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In the morning at Kendall’s, Ethan, at first, sounds like he doesn’t want to talk. But she tells him that she knows how he’s feeling about finding out he’s Zach Slater’s son. She tells him he had the courage to find out and that’s all that matters. He tells her that it’s a major responsibility and very overwhelming to now be an heir to a major corporation.

Dr. Joe Martin tells Maria that he wants to brag to the big shots on the medical board about her. He tells her he knows she’s had a lot going on in her personal life. But he tells her that she’s been professional throughout everything and done her job very well. She tells him she appreciates his support.

While Bobbie is still in his room, recovering from being assaulted, he asks Edmund what he plans to do in regard to Maria. He asks Edmund if he plans to fight and compete with Zach for her or if he wants to give up. Edmund does not answer.

Ryan comes to see Bianca and Miranda. He holds the baby and tells her that uncle Ryan will make certain she gets everything that belongs to her.

Alone in his hospital room, Bobbie says something about a cool million. At that moment, Zach enters and tells Bobbie that he believes the “other guy” must look worse and be injured worse than he is. And he tells Bobbie that it looks like he will never learn.

While Kendall is in the shower, Erica enters her home and notices Ethan wearing nothing but a towel. He seems very confident and not intimidated by his girlfriend’s mother.

Maria goes to her office and is startled to notice Edmund. He tells her that there’s something she needs to know, something she does not want to hear. She asks him if he’s backing out of their agreement to get back together. He tells her that maybe she should hear it directly form the source. She asks him to just tell her. He clarifies to her that what he’s about to tell her is in regard to who shot Ryan and who beat Bobbie.

Zach asks Bobbie if he is really clueless as to who beat him. Bobbie admits he has no clue. Zach inquires if he saw the person’s face. Bobbie says no but realizes Zach has many enemies and it could be anybody. Zach tells Bobbie that he has a lot of problems and he knows that Bobbie would do anything for cold, hard cash.

At Kendall’s, Erica looks a little perturbed to see Ethan there. She says she is there to see Kendall, not to see his “short-comings”. And she tells him she wants him to leave her daughter alone. She tells him that since the DNA test did not “pan out”, he must just be mooching off of Kendall. He tells her that Kendall is an adult and Erica’s opinion of him makes no difference to her. Erica tells him that Kendall is her daughter. He inquires if she is just “making up for lost time” in her concern for Kendall. She tells him that’s none of his business and she believes that he is just there to manipulate her daughter. She pulls out her check book and asks Ethan how much money it will take for him to get out of Pine Valley and have no more contact with either of her daughters. Noticing that, Ethan bursts out laughing. She tells him he may laugh when he can. At that moment, Kendall enters and asks what is going on. He informs Kendall that her mother was ready to offer him a sizable amount of money so that he never again darkens’ hers’ or Bianca’s door again. Kendall laughs along with Ethan. And they inform Erica, for the first time, that the DNA test has confirmed that Ethan is Miranda’s cousin. They inquire to Erica what that makes him to her and her family. She says it makes him nothing to her or her family. But Kendall clarifies to her mother that Ethan now has inherited a fortune and there’s no way he’d have any need to take a bribe.

While Ryan and Bianca are talking in her home, she tells him she realizes they have not yet discussed the “nuts and bolts” of running Cambias. She admits to him that he must be bummed out to have lost all the money. He tells her that he has no problems with the arrangement. He sees she has her beautiful baby daughter back. He has a beautiful wife and he’s happy. And he reveals to her that he and Greenlee are seriously considering having a child. And he tells her he has a plan. He does not want her to go about the “Cambias craziness” by herself. At that moment, the doorbell rings. Ryan opens it and Jack is there. Bianca is really happy that her uncle Jack will help her with all the legal odds and ends of being an heir to the company.

Edmund tells Maria that in order for them to get their marriage on track, it has to come “from the outside”. Right away, she knows he must be talking about Zach.

Zach tells Bobbie that there are too many “screw ups”, hinting something but not coming out and telling Bobbie directly. Hearing that, Bobbie says that he now wishes whoever assaulted him had finished the job. He says he’d rather have died when he thinks about conversations like this. And he asks Zach to tell him just what is on his mind. Zach says that part of cleaning up one’s mistakes means getting rid of somebody, implying that that is him. But at that moment, Edmund and Maria enter and reveal that they are hearing their conversation. Zach leaves and Edmund asks if he is ok. Maria asks what this is all about. He tells them that everybody has questions and the answer to all of it is Zach Slater.

