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JR and Adam return home very upset that the Buchanans were able to take JR’s child away form him. JR tells his father that he is so outraged at how cocky Kevin Buchanan was about taking a child that was not even his away from his rightful father. Adam tells his son that he need not worry. Bianca had a miracle happen to her. So can they.

Bianca appears at Maggie’s home when Jonathan is out. She tells her friend that she’s very concerned about something and has had trouble sleeping. Maggie tells Bianca if she’s having trouble sleeping, there are drugs for that. But Bianca tells Maggie she doesn’t want or need drugs. She wants and needs her friend back. Maggie tells Bianca that she does not know how they can be friends again because things are different. Bianca tells Maggie that she just wishes Maggie would communicate with her. Maggie can yell at her, rip her head off or do whatever she wants. But she just wishes Maggie would talk to her and tell her what’s going on. Maggie says in order for that to happen, Bianca must lay off Jonathan and admit that he’s a good guy. And she informs Bianca that she would like her to be happy for her because she and Jonathan are getting married and ready to elope tonight.

JR demands to know how the court could deny having DNA testing to prove that the Buchanan baby is his. Adam says evidently the judge was not moved when they told him what happened. JR inquires why they could not buy the judge the way he believes the Buchanans have.

Brooke goes to see Jamie and Tad in jail. Jamie tells his mother that he will deal with whatever he has to. Right now he is just worried about Babe. David appears and tells Jamie it’s a little late for that. He tells Jamie he’s done a great job looking out for his daughter, meaning that sarcastically.

In Babe’s jail cell she tells her mother that what has happened has ripped her heart out. She has lost her baby and doesn’t know what to do with that. At that moment, Erica appears and says that it’s very justified that Babe is hurt. And she tells them both that women who steal babies without blinking an eye have gotten what they deserve.

Adam tells JR that this is just the beginning. He says in time JR will be able to get his son back. They talk about how David Hayward could get away with falsifying DNA tests. Now why can’t a doctor or judge honor the fact that the baby boy is his child for real?

David tells Tad that Jamie has convinced Babe to go on the run and get into big trouble. And he tells Tad and Jamie that he will not allow his daughter to go down with them. Brooke protests that at the very least, Tad had the courage to help his son, whereas David did not. Tad asks the guard to get David out of there.

Babe asks Erica how Bianca and Miranda are doing. Erica replies that they are fine and managing well, in spite of what she has done to them. But they will never get back the many months that she has taken from them. Babe tries to apologize. Erica tells her that no apology will justify what she has done. She tells Babe that she has done something inexcusable to Bianca as well as what she’s done to her own husband, in having him believe that the baby was his, only to have her taken away form him. And now she’s attempted to keep him away from his own son. Krystal protests to Erica that JR is Babe’s ex-husband and that Erica needs to leave her daughter alone.

Kendall goes to talk to Greenlee. But Greenlee surprises her in telling her that she will no longer believe that Jonathan drugged her. Kendall asks Greenlee what is really going on. Greenlee admits that she had a talk with Ryan and found out there’s no way that her husband will believe his brother tried to drug her. But Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan obviously is not aware of the truth and may not want to see it. Greenlee says she is choosing to trust her husband and enabling Jonathan to be off the hook. But, she adds, Kendall need not worry because so is she. But Kendall protests that she was innocent and falsely accused of shooting Ryan and of drugging Greenlee. And she tells Greenlee that she cannot honestly say she does not suspect Jonathan of drugging her regardless of what Ryan believes. Greenlee admits that that is true.

Bianca tells Maggie that she might want to have more time in getting to know Jonathan better before plunging into something so permanent. Maggie asks Bianca just what she believes she knows about Jonathan that Maggie does not. Bianca tells Maggie that Kendall believes that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Maggie says she may consider the source in making that accusation of Jonathan, knowing what Kendall has been capable of. Bianca asks Maggie if maybe she said or did something in order to push Maggie away from her. Maggie replies that it has nothing to do with her. It’s simply due to the fact that Maggie loves Jonathan and wants to be with him. And she tells Bianca that she is just going to have to accept that.

Lily goes to talk to Aiden and talks all the “trendy cool talk” to him. He doesn’t understand why she’s talking that way. She says she’s discussed with Dani all the cool expressions to use. She says she hears that guys dig cool girls and she wants to get this whole “boyfriend thing” down. He tells her that he appreciates her coming to visit him and she needs only be herself and not make any great efforts to impress him.

When Bianca and Maggie are talking, Jonathan enters. Maggie kisses him. Bianca admits to Jonathan that he realizes they’ve had their differences. But he and Maggie have made their decision and he would like to invite her to celebrate. He tells Bianca that he’s realized that they want the same thing. They both want Maggie to be happy. She agrees that she wants that. He tells her that he is the man to do that. But it’s obvious that Bianca is uncomfortable and does not want to be a part of this. Jonathan asks Bianca about Miranda. Maggie asks where Miranda is. Bianca replies that she is back at her home with Kendall and Ethan. Maggie replies that she does not want to keep Bianca from being with her child. She again, reiterates that it’s obvious that Bianca needs to go. Bianca replies that she does. Jonathan responds to that by telling her that she and Maggie will be saying those very words to each other tomorrow: “I do”. When Bianca walks out the door, she privately tells Maggie that she needs to talk to somebody about this “thing” she’s getting herself into. Maggie doesn’t seem to listen and dismisses Bianca out the door. When she gets back in and returns to Jonathan, she notices he’s drinking and tells him she thought he was going to lay off the booze. He happily tells her he is not drinking booze. He is just having a little champagne to celebrate their happy occasion. He gives her two rings, promising to spend more money on her when he and Ryan get their business up and running. And he says that these two rings symbolize that they will be together for the rest of their lives.

