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Greenlee enters Kendall‘s home after Ryan has asked but gotten no answer from Kendall on whether Greenlee agreed to help Kendall go after Jonathan behind her husband’s back.

Livia is representing Jamie and ready to go to trial with him. She tells him there are ways to get the jury’s sympathy for helping Babe kidnap her baby. But he doesn’t seem to care.

Bianca goes to see Babe in her jail cell. Babe graciously tells Bianca that she heard about her accident and hopes she is ok and wishes she could have been there. She asks Bianca how Miranda is. Bianca coldly tells Babe that her baby is perfect. Noticing Bianca is not there on a “social call”, Babe asks her why she came to see her. Bianca informs Babe that JR is asking her to help him take Babe’s baby from her. She also informs Babe that she is due in court any minute. She says JR wants her to testify that she knew about the DNA test which proved the baby boy is both of their child. Babe acknowledges that since Bianca will be under oath, she will have to tell the truth that she knew that Babe told her that the baby was both Babe’s and JR’s. Bianca asks how Babe’s baby boy is. Babe shows Bianca a picture of him and tells Bianca that she’s been visited by both JR who offered to “help” her if she confirms that the baby is his, and by Kevin Buchanan who’s offered to “help” her if she gives up the custody battle of her baby. She tells Bianca that she will fight and sacrifice everything to prevent JR from taking the baby. She tells Bianca she need not listen to this because she knows how Bianca feels. Bianca tells Babe she does not know how she feels. Babe assumes that Bianca chose to inform JR that his baby was alive because she believed he had the right to have his son. But Bianca reveals to her that she did not tell JR about his son and questioned that very issue.

Jamie tells Livia that he could care less what happens to him if JR gets custody of the baby. Livia inquires how she is supposed to help Jamie if he’s ready to give up. He tells her that she can help him by preventing JR from taking the baby. Maybe she can dig up dirt on JR. That can’t be that difficult.

Ethan meets JR at the Valley Inn, offering to help him in his custody battle. JR is very suspicious of Ethan, remembering that Ethan took his family’s fortune from him and inquires why Ethan would want to help or care about him. Ethan tells him it’s simple. He believes that JR has rights to his son. And JR can return the favor by helping Ethan.

Danielle meets Lily in school and asks her about her being in a school play.

At Kendall’s, Greenlee tells her husband that they need to discuss this in private in their own home and must get out of Kendall’s. Ryan asks his wife, again, if she worked with Kendall behind his back in order to investigate Jonathan. Kendall answers that by telling him that it was all her idea. The good little Greenlee had no involvement in it, she says. Only herself, the bad evil Kendall did wrong. She tells Ryan he needs to trust Greenlee and get off her back. She kept her word and backed off from Jonathan like Ryan asked her. It was all her fault and not Greenlee’s. So he may hate and vilify her and trust his precious little wife.

Jonathan sits silently in his room, remembering Ryan lecturing him on how his behavior is just like that of their father’s and that Ryan will stop at nothing in preventing Jonathan from continuing the cycle. He holds up a bottle of prescription medication and looks content.

Greenlee informs Ryan that Kendall did not just “start” this thing with Jonathan and it’s not her fault. But Ryan does not seem to trust Kendall. He says that right when she could no longer go after him and Greenlee, she goes on the make Jonathan her next scapegoat. And she was able to conveniently point a finger at Jonathan and his personal problems so she would not have to look at how screwed up and pathetic her own life is. Hearing that, Greenlee urges her husband to stop berating Ryan. He goes out the door and leaves the two women alone. Greenlee tells Kendall she is so sorry that Ryan distrusts her and blames her for everything. Kendall says from now on she will stay out of things like this and keep her mouth shut. Greenlee tells her there will not be a “next time”.

Bianca tells Babe that she does not believe that JR “dragged” her into anything. But she admits that she tried to tell him that his baby was alive and did not want to do to JR what Babe did to him. She tells Babe that although they are having a civilized conversation right now with no screaming and no slapping, she has not forgiven Babe for what she has done. Babe emotionally tells Bianca that now she knows what Bianca went through to have her baby taken from her. She says she remembers being used to having a baby around her and then having him taken from her. She says that while on the run, she’d wake up whenever the baby made a sound. But now there is no reason to wake up. Bianca tells her that she “listened” for Bianca for 9 lonely months. And she was not there. She lost a lot more time than Babe has lost with her son. And she says that maybe, now she should be rooting for JR after all, now that she thinks about that.

Tad attempts to encourage his son to present himself in a courteous and honorable way in the courtroom so that he can have the best outcome. Jamie says it makes no difference what anybody says or does because the Chandler’s own the judges and courts. He says all he wants to do is go after JR for what he has done and prevent him from having the baby. But Tad tells him the way he is talking, he sounds just like JR, wanting revenge. He tells his son that if he cares about Babe and wants her to have her baby, he must realize he will not be helping her with this attitude.

