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JR has just walked into the courtroom and addresses Babe, telling her he warned her he was coming. He says once the court orders a DNA test he'll get his son back. Jamie tells JR to shut up and Tad tells JR to back off. Brooke tells JR they are just concerned about the child's welfare. JR calls Brooke a waste of space, prompting Jamie to lunge for JR. Tad stops him.

Kendall is home alone ranting about Ryan when Zach stops by. He says he wants to tell her the truth, but she says the truth and lies sound about the same coming from him. She says she doesn't want to talk about Ethan and orders him to get out. Zach won't leave and tells Kendall that Ethan may become like his grandfather or him. Kendall tells him the warning has been received. He says he has a favor to ask of her. He says he knows she went down a similar road that Ethan is traveling with her own mother. He knows she wanted to destroy herself, but that won't happen with Ethan.

Ryan is sitting alone in his home holding a miniature airplane when Greenlee walks in. She tells him everything Kendall told him is a lie and everything she let him believe is a lie. She admits she lied to him about his brother. She says she never stopped suspecting Jonathan drugged her. She says she paid Aidan to investigate him and Kendall was just covering for her when she said it was all her doing. Greenlee says their marriage isn't about secrets so she doesn't want there to be any between them. If it makes him feel better, they haven't found anything to tie Jonathan to drugging her, but she feels it in her bones. Ryan glumly sits down and Greenlee tells him not to shut down on her. She asks that he tell her what he and Jonathan talked about during their heart-to-heart talk. Ryan admits his brother has some real problems, but he's not a monster or a lost cause. He has some dark shadows in his brain but Ryan says he does too. Ryan says if he had stayed with his family he may be as messed up as Jonathan. He says it is a leap to think that Jonathan could go from hitting Maggie to drugging Greenlee. He tells Greenlee she has to let him help his brother. Jonathan wears scars on the outside. How does he know he doesn't have them on the inside. Greenlee asks to stop talking about Jonathan and suggests they endulge in something decadent. Ryan says he needs to clear his head and take his mountain bike out.

Jonathan goes to Maggie's apartment and knocks. She lets him in and asks why he didn't use his key. He says he didn't want to frighten her. He asks her to help him not hate Bianca. He says Ryan helped him see that he has anger issues but Ryan has the same issues. He's not the only one carrying the family baggage. He tells her he loves her and wants to earn her trust back. He asks if he can hold her hand and she says he doesn't have to ask. Later he asks if he can touch her, and touches her face. He asks if he can kiss her and she kisses him. Jonathan tells her that her love can fix him. He brings up Bianca again, and says she seemed to take pleasure in his pain. Maggie admits that Bianca stayed with her after he and Ryan left and things got weird. She tells him that Bianca told her she loved her then kissed her. Jonathan gets an angry look on his face. Maggie tells him she pushed Bianca away and told her she loves him. Jonathan smiles and is grateful that Maggie chose him. He decides to take her out for a five-course dinner and asks that she wear a fancy dress that he finds draped over a chair in the room. She agrees and tells her he needs to leave to talk to his therapist.

Bianca walks into the courtroom and JR declares she's going to give him what he needs to get his son. JR tells Babe that she'll be coffin fodder before she sees their son again. This angers Jamie, who again lunges for JR. Tad stops him as Adam and Joe walk into the courtroom. David takes Krystal and Babe out of the courtroom. Adam takes JR aside and tells him that he has heard the judge is deep in the Buchanan pocket. JR says even a crooked judge can't rule against him after Bianca testifies. Bianca asks to talk to JR, and tells him that she may have traumatic amnesia after her fall in Florida and may not remember what happened before. JR tells her she wouldn't dare. Bianca says she thinks he has her confused with someone named Saint Bianca.

Tad, Brooke, Joe, Opal, Jamie, Babe, Krystal and David are in the courthouse library bickering about the whole mess. Jamie shouts everyone down and informs them that he and Babe will make the decisions. This is not a PTA meeting and there will be no parental vote. Everyone leaves except Jamie and Babe. Babe asks him what they do now. Jamie says they have to stake a claim for baby James. Babe says she has about the same chance for that as winning the lottery. How can they beat the odds and stay out of prison? He tells her to trust him because they're not giving up.

Adam approaches David and asks him again to supply DNA and all the charges against him relating to boxing him up and shipping him around the world will be dropped. David says he'd rather be in prison than watch him mangle a child's life.

In the courthouse lobby, Krystal starts breathing heavy and sits down. Tad approaches her and holds her in the arms, telling her he is there for her. David walks over and sees this. Krystal manages to stand up and tells Tad and David she was having a panic attack. David tells Tad he's a bonehead because there were two doctors nearby and he didn't call either of them over.

Bianca tells Ethan that she wants to do what's right, but for who? She says she's tired of being used. All she wants is to be Miranda's mommy.

The court hearing begins and Kevin Buchanan is there with his attorney. Kelly walks in. JR's attorney informs the judge that they have a material witness who will show why a court-ordered DNA test is needed. Bianca is called to the stand and JR's lawyer asks her if she ever heard Babe mention the existence of a DNA test. The lawyers start arguing over the question and before Bianca can answer, Babe barges into the courtroom and says she can prove her baby is his. She has a DNA test with her now. The judge dismisses Bianca from the stand and asks that Babe be sworn in. Kevin's attorney objects but Babe is allowed to testify. Babe says she got the DNA test from the baby after her mother distracted Kelly. She says the DNA test shows she is the mother and Adam Chandler Jr. is the father. JR's attorney asks the judge to order a court-approved DNA test based on Babe's testimony. The judge does so over the objections of the Buchanans. Kevin informs JR that while he won the first round, he won't win the second. JR assures Kevin that he will get his son.

David tells Adam that he needs to give him the videotape he made of Adam stunning him. Adam tells David that he didn't give him the DNA test, so he won't give him the tape. David says his daughter came through with the DNA test, and Adam agrees and gives David the tape.

Bianca approaches Babe and asks her why she did that. Babe says she did it for her son. Bianca asks if she did it for her as well, and Babe says yes. She says Jamie helped her see that she can't give up. Kevin approaches Babe and tells her this will blow up in her face. JR informs Babe that one moment of truth won't save her. Babe says she'll fight both of them to the death before they take her son.

Ethan goes into the judge's office and tells her it was a wonderful decision. He tells her she'll be receiving her thanks soon.

Zach asks Kendall to give Ethan a personal tour of her hell so she can protect him. Just then Ethan walks in.

Jonathan goes to Bianca's condo and finds Marian babysitting Miranda. He introduces himself as a friend of Bianca's. Marian invites him in. Soon afterward her cell phone rings and she has to leave to take care of a problem with some property. Jonathan assures her he'll stay with Miranda, so she leaves. Jonathan approaches Miranda and tells her "it's just you and me."

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