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Alone in her apartment, Bianca views a picture of herself and Maggie. At that moment, Erica enters and happily greets her daughter ready to take her on a shopping spree to celebrate the start of New Beginnings. Bianca admits to her mother that she might have forgotten all about their previous plans and maybe they should cancel because she’s not feeling up to it. Erica asks her daughter what is wrong. Bianca doesn’t know how exactly to answer that. Right behind Erica, at Bianca’s door, she notices JR. At that point, she says that she can tell that this day is not going well.

David is alone with Krystal. Right as soon as she leaves, he is struck over the head and knocked unconscious.

Greenlee is alone in her home, when Jonathan comes out of nowhere and startles her.

Right when Kendall wakes up in her bed, she is surprised to notice Ryan. He says to her: “Good morning, sweetheart.” She demands to know what he’s doing there. He tells her she should have locked the door because anybody could walk in there. She tells him that the previous night, when Ethan left, he must have forgotten to lock the door behind him. Ryan tells Kendall that he believes that she is going after his brother in order to “exact revenge” upon him. He tells her that when he asked her to lay off Jonathan, she goes and hires Aiden to find out if Ryan’s brother is drugging his wife. She tells him that she needs to get a refund from Aiden since he’s failed to uphold confidentiality to his client. He tells her that she will stop at nothing to get revenge upon anybody who crosses her. And she must leave his brother alone.

Jonathan informs Greenlee that the previous night he and Ryan had things out and made some major discoveries. She tells him that’s good for him but inquires what that has to do with her? He explains to her that all he wanted when he came to Pine Valley was to bond with his brother. He tells her that he realizes that he’s had insecurities about anybody or anything that would come between him and his brother. And he saw her as one of those people who could do that. He tells her that when Ryan assured him the night before that nothing would come between them, that meant a lot to him. He also reveals to Greenlee that he discovered something “big and ugly”. She inquires just what his “big and ugly” is. He reveals that he has a problem with his temper. She smugly tells him that that is no surprise to her. He goes on to tell her that he hit Maggie. He tells her that he has a tendency to hurt and intimidate women and in telling her that, he moves toward her and she walks backing up from him.

Krystal goes to find David again and discovers that he is unconscious and that Adam Chandler is ready to drag him away. She demands to know what Adam is doing. He reminds her that she and her daughter and David have done some very spiteful things to him and his son, including drugging him, lying to him and JR. And he tells her that maybe he is a crazy psychopath and will do anything to anybody who messes with him.

Kevin Buchanan goes to visit Babe in her jail cell. The first things she asks is how her baby is doing and she tells him that’s all she cares about. He gives her a picture of baby Ace/James. She takes the picture and cries. They both agree how easy that little boy is to love. Kevin tells her that he wants to do right by him. And he tells her that is why he wants to fight the charges against her. She happily responds to that, believing that Kevin sincerely wants to help her. She assumes right away that he also intends to let her have the baby back. She informs him that he can “visit” James any time he wants. But he “clarifies” to her that his name is Ace. He lives with him in Llanview. And that is the way it’s going to stay.

Erica and JR both tell Bianca that they are not done with Babe, Krystal and David and they will pay for what they have done to both Bianca’s family and to JR’s. Bianca tells JR she has nothing to say to him and has no intention of helping him. Erica tells her daughter that she, of all people, must understand what JR is going through. He is a victim just like she is, of the very same injustice, inflicted by the very same people. And she inquires why Bianca cannot put her differences with JR aside and work with him instead of against him. Bianca tells JR that the last time they spoke, he said she can go to hell with his wife and that he does not care about her and wants to punish her along with Babe. Erica tells her daughter that she must realize that JR must have been very upset when he said that and did not mean that and he had good reason to be furious with Babe for what she did to him. But she tells JR that she knows that he likes to hurt people and she’s done with cruel, hateful people who think they will destroy whoever they want whenever they cross them. And she will not be the “club” that he will use to hurt Babe.

Kevin tells Babe that all she needs to do is tell the court that she was “confused” when she took his son. She says she refuses to do that and he is not Kevin’s son. He tells her that he knows that she was grieving the loss of Bianca Montgomery’s baby, and then the loss of the boy as well. He tells her he will testify to that effect in court if she cooperates with him and realizes that the baby boy is his. But if she does not cooperate, she will not see the outside of those bars until she is a very old woman.

Adam happily and jokingly tells Krystal that he will drag David Hayward off wherever he wants and asks his friend, Winifred to videotape this. Krystal asks if he plans to send this to “America’s funniest videos”. He tells her that when he shows the court the video of Hayward kidnapping him a few months ago, all the charges against him will be dropped for what he has just done. But right at that moment, David jumps up and attacks Adam from behind.

Erica protests to Bianca that she’s certain that whatever JR has done was in the interest of his child. JR reveals to Bianca that he needs her help in order to confirm that the baby is his. He asks Bianca if it’s true that Babe informed him of that in Florida. And he asks her if she can testify to that effect in court. She tells him she wants nothing to do with that. She does not care who is right and who is wrong. She’s done with this whole mess. And she demands that JR gets out of her home right now. Erica also confirms that maybe he should leave. He gets up to leave but tells Bianca he was hoping this would be easier and that he never meant to hurt her. Right when JR opens the door to leave, a man enters and serves Bianca with a subpoena to testify in court on JR’s behalf. JR tells her she left him no choice. If she heard Babe inform her that the baby was JR’s and Babe’s, then she must testify in court. And he reminds Bianca that he knows she would never commit perjury under oath.

