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Pine Valley Police Chief Derek Fry and Llanview Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan call Jamie Martin into their office to question him. He asks what they want. Bo Buchanan introduces himself. Jamie says he refuses to talk to anybody named Buchanan. Bo and Derek inform him that they are not questioning him about the kidnapping They are questioning him about the murder of Paul Kramer.

David goes to see Babe in jail. She tells him she is very worried about what will happen to Jamie. He tells his daughter that she need not worry about Jamie. He has his own family to look out for him. He tells her his primary concern is about her.

Erica tells Zach Slater that she is willing to do business with him if he can bring the people who kept Bianca’s child away from him to justice. He tells her he’s leaving Pine Valley. Hearing that she tells him he’s a spineless coward.

At the board meeting for Cambias, Ryan concludes to Ethan that he is done with business and will hand over the money to him. But Ethan tells Ryan that he is not done. He would like to talk to Ryan about his brother.

At that moment, Bianca is outside Maggie’s and Jonathan’s apartment overhearing their yelling. Maggie tells Jonathan that he must believe that she loves only him and pleads with him to let her prove that. But he keeps taunting her about wanting her “girlfriend”, Bianca. Bianca listens to their abusive conversation silently. Then, when she’s heard enough, she bangs on the door and calls to Maggie.

David tells Babe that she might not have reason to trust Jamie. He tells her that Jamie could be telling the police anything in order to save his own skin. She tells her father that she could never distrust Jamie nor believe that he would betray her. She can tell that her father has something else going on. He tells her that he needs to protect her. But she knows he knows something, which he is not telling her. He informs her that Jamie is probably, right now, being questioned by the Llanview police for the murder of Paul Kramer. Babe tells David that she does not believe for a minute that Jamie killed Paul or had anything to do with his murder and David must not believe that either. But he tells his daughter that he is seriously considering the possibility that Jamie is guilty or murdering Paul.

Bo Buchanan asks Jamie about his “incompatible” association with Paul Kramer. Jamie confirms that he thought Paul was trash. Bo inquires whether Jamie was very angry with Paul after finding out that Paul kidnapped Jamie’s girlfriend’s baby. Jamie admits he was. Bo also has evidence that Jamie assaulted Paul in a bar when Paul was confronting Babe Chandler. Bo confirms that at that time, Babe was still married to JR Chandler. He inquires whether Jamie was having an affair with his stepbrother’s wife. Jamie replies they were not having an affair. Bo asks why then, he be so concerned about another man’s wife? Jamie replies that Babe was his friend at the time and Paul was harassing her. Bo inquires if Jamie would put his life on the line for Babe Chandler and if that would include Jamie murdering Paul Kramer for Babe?

Erica inquires to Zach why he would suddenly want to leave town. Doesn’t he still have feelings for Maria “boom boom” Gray? He tells her he was only there for business reasons. She inquires why he would not want to stay there for his son. He replies that his son pulled a gun at him. She replies that he is difficult for anybody to deal with.

Ryan tells Ethan that Kendall’s paranoia is really getting out of control. He asks Ethan what she told him. Did she allege that Jonathan drugged Greenlee, drugged her, or tell some other crazy story? He tells Ethan that if he had a dime for every crazy stunt Kendall pulled, he would be rich. Ethan tells Ryan that he completely believes Kendall and Ryan’s own wife believes that Jonathan drugged her. And he protests that too many people condemn Kendall and asks why. He tells Ryan that he knows Bianca pretty well and knows she loves and trusts her sister. Ryan replies that Bianca is more forgiving than most people.

Bianca enters Maggie’s and Jonathan’s apartment. She tells Maggie that she is overhearing Jonathan’s “manipulation” ploy, the pity trip he is pulling upon her. He wants her to feel sorry for him and feel bad about herself. Maggie defends her boyfriend to Bianca. But Bianca tells Maggie she needs to realize that this man is beneath her. Bianca tells Jonathan he is sick to be using this “ploy” to get her into bed. Jonathan asks Bianca if she is in love with Maggie. Maggie tells Jonathan that he needs not think about Bianca. This is not about her. It’s about the two of them. She tells Bianca that they were just having an argument. And she says he had good reason to be angry with her. Bianca says she can tell that he is making her believe that everything is all her fault. She points out that she’s never known Maggie to degrade herself or allow anybody to make her feel bad about herself. But she could overhear Jonathan’s making Maggie beg for sex. Maggie defends her boyfriend again, telling Bianca that he loves her and she loves him. Jonathan tells Bianca that she has heard all she needs to hear and must now realize that she has “lost”.

Ryan tells Ethan that he feels sorry for him for being foolish enough to believe Kendall. He tells him that Kendall will manipulate him, string him along, use him and make him believe her craziness. Hearing that, Ethan tells Ryan he needs to stop bashing Kendall. This has nothing to do with her. This is about Jonathan. The point is that they need to talk about him.