Right when Bianca is talking to Babe in her cell, David and Krystal enter and greet her, looking surprised to see her. She leaves. Krystal asks her daughter if she is ok. David tells Babe that he believes that Livia will get her out and get her bail. She tells her parents she just wants to go and get this thing over with.

JR sarcastically tells Ethan that he’d like to “gush” over Ethan’s offer. But he does not. And he realizes that Ethan is best friends with Bianca and she wants JR nowhere near his son. Ethan tells JR that he can be friends and yet on different sides of certain issues with his friends. He says he realizes that JR did not have the chance to know that his son was alive. JR tells Ethan that he realizes that Ethan has tons of money, now. But he is not exactly “panhandling” quite yet right now.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she cannot believe that she would jeopardize her marriage and trust with Ryan just to go after Jonathan. But Greenlee tells Kendall that all she wants to do is get to the truth. Kendall concludes that Greenlee can do whatever she wants in regard to Jonathan but she will now wash her hands of the entire thing.

Ryan returns home and unexpectedly discovers Jonathan there. He asks his brother how he got in. Jonathan replies that he got really claustrophobic and panicked sitting in his hotel room and he still had a key to Ryan’s home. He also goes on about how he misses Maggie so much. Ryan asks Jonathan if he has called the psychiatrist whom he promised he would see. Jonathan replies no. Ryan lays down the law to his brother that he needs to follow through on what he promised. Jonathan sounds like he wants his brother to believe he betrayed him by possibly believing Greenlee and Kendall about him. Ryan firmly tells his brother that he defended him to everybody’s accusations and he’s done everything he can to help and support him. Seeing his brother getting really frustrated, Jonathan remarks to Ryan that maybe he too has “anger issues”.

Kendall tells Greenlee she may go back to her home. She can have her perfect marriage, perfect husband and perfect little baby. Maybe good ole “uncle Jonathan” can drug her little child. She can have all the fun she wants and swing from all the rooftops she wants. And she tells Greenlee she will no longer be there to save her.

Jonathan tells Ryan about a memory he has of seeing Ryan looking so tough wearing his leather jacket riding a motor cycle. And he also hoped he could be tough. And then he shows his brother his bottle of prescriptions meds that has written on it: “Happy pills”. He says he remembers once during their childhood when Ryan gave him some candy in a pill bottle and telling him they were happy pills. And Jonathan took them and felt that was the only thing that kept him sane when he was stuck with their father. Ryan tells his brother he is sorry for not being there for him in the past. And he hugs him.

JR informs Ethan that Kevin Buchanan is ready to fight him and he’s a little worried. Ethan tells JR that if he gets discouraged and afraid he will lose, he will lose. JR tells Ethan that he’s confident he will not lose. He subpoenaed Bianca. She will have to take the stand and tell the truth. And she will be sorry if she dares to lie. Ethan tells JR that he’d better not threaten Bianca or he will be sorry.

In court the judge says the people vs. James Edward Martin is as follows: kidnapping, false imprisonment, and many other things. Jamie pleads not guilty. The judge addresses Arabella Carey Chandler about similar charges as well as failure to return a child. Babe also pleads not guilty.

Danielle asks Lily what she is up to with her “new look” dressed like a medieval woman. Lily says she is undercover, wearing a disguise and what she’s doing is confidential.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he will get right on it about seeing the psychiatrist. Ryan tells him he’s got to do it. But Jonathan also tells his brother that they have both been emotionally damaged by their father. And he inquires if Ryan has ever considered getting therapy with him.

Livia successfully gets bail for both Babe and Jamie, by establishing to the court that they have no means of leaving town, having families with good standing in the community and are not dangerous nor a flight risk. They both happily leave with their families and are very grateful to Livia for their freedom.

Bianca, however, sits alone in the court, not entirely happy. She admits to Tad that she does not know what to think or feel about what has just happened. Babe took her child from her. And now they are keeping Babe’s child from her. She says that maybe she should see it as justice. But will anything that could happen give anybody any justice? She admits to Tad that with what Babe has done to her, she should hate her. But they both know that Binaca does not hate babe. Tad admits that neither does Jamie and neither does he.

Greenlee re-enters Kendall’s home. Kendall asks how many times it will take until she realizes she has to leave. But Greenlee informs Kendall that Jonathan entered their home and behaved in a very creepy manner to her this morning, admitted that he beats Maggie and he confirmed to her that he is a real whack job. And she tells Kendall of the dilemma she has in knowing that Ryan loves his brother and cannot see him for the way he really is.

Right as Jonathan leaves Ryan’s home, Lily is crouched down by the register, wearing a hat, looking inconspicuous and like she’s doing maintenance with a screwdriver.

Bianca admits to Tad that she told Babe today that she will never forgive her and she knows she does not. But she is sitting there having compassion for Babe and she feels like a sucker. Tad says he feels the same way. Out of all the crazy, unacceptable things Babe has done, he knows she meant well and had every intention of doing the right thing although she failed. And he feels the same compassion and inability to hate her also. Right when Babe and Jamie are ready to leave together and refuse to let David and Krystal help them, they run into JR, who looks very angry and ready to fight them.

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