Kendall asks Ryan if he’s ever considered that maybe “Jon-boy” is not the good kid brother he thinks he is. She tells him that all he can see is that she is bad and his brother is good. And she tells him that he is a hypocrite. She is such a terrible person to hurt people. But it’s perfectly ok for his brother to hurt whomever he wants. She reminds him that Jonathan drugged Greenlee and tried to frame her for it. But he tells her that Jonathan did not “frame” anybody, Hearing that, she concludes that Ryan must still believe that she drugged Greenlee.

Jonathan tells Greenlee that he’s come to the ‘realization” that he is following in his father’s footsteps. And he says he wants to break that cycle and get therapy in order to do so. She inquires if he’s going through the 12-steps to a “kinder, gentler” Jonathan? He also informs her that he and Maggie are getting married soon. She inquires after smacking Maggie around, does she still want to marry him? He tells her that Maggie has forgiven him. He tells her that he hopes that they can get along and have no bad feelings. He invites her to have breakfast from the Valley Inn. He pulls out OJ, scones and coffee and says he wants to propose a toast. She doesn’t eat or drink anything and he comments on how she hasn’t touched anything. She expresses that anger is a very tricky thing. He tells her that he has trouble dealing with people he loves. She plays nice and “accidentally” spills juice on him. She panics and he tells her that he knows she is accusing him of drugging her. He knows that she and Kendall have hired Aiden to investigate him. She asks if he should get some therapy for his paranoia also. He tells her that Ryan is going to find out the truth one way or another.

Kendall protests to Ryan that she risked her life in order to save Greenlee’s life when Greenlee almost killed herself on the trapeze. She points out that Greenlee realizes that and trusts her so she wonders why can’t he? She also informs Ryan that Greenlee suspects his brother just like she does. He doesn’t seem to buy what she is saying. At that point, she tells him he needs to leave and have his perfect little marriage with Greenlee and from now on, she will stay out of their business. She just wanted to help. But there’s no point. He informs her that Greenlee gave him her “word” to trust Jonathan just like he gave Greenlee his word to trust Kendall.

Kevin tells Babe that he will help her get out of jail if she gives up on her efforts to take the baby from him. She says there’s no way he will “buy” her son from her. He tells her that he loves the baby more than anything. She protests that the nanny spent more time with him than Kevin did. He tells her that regardless, this is a very emotional issue for him as well as he can see it is for her. And he tells her that he holds many cards to determine her future. She tells him he is a smug bastard. He tells her she is a smart girl. She’s beautiful. She has many good years ahead of her. And he inquires if she wants to spend them here. He leaves and concludes that he will give her time to think about what he just said.

Adam tells David that he will testify that David’s shipping him off to Tibet was only a practical joke and drop the charges against him, if David can help him take the baby from the Buchanans. He tells David that he knows he ran a DNA test, which confirmed that the baby is Babe’s and JR’s child and both his and David’s grandchild. And he tells David that he wants his grandson now.

Erica asks Bianca why she did not tell JR that his son was alive and that Babe kept him from JR? She tells her daughter that Babe hurt JR just like she hurt her. Bianca protests to her mother that JR is possessive and controlling and not fit to raise a baby. She admits that Babe’s keeping Miranda from her was unforgivable but she believes that Babe’s act of keeping JR’s son from him was only in the interest of the baby. And she tells her mother that spending all this time and energy obsessing about getting revenge upon Babe is only going to enable her to rob them all of even more than she already has. But Erica reminds her daughter of all that Babe has taken from her and that she will never forgive her. And she implies that it’s Babe’s fault that Bianca fell of the balcony. Bianca says if it’s anybody’s fault, it’s JR’s. Erica inquires to her daughter if she is saying that JR pushed her or intended to hurt her. Bianca admits she does not know if he did that. But he intended to take her child from her. Erica says that JR was heartbroken to have lost Miranda. She realizes he may have done some bad things. But she can forgive JR when there is no way she will ever forgive Babe, Krystal or David for what they did. Bianca tells her mother that she always thought that “vengeance” is on God’s TO DO list. Erica tells Bianca that she is not seeking “vengeance”. She is seeking justice.

JR is right back out there and up to no good. He seems to have already drugged the Buchanan’s nanny and is ready to extract DNA from baby Ace/James with a cotton swab. At that moment, Kevin Buchanan catches him and demands he gets away from Kevin’s son. He tells JR that he can do all the DNA tests he wants, but they will not hold up on court unless it’s supervised by someone in authority. And whatever JR believes, the baby is legally Kevin’s and JR better leave him alone or Kevin will have JR charged with stalking.

Ryan demands that Kendall tells him whether Greenlee is “on board” with her in the crusade against his brother. And he says he will not leave her home until she tells him.

Adam tells David and Krystal that if they can “cooperate” with him, he can keep David out of prison for what he did to him as well as what he did to Bianca. Otherwise, David will be in maximum-security prison for the rest of his life.

In Babe’s jail cell, a guard informs her she has a visitor. She responds that she is in no mood for “company”. Bianca enters asks Babe if she doesn't even want to see her?

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