Zach shows Erica something that was written to him by Bianca. Bianca tells him that because he would betray his own son, she does not trust him and wants him nowhere near her daughter, uncle to her or not. He tells Erica he doesn’t want to discuss it and has a plane to catch. She asks him to sit down and talk to her before he leaves. She admits to him that she is selfish. She tells him she wants him to stay there so he can help her go after David Hayward and the Carey women. She also wants him to talk to Ethan and find out what is going on so that he does not ruin Kendall’s life.

David urges his daughter to realize that the Buchanan’s have her child right now. She has a war to fight not only with them, but also with JR. He tells her that she cannot raise her child from a jail cell. That is why they must get her out of there as soon as possible. He explains to her that they need to “paint” her as a confused emotionally damaged young woman who was manipulated by this “man”, meaning Jamie. She refuses to listen to her father’s characterization of Jamie. But he tells her that the night Paul was murdered, he saw Jamie standing over Paul’s body.

Bo Buchanan tells Jamie that a witness saw him standing over Paul Kramer’s body after he was murdered. Derek confirms that anybody could be motivated to commit a murder and Jamie does have personal motives to do just that to Kramer. Jamie confesses that he was looking for Paul that night and seriously considering killing him. But he discovered Paul’s dead body and was disappointed he could not confront him. He says he did not kill Paul. And if David Hayward alleges that he did, he is an even bigger liar than Paul was.

Ryan tells Ethan that he is playing right into his father’s hands. Zach is manipulating both him and Kendall. And he says again he doesn’t believe that his brother is guilty of anything. And he tells Ethan that he’d better leave his brother alone.

Jonathan tells Bianca that she needs to stop saying “those things” to Maggie. But Bianca explains that he is “slamming” their friendship to make Maggie feel bad and feel guilty. She tells Maggie that she needs to get out of this sick relationship before she ends up in the hospital or worse. And she inquires how many times Maggie would have been afraid to make Jonathan angry for fear he will hurt her. Maggie protests to Bianca that she believes she hates men. She was hurt badly by one. But she tells Bianca she must not “unload her baggage” about Michael Cambias upon her and Jonathan.

Jonathan holds Maggie in his arms and assures her that everything will be ok while Bianca watches them. He asks if Bianca wants to “stay and watch”? Bianca again urges Maggie to get herself out of this sick situation. Maggie yells at Bianca to get out of their home. Bianca leaves. Maggie again, asks Jonathan if he is angry with her. He looks in her eyes, smiles and says no. He loves her. She is wonderful.

Erica tells Zach that he needs to realize that Ethan is his child and that all parents have problems with their children. He inquires how many of her children have threatened her with guns? He also tells her that she knew nothing about their confrontation. She was not there. She reveals to him that she has had very similar problems with Kendall. She admits that she has run from her kids at least once in the past. He knows since he met her for the first time in Las Vegas, while she did that very thing. But she says that she is now owning her problems and not abandoning her family. She tells him he needs to stop fighting the cycle of life. And if he does not face up to reality, he’s just going to be a sorry miserable man for the rest of his life. He says he can still make his flight. She says she now understands more about the Cambias curse. He is running again. He faked his own death in order not to face his father. Now he’s running form his son. And now it’s easier for him. He needs only hop on a plane now. Hearing that, he ignores her and silently walks out the door.

Babe tells David that if he does anything to hurt Jamie, he will not only lose his grandson, he will also lose her. He tells his daughter that he knows she doesn’t want to listen to him right now. She is angry. But she tells him she refuses to betray Jamie. She loves him. She’s going to marry him. She loves him as much as she loves her father. As much as she loves her mother. And now Jamie and James are her family.

Bo Buchanan asks Jamie if he saw anybody else by Paul Kramer’s dead body after the murder. Jamie replies no. At that moment, David enters and tells the two officers that he wants to “retract” his previous statement. He admits that he lied to them the previous day about Jamie murdering Paul. But Bo asks David to wait, informing him that Jamie just made and interesting revelation. David informs him that maybe he, himself, killed Paul Kramer.

Alone, Ryan is reliving the confrontation Jonathan had with Greenlee and Kendall where Jonathan reveals that Greenlee believes he’s drugged her. And Greenlee confirmed that she believes that Jonathan did that. He also recalls his wife telling him that Jonathan wants to get her out of the way any way he can. And her telling Ryan that he refuses to see that because Jonathan is his brother. Right at that very moment, he is interrupted by Bianca pounding on his door. She runs in frantically and tells Ryan that all of her suspicions have proven to be true. And he must stop what ”he” is about to do.

Alone in their apartment, Jonathan tells Maggie that he loves her and wants to some day be the man that she deserves. He kisses her passionately.

After talking to David Hayward, Bo privately tells Derek that he believes that David Hayward is a major horses’ butt. But he does not believe that he murdered Paul Kramer. He believes who ever did is back in Llanview waiting for him.

At the office, Ethan gets a surprise visit from his father.

Maggie and Jonathan have their romantic encounter and she tells him that she wants to be with him forever and ever.

Bianca tells Ryan that “he” was awful and demeaning, not only to her but to Maggie. Ryan demands to know whom, specifically she is talking about and who hurt Maggie. Bianca spits out that it is his brother.

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