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By Lori
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Lily is at Aidan's apartment and he praises her for helping him find some information about Jonathan. Lily tells him she'll be the best partner she can be for him. She goes to wash her hands and Greenlee and Kendall enter. They want to know what he's learned about Jonathan. They say they'll try to get more on him too. Aidan threatens to tell Ryan what they're up to. Greenlee hands him cash and says now that they're his clients he can't say anything to Ryan. Lily walks back in and Greenlee asks her why she's there. Lily says she's working with her boyfriend. She tells them they need to listen to her partner. Lily leaves and Greenlee and Kendall question Lily's use of the words boyfriend and partner. Aidan explains that Lily has helped him with his computer and he is a friend who is a male. He tells them to back off from Jonathan and let him do his job. Jonathan is too dangerous for them to pursue. He says if they get involved Jonathan will cover his tracks. Greenlee tells him not to tell Ryan and Aidan promises confidentiality.

At Jack's place, Jack tells Erica he is surprised she is trying to convince Zach Slater to remain in Pine Valley. He says he's doing everything he can to get him out of town. Erica says she wants Zach to stay because she intends to use him to get back at the people who hurt Bianca. Jack says Hayward and Krystal will pay. Erica says Babe needs to pay too. Jack urges her to let the law take care of it. Erica says the law has failed before. Zach is her plan B. Jack tells her he's working with Ethan to destroy Slater. Erica is surprised to hear Jack is working with Ethan. He says Bianca hired him to work at Cambias and Ethan wants Slater out of their lives. He says Slater can destroy whomever he wants to. Pine Valley has enough bad guys. He tells her to leave it alone.

Zach is at Ethan's office and seems impressed by what he sees in his son. Ethan tells him if he thinks he's going to stop him from shooting him he's mistaken. He asks why Zach is there. Zach says it's because he's his father and will be his father until he decides to kill him. Ethan asks him if he intends to dethrone him at Cambias Industries or meddle in his personal life. Zach asks him what he wants him to do. "Eat dirt and die," Ethan tells him. Ethan tells him he went out of his way to deny him. His secretary comes in with his schedule for tomorrow, and Ethan asks her for some reports. Zach smiles and tells him he wears the crown well. Ethan tells him he has more important things to take care of. Zach says he's here for him. Ethan tells Zach that since he denied him, he will deny Zach as his father. Zach tells him that's a start. He says when he was Ethan's age he and his father were dead to each other. Ethan says maybe he was vague. He tells Zach he has no use for him. Zach says that's fine. In the meantime he knows where to find him. Jack walks in and Zach leaves. Jack hands Ethan an envelope and says this could help him destroy his father.

Bianca tells Ryan at his apartment that this is a matter of life and death. Jonathan hit Maggie and now they're getting married. Ryan asks her if she saw him hit her. Bianca says no but she saw the bruise. Maggie tried to cover and got angry when she pushed the issue. She tells him his brother is not what he thinks he is. Ryan says Jonathan and Maggie were over for his birthday and he saw nothing but love between them. Bianca says she heard Jonathan manipulating Maggie and has found a way to break her. Ryan asks her if this is about Maggie and Jonathan or Maggie and Bianca. He asks if she's jealous. Bianca says this is not about jealousy. She says if Maggie found her soul mate she would be happy for her, but this is not a healthy relationship and she is in danger. She tells him about Jonathan burning her shirt with DNA that could have proven Ethan was a Cambias. Ryan is very surprised to hear that, but says it's a leap to say Maggie is in danger because he burned a shirt. He tells her she's believing Kendall's smear campaign against Jonathan. Bianca leaves momentarily and Ryan has flashbacks to his father hitting him and Jonathan. Bianca says if Maggie marries Jonathan she'll never get out. Bianca says if Ryan won't help her she'll have to find another way. She can't stand by and do nothing.

Jonathan and Maggie are cuddling in their apartment. He asks her how she fell in love with him. She tells him it was because he was being himself. That's all she needs. Maggie tells him she needs to get her things together for the wedding, but he hands her cash and tells her to buy everything new. He tells her what kind of dress he wants her to wear and that he wants her to wear her hair up so he can take it down. And he wants her to wear something special underneath. She tells him he's the most romantic man she's ever met.

Kendall and Greenlee go to the Valley Inn for drinks. They drink several and are having a good time having conversations about Greenlee's mother and Jonathan and how Kendall crashed Greenlee's wedding. Kendall informs Greenlee that she's completely over Ryan and Ethan is the only man she ever wants. They fight over the bill until the waiter says he'll split it. Greenlee comments that she won't be able to drink at all soon as she and Ryan are trying to get pregnant. Kendall glares at her.

Aidan gets on the phone to look for a woman who filed a domestic violence complaint against Jonathan in 2002. Reggie walks in and Aidan tells him his sister is an absolute genius. She solved this in a matter of minutes. Reggie asks if Lily is ready. Aidan says Lily is gone. Reggie, who was there to pick her up, says they must have got their signals crossed.

Lily goes to Jonathan's place and tells him she's there to check him out. She says if he cooperates this will go quickly. Jonathan asks her why she's here. Lily says she's there to ask questions. She says she doesn't carry a gun. That's not the kind of detective she is. She asks if Maggie is here. Jonathan asks her why she is asking. Lily says it's helpful to get information from others. He asks what this is about. She says she needs proof that he hurt her and won't do it again.

Aidan tells Reggie that Lily is sweet. Reggie says she can't see the bad stuff when it happens. That's why she needs them. Reggie leaves and recalls Lily saying she would be his partner. He gets worried.

Jonathan asks Lily who sent her. She says no one did. No one knows she's there.

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