Brooke confronts Adam about the fact that her son is in jail because of him and his son. He tells her that Jamie chose of his own free will to run off with that tramp, Babe. She tells him that she will print some articles that could damage both him and JR. And she tells him that all she cares about is her son.

Babe tells Erica that she will never forgive herself for what she did to Bianca. Erica says not only did she hurt Bianca. She took from her husband the baby girl whom he’s believed throughout her life was his. And now she took from JR his rightful child. Babe protests that JR could not love a child. All he cares about is control. He tried to poison her with drugs. He tried to kill Jamie. She can love her child and she loves her baby no differently than Erica loves Bianca. And for that reason, she needs to protect him from JR. Erica says she resents Babe comparing her love for her child to Erica’s love for Bianca. But right at that moment, JR enters and tells Erica he can take over for her in confronting his ex-wife. Erica leaves.

JR tells Babe that if she “plays her cards right” she could avoid a lot of serious charges. She asks what he is talking about. He tells her that she might not get in such serious trouble for kidnapping her own child. And DNA evidence will prove that he is both of theirs.

Adam tells Tad and Jamie that if they help him find out where Liza and Colby are, he will give them the opportunity to get out of this big mess. They refuse to cooperate with Adam. He tells them this is their last chance. Tad tells Adam that if it is up to him, Adam will never see Colby again.

Erica approaches David and says she welcomes him to the “torture” of seeing his daughter suffer. She tells him he is in a world of pain. And it’s just the beginning. He tells her that it may surprise her that she is not the only parent in the world. He tells her that he loves and cares for his daughter. And he tells her if she does anything to hurt Babe, she will be sorry.

Lily gets on the computer with Aiden and unlocks a code to solve a puzzle with a numerical combination. He admits to her that she has really helped him to uncover something he might not have been able to do for himself. She asks if that means she’s given him a present, like the sunglasses and jacket he gave her? He says yes. He tells her is an awesome present.

Kendall tells Greenlee that it’s entirely possible that Jonathan sells or buys drugs. She also knows that Jonathan has worked with Greenlee for months and has gotten her coffee and had access to her food and drinks. Although Greenlee seems to agree that Kendall could be on to something, she says she just doesn’t want to rehash the whole situation with Ryan because he refuses to believe that his brother is guilty of such wrong doing.. Kendall offers to help Greenlee with that. She says she will take the heat with Ryan for her.

Stuart Chandler goes to visit Bianca and Miranda. He admits that he has had problems communicating with his brother and nephew and has failed to get through to them. She tells him that she has just had a very similar problem trying and failing to communicate with her friend. And she admits that she may have shut her friend down more.

Alone, Jonathan is insisting on drinking and watching porn on television. Maggie tells him she’s not comfortable with what he’s doing. But he seems to have no concern for what she wants. And he asks if this will turn her on. He turns on a show where two women are having sex. She asks why he’d think that would turn her on and reaches for the remote. He keeps it away from her and inquires whether this is not what she’d like to do with Bianca?

Stuart tells Bianca that he does not believe that she is a selfish person and realizes that her concern for her friend would have to only be about wanting what is best for her. He tells her that if she believes her friend is in danger, she must do something and not give up on her friend. Hearing that, Bianca concludes that she will not give up in trying to help Maggie.

Erica asks Tad how he could put Bianca’s child back in her arms but keep JR’s child from him? She inquires how he could do that to JR? He replies that he realizes she may not understand but he felt he had to do what was right, in Dixie’s memory.

David Hayward goes to Llanview and talks to DA Daniel Colson. Colson tells David that he realizes that David’s daughter is being unfairly and unjustly portrayed as a baby-stealing harlot and that he sees it differently and would like to help her. David starts to listen and asks Colson what he has in mind. Colson says if David could persuade Babe to testify against Jamie Martin, by saying how he took advantage of her emotionally fragile state and planned the kidnapping, then he might be able to offer a really good deal to Babe.

Babe reveals to JR that she does not trust him and doesn’t even want his help in getting her sentence reduced. She says that she will do whatever she needs to do to keep their son away from him. She says no amount of jail-time could hurt her as much as what it would do to her baby if JR got to have him.

Krystal tells Tad that he did a wonderful thing in trying to help their kids. And she’s sorry that it turned out so bad. Jamie asks Krystal how Babe is doing. She tells him her daughter is fine. He asks her to give Babe the message not to worry about him and instead just take care of herself.

David tells Daniel Colson that he’d like to make sure he’s got it straight. Does Colson want his daughter to “roll over” on Jamie Martin? Colson replies yes. David tells him that he doesn’t even need Babe’s help in order to go after Jamie. And he can do better than a kidnapping charge. He reveals to Colson that he believes that Jamie Martin murdered Paul Kramer.

Kendall reminds Greenlee that she saved her life when she almost killed herself on the trapeze and refused to press charges against Greenlee when she mowed her down in her car and tried to kill her. She also reveals to Greenlee that she is over Ryan and no longer jealous of Greenlee’s marriage to him. She says she is now in a serious relationship with Ethan and done with Ryan. And she reminds Greenlee that she may count on her to help her and trust her.

With Lily’s help, Aiden is able to crack through the “codes” in his investigation and admits that his “suspect” seems to have a record that nobody has before known about. He is talking, specifically about Jonathan Lavery.

After her pep talk with Stuart to not give up on Maggie, Bianca goes back to Maggie’s home. And from outside in the hallway, she can overhear Jonathan behaving abusively and Maggie crying and screaming and pleading for Jonathan to forgive her and not do something to her.

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