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Maria takes her daughter, Maddy to the boathouse. Maddy goes off to skate. When Maria is alone, she unexpectedly runs into Zach.

Aiden kisses Anita. She says that was very special. He just kissed a free woman. She informs him that her divorce is final. She got the confirmation in the mail.

Kendall admits to Ethan that she still loves Ryan. She apologizes for telling him so suddenly. He reveals that he’s not very happy about that. But she tells him he has an opportunity to be rid of her if that’s what he wants. She promises no tears, no guilt-trips, no messy good-byes.

Right when Ryan is in his discussion with Jonathan, he’s gotten Jonathan to admit to hitting Maggie. And from there, Ryan goes on to ask his brother if he drugged Greenlee. That is more difficult for Jonathan to answer. And right before he can answer, Greenlee walks in and asks him the same question. She asks if he wanted her out of the way so bad that he’d want to kill her.

Bianca kisses Maggie after admitting to her that she is in love with her. Maggie is very surprised. Maggie tells Bianca that she must be close to “sainthood”. Her tone is sarcastic. She tells Bianca that she is really special to “sacrifice” her happiness in order to rescue Maggie from the “big bad Jonathan”.

Jonathan tells Greenlee  the answer is no. He did not slip her any drugs. Ryan tells his wife that he and his brother are in the middle of something. She leaves. And Jonathan asks Ryan if he wants to frisk him for drugs to prove that he did not drug Greenlee. Ryan admits to his brother that he does not believe he drugged his wife. But he knows that Jonathan hit Maggie.

Kendall is surprised in Ethan’s response to her telling him that she is still in love with another man. He sounds unaffected and focuses on Miranda’s toys.

Maria admits to Zach that she’s gotten her life back by getting back with Edmund. They are together and ready to work on their marriage. She also talks about how Edmund used to love to ski. Zach asks Maria why she’s trying so hard to “convince” him that she is happy. At that moment, Maddie appears. Seeing a strange man with her mother, she asks him who he is. He tells her he is Zach Slater and compliments her on her skating. Hearing that, she is happy again.

Edmund tells Derek Fry that he believes that Zach Slater must have gotten Bobbie beaten up and may get him killed. Derek tells Edmund he has nothing to charge Slater with. And he tells Edmund he must let it go. But Edmund tells Derek that he will never “let it go” with anything involving Slater.

When Aiden is alone with Anita, Greenlee barges in and informs Aiden that he has “screwed up”. He tells her she needs to have the courtesy to acknowledge Anita. Greenlee says hi to Anita. But she informs Aiden that now the cat is out of the bag with Ryan. He is now confronting Jonathan about whether he drugged her and she’s very worried about what Jonathan could do now. Aiden reveals to Greenlee for the first time that he is worried, as he and Anita both know that Jonathan hits Maggie. He also knows she would not be the first or the last. And it’s confirmed that Jonathan is a dangerous person.

Maggie tells Bianca that she knows whom she loves. It’s Jonathan.

Jonathan explains to Ryan that he was drinking too much on that one day when he hit Maggie and having a “bad day”. And Maggie came in and yelled at him. She was driving him nuts. The screaming got to him. She pushed him too far. If she’d just shut up and left him alone it would not have happened and she would not have gotten hit. Hearing that, Ryan tells his brother that he can see what he is now doing. Blaming Maggie for his hitting her. Just like their father blamed them for his abusing them as children. Hearing that, Jonathan looks like he’s about to get violent with his brother. But Ryan physically restrains him and tells him he’s got to stop this cycle that he can clearly see he’s already gotten himself into. Jonathan calmly tells Ryan that he is feeling low and worthless enough. He asks Ryan not to compare him to the guy who did…and before he’s about to say exactly what their father did to him, he stops. Ryan can tell that their father did something to Jonathan, which Jonathan is not revealing. Jonathan does not answer that question but says he knows that it was inexcusable for him to hit Maggie. But he admits that she forgave him and that is so unbelievable. And she is the woman he loves. Ryan tells Jonathan he needs to get some help.

Maggie tells Bianca that she believes Bianca only loved Lena when Maggie was considering being more than friends with her.

Jonathan tells Ryan that just because he made one mistake that should not mean he needs to see a shrink and go to a rubber room. Ryan, at that moment, reveals to his brother that when he “left things alone” with Braden, he raped someone. So he’s not ever going to make that mistake again. Jonathan asks Ryan if he believes he too will rape or murder somebody. Ryan does not answer. He tells Ryan that he counted on him throughout their childhood. But Ryan abandoned him and left him with the enemy.

Bianca tells Maggie that she knows they once had a connection and she felt that Maggie had the same feelings for her that she had for Maggie. She recalls noticing howsss Maggie reacted when she saw Bianca in bed with Babe. She remembers that Maggie reacted by closing down, running away from Bianca, having no contact with her and running to Jonathan. Maggie protests that she loves Jonathan. She has always only loved men. But Bianca pushes her again by asking if her “interest” in Jonathan is only so that she can avoid dealing with her real feelings.

