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Bianca pleads with Ryan to go to Maggie and Jonathan's to protect Maggie. She tells him the abuse is getting worse. Ryan doesn't believe her and says Jonathan loves Maggie. Bianca says he is hurting Maggie and she will do anything to protect her.

Jonathan is trying to get Lily to admit who sent her to his place. He touches her arm but she screams at him not to touch her. She tells him that her nerves can't take touches because of her autism. He tells her that's the lamest excuse he's ever heard. He demands to know who sent her but she insists that no one did. He grabs her again and she screams no. He tells her he didn't do anything to her. What's wrong with her? She starts counting backwards and he tells her he didn't touch her. Lily says she's there looking for drugs because she's on the case. Jonathan asks her why she busted in here. Aidan walks in and asks Lily if she's all right and asks Jonathan what he did to her. Jonathan says he did nothing. She's a whack job, he says. Lily tells Aidan she's on the case. Jonathan says he's going to call the cops. Ryan and Bianca walk in and Bianca asks Lily if she's OK. Lily says she wanted to help Aidan get the goods on Jonathan for drugging Greenlee. Ryan demands to know who hired Aidan and insists that Greenlee had nothing to do with it. Ryan surmises that it was Kendall because she is so paranoid. Bianca says maybe Kendall is right. Bianca then asks Jonathan where Maggie is. Jonathan tells Bianca to butt out. Maggie is his business. As the arguing grows, Lily appears to grow more frightened and covers her ears. Bianca and Aidan ask again where Maggie is and Maggie walks in. Bianca tells Maggie she's grateful she's OK. Maggie says of course she is. Jonathan tells Maggie he's sorry and asks her to tell them what they want to hear. Maggie asks if she looks like she's been battered. She says they're getting married tonight. Bianca says she knows what she saw and heard. Aidan leaves with Lily. Ryan leaves with Jonathan to talk about this. Maggie orders Bianca to leave, but Bianca tells her she's going to have to throw her out or call the police.

Kendall is visibly upset but silent during her outing with Greenlee at the Valley Inn. Kendall wants to leave but Greenlee tries to get her to stay. She asks her why she's so weird all of a sudden. Greenlee grabs Kendall's purse and asks what did she say? Kendall tells her she can't trick her into being her friend again. She grabs the purse and they fight over it. Erica walks in and asks Greenlee what she did to Kendall. Kendall walks out and Erica warns Greenlee to never hurt her daughter again. The two sit down and Erica asks her what she did to make Kendall look unhappy. She was turning a corner in her life. Greenlee says she was trying to rebuild their friendship. She was being totally wonderful. She told Kendall she and Ryan are trying to make a baby. Erica calls her mean-spirited and nasty and says that was a hurtful thing to say. Greenlee realizes that it was the baby comment that upset Kendall. Greenlee says Kendall has Ethan, but Erica says that's a tragic headline waiting to happen. She orders her to stay away from Kendall and leaves.

Livia goes to Ethan's office to show him the witness list for his trial. After looking at it, he tells her he'd rather go to jail. Ethan say she doesn't want Ryan and Zach to testify for him. Livia insists their testimony could get him acquitted. Ryan could testify that he was in police custody when the second shots were fired at him. Ethan informs her that if she puts Zach on the stand he'll testify that he pointed a rifle in his face at the dump. And Ryan was a witness. Livia tells him he just slammed the cell door behind him. Later she says she knows he didn't mean to cause his father harm, though she is running out of options. She leaves.

Kendall goes to Bianca's place and finds Anita staying with Miranda. Kendall says she's there to see Miranda and coos over the baby. Anita asks if she's OK. Kendall says she's getting better by the second. Kendall offers to stay with Miranda and Anita leaves.

Aidan arrives home with Lily and tells her that everything she hears in his office is supposed to be a secret. Lily says secrets are hard for her because sometimes she says things she shouldn't. But she's working on it. Aidan says he doesn't think it's a good idea that they work together. His work is very specialized and dangerous and she can't be his partner. Lily says she's sorry he let her down. He touches her arm but apologizes. She asks him to do it again and he does. She tells him it doesn't hurt and asks him if he knows what that means. It means they are meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend. She gleefully tells him she'll make time for him in her schedule and runs out. Anita walks in and Aidan asks her for help. He explains the situation to Anita and she says she'll talk to Lily.

Jonathan and Ryan arrive at Ryan's place. Jonathan is indignant that he's being accused of hurting the best thing that he has in his life. Ryan says he wants him to be 100 percent honest with him. Jonathan says he loves Maggie more than he's ever loved any other woman in his life. She has taught him to give and he won't let a jealous lesbian take it away from him. He says Bianca is around all the time. Ryan says he doesn't think jealousy is involved. Jonathan says Bianca wants Maggie and will do anything to get her. Ryan says Bianca is the most unselfish person he has met. He asks him if he hit Maggie. Jonathan asks if he and Greenlee ever fight. Ryan asks again – did he hit Maggie. Jonathan quietly admits that he did.

Bianca asks Maggie how she would feel if she had seen Lena hitting her. She further asks her to imagine Jack hitting Erica, Ryan hitting Greenlee and Reggie hitting Danielle. Maggie says it would never happen. Bianca tells her that she knows none of those women would ever have to worry about being hit. But Maggie can picture it happening to herself. Bianca tells her she's in over her head. Maggie listens and tears well in her eyes. Bianca says deep down she knows she's hearing her. Maggie tells her that Jonathan loves her. Bianca asks her to look at what Jonathan does and not what he says. She tells Maggie that she's different. Even her smile is different. Maggie says it's her fault. She's not easy to live with. Bianca says that once the honeymoon phase is over the abuse will return. Maggie says maybe Jonathan doesn't love her. Maybe she's not loveable.

Ethan walks into the Valley Inn and Greenlee shouts at him to sit with her. After he does, she asks if he has plans to destroy Kendall. When Ethan rebuffs her she apologizes for thinking Kendall poisoned her. But she says Kendall still has scars that can be opened. Ethan asks her if she thinks he'll hurt her like she herself did. Greenlee just tells him not to hurt Kendall.

Erica goes to Bianca's to see Kendall. She tells her that she knows why she's upset. It's about Ryan and Greenlee and asks her not to deny it. Kendall insists she's over Ryan and has moved on. She and Ethan are doing great. Erica says great love takes year's to get over. She warns her against a rebound romance. Ethan is a mess over his father and she's still not over Ryan. That's not a formula for great romance. Erica tells her she wants her to be happy. She leaves. Soon afterward Ethan arrives and asks Kendall what the big emergency is. "I still love Ryan," she blurts out.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he'll probably ask him now if he poisoned Greenlee. Ryan asks if he needs to ask that question. Just then Greenlee walks in.

Bianca tells Maggie not to ever again say that she's not loveable. Bianca says she cherishes every single part of her. She is loveable. Maggie meekly asks Bianca if she loves her as a friend. Bianca says no. It is so much more than that. Bianca kisses Maggie's forehead then begins tenderly kissing her lips.

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