Jack tells Bianca that he took the liberty of handling the legal aspects of the 50/50 split between Ethan and Miranda. But he warns her that he does not entirely trust Ethan. Bianca tells her uncle that she has no suspicion of Ethan and she believes when Jack gets to know him better, he will see that Ethan is a great guy.

Right when Edmund and Maria are talking to Bobbie, Ryan enters. He informs them that he saw a woman shoot Ryan the night of the casino benefit. Ryan asks why Bobbie is just now “remembering” it. Bobbie admits he kept quiet in exchange for cash. Maria says she does not believe a word of what Bobbie is saying.

Zach stands alone in what Erica intends to make her new office space. Erica gets off the elevator and looks angrily at him. He tells her that his attorney found nothing wrong with the “contract” so he inquires what she has a problem with. She blurts out that he should be shot.

Kendall and Ethan meet with Jack and Bianca in their “transition meeting”. Jack tells Ethan that he wants it to go as smoothly as possible. Ethan informs them all that the prospect of leaping to the top of Cambias industries is a daunting task. And he could use the help of somebody like Kendall. Bianca tells Ethan that she does not believe that Kendall is going anywhere. Ethan signs his agreement. Bianca tells him she’s really sorry that this has been so difficult for him, in regard to Zach. He tells her that Zach is what he is and he can deal with that.

Erica tells Zach that she believes he and his son are both to blame for the fact that one of her daughters is sleeping with his son and the other is handing over her fortune to him.

Bobbie tells Maria that whether she wants to believe it or not, Zach had Ryan shot and got Ethan framed for it. But she says she believes it makes no sense for Zach to want to frame his own son. But Bobbie explains that Zach planted the assault rifle in Ethan’s locker the first time Ryan got shot. Edmund inquires what would account for the second attempt on Ryan’s life. Bobbie answers that he has no proof but believes Zach must have been behind that also. At that moment, Maria leaves the room with Ryan. When Bobbie is alone with Edmund, he asks if he’s “earned his paycheck”. Edmund confirms that Bobbie did “just fine”, revealing that they have some secret together.

Zach tells Erica that she is out of line to blame him or his son for what is going on with her daughters.

At the end of the meeting with Kendall, Bianca and Jack, Ethan sounds very happy. He puts his arms around both Kendall and Bianca. And he holds Miranda and assures her that they will all take good care of her. He tells Bianca that when Miranda is ready to take over the company, she will take over the world. He gives her back to Bianca. At that point, Bianca says the only change Miranda needs right now is a diaper change. She takes her daughter away. When Ethan is alone with Jack, he assures him that he will protect the interests of Bianca and Miranda. Jack tells Ethan that if he pulls anything he will be sorry. Ethan assures Jack that he will have no cause to worry.

Ryan tells Maria that when he saw Zach at the landfill with Ethan, he could tell that Zach is not to be trusted. But she protests to Ryan that she does not believe for one minute that Zach shot him.

Zach inquires if Erica believes she’s in any position to “lecture” him, remembering her in Vegas playing Desiree Dubois. She tells him that at least she has owned up to her mistakes and is not lying. And she says she odes not trust him or Ethan nor does she “feel” for Ethan for whatever is going on, when he has inherited tons of money. She tells Zach that they have just overdone the lies a little too much. He tells her to shut up. He says for once in her life, she must shut up.

Bobbie tells Edmund that he just stuck his neck out and drew a line that Zach was very ready to cross. Edmund assures Bobbie that Zach will not do what he’s afraid of. And he tells Bobbie that he will keep him safe. He asks Bobbie to no longer talk about a “fee”. Bobbie agrees. Edmund says that’s good. That way they both get what they want. And he leaves.

Ryan tells Maria that he buys Bobbie’s story that Zach is behind the whole deal that got Bobbie assaulted and still believes that Zach had him shot. But Maria says she does not believe for a minute that Zach has done anything of that kind. He keeps protesting to her that he believes that since she once had an affair with Zach, her judgment about him may be clouded. But Maria is adamant that Ryan is unjustly suspecting Zach.

Erica says she blames Zach for lying. She tells him that if he had just come clean and allowed his son to know that he is a “card carrying Cambias” long ago, then Ethan would not be able to manipulate her daughters into having sympathy for him.

Ethan tells Jack that one major goal he has is to see Zach Slater destroyed.

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