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Kendall goes to visit Aiden in his new home while he’s playing pinball. He sounds like he wants to avoid her and tells her he’s busy. She says she has a job for him. He offers her a drink. But she tells him her primary goal is to simply get some answers from him. He inquires in regard to what? She says in regard to Jonathan Lavery. Aiden inquires what Kendall’s interest in Jonathan is all about? What would her problem with him be? Is she still seeking revenge upon Ryan by implicating his brother?

Ryan tells Greenlee that he cannot understand why she would suspect his brother of drugging her. He wonders why she and Kendall would break into Jonathan’s apartment. She tries to explain. But he refuses to believe that his brother would drug his wife and tells her there will be no further discussion.

At Jonathan’s home, he sits silently looking depressed and pulls a knife out of the drawer. Maggie comes through the door and inquires why he did not come home the previous night. He says nothing and holds up the knife.

Bianca is at her home with Ethan. They are looking at pictures and having a good time until they hear on the television a broadcast about the young couple who have kidnapped the Buchanan baby.

At that moment, Adam and JR get the police to find Babe and Jamie. They demand that Babe hands over baby Ace Buchanan to his “rightful” parents, meaning Kevin and Kelly Buchanan. But right at that moment, JR stops them and tells them they cannot take that baby from his rightful mother.

Bianca explains to Ethan that Paul Kramer kidnapped Babe’s little boy and gave him to his sister. She tells him that until recently JR and Babe mistakenly believed that their son died. But all along he was alive and living in Llanview with the Buchanans. And that could be one reason why Babe could not admit to Bianca that the baby whom they knew as Bess was really Miranda. He tells her there is no excuse or justification for keeping Miranda from her. She further explains how she now knows that Babe and Jamie are keeping the Chandler baby away from JR for a good reason. He tells her that they are foolish to be doing that. But she protests that if he knew JR, he might very well understand why they are doing what they are doing.

JR demands that Babe and Jamie had over his son.

Aiden tells Kendall that she is really losing it. For so long she hated Greenlee and now she is risking everything to ride to her rescue. But Kendall explains that she really believes Jonathan had means and motive to drug Greenlee. Aiden says that although Jonathan may be acting strange in not wanting to give up Cambias, that is not a sufficient explanation for why he’d want to drug Greenlee He also remembers that Kendall slept with Jonathan Lavery the first night he was in Pine Valley in order to “punish” Ryan. But she tells him that this has nothing to do with her or with Ryan. It’s about Jonathan. She believes that he is dangerous. And even if Aiden does not want to help her, he needs to do this in order to help Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Ryan that although he believes he knows his brother better than anybody, he must realize that he left home long before Jonathan did, and therefore would not have a clue as to what Jonathan went through and what happened to him when he was growing up alone with their abusive father.

Jonathan tells Maggie that he believes that she “ratted” him out to Kendall and Greenlee and told them that he drugged Greenlee. She admits that Greenlee asked her some questions although nothing specifically about whether Jonathan drugged her. And she tells him that she defended him. But he does not hear nor believe her and demands to know how she could do that. He tells her he loves her and thought she loved him. She says he does and protests that when Greenlee asked her about Jonathan, she told Greenlee to back off. She tells him she’s never loved anybody the way she’s loved him. And she asks him to please give her the knife so that she can put it away.

Ryan explains to Greenlee that he realizes that his and Jonathan’s stepfather has probably psychologically damaged them both. He tells her that throughout their lives, growing up, Patrick Lavery would do everything he could to make them feel worthless. And whenever they would try to prove him wrong, that’s when the strap would come out.

Jonathan tells Maggie, very emotionally, that he is devastated to know that he cannot trust her and that he knows she does not trust him. He says he cannot be with a woman who doubts him and who flinches every time he looks at her. She tries to convince him that that is not the case.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he realizes that his brother has issues. It’s all in the “Lavery baggage”, he tells her. But he tells her that he knows that his brother would never drug her. He is not evil. That is not Jonathan.

Tad tells Jamie and Babe that if they get charged with kidnapping, they have had it. So they cannot make things worse. Babe tells Jamie that his dad is right. He also tells the three of them that they are a family and have a choice. They could oppose one another and blow everything sky-high. Or they could help each other. He asks JR if he really wants to hurt Babe? And asks would that do to his son? Does he want to repeat the same thing that Adam Chandler did to him? And he tells them that the Buchanans are not about to give that baby up without a fight. So it might be in all of their best interest to work together.

Ryan assures Greenlee that although he does not believe what she believes about Jonathan, he is not about to bail on finding out who drugged her. He tells her it’s entirely possibly that Slater arranged for some “hit woman” to drug her and Bobbie Warner might have some involvement in that. But she says that theory makes no sense to her. Somebody drugged her over time, which neither Zach, nor Bobbie, nor some stranger who does not have access to her food and drinks could have done. Ryan tells Greenlee that there is no way she will convince him that his brother would drug her. And she must stop believing that she will turn him against his brother.

Maggie calmly tells Jonathan that she thinks it is terrible for Greenlee to accuse him of drugging her. She assures him she will no longer listen to a word Greenlee says. And there is no way she will throw him out of their apartment because she loves him too much. She puts her arms around him. And he seems calmer. She tells him that she loves him and will do whatever she needs to do in order to prove it. He asks her to marry him.