After hearing about Aiden’s revelation that another woman pressed assault charges upon Jonathan, Greenlee asked why he is not in jail now. Aiden answer it was because the charges were dropped under the condition that Jonathan attends anger management classes. She tells Aiden that she’s very worried about Ryan knowing she is investigating his brother for drugging her. She admits that Ryan has had a real need to rescue people ever since Braden commited rape. She says she’s very worried about what it would do to Ryan to lose his brother. Aiden assures her that if it is true that Jonathan drugged her, he will find out and do seomthing about it.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he doesn’t understand why he’d care about their sick rapist brother or about him. Ryan is not a real Lavery. He doesn’t have Patrick’s “poisonous” DNA. Hearing that, Ryan tells his brother that he must stop blaming others for his behavior and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions. Ryan tells Jonathan that he will physically prevent him from going away and doing whatever he’s capable of doing. He also intensely tells him he will never abandon him. He says as long as he is alive and breating, he will never abandon Jonathan. He puts his arms around his brother. Jonathan cries and tells Ryan he must never leave him.

Maggie tells Bianca that wherever “this” is coming from, Bianca needs to realize that Maggie is not a lesbian. She is straight. It’s nothing personal. She does not wish to hurt Bianca’s feelings. But she is straight. Bianca says that is fine. She accepts that. But she is a great person. She deserves to be with somebody who loves and respects her and sees her for the quality person she is. Maggie says that Jonathan can do that. Bianca says that whatever “good” qualities she sees in Jonathan, abusers come in all forms. She says that it would be great if Maggie could have good man in her life. Somebody like Ryan or Jack or Aiden. But not Jonathan. She tells Maggie it’s better to be alone and be safe than be with the wrong person.

Aiden asks Greenlee just what her goal is in all of this. She says she wants to live happily ever after with her husband. But Aiden protests that she must face facts that it’s very probable that Jonathan drugged her and that she almost died. But she tells him that it will break Ryan’s heart if he “loses” his brother and she gave him her word that she would trust him and in turn, trust his brother.

Jonathan returns to Maggie, while Ryan and Bianca witness their interaction. She puts her arms around him and tells him she just wants to get away from there and get married. Knowing he’s being “overheard” he tells her they cannot. She wonders why they cannot get married. Does he not want her? Does he not love her? And she starts to cry. But he tells her that they cannot make such permanent plans right now. He admits that he needs help. He needs to get out of their mutual apartment. Ryan tells Maggie and Bianca that he will get Jonathan a room at the Valley Inn.

Anita goes to find Zach and asks him “why he did it?” He asks her what she is talking about. She replies that she’s talking about Bobbie. She says she knows that Zach got her ex-husband assaulted and from now on he must stay away from her and her family.

Maria and Maddie return home to Edmund. He is still on the phone investigating Zach Slater for his dirty deeds. But he welcomes his wife and daughter. When Maddie leaves, he tells Maria that he is very suspicious of Slater and worried for Bobbie. Maria admits that she has no suspicion about Slater, and since Bobbie is no longer married to her sister and out of their lives, they need not worry about him anymore. She says she just wants to go off on a vacation with him and their children. But he asks her if she heard what he just said. She replies that she did. He wants to “tweak” a story before going on vacation with his family. And she tells him that their marriage should take priority over that.

Ethan tells Kendall that he is not emotionally affected, jealous or angry for what she’s told him about Ryan. He tells her that he still wants to see her. Perhaps they can order some Chinese food, build a fire, do whatever. She tells him she’s very surprised by how he’s taking the news and that most men would have headed for the hills. He replies that he is very much ok with the situation. And he kisses her. She tells him he makes her feel as though anything is possible. He tells her she should remind him of that when he goes to his trial. And they laugh and have a good time talking about assembling a stroller for Miranda. He tells her that the closer he gets to her, the more he wants her.

Maggie tells Jonathan that there is no reason why he can’t live with her and go to therapy. He tells her he’d kill himself if he ever hurt her again. She says that’s why he does not have to go. She breaks down crying. Ryan tells Maggie he wishes he could guarantee her a “quick fix”. But it’s more complicated than that. Bianca assures Maggie that Ryan only wants what is best for her and Jonathan. Ryan tells her just the fact that Jonathan has agreed to get help is a huge step and he needs support from her and from everybody in his life. Jonathan approaches Bianca and tells her that he first thought she was just interfering in his life. But he now realizes she just wanted to help. She assures him that all she wants is what is best for Maggie and for him. When the two brothers leave together and Bianca is still in Maggie’s apartment. Maggie lashes out at Bianca, crying. She asks her if she is happy now for what she has done.

Aiden asks Greenlee what her choice is in whether to have a “happy marriage” and sweep her suspicions under the rug about Jonathan. She says all she wants is the truth. And whether or not Ryan accepts what she plans to do, is up to him.

Anita tells Zach that Maria is finally on the mend. She’s back with Edmund. They love each other and are committed to their marriage. And she tells him that he needs to leave her sister alone.

Edmund tells Maria that he cannot put his work off. She says this does not feel like work. She says it feels like he’s trying to push her away. He tells her that what he plans to do is to get them closer.

After Ethan puts together the baby stroller, Kendall tells him he is the most talented man she’s ever met.

Ryan returns home to Greenlee. She notices that he has something very heavy on his mind. She asks him where he’s been. She goes and puts her arms around him. He tells her he loves her and would be lost without her. She tells him she loves him too and he will not lose her.

Maggie tells Bianca that she believes Bianca just wanted to trash her life with Jonathan because she hates Jonathan. Bianca tries to protest that that is not true. But Maggie tells Bianca she wants her out. She tells Bianca to out of her home, get out of her life, leave her alone.

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