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By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Jonathan and Maggie's apartment, Greenlee asks Jonathan if he drugged her. Jonathan says it would take a twisted piece of evil to do that. Greenlee says she connected the dots and they pointed to him. Kendall asks him how he feels about Greenlee. Jonathan says he doesn't blame Greenlee for having suspicions.

Edmund, Derek, Aidan and Ryan are stunned to see Bobby has disappeared from his hospital room. Maria walks in and Derek asks her what happened to his witness. Edmund is visibly angry. He sees Bobby's hospital gown and throws it across the room, calling him a son of a bitch. He accuses him of stealing from him. Maria asks Edmund what Bobby stole from him. Edmund responds that Bobby stole from all of them. He left with the evidence that could have nailed Slater. Without Bobby's testimony, Slater is free. Maria leaves to break the news to Anita. Ryan finds a note from Bobby and Edmund grabs it and reads it. He hands it to Derek, who reads it out loud. The note states that he can't trust anyone and Slater will cut his tongue out. The note ends by saying it was a pleasure doing business with you. Derek walks out of the room and Ryan leaves to answer his cell phone, leaving Edmund alone with a suspicious Aidan. Aidan asks Edmund what kind of business Bobby is referring to.

Ryan answers his phone and it is Jonathan calling asking him to come over. Greenlee tells Jonathan he had no right to call Ryan. Jonathan asks her if she shared her suspicions with Ryan and she says she has not.

Maria takes Anita into her office and tells her that Bobby has disappeared. She tells Anita that she's very sorry. Anita says she's not sorry he's gone, but she is sorry he took the coward's way out. Anita tells Maria she's afraid for her now that the police have no evidence against Zach. Maria says there's no reason for her to be afraid. She tells Anita that Edmund wants to give them another chance. But she says Edmund has changed. She knew he had a dark side but he's going there more often.

Edmund tells Aidan he was stupid to trust that loser. He asks Aidan to find him. Aidan tells him not to waste his money because Bobby is a serial liar. Edmund tells Aidan that Bobby has an account in the Caymans. Aidan tells him he thinks he did some business with Bobby, paying him to testify against Zach. He calls him a bloody fool. Edmund says he had to pay Bobby. He wouldn't turn in Zach without a payoff. Edmund tells Aidan to name his price for finding Bobby. Aidan says if he's going to work on this case, he's going to do it to protect Ryan and Greenlee, not to support his blood thirst for Slater. Aidan walks out.

Aidan runs into Anita, who says she hopes Bobby never comes back. She wants the police to find him and get what they need, then she hopes he makes a life far from here. She'll always care about him but she doesn't love him anymore. She acknowledges that is the first time she has said that out loud. She says she's now free.

Edmund goes to Maria's office. Maria says it's funny how you think you know someone then realize you don't. She asks Edmund to hold her. He holds his hand out to her. She sits on his lap and he holds her.

Ryan arrives at Jonathan's and finds Kendall and Greenlee there. Greenlee tells him she'll explain everything when they go home. Jonathan says he wants to clear this up now. He informs Ryan that Greenlee believes he's the one who poisoned her. Ryan laughs and says "no she doesn't." He asks Greenlee if she honestly thinks his brother slipped her those drugs. She says she does believe that. He asks her how she could think of such a thing. What possible motive would she have. Jonathan tells Ryan that he lived and worked with Greenlee and had the opportunity. He says Kendall thinks Greenlee is onto something. Ryan now suspects Kendall is behind this, but Greenlee says she's the one who put Jonathan at the top of her suspicion list. She says she's had this bad vibe about him for a long time. Ryan asks incredulously if she's basing her feelings on a bad vibe. Jonathan says he wants Greenlee and Kendall to feel safe, so they should finish what they broke in here to do. He invites them to get on his computer and gives them discs of information. He tells them to ransack the place. Ryan says there won't be any search. Jonathan says he doesn't think Greenlee will ever believe him and it could strain Ryan's marriage. He says he'll pack up and leave town tonight. Ryan says that is insane and he won't lose his brother over this ridiculous misunderstanding. Ryan tells Greenlee that his brother is not a whack job. He loves him and her. He would not hurt her. Jonathan tells Ryan not to be mad at Greenlee. Ryan says he wants to find a project that he and Jonathan can work on together. He suggests he and Greenlee get out of here. Greenlee starts to speak to Jonathan but he tells her to forget it. Ryan and Greenlee leave. Kendall tells Jonathan Ryan might believe in him but she doesn't. If he makes one move against Ryan or Greenlee, she'll tear him apart.

Babe and Jamie are preparing to leave to catch their boat when Tad notices someone is outside the door. He has Babe, Jamie, James, Liza and Colby go out the back way and takes a seat. Adam and JR's investigators break down the door and find Tad sitting calmly alone. "There goes my security deposit," he cracks when he sees them force their way inside. JR asks Tad where they are, but Tad only asks what brings them here to New Orleans. Adam tells the investigators to search the premises and JR orders Tad to give them up. Tad continues to play it cool and tells them they wasted good money on the investigators.

Babe and Jamie enter a dark uninhabited carriage house. Babe says she thought they were home free. Jamie assures her they will be in the clear. Jamie finds an old-fashioned record player and plays a record. He and Babe dance. He envisions 10 years from now when they'll be living on a ranch in Argentina with a bunch of kids. He says they're going to make it. Babe says they will because they love each other and their baby and no one can take that away.

Adam finds Colby's teddy bear and comments that Liza must have been in a big hurry if she left it behind. An investigator returns and tells Adam that there are no signs of them. JR demands Tad tell him where his son is. Tad replies that as far as he's concerned, he doesn't have a son. JR gets a handgun from the investigator and points it at Tad, saying "let's try this another way. Where's my son?" Tad tells him to do what he needs to do, just don't mess with his hair. He's not telling him anything. JR asks him if he would go this far to keep him from his son. Tad says yes, for the child's own good. He says he's willing to do anything to save that baby. Adam tells Tad to tell him where their children are and he can walk away. Tad says that's not going to happen. He says he knows exactly what kind of father JR would be and the baby deserves better than that. Tad starts walking out and JR fires a shot. It misses and he tells Tad that was a warning shot. If he walks out the next one won't be a warning. Adam's phone rings. It's his source from Llanview. The cops have found Babe and Jamie and Bo Buchanan is on his way. Adam and JR leave and Tad follows.

Jamie and Babe hear James make some noise and go tend to him. Babe picks him up. Outside Adam and JR arrive at the house and find two police officers, who order them to leave. JR informs them that his son is inside. The door opens and JR and Adam enter with police following.

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