Kendall keeps telling a distracted Aiden that he needs to help her solve a crime. This is very important. He looks like he’s ignoring her. But he tells her he is right now in the middle of conducting a background check on Jonathan Lavery and cannot concentrate when she is yelling at him. At that moment, she tells him she is eternally grateful. And she leaves and lets him get back to his work. He hears the door open again and, assuming it’s Kendall, he tells her he cannot get any work done if she keeps bugging him. But when he turns his head to see who is there, he discovers it’s David Hayward and Krystal Carey.

Bianca tells Ethan that she’s done a similarly bad thing as what Babe has done. She knew since the benefit concert that JR’s baby boy was alive. She’s had many opportunities to tell him and has avoided it. And a part of her believes that the baby must be protected from JR and would be better off never knowing him. He asks how she could hate JR that much?

Babe tells JR that when she found out that their son is alive, she remembered how he tried to take their daughter from her, tried to drug her and almost killed Jamie. And she thought she needs to keep the baby away form him. He tells her that she and Jamie have no right to play God by keeping him from his son. He tells Babe that no matter what has happened between the two of them, the baby needs both of them. And he pleads with Babe to let him hold him. Jamie tells her not to do that. But she concludes that Tad is right. There is never too much love. Their baby boy needs all of them. And she approaches JR and gives him their baby boy to hold. He holds his son and cradles him, looking very emotional. He tells the baby he is his daddy. He looks at him and say he knows that the baby knows him and knows how much he loves him. He cries and holds the baby very protectively. But then Babe reaches for him and reveals to JR that she’s named him James. Hearing that, JR expresses his outrage that she would name his son after the man who helped her kidnap him and keep his baby away from him.

Bianca tells Ethan that she just wants for Babe’s and JR’s son to have a chance and she’s afraid that he will not if he is around JR. Ethan tells her that maybe she is “underestimating JR”. She admits that she hopes he’s right about that. At that moment, Kendall enters and asks her sister what she knows about Jonathan Lavery. Bianca asks why. Kendall admits that she believes that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Hearing that Bianca is shocked. So is Ethan. Bianca recalls that Jonathan burned her shirt, months ago, when everybody thought that Miranda died, and destroyed Ethan’s only tie to the Cambias heritage. Remembering that also, Kendall is convinced that Jonathan is looks very suspicious.

Jonathan rants and raves to Maggie that she must see him as a loser who cannot hold a job or keep a woman. But she tells him that she does not see him that way and she will marry him.

Greenlee emotionally tells Ryan that she is very afraid of whoever or whatever caused her brain to turn to mush. And she says they can never get their lives back until they find out the truth. And that’s all she wants. He holds his wife and promises her that they will find the truth and get their lives back. He tells her he loves her and trusts her. But he also reveals that besides her, the only person he trusts 100% is Jonathan. He recalls that when they found the prescription drugs in Kendall’s condo, he believed her that Kendall did not do that. He let it go not because he trusted Kendall but because he trusted Greenlee. And he tells Greenlee that all he’s asking of her now is to trust his brother.

JR demands that the police place Jamie under arrest for kidnapping his son. They tackle Jamie to the ground and put him in handcuffs.

Ethan tells Kendall that maybe she just needs to let Aiden handle the investigation of Jonathan alone. He tells her he does not want her to get involved in that because Jonathan is dangerous. She protests to Ethan that she does not want to just sit by and miss all the fun by not being able to see Jonathan get what he deserves. At that moment, Bianca suddenly leaves. Kendall remarks that it’s very odd for Bianca to suddenly leave Miranda. Bianca goes outside and privately calls Jack asking him to go over the Cambias papers with her tonight and admits that there is something she needs to do at this moment.

Krystal and David protest to Aiden that he needs to prevent JR from getting to their grandchild and that he could hurt their daughter. But he tells them he will not help them because all David Hayward knows how to do is destroy his family. He reflects on what David did to Anna and implies that it’s David’s fault that Leora died. David is ready to physically attack Aiden for saying that. But Krystal pulls him away and tells them both they must calm down before somebody has to scrape them off the ground.

While the police are reading Jamie his rights and restraining Babe, she notices JR walking away with the baby and pleads that they do not let him get away.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she trusts him absolutely. And she tells him that if he wants her to take his word that Jonathan did not drug her, he can consider it taken. He tells her he promises that she is safe and that nobody will ever hurt her again.

While Bianca is out, Kendall and Ethan hold Miranda. Kendall tells Miranda that her cousin Ethan can show her how to play basketball.

Maggie and Jonathan kiss and happily discuss their future as “Mr. And Mrs. Lavery”. He tells her they should not wait. They should elope right now. But right at that moment, Bianca comes and knocks on the door. She calls out to Maggie asking if she is home. Jonathan urges Maggie not to get the door and ruin their moment or their future together.

While the cops physically restrain Babe and Jamie, they conclude that JR can take his baby back to his hotel room. But right at that moment, Kevin and Bo Buchanan enter and tell the Chandlers they are not taking him anywhere.

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