AMC Update Friday 1/21/05

All My Children Update Friday 1/21/05



By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is with Jonathan at Fusion discussing the details of his departure from the firm. Jonathan tells her he's done with the cosmetics business. Greenlee sees Kendall in the elevator and runs to talk to her. She gets in the elevator and closes the door so they can talk in private. Kendall asks Greenlee if she told Ryan about her suspicions about Jonathan being the one who drugged her. Greenlee says she didn't have a chance after Jonathan and Maggie came over to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Kendall says she's going to tell Ryan now, but Greenlee stops her. Greenlee tells her she can't go to Ryan with this. Kendall says they need proof that Jonathan is the one who drugged her. Greenlee proposes that Kendall sleep with Jonathan again and get him to spill his guts. Kendall refuses such a notion, saying she's in a relationship. Greenlee tells her that never stopped her before. Kendall says they have to get information on the drugs he got from the pharmacy. They decide they need to get back into his computer. They re-enter the Fusion office and run right into Jonathan, who's carrying a box of his things. Greenlee tells Jonathan she's sorry it worked out like this. Jonathan says he's not. This will give him a chance to make it big in business with Ryan. Jonathan leaves and Greenlee and Kendall set out to get into his home computer.

Ryan is at Bobby's hospital room to question him about his allegations that Zach is the one who shot him. Ryan asks for the truth. Aidan walks in, much to Bobby's dismay, who says this is a private room. He tells Aidan to get lost. Aidan tells him there's a glaring hole in his story. What about the hush money he got at the boathouse. He can't believe that Bobby snapped his fingers and Slater delivered the money to him. Ryan asks Bobby if Zach poisoned his wife. Bobby sticks with his story and Edmund walks in demanding to know what they're doing to his witness. Bobby tells Edmund he lost his witness when he sent these thugs to him. Edmund tells Ryan and Edmund that Bobby is closer to Slater than anyone and if he says Slater did it he believes him. Anita walks in and tells the men to leave. After they do, she tells Bobby she's glad he's helping Edmund. Bobby says it doesn't matter what she thinks because it's between him and Edmund.

Zach and Erica are at Erica's new office to complete the sale of the property to her. Erica tells him she still doesn't trust him. Maria arrives to see Zach and the two women immediately start sparring. Maria tells Erica to go, but Zach tells Maria that it's Erica's property now. Erica and Maria continue attacking each other and Erica walks out, telling Maria to give her best to Edmund. Maria tells Zach that he assured her he had nothing to do with shooting Ryan. Was she wrong to believe it? Zach says he doesn't know, was she wrong? He says he already answered the question and whether she believes it is up to him. Furthermore, he doesn't have to answer her question because she told him to get on with his life and that's what he's doing. Maria leaves, frustrated. Erica returns from the next room after hearing their conversation and asks him if he had Ryan shot. Zach evades the question, and Erica tells him he has problems with being challenged. She says she hopes he and not Ethan shot Ryan because that would mean her daughter would be safe until she wises up and dumps Ethan. Zach recalls Erica shot at his brother but missed. What would happen if he handed her a gun and put her in front of David, Krystal and Babe right after she learned about Miranda?

Maria finds Ryan, Edmund and Aidan and tells them she confronted Zach with Bobby's allegations but he evaded her. She says he's up to something and she tells Edmund she thinks he may be right about Zach. Edmund says he'll contact Derek to talk to Bobby.

Later, Edmund is with Derek to escort him into Bobby's room. They go in and find his bed empty.

Kendall and Greenlee break into Jonathan's apartment and get on his computer. They're not finding anything related to drugs. Jonathan confronts them and suggests he can speed up their investigation. He asks Greenlee if she thinks he drugged her. She asks if he did.

Liza and Colby are at her residence in New Orleans when someone knocks on the door and announces "candy gram." Liza opens it and Tad enters. Jamie and Babe walk out from another room. Jamie tells his father there's been a slight change of plans. Babe gleefully announces that they're getting married. Tad and Liza are surprised, and Liza asks Babe if she forgot she's married to Jamie's stepbrother. Jamie says that technicality doesn't count. This is the real deal. Liza and Colby leave the room and Jamie tells his father that he would feel better about leaving if he knew he was behind him. Tad says he wants him to be as happy as he was with Dixie. It's obvious Babe loves him, he says. Jamie says the whole world makes sense now and for the first time he has all the answers. Tad tells him that Juan Pablo will be waiting for them in Argentina after their boat trip. He says he wishes it wasn't on the other side of the world. Tad leaves and returns later to find Babe dressed like a bag lady and Jamie dressed like a bum.

Adam and JR are on a plane on their way to New Orleans. JR says he has to get his son before the Buchanans find him. Adam tells him he'll soon have his son and the DNA test to prove he's his son. JR says Babe and Jamie are close to being miserable and are not aware of it. Adam says soon he'll find Colby and JR will find his son. The Buchanans can be beat and the Chandlers are the ones to do it. Adam says he can already feel his hands around Liza's neck. People can't steal from the Chandlers and get away with it, he says. He tells JR that once he gets his son, he doesn't want him coming back to Pine Valley. Adam says he paid a fortune to help his investigators find the child, and JR needs to go to a place where the Buchanans can't find him. JR asks Adam why he never wanted him to leave before. Adam says he could not see JR needing him to run his life, but he doesn't see that now. JR's phone rings, and he instructs the caller to meet him. JR tells Adam that the investigators have Liza's address. They need to hurry because the cops aren't far behind. The investigators board the plan to tell them that no one will get away because of the lockdown of homes due to a prison escapee.

Jamie and Babe prepare to leave until they hear sirens outside the house. Tad looks outside and sees New Orleans police cars outside. An officer knocks on the door and everyone hides. Tad answers the door and plays dumb. The officer says they are going door to door looking for a prison escapee. The officer leaves, telling Tad to keep his door locked. Jamie and Babe return, realizing that was a close call. Later they prepare to leave again. Outside the house, Adam, JR and the investigators arrive.

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