cue. Bianca says he's not going until he tells her what he's trying to prove. Jonathan meekly says he shouldn't have offered to watch Miranda. He tells Bianca he's getting help. He wants to be the husband that Maggie deserves. He says he knows what happened between her and Maggie and knows she kissed her. He says she must be hurt that Maggie turned her down. Bianca says Maggie doesn't want to be with her and she gets that. But she's not bailing on Maggie. They're still friends and she'll stand by her. He tells her she's something else. Bianca opens the door and Jonathan walks out. In the hallway, he hits a plant and kicks some steam pipes, causing a loud noise and steam to escape into the hall. Lily, who is still there, freaks out at the loud noise and leaves.

Jamie arrives and sees Jonathan and the escaping steam. He quickly fixes the problem and turns around to see Jonathan gone. Jamie knocks on Bianca's door and she tells him she doesn't want to talk to him or Babe. Jamie pleads with her, saying they have a chance for reduced charges. He asks her to help Babe. Bianca says she couldn't do that after what Babe did to her. Jamie says she's sorry. She wanted to right everything the whole time and is ready to face the consequences. Bianca says Babe is not a victim and did this to herself. Jamie says Babe is the only one who could give her son a normal life. He asks her to contact the district attorney to have the charges against Babe dropped. If she won't do it for Babe, do it for the baby. Bianca goes and gets Miranda and returns with her. She says if she went to the DA it would be like saying what Babe did was OK. Jamie says James needs his mother. Won't she help fight for Babe's baby the way she fought for her's.

Ethan and Kendall are dressed in robes with a bathtub full of champagne and candles and yellow roses surrounding them. He kisses her and they get into the tub and cuddle and kiss. Kendall tells him this is heaven. Ethan says he can't think of a better way to start their future and to end Zach's future. Kendall tells him to forget about Zach.

Jonathan arrives at the restaurant and runs into Aidan and Anita. He tells them he has no hard feelings and that he's working with a therapist. He says there will soon be a whole new him. Aidan and Anita don't say anything. Aidan's phone rings and he excuses himself and Jonathan walks over to Maggie and presents her with a single red rose and asks the waiter to bring a vase. He apologizes for keeping her waiting and comments that he stopped by to see Bianca.

Aidan is in the lobby asking what's wrong. It's Lily, who's in the lobby on the floor crying and rocking back and forth. She tells him there was too much noise and too much red. He tries to calm her down by having her count backwards from 100. He asks her what she's doing there. She says she's been following Jonathan to get proof that he drugged Greenlee. He says he thought they agreed she wasn't going to be his partner. Lily says he told her not to confront Jonathan and she didn't do that. Aidan says for her to be an investigator she needs to have training and a license and she needs to be an adult. She says she can't wait that long. He say she could get her a job working with files at the office and she says she would be good at that. He tells her to let him take care of Jonathan.

Maggie is angry that Jonathan went to see Bianca and orders him to leave Bianca alone. She told him that she was done with Bianca. A visibly angry Jonathan asks her why she's attacking him. Why is she worked up about an old flame. Maggie says Bianca is not an old flame. She notices that he has crushed the rose in his hands. Maggie asks him if she's the only woman that he has hit. Jonathan says how could she ask him that. Maggie asks him just to answer the question. He says he wanted tonight to be special. If he wanted to get back at him, congratulations because she did. Maggie apologizes. He says he thought they were moving on. The waiter approaches and asks if they're ready to order. Jonathan snaps at him, saying he didn't bring a vase for the rose so how could he expect him to get their order right. He storms out and Maggie follows. Aidan and Anita notice the scene and Anita comments that Jonathan is totally on edge. She needs to do something. Aidan says he thinks he knows a way to get through tho Maggie.

JR is home and Adam walks in and asks how everything went. JR says it will be official real soon and Adam Chandler III will soon be home. He says there's one snag. He has to deal with Kevin Buchanan. Adam says he can't understand why Buchanan is fighting for a child who isn't his. JR says Buchanan doesn't have a